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Usher Hits "Good Morning America"

Usher rocked his random black bandana, white jeans, and a camo tee for the "Good Morning America" concert series this morning.  We've got pics and video of his performance when you read on...


These jeans are looking a bit snug to me.  Sue me.  If there is an actual line of man jeggings on deck to accompany the murses...I'm done.

Here's video of Usher performing "OMG":

And here's video of him performing a new track off his upcoming album Versus:

"The DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love Again"

You feelin' it.



haha yal people crack me up.

haha yal people crack me up. Out of everything you just saw all yal could do is talk about what he's wearing?? Guess What retards... CLOTHES COME OFF! His performance is what should be discussed and it was great so shut the fuck up with all the nit picking i swear those of you who do is must be some real losers in life to go digging in a haystack to find that one needle negative comment.. Get a life
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Usher can get it.FASHION

Usher can get it.FASHION FORWARD.Haters can eat a dick
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Usher must be laughing his

Usher must be laughing his ass off about these lame ass comments posted by jobless and by this bitch tameka. Tell this tranny TAMEKA to get A LIFE .USHER WILL NEVER TAKE HER BACK AS HIS WIFE OR STYLIST.SHE GOT TO STOP TRIPPIN
Ano's picture

Why say its her talking about

Why say its her talking about usher, she wouldnt want anyone to say her sons daddy is a homo or wack bloak. thats rubbish. You people pick on her like you had a chance at marrying the guy. Shes must not be too bad he married her and had two kids with her. You people take this board too serious and are hateful with your commentary. I would never want fame, if this is the answer. what immature people to belittle his ex-wife and the Mother of his children. What bloody arses you all are?
Hooslney's picture

Why is so much haters on

Why is so much haters on Usher if he so lamp why you watch him . all time they say he this and he that is good man I believe tryinf right true fan.....
jb's picture

Umm Usher ur outfit is soooo

Umm Usher ur outfit is soooo 1990ish.. That's whenu were a BOY and had no kids n neva married Tameka...U can't go backwards move forward...
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what a Homo

what a Homo
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F all of the negative people

F all of the negative people in the world. They serve no purpose what so ever. They are useless.....Especially the black people who come to a black website to be negative towards black people.....F 'em!
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What is up with all of these

What is up with all of these negative remarks. I don't think the performance was what people expected b/c he didn't have much camera time. Usher is a great singer and performer his new songs are for the clubs and crossover appeal. People always hate on him but he continues to do his thing. Just like when he got married and released Here I Stand it was a great album I still listen to it the world was just pissed b/c he broke hearts. He is a grown ass man leave him alone. It's like this Michael Jackson gave us Usher and Chris Brown funny how everyone disses our successful black men. Yes some people do have some color issues from I comments I have seen.
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why is he wearing that fruity

why is he wearing that fruity ass outfit?? lmao
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My thoughts exactly lol

My thoughts exactly lol
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Usher is SO Gay!!!

Usher is SO Gay!!!
YEP  's picture

Oh Usher, you just don't move

Oh Usher, you just don't move me anymore like you used to and that just makes me sad :(
Calina's picture

I agree! I was disappointed

I agree! I was disappointed with this mornings performance on GMA. I look forward to seeing Usher perform. He was lacking in the dance moves!
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You can say what you want to

You can say what you want to about his clothes, but I'd rather hear him sing than some of these other well dressed no singing frauds. At least he has talent. Black people stop all of this black, brown, yellow, mixed race nonsense. All of us are beautiful in our own way. I truly believe that the demeaning comments that go on here are started by simple minded little white boys who love to manipulate blogs by intjecting offensive comments and starting verbal wars. I read somewhere else that white people think of us as the idiots of the world, and that all we are good for is to laugh at. This was from a white blogger on another site. I was young in the 60's and black was truly beautiful then. We just wore our hair natural and fought for civil rights and had each others backs. Don't feed into this manipulation.
Anonymous's picture

Gotta respect Ursher for the

Gotta respect Ursher for the effort he puts into his live shows. Saw him maybe 7 or 8 years ago and brother brought it for 90+ minutes. Even did a no-hands somersault. I got tired just watching him.
frankiestage's picture

usher is a fag! he looks just

usher is a fag! he looks just like a damn fudge packer!
Anonymous's picture

Go Usher, Go Usher excellent

Go Usher, Go Usher excellent performance. Usher lookin good with his BenVereen, BoJangles swagggg
Po thang's picture

Usher did great!!! The set up

Usher did great!!! The set up and choreography of both of the performances was tight. Considering all of the dancing he was doing his vocals sounded cool to me. When I first heard DJ got us fallin in Love I was like HUHN?!? But it really is a good pop song IMO. It is def a song for clubs. No matter how many ppl try to say oh Usher is going to fall off he always comes back with a number one song and genuinely good music. That's what a top artist does. Usher is the male artist this decade with the most number ones at like ,9 so of course people are heavily feeling him especially from the looks of this concert. Best wishes to him. Out of all of the male artists he continues to hold it down and be at the top.
MissG's picture

i bet you Usher could tear

i bet you Usher could tear some coochie up.....hmm
Wetness's picture

Look I'm all for "crossing

Look I'm all for "crossing over". I love the OMG song ! The DJ got us fallin in love again is some BULLSHIT !!!
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MLW's picture

The performances were good,

The performances were good, but I just don't like the songs. The outfit wasn't bad but I am not feeling the pants.
Anonymous's picture

I had the pleasure of

I had the pleasure of watching it live on tv... and I'm PISSED at myself that I wasted all that time... it was pure garbage..
Anonymous's picture

Usher,What is this ? stilll

Usher,What is this ? stilll love you
Mamma Mia's picture

Where are the black girl

Where are the black girl dancers! All white? Give me a break... Come on, black girls can break it down better than them beckys. Why is it always white girls dancing with the black r&b male artist all the time?
Dance Dance's picture

I saw a black girl. Look

I saw a black girl. Look again.
Happy Lady's picture

another frustrated dark

another frustrated dark skinned monkey. GTFOH
Anonymous's picture

and another stupid white

and another stupid white BECKY
1dimples1's picture

thats right dimples....

thats right dimples....
yummy34's picture

Yon know when folks type

Yon know when folks type dribble like this, it really shows just how stupid they are. Really? Was this necessary? do you feel better now that you've gotten that out of your system. Grow-up for heaven's sake. Geesh!
Soulful's picture

this is why i'm prod of being

this is why i'm prod of being mixed. Monkey faced woman are so jealous of us. And lets be honest men who marry dark skinned monkey then cheat on them with light skinned or red bones
Anonymous's picture


yummy34's picture

hold the F up, let me tell

hold the F up, let me tell you something, the darker the berry the sweeter stupid, and a monkey, that was un called for, Im brown skinned, and if I knew who you were I would spit in yo damn face. I have friends who are dancers of all races, it dont matter, dance is universal. SMH at that dumb ass MF
yummy34's picture

YOU HAVE ISSUES. You clearly

YOU HAVE ISSUES. You clearly have color issues from your email. Brownskinned means please don't call me "DARK" and because someone makes and issue about your color you want to Spit on them and get emotional on e-mail??? Please get help LOL It's not that serious.

Listen up furious, the person

Listen up furious, the person who is probably caucasian is the one who needs the help.....and yes if a white person said that to me it would be a problem if we were face to face. Now I may not spit, but that comment pissed me off so much that it made me want to spit, so focus on the original comment disrespeting brown skinned women...ok ....you got it...ok....have a nice life.
yummy34's picture

How do you know she's dark

How do you know she's dark skinned. Black ppl come in all complexions!!!
Happy Lady's picture

I think she is. She's very

I think she is. She's very insecure about it. SAD LOL I agree Dark girls get very angry when they see Light ones with pretty long natural hair. It's just the way some of you act. LOL Yell at your parents not us. LOL

bitch please, I have no

bitch please, I have no issues with my color, technically im not all black, but I have black friends, white and everyother race...Im a dancer, i love everyone, and if it was another ethnicity I would do the same things, oh by the way dumb bitch, I have long dark mexican looking hair with no tracks.....get a life ho you dont know me.
yummy34's picture

only drak skinned monkey look

only drak skinned monkey look a like post this type of crap.
Anonymous's picture

um first learn how to spell,

um first learn how to spell, second, not only dark or brown skinned people post things like that, HATERS post things like that, Im brown but thats cuz my mother is a full blooded indian, you stupid bitch.........your probably fat and balheaded.....
yummy34's picture

"KARMA" Excuse the typo

"KARMA" Excuse the typo
  FURIOUS STYLES's picture

great performance!!! he gives

great performance!!! he gives 100% everytime i watch him perform. and unlike others i can appreciate a live performance. you shouldnt be expected to sound pitch perfect with all that dancing around.
Anonymous's picture

Usher should hire a new

Usher should hire a new stylist for his performances! Otherwise loves him!
Anonymous's picture

As much as some of you like

As much as some of you like USHER he's no Michael Jackson. And he NEVER will be. He was shut out of the Grammy Awards when he thought he was going to Sweep it. He's OK but he's getting OLD and Tired looking. He reminds me of Ricky Martin with his two sons. He's just LAME. R&B has no real stars left. And I guess if you look at it that way Usher is the biggest one...Male that is. And I do like him more than that annoying midget with the moon face and tight clothes...John "LEGEND". LOL

who cares about grammy except

who cares about grammy except FLOP singers like neyo or John legend? All he have to do is checking billboard charts he owns like tousand records. And I'm with yo he looks tired:Usher is shitting on your whole life with a tired look and without making any efforts. He is the new MJ and you are a loser
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