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Nelly Still Denies Ever Dating Ashanti, Gives Reasons Why So Many Black Women Are Single

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Nelly hit up WGCI in Chicago this week to chat it up.  And he gets surprisingly defensive about his "non" relationship with Ashanti

Oh, and he also has some advice for all the single ladies out there and why there are so many single black females.  Read on for the interview...

Nelly chopped it up with Midday host Loni Swain.  And here's what he had to say:

When asked if he and Ashanti are 100% split after being together a long time, Nelly asked who even said they were a couple in the first place?  Nelly said:

"Who said that?   Well what have we always said?  Of course I'm single.  I'm not married, she's not married."

"Here's the thing.  I've never said I'm in a relationship, she's never said she's in a relationship.  I don't know where they do that at.  But we've always admitted to being friends.

He then gushed about how great of a girl she is:

"We hang out.  She's a very sweet girl.  Very pretty girl.  Very talented.  She does her thing as far as her career and I do my thing as far as mine."


Nelly also gave his views on why there are so many single, black, intelligent and beautiful women out there:

"This is just my opinion.  I think some girls want the perfect guy.  I'm not saying he doesn't exist, he just has to exist for you.  It's not going to exist for society...and for you to say "this is the perfect guy". 

"We interpret relationships wrong a little bit.  Instead of 'Do we look right in society's eyes?', it should be 'Does he look right in MY eyes?  Does he take care of me..make me feel special?'  He may not be 6'2 broad shoulders and all that...but I've seen girls turn down a great guy because he doesn't look the part."

"Then you got the guys who look the part, but don't act the part.  It's just about coming up with that balance.  Society has also put us in a rut--either brothers are in jail...or don't like girls no more.  To each his own."

He also threw in that women need to let a man be a man, but women are still everything to a man.  Hmmm.  Your thoughts?

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favour200's picture

dont wanna start anything but

dont wanna start anything but to tell the truth Nelly and Ashanti are still together b/c it's easy to tell
Anonymous's picture

Yesss!! I hope they are not

Yesss!! I hope they are not together.. she dont deserve him.. she a hoe anyways!! ya dig!!
Jesss's picture

byee bitchh .. your just mad

byee bitchh .. your just mad because he dont want you ugly ass self
Anonymous's picture

Really Nelly and Ashanti are

Really Nelly and Ashanti are not together lol YEAH right....really we are not stupid.....shit they are a great couple and look great together, the more power to them.
Anonymous's picture

Jill - I highly disagree with

Jill - I highly disagree with you. At the end of the day -- family is everything. Traveling the world, working like a maniac and truly sleeping alone night after night gets stale. I actually think we need to assess ourselves. I'm one of those women who been all over the world .. Kenya, Spain, All of the Caribbean, Brazil, UK, Greece.. so what! Life isn't about doing everything alone. Sometimes we need people around us that will be with us til death does us part. I fell for the independent, self sufficient, you came in alone/leave alone... it is OVERRATED . Especially when you hit 35 without kids. Why wouldn't someone want to grow old with their children.. Having kids at 40+ isn't fun when you are 60 when their 20.. My grandma had 15 kids and never worked a day in her life. She is 85+ because her kids are blessings and enable her to have that lifestyle. Nothing is wrong with that. LOVE Is all we need in life. Doing everything else comes 2nd. We do have an issue with black relationships.. we DO need to support one another. . The more we become 'too independent' , the worse it will be for our relationships. What happened to struggling together like Flo and James Evans. Black PEOPLE WAKE UP! We are doing it wrong !!!!!
tasha's picture

Black men are locked up or

Black men are locked up or DL.. Women don't give a EFF about height & looks & money.. They just want someone true, respectful and supportive.. And that is HARD to find for ALL. There aren't enough men out here. Bottom line!
jazz's picture

wow why cant men just stay

wow why cant men just stay over there. why does every man all of a sudden think they can tell me whats wrong with me what i need to do how i should do it why i do the things i do? are you a psychologist? do you effin know me? no so who do you think you are. i dont take any of this seriously because it simply DOESNT APPLY TO ALL. point. blank.
ScenieBeanie(Emoisha)'s picture

if i was that dj i would have

if i was that dj i would have cute this interview b/c it's obvious that he was just being straight ignorant and trying to be an asshole......i also think that this was a publicity stunt b/c we all know he has been on the "D" list for a while now, and i honestly think he was even on the "D" list when he was at the peek of his so-called career.
anonymous's picture

sorry, i meant to say that i

sorry, i meant to say that i would have cut this interview.
anonymous's picture

I thought Nelly only had two

I thought Nelly only had two children -- a girl and a boy. Where did y'all hear that he had several kids. Back to the topic at hand, I always thought he and Ashanti were together. If they weren't they did a damn good job of looking like a couple. Maybe they just didn't want folks in their business or could have been FWB. I thought they made a nice looking couple and always hoped they would get married. But, if friends are all they are -- then so be it.
MzTee's picture

@ Jade, love your post!!!!

@ Jade, love your post!!!! That is what it's about. A man, who can actually take care of you. Amen sista!
sam's picture

Nelly is full of shit. How

Nelly is full of shit. How many kids he got by how many women? So basically he thinks women are supposed to be like Ashanti and spread their legs and let a man drop that load then go on and do it do somebody else? Fuck you Nelly. Women don't care about no "society" women care about a man who will respect them and treat them right. If you care about black women so damn much then how about you stop putting all them ASS models in your vids and how about you donate some money to organizations designed to empower black women. You were a coon 10 years ago and you still a coon today. Fuck you and your thoughts!
Anonymous's picture

Check out Ashanti's

Check out Ashanti's response!!!! http://www.bet.com/video/1367148
goddess's picture

WOW.. there are some ignorant

WOW.. there are some ignorant folks on this site.. and sensitive too.. I get where Nelly was coming from with women needing to let a man be a man.. That was an issue for me for years because I had to stand on my own for years... Therefore depending on a man to take care of me seemed absurd. Now that I'm married... after dating my husband and learning him and myself with him I realized that it wasn't about relinquishing control or allowing someone to "take care of me" it was about playing my part, respecting my relationship and growing together in my relationship... My man does not expect me to be barefoot and pregnant and truth be told.. I'm the big bread winner in our family BUT he's the man through and through and he takes good damn care of me and our daughter... I want my baby to have a man like him who listens to her, takes care of her needs, respects her and allows her to shine as a woman... I'll stand beside my man any day... I don't need to be in front and he NEVER allows me to be behind.
NOT's picture

Very nicely put. I think some

Very nicely put. I think some people took what he said the wrong way
FAMUGirl2012's picture

mmm, you know what? i totally

mmm, you know what? i totally agree with you. i've been very independent for most of my life. that's just how things have been for me but now that i have this wonderful, sweet and caring man. i've noticed how hard it has been for me to adjust to letting him do things for me or give me advice. And its never in a way that's its harmful to me. its just that ive been on my own for awhile and now, i keep thinking of how my very own father told me "let him be a man". its a real serious thing, ladies. And some people can, if not really thinkiing about it carefully can think this means being subservient and its not! i promise you, its really not. Men are born into society as being the providers. Some dont agree, some do but the point is. Men need to provided to be needed. Everybody needs to feel needed. shoot, as far as im concerned, let him feel needed and help you out. aint nothing wrong with letting somebody help you. Thanks
Anonymous's picture

He makes valid points on

He makes valid points on single women and I like the non-bitterness of his views.... As for him and Ashanti.. sounds like code for they were bangin and it never got to relationship status... but who knows.. maybe he just doesn't want ppl in his business.
NOT's picture

I'll say it again: Women

I'll say it again: Women would stay in their lanes more if they didn't have to cover both sides of the street more often than not. I have been a corporate American for a long time and I can assure you that the same crap that "thugs" try to pull goes on with the corporate brothers as well. Corporate dudes have taken it a step further though. I have actually been told by a black man in corporate america that he didn't have to make any kind of dating decisions because he is desired by all races of women and could bounce between situations with no problem and absolutely no guilt. He had no problem with any of the women he was dating, he just didn't have to choose so he didn't. That's that bullshit. It use to be that when a man found a good woman he tried to lock it down. Not so any more.
Jer-z girl's picture

Its hilarious that it is more

Its hilarious that it is more important to most of the females on here that he claim her for their satisfaction than for him to be a good man to her for her satisfaction. Thats the problem with a majority of females out here now, they seek validation for external sources. If she is happy that is all that matters. Nobody is holding a gun to her head, she can be with another guy that will love her today if she chooses. She isn't, and its her choice. Stay out of others' business and get in the gym and REALLY workout and lose some weight, stop having out of wedlock kids, stop thinking everything revolves around you, stop telling all of your business in the street, stop getting tatted up like sailors and wanting a corporate man to take you places with him where his coworkers will see he is dating a walking graffiti, and take care of your REAL hair. Women in prior generations took care of their hair, the females of this generation can too they just do not choose to. A man of worth that has common sense wouldn't take the majority of these females out here seriously, the question is why do they take themselves seriously.
Anonymous's picture

Amen, Nelly amen.

Amen, Nelly amen.
K. Palm's picture

He is trying to SELL

He is trying to SELL RECORDS....Nelly and Ashanti are probably in Corsica right now..sipping on some champagne..........
Anonymous's picture

Here again the media is

Here again the media is making a mockery of us. Stupid Nelly fell right into the trap. There are REAL MEN who step up to the plate a stake their claim in their women. It is crazy. We as women need to get back to the basics and let our men be men. Yes, have the career, education, benjamins. However, you gotta treat your man like he is GOLDEN. Call your man Poppy..Daddy..Make him feel good!!! Be his #1 cheerleader. I love my man and I baby him. He treats me good. It is not about the money. So what I make more..Who cares...He was there when I did not have a damn dime. When I was in an unfurnished apt when we were in school. He stood through thick and thin. I was gonna jet just because I surpassed the MAN. I found those with degrees were damn arrogant jerks. We have to learn how to be women and submissive. My momma taught me how to do that. Pretty much that is why I have never been single. One more thing my momma taught me not to be running my mouth to my nosy girlfriends about my man. Women stop telling your friends about you and your man's mess. Take to GOD..he is the only one who can fix the madness.... We just need to learn to be women.............for real.....Support our Men...
Anonymous's picture

I'd agree with you two years

I'd agree with you two years ago..but after being in a situation where I did that.. I disagree.. BIG TIME. It depends on the dude you're with. Men don't want to be cuddled and a woman who is toooo submissive to them. Some men like the independent, self sufficient woman. I dated this guy for 3 yrs and encouraged him - was the PERFECT person to this guy. I actually challenged myself to do that..since I thought that was something I could improve on. I smiled, I nodded, I encouraged, I basically was totally supportive.. showed unconditional love & always wore a smile. Let's say today -- we aren't together.. So men take kindness for weakness. So it truly depends on the person! Women shouldn't change who they are - there is someone for every personality! :)
tasha's picture

I agree with Jill..I never

I agree with Jill..I never wanted to be married until I hit 35. I spent those years going to school, getting my career, the paper and traveling. I feel for so many sistas because while I was doing he thing they were having babies and getting married. Now most of them 90% are divorced, broke and very bitter. I am winding things down with the career and getting ready to jump that broom. No....you do not have to get married and get pregger so young. The majority does not do that. We need to wake up and learn from other cultures. We cannot try and play catch up...I have many associates who use to hate because I did go for mine so young. They envied seeing me on the come up..doing it. I think we need to encourage our youngins not to do the same. We would be a lot better off.
Anonymous's picture

I agree with you 100%

I agree with you 100% "Anonymous". I am 26, educated (with a Masters degree), well-travelled and child-less (for now)! Sometimes I feel sentiments of "hate" or bitterness from friends too. I've always been focused on accomplishing my goals while most of my friends were busy having babies, getting married or caught up in drama that I never had time for. I am far from perfect but I've always been committed to my personal goals. Now I'm 2 years into a relationship with a beautiful, loving & supportive man. We are getting married next year & he is perfect FOR ME! Nelly is right....we as Blk women are too worried about what "society" says instead of focusing on our own true feelings & desires. My fiance may not have a college degree BUT he runs his own business, is a great provider and most importantly he loves me unconditionally. To me that is worth more than any degree or anything that money can buy!
Jade's picture

@jeweleast9 I very much

@jeweleast9 I very much agree with your comment. Many black men do not want to date full figured women. Let's face it the majority of black women are overweight. Phat is not where it is at because it is not healthy. I use to be full figured..blah..blah..blah..Brothas use to look but you could tell they did not like what they saw. In fact, they love it in the bedroom but in public many of them run the other way. Tell you this...Since I lost 50 pounds men who never looked are trying to holla. I just run the other way. What I did not share is that I have dated a wonderful FINE dude for a long time. He loved me when I was small, overweight and petite again. He was not superficial. I would say alot of men are silly because they don't look at the women's heart. Even if she is overweight she could be the best thang that happened to you.
Anonymous's picture

Theyy aree playinngg with

Theyy aree playinngg with uss..ofcourse theyy were dating..they broke up..and they aree REdating again we aint stupiiddd they just dont wwant their bizzz to b put out there..yeahh well done nellyy ! speciallyy with his new track '' just a dream'' he was so not talking about shani...SMDH..I hate when famous ppl think weere stupidd at a loww poiint..Nelly is playing with words... listen clearly to what they r doingg theyy are playing with words thatss itt.
Anonymous's picture

I cannot believe some black

I cannot believe some black women calling him a baby daddy but how many black women have kids by different men have you watch the maury show? Here are some more reasons black women are single,and ghetto is a big part of it the sad truth. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGzyc36MEfo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SseNyInRs5o
Anonymous's picture

Gay lol there are alot of gay

Gay lol there are alot of gay black women in america queen latifah is the most famous one.Black women are single because black men do not talk too them,and more black men date outside there race.The men do not want women who are fat or obese and alot of black women are true. The ghetto,bitter behavior is not something men want in a women. Here is a reason black women are single http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp8CIAlEbvM
Anonymous's picture

the word is inconclusive,

the word is inconclusive, Nelly. Not unconclusive, you're welcome.
cindy's picture

I hear ya Nelly.

I hear ya Nelly.
Mi Mi's picture

very nicely (and rightly)

very nicely (and rightly) said by him. always liked him. always thought he was smart. love the educated response on "single" - you can date someone all you want, but guess what? - if you are asked to fill out a legal document the box to be checked will be "single" until marriage actually happens. loves him.
Jill's picture

and being married does not

and being married does not come with a certain AGE this is why so many marriages fail because people think they HAVE to be married by 25 and have 4 kids by 30. WOMEN learn to expand your horizons and independence. We live in a world that is different from the 50's its ok to get married after 30. In my opionion most should get married til after 30. At least then you have over 10 yrs to be a "ADULT" and out of your parents house. REAL TALK!!! do you don't do what SOCIETY says you should do. IF more people learn who they are and what MARRIAGE is and what it takes to have a successful marriage then that will deter cheating and a lot of divorces. MARRIAGE is a gift and option its not something we have to do. I wish more people will do it right!
knockitoff's picture

WONDERFULLY said!!! I am 23,

WONDERFULLY said!!! I am 23, have my bachelors degree and NO KIDS!!! I have been applying everything that you said ever since I graduated college. I'm living my life for ME right now. Marriage and kids may or may not happen in my life but I'm DEFINITELY not gonna stress out if doesn't happen.
Ms. Suzy's picture

Maybe Nelly and Shanti want

Maybe Nelly and Shanti want to keep their relartionship private so the WORLD won't have their opinions about them. Sometimes its best to keep things quiet especially in their lifestyles. Maybe they are learning from B& J. As far as black women being single... I think WOMEN of all cultures deal with the thing of finding the "PERFECT" man( which doesn't eist)...white, latino, middle eastern, asian, etc men would say the samew thing that Nelly is saying being that Nelly is black he is speaking about what he knows and obviously who he dats ands that's black women. He has valid points.
knockitoff's picture

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Anonymous's picture

I think Nelly had some valid

I think Nelly had some valid points. Many black women try to look for that perfect man. And i'm sorry, he does not exist. Its part of the reason why black women are single. Now yes, there are a lot of woman single of all colors, but black woman have the highest percentage of single women. So maybe that's why Nelly addressed black women, not to mention he may prefer black women over any other race. I think a lot of you need to ease up and listen to what he's saying. As far as the Ashanti's comments, maybe they werent a couple and maybe they were. But its nobody's business. Beyonce still doesnt talk about her relationship with Jay-z, and yet no one says anything about that. I also want to agree with someone posted on the board about no unity with the african americans. We have no unity. We are constantly putting each other down. We're not supported, very judgmental, and never want to help our people. Asians are always very supported of their race. They dont constantly compete with each other like we do. Its just sad to see. I had more problems with my black supervisors harrassing me than any other race. It got so bad i had to switch to the night shift just to get away from them. Black people please wake up!!!
Anonymous's picture

BLACK ppl anit shiit. MY

BLACK ppl anit shiit. MY entire life my own ppl harassed me, bullied me, degraded me and played uncle tom in front of white folks. Black ppl are forever lost and never to be found. It was a BLACK professor who got me escorted off my College campus, for allegedly "giving her evil looks" I hate Black ppl, but I I hate Black women the most. Black women have no self esteem, even the successful ones. Don't even get me started on Africans.
Anonymous's picture

If I could see Anonymous,

If I could see Anonymous, whose grandmother told her "KNOW WHO YOU ARE", I would give her and grandmother a hi five. Sometimes we women settle for ish we know we don't like and just lose our selves to some buster azz nicca, that don't even deserve our love.
Anonymous's picture

yep your thoughts 100%

yep your thoughts 100% correct...I know I can testify
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dtyndtyn's picture

why do black men in the

why do black men in the public, especially those who are liars & cheaters, feel the need to publicly speak out against black women? Everyone "knows a guy" that was turned down because "they didn't fit the part" but are you that guy? No. How many girls were turned down if they didn't fit the "part"? (what is it 'exotic' 'stripper like' etc) Show me the numerous articles from famous black women that feel the need to say why so many black men are single. Of course, we'd be waiting forever. This is why I don't have much to say when celebrity Black women date out, if this is the mentality of the men (the oh it's "them" and they have nothing to do with me mentality) then they have no choice but to date out. I feel so sorry for Ashanti who took this man in arm, paraded him in music videos, only to be casted out like she was some sort of jump off.
ForRealThou's picture

If you had listened to the

If you had listened to the interview properly, you would have heard, that Nelly did not mention 'black women' once. You don't have a valid point, look a the statistics, black women are unproportionally single compared to black men, this is for a reason. Nelly was asked by the interviewer, who happened to be a woman herself.
Charisse's picture

I listened OBJECTIVELY and

I listened OBJECTIVELY and honestly it's the same sh*t different toliet. As for your "stats" according to the CENSUS, where all the data is coming from, black men are JUST AS SINGLE as black women. The question should be why blacks don't value marriage or committed relationships.
ForRealThou's picture

You will never see an article

You will never see an article like that because the media will NEVER make that a valid point. Black women get attacked from everywhere and by damn near everyone! It's like the media will do ANYTHING to keep us down, including gettin brothas to "chime in" on the situation. I truly believe these brothas have positive things to say too, but it's rarely printed for all to read. I understand why Melissa Ford went off! We can't catch a damn break!
Anonymous's picture

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