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Fantasia Debuts at #1 On Billboard's R&B Albums Chart, Kicks Off Season 2 Of Reality Show

Two weeks of heavy promotion, all the drama and sympathy, paid off well for Fantasia's Back To Me album.  Her chart topping success when you read on...

Driven by her hit single 'Bittersweet', Fantasia's Back To Me album has sold over 117,000 copies since its release. The album is at #1 on the Billboard's R&B Albums chart and #2 on Billboard's Hot 200. 

This marks Fanny’s first #1 R&B album (Free Yourself debuted at #2, Fantasia at #3) and her highest Billboard Top 200 chart.  And "Bittersweet" is also #1 on the R&B singles charts. The album does sound pretty hot.

According to her label, the next single will be "I'm Doing Me."  Congrats Fanny. 


By the way, season two of "Fantasia For Real" on VH1 is set to air September 19th.  Here's a synopsis of what this season has to offer:


Her free-loading family is finally out of the house, but the threat of everyone returning to her nest is always looming. When the last of Teeny's crazy schemes fail and her brother Rico ends up homeless, will they come knocking on her door again?

Fantasia still has her sights set on getting that GED. Will she pass the test or will she go to the back of the class? Tabloid rumors and internet gossip will push the family to question Fantasia's moral compass. When she falls for the wrong man, will she pay the price with her career? And with her estranged father back in her life comes some shocking news that may tear the family apart!






U all r fukn sick n

U all r fukn sick n inconsiderate n so fukn quick to judge every fukn person I wish one of u wud judge me foh...men r disgusting those who posted shit...ide love to cut off everyone of ur guy tiny dick nasty ass m.f
Anonymous's picture

best to her. . .keep on the

best to her. . .keep on the grind
goddess's picture

I honestly could care less

I honestly could care less what goes on in her personal life. I am not here to judge but I find it quite interesting that it is so easy to bounce back after such a traumatic incident. Suicide is no joke, and to go through that publicly is probably painful and a bit embarassing. So how was she able to be up and about looking all happy in so little time? Hmmm should we even call this a suicide attempt?
Nothing much to say...'s picture

It's so easy to judge

It's so easy to judge someone.... Prior to the suicide attempt, she went about looking VERY happy and stress free (so to speak) even though she was contemplating suicide. So why then is it questionable that she can go about looking so happy in so little time????? Have you ever had a heavy burden lifted from your shoulders (regardless of what it is/was...........was there not instant relief). I wish I lived in that perfect world of yours. SMH
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i was heartbroken to hear

i was heartbroken to hear when fantasia tried to off herself. baby next time u feel as if you wanna leave...just call me and let me work your pussy. believe you me..MANY of women have found a complete new motivation in life after riding my long thick carmel ass cock. no joke. check it...myspace.com/macdividinz1
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What a Jerk...

What a Jerk...
plaury's picture

Yep, I got the album baby!!

Yep, I got the album baby!! It's hott, luv's her. I don't condone suicide, I think it's wack and an easy way out. However I have NEVER reached that point in my life where I felt that messed up to end it all so I can't comprehend her feelings. Whatever they were her feelings, hopefully she's getting herself together because she's talented and one of the BEST R&B Soul voices we got left. I mean who else can do a Patti or Aretha tribute justice outside of maybe 2 other artist out now???? We love you Tasia!!!!
BadGirl23's picture

you have been tricked and

you have been tricked and bamboozled
Anonymous's picture

CONGRATS Fanny! Can't wait

CONGRATS Fanny! Can't wait to hear the new CD!!!
Anonymous's picture

Fanny, Above all things, To

Fanny, Above all things, To Thine own self be true!
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MARISOL's picture

Who supporting this dumb

Who supporting this dumb bitch? Monica has a better voice then her
Opinionated's picture

I am. Fantasia & Monica's

I am. Fantasia & Monica's voices are awesome.
MEC's picture

Me , and the other dumb rich

Me , and the other dumb rich bitch supporter . That was a dumb question you ask .
Anonymous's picture

If people have forgiven Chris

If people have forgiven Chris Brown for beating on a woman, why cant people forgive Fantasia?? But the real question is, who are we to forgive? God bless her and her daughter, much success!
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ATTENTION ALL FANTASIA HATERS , Fanny want be there , but we is giving her a success party down here in BATON ROUGE FRIDAY NITE ya'll wanna come.
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FANNY WANT BE THERE??????? BUT WE IS GIVING HER A SUCCESS PARTY.............(blank stare) instead of throwing that party you need to buy your ass some rosetta stone and learn how to speak english cause in 2010 no black person should be talking like a slave. the fact that you even got online trying to type is just well...disgraceful. people like you set us back 1000 years. do us a favor and cut your tongue out and sew your lips shut please. and while your at it go down the road to the clinic and get fixed we do not need another generation of buckwheats running around. we wonder why the race is so fucked up ignorant niggers like you and fanny
tdew's picture

@tdew Don't be so upset , do

@tdew Don't be so upset , do you want to come or not?
Anonymous's picture

no thank you....oh wait let

no thank you....oh wait let me muster up the little ebonics i have learned from watching betso you can follow. no.s I,S DONT BE WANIN GO SEE NO FANTASIA
tdew's picture

Well well well I see all the

Well well well I see all the haters and the negativity are still here.....wow what a f@%Ked up world we live in....Fantasia I got nothing but love for ya....buy the way all of u hatin need to go over to VH1.com and here her BLOW you away live....bye!
Anonymous's picture

I dont think anyone denies

I dont think anyone denies her talent . Its the behavior and ghetto decisions that are the issue. the way she came up from american idol as a single mother who was poor couldnt read and had nothing should have made her success one of those great cinderella stories but sad to say it didnt happen that way because she does not know how to carry herself as a lady , she continues to be hood no matter where she is , the point of making it is to be better and do better for you and your child .she has nothing for all the work she put in because she surrounds herself with all the wrong people, I was always taught to be better you have to do better get an education and dont rely on anyone else for anything. if you cant read and want to be a singer then learn before you try to make it that way you dont have to depend on people reading your contracts and trusting people not to cheat you. she couldnt even depend on her family for that guidence , they dont help her they use her and say she changed when she wants them to do for self. so if you see all that why you still wearing unflattering raunchy outfits at gospel shows kicking off your shoes and screaching like you have no training and living the opposite of what you say, stop saying you love the lord all while fucking a married man, stop saying you love the lord all while lying about a suicide attept (which is a sin and doesnt get you to heaven)she acts like the niggers who think jail gives them cred she is walking around like that bogus attempt is her saving grace from the light cast on her foolishness. like she knows it would help her sell records and get viewers for her show. and she is right people will buy and watch. I wish she was better and got therapy because its a damn waste of god given talent the girl can sing she isnt like the singers out who are manuafctured she has god given soul but she as a person is a disgrace and not the kind of sista you want represented on tv especially for the dark sistas who already fight so many stigmas on tv with the way they are represented as uneducated rowdy sex addicted sub humans , fanny damn sure does not prove that image wrong in any way. the only two dark women we see are her and gabby and they both foul gabby is more forgiven because she is beautiful and educated sad but thats how people see it wrong is wrong wether your alecia gabby fanny or whoever and excuses dont change that
tdew's picture

@tdew SAD , just SAD , you is

@tdew SAD , just SAD , you is the one with major problems . With your highly educated self . Just stright up SAD .
Anonymous's picture

It is a good thing you post

It is a good thing you post Anonymous because uttering the sentence YOU IS THE ONE WITH MAJOR PROBLEMS. Is nigger to the max I would like to think you took one or two classes in life. typos are natural especially if your typing fast but thats no typo thats just a lack of education, another clue that your a dumb bitch is that you thought saying with my educated self was somehow an insult to me lol only someone stupid thinks calling someone educated is a slight SIGH..........I really wish we could have some sort of ploy to get all niggers in a big field and drop a bomb on them.
tdew's picture

...did it ever occur to u

...did it ever occur to u that this person is having a lil fun and pulling ur leg.
Jessica Rabbit's picture

Isnt that why anyone would

Isnt that why anyone would trade insults on a blog ?? what about any of this is serious. though her stupidity is real by the way she writes this is all entertainment
tdew's picture

You would think education is

You would think education is sad. education is a niggers kryptonite.much easier to support ignorance.It allows you to not have to work hard and gives you more time to lay on the couch eating your grilled welfare cheese sandwhich waiting to hear maury say who aint the baby daddy.wake up and support the right shit but if you choose not to thats your choice everyone hear has the right to feel whatever they feel
tdew's picture

ummm tdew you had an

ummm tdew you had an error...it should be here and not hear.........and take a chill pill
Anonymous's picture

simple typo it happens. gold

simple typo it happens. gold star for being able to read though Im very proud of you.
tdew's picture

I'm happy for her. She

I'm happy for her. She deserves it. She is talented. Nothing puts me off like when non talented people make so much for doing absolutely nothing of value like Kim kardashian
Anonymous's picture

I'm happy for her. She

I'm happy for her. She deserves it. She is talented. Nothing puts me off like when non talented people make so much for doing absolutely nothing of value like Kim kardashian
Anonymous's picture

Im glad you are here to see

Im glad you are here to see it happen. more people like you than not gont let the selected few ruin your life.
LetmeBrakeItDown4U's picture

i m happy for her . She is

i m happy for her . She is young, all that drama is gonna make her a great person if she pays attention .
OBAMA4YOMAMA's picture

Go hard Tasia put'em all out

Go hard Tasia put'em all out at on time , be diffrent . CONGRATS SWEETIE
Anonymous's picture

....so all these comments

....so all these comments made me pull up Fantasia on you tube, that girl sure can put on a show. For all the 'Bey fans', I would go pay to go see Fantasia sing any day than to pay to see Beyonce shake her behind on stage. Thats my opinion. Nite folks back to you tube.
Jessica Rabbit's picture

Man of the house should def

Man of the house should def be the next song to be released. dang.
Anonymous's picture

NO NO NO Collardgreens &

NO NO NO Collardgreens & Cornbread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture


It's Their Lives Anyway's picture

Why are they putting out "I'm

Why are they putting out "I'm doing me" as the next single.. there are so many others songs that are soooo much better! like "Move on Me"... GL w. that one!!
Ginger G's picture

yes....i agree! move on me

yes....i agree! move on me would have been a better choice.
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Only thing I can think of

Only thing I can think of with the album success is ...PAULA YOU BETTER RAKE IN THOSE PROFITS GIRL! lol!
ForRealThou's picture

Strongly encourage Paula to

Strongly encourage Paula to try , let's see how bad she is.
Anonymous's picture

That would only make Paula

That would only make Paula look like a fool IMO. Paula already made the girl look dumb-du-du-dumb but waiting for her album to drop and suing her would make me side eye Paula cause let's be real here, you can't really sue a nicca that work at T-Mobile selling phones, so you go after his jump off....for money??! I don't think so....from what I can tell, Paula seems to have more class then that.
Anonymous's picture

LIKE I said , Tasia whipped

LIKE I said , Tasia whipped and hooked Paula lil hubby and it's not a DAMN THING paula can do about it.
Anonymous's picture


http://theybf.com/2010/09/01/fantasia-debuts-at-1-on-billboards-rb-album... h needs therapy asap because she is off very very off. this isnt about cook or the homewrecking this is about a pattern o behavior thats going to put this chick on the fast track to the bottom of the barrel soon. i hope she gets better people behind her , she needs to tell clive davis to hire the same folks who fooled us into believing whitney houston wasnt a hood rat now thats a pr team that earned the fuck out that buck
Anzxcbeas's picture


http://theybf.com/2010/09/01/fantasia-debuts-at-1-on-billboards-rb-album... never that bitch i make more never that bitch i make more money then your crack head whore mother and fag ass father ever brought home to you nappy headed crack babies thats why you support this bitch she reminds you of your mother.she still working at magic city ?
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