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Jennifer Hudson Gets FAB For Her Michigan Avenue Magazine Cover Party

Jennifer Hudson has been living it up in her brand new hot body.  Check out the pics of her celebrating her new Michigan Avenue mag's second anniversary/her cover party when you read on....

Jenny snapped pics with Founder of Niche Media Jason Binn.

And to celebrate her gorgeous cover, she performed for the crowd at the House of Blues in her hometown of Chicago last night:

Lookin' great Jenny.


Photog: Brecheisen




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Anonymous's picture

why does she have those

why does she have those gloves on with a charmuse ( spelling ) dress. She needs a stylist and some Mederma stat. All this fuss about her artificial weight loss ( gastric bypass or lap ) is a bunch of ish. I think people believe folks like Nikki and Kim K have surgery...... Jenny isn't above that, she needs to get that loose skin tighten ! I seen her in person, she has loose skin and she like 120 lbs no way she still on WW.
Braelynn's picture

OMG you people on this

OMG you people on this website have turned into a bunch of negative haters. Why must you bring down your own people so much? This woman has been through so much tragedy and she has lost weight and put an extra 30 years on her life. She is an inspiration yet we find a flaw in each and every one of these celebrities. I think i am just threw with this negative website. Gosh please find some happiness in your life.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

LMFAO! These J-Hud fanatics

LMFAO! These J-Hud fanatics got their hands full trying to put a spin on her performance lately. lmmfao!
Anonymous's picture

cheap looking,flimsy wrinkled

cheap looking,flimsy wrinkled dress
Anonymous's picture

Yeah she looks good, but I

Yeah she looks good, but I still can't stomach her singing or acting.
Anonymous's picture

Now she needs to tone those

Now she needs to tone those arms, that stomach and those legs. She is "skinny fat" now: slim with a great percentage of body fat.
TheHaitianDiva's picture

ummm, it's too many points in

ummm, it's too many points in that slice of cake..lmao.. I do know this and I lost 65 lbs on weight watchers..
Anonymous's picture

she didn't get this much

she didn't get this much attention when she was fat and unattractive, now she's slim and still unattractive..
Anonymous's picture

J-Hud looks hella good! very

J-Hud looks hella good! very healthy looking! luv n it!
YNV Me's picture


bren's picture

Jen...You look marvelous!

Jen...You look marvelous!
Anonymous's picture

I remember when I lost weight

I remember when I lost weight a few years ago, my aunt said to me, "That's enough, don't lose anymore weight!" She was right. If I knew Jennifer, I'd tell her that. Don't lose anymore weight, just build strength and work to maintain you weight. Losing it is hard, but maintaining it is harder, because you have to remember how to eat and work out in a way that's manageable for the long term. She looks beautiful and she looked beautiful before. But she's done with weight loss, because any more, and she'll look drawn and get that Oprah skinny look that doesn't look hot (I personally like Oprah when she's a size 12/14). Jennifer looks like a 6/8 right now, and shouldn't go any smaller, or she'll look maga (anorexic in Jamaican).
Yessica's picture

Blah Blah Blah....I'm SO glad

Blah Blah Blah....I'm SO glad that I have Glad weight problems do NOT exist in my life or family genes!
Anonymous 's picture

Jen looks nice as a skinny

Jen looks nice as a skinny girl but she still has a big girls head and face (lol). I think she stated in an interview that she lost the weight for a role (probably the Winnie role) and probably liked the results and kept going. As long as she is healthy and happy, who can blame her for living life to the fullest. THis chick and her sister was visited by satan himself a few years ago. So, to see her in a happy place is a great thing.
Annie Anonymous's picture

Jen Jen, boo, you look

Jen Jen, boo, you look awesome. You have came through a storm that left you with great loss and a member throwing shade because he wants frame. How low people will stoop. Jen, every-time I see you boo, I will ALWAYS give great respect to you. Your resilience is beauty in itself, shine on boo.
Anonymous's picture

Kudos to Jennifer on the

Kudos to Jennifer on the weight loss...she looks good...but I will just say that this is yet another example of proof that overweight people often talk shit when they speak of "I love being big and yadayadayada"...she and MoNique prove that most times that is a bunch of bullshit. Clearly Jen made up her mind that she was finally going to shed the pounds because she clearly did not love being big, if she did then she would have stayed big. Her and Monique (who is on her way to being svelte as well. Yeah MoNique, you hated skinny bitches because you so badly wanted to be one).
Yup's picture

I said the SAME thing

I said the SAME thing yesterday on my way to my Personal Training session lol No one can make me believe ANYONE that is overweight is IN LOVE with it - period. I gained weight in college & everyone was saying I looked great bc I still had a flat stomach, toned arms, yadda yadda but I (keyword, I) felt uncomfortable. Even a small amount of weight gain makes me feel uncomfortable so can you imagine being as big as Oprah is now or how Star Jones & Monique WAS - there's no way that felt good. No one wants to be fat & it's not solely bc of vanity - it's just really uncomfortable. It's so funny when women say, "Oh, men love me this size" - who CARES what THEY like? Do YOU like it? You like having rolls of fat? It's uncomfortable, I'm sorry.
Nina's picture

She looks really nice. I'm

She looks really nice. I'm really happy she accomplished her goal. The dress needed some help though lol.
Yvonne's picture

She looks good-I also like

She looks good-I also like her in lighter lipstick and better type of clothing, what she's wearing and the makeup doesn't do her justice!
Shay's picture

LOVE J Hud but she does not

LOVE J Hud but she does not know how to dress since she lost the weight, that is PAINFULLY obvious
LadyEsquire's picture

That dress is horrid

That dress is horrid but........GIRL U LOOK HOT!!!! Luv this chick.
Anonymous's picture

JHUD know she wanted some of

JHUD know she wanted some of that cake...dnt front girl lol I think she'd look more fab if she changed the lipstick color and wore her hair in a bob or atleast straighten it. She looks good. Since her weight loss you can see her laugh lines in her face. She looks great though and she's a shining star
Anonymous...'s picture

Jennifer is really looking

Jennifer is really looking good -- and HEALTHY! -- these days. She has lost a good bit of weight, but still has curves. The dress is cute, but the fabric is not very forgiving in terms of staying "fresh" (i.e., not wrinkled....) during an event. Lighter lipstick is also better looking on her.
n_satiable's picture

Minus the wrinkled dress and

Minus the wrinkled dress and the fact that I despise those weight watchers commercials...JHud looks better than she did...but hopefully she stops because she may start looks sickly and wrinkly.
Anonymous's picture

jen hud is such a phoney to

jen hud is such a phoney to me. her personality seems so fake and animated. i just am NOT feelin her on any level.
leesh's picture

And you actually took time

And you actually took time out of your day and life to share this negativity? Maybe you should get a life. Nobody cares that you don't like her. Sheesh!
Anonymous's picture

Jennifer looks amazing! She

Jennifer looks amazing! She has lot even more weight since I seen her on tht later nite show last week.
Anonymous's picture

To All YBF Bloggers....If at

To All YBF Bloggers....If at all possible please don't waste you time responding to @Legetitt ignorant rants...He has Uncle Ruckus as his avator on YBF....And Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character that tries to escape his own identity as a Black Man...This Character is a White Supremacist in a Black Body....Saddddd....This is why @Legetitt is always on YBF degrading Black Women....So please don't respond to this Black Racist KKK member wannabe!!!!
anonymous's picture

Jen looks so pretty! Go

Jen looks so pretty! Go Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trulyyours01's picture

she looks goog not too skinny

she looks goog not too skinny like people have been saying
Anonymous's picture

She should have worn a more

She should have worn a more fitted dress to really show off he figure. She looks beautiful.
Lisa's picture

Can someone say surgery??!!!

Can someone say surgery??!!! Whatever it takes Jen...
NurseJ's picture

Jealous much? It's called

Jealous much? It's called discipline. Jen has learned how to control her portions. I bet you're a fat nurse.
heyheyhey's picture

You are right I am PHAT

You are right I am PHAT (pretty hot and tempting)!!!! Seriously I am a huge supporter and educator for healthy eating and living! Let's get moving! I practice what I preach :)
NurseJ's picture

Her body is pure perfection

Her body is pure perfection now. Not too big, not too skinny. If she wore more flattering clothes, I think you could really see how great her body looks.
Shonique's picture

Head does look a bit big but

Head does look a bit big but she is looking fab! I just don't like dark lipstick
JMO's picture

J Hud looks good. I hope she

J Hud looks good. I hope she does not lose anymore weight her head already looks big. lol
Anonymous's picture

Hilarious, LOL

Hilarious, LOL
Anonymous's picture


BOOM BOOM POW!!!! JHUD!!! Looks great!!! Shoot i'm about to go jump on a treadmill until I drop as a size 6 too!!!! lol..... I'm comming for u Jenny (In myPOPs from waynes bro's voice, carrying his Gumbo sauce)
Anonymous's picture

Gabourney....you are next!

Gabourney....you are next! Jennifer Hudson looks like a million dollar bill!
Mirabella Tells the Truth's picture

Jennifer looks great and its

Jennifer looks great and its not from starving herself. She's probably eating more than she ever has in her life. It's all about eating the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and good fats during the day to keep your metabolisming moving all day - which makes the weight come off naturally. Weightwatchers works!
heyheyhey's picture

I am on weight watchers also!

I am on weight watchers also! It is GREAT!!
Anonymous's picture

That's right, that's what

That's right, that's what being slim will do for your career. Those white people love skinny
.Sad's picture

She looks great. Those years

She looks great. Those years and years of eating excessively and then sitting on her fat azz have FINALLY come to an end. Some of you YBFers might want to take a hint and get in the gym. Time to smooth out them rolls out... I know you're tired of finding LINT and DIRT in them.
Kuttlefish's picture

Yeah I'm loving Jenny and the

Yeah I'm loving Jenny and the new look, but I would have to disagree with the FAB statement. Her clothing looks like something I can piece together in the $5.99 and up store. Not flattering at all.
Just Me's picture

Agree...not feeling the

Agree...not feeling the gloves nor the color of that wrinkled dress....but looks great with her weight loss.
Dee's picture

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