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A Mature Chris Brown Talks BET Breakdown, F.A.M.E., & Why He Won't Tour With Usher

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Chris Brown was in New York City yesterday making his rounds where he stopped by BET's "106 & Park" 10-year anniversary and the Swatch event.  And he still found the time to do an interview with Hot 97.  We have highlights from the interview and the full video inside...


Chris Brown sat down for an interview with Angie Martinez over at Hot 97 yesterday where he came across very humble and mature.  Thanking the audience for making his single "Deuces" a hit record, Breezy seemed surprised by the song's success. 

When the issue of Usher came up, it was briefly met with dead silence.  He made the point to mention that he and Usher do not have any problems and their main reason for not touring together was that it wasn't the right time financially.  Their business managers/promoters could not come to an agreement.   

Though he says it was a business decision, it led to a deeper conversation about being abandoned by certain industry peers and associates, which clearly has Chris on emotional guard.  He made it clear that even though he is cordial to music industry people, he stays in his own lane with his crew.

He says his new tattoo which reads "FAME" is about "forgiving all my enemies" and being built up then torn down by the music industry.  You can hear the pain in his voice and tell he's been through a rough time but clearly seems to have learned from it.

He also talks about his BET "moment" saying as he stood on stage and thought about the words of "Man In The Mirror" he could not hold back the tears during his Michael Jackson tribute.

Here's the full interview here: 

We also hear he broke things off with Miss Dade County because she was more worried about getting pub for her rap career at Chris' expense than she was about him.

And here are some pics from Breezy's visit to "106 & Park" yesterday with his boys Bow Wow and Trey Songz:

He was surprised on stage by Bow Wow and Trey Songz.

And of course they wouldn't let him leave without hitting the dougie.

Photos via UChris.com

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the album speaks all he's

the album speaks all he's been through- F.AM.E is undeniably the best chris brown has done..it has everything for everyone- smooth ballads, fist pumping hits, songs that even make u feel beautiful "beautiful people" 5/5 on the album and would recommend it to anyone all ages--from the teens to your dad--amazing vocals and shares true talent...love the album alot --
Anonymous's picture

Come on everyone make

Come on everyone make mistakes HATERS leave the boy alone we love u CHRIS BROWN DAMN he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FINE
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SMH People give repeat

SMH People give repeat offenders like TI and Lil' Wayne a pass every time, but Chris can't catch a break.Can the boy live? I mean, really. How many of you here have sons, brothers, fathers and uncles? God forbid if anyone of them were ever find themselves in a situation similiar to Chris', would you want your loved one to be given a chance, JUST ONE MORE CHANCE, to redeem himself? One more chance to prove to society that he has changed, matured and grown since the incident? Would you want society to have a little mercy on him? Yes, Chris' actions are unacceptable, but he has done what the courts have asked of him and has served his dept to society. Give the brother a break.
Nancy's picture

ppl say if a guy hits a woman

ppl say if a guy hits a woman he will do it again.but the problem with this is that, the ones that do change never get mentioned.they only mention the ones that repeat offend.therefore chris was always gonna get it hard from the start.this is total crap man.instead of kicking a guy when hes down help him.he needed help more than ever but still they attack.but there will always be good ppls out there like me and a few of u so f them.......f them all.
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no1curr beaver...no1curr.

no1curr beaver...no1curr. please stfu & gtfo.
run & tell that's picture

i'm glad he kept it real .

i'm glad he kept it real . people need to leave him alone hell you don't like him y u readin stuff that has to deal with him dummies
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I love Chris Brown and i feel

I love Chris Brown and i feel him about the whole friends things. People fail to see that Rhianna had fault in that sitituation but he did not put her on blast! So people need to stop hating and let that boy do him cause everybody makes mistakes so get over it. He wasnt right but niether was alot of people for doing the things they did.
Kay-K's picture

Trying to justify what he did

Trying to justify what he did makes you sound ignorant! If my girl slaps me I'm not gonna whoop her ass. Thats a coward move. End of story.
likeCAESAR's picture

@likeCAESAR!!!!!!!!!!Do you

@likeCAESAR!!!!!!!!!!Do you know the whole situation? HELL NO you don't
Anonymous's picture

To All YBF Bloggers....If at

To All YBF Bloggers....If at all possible please don't waste you time responding to @Legetitt ignorant rants...He has Uncle Ruckus as his avator on YBF....And Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character that tries to escape his own identity as a Black Man...This Character is a White Supremacist in a Black Body....Saddddd....This is why @Legetitt is always on YBF degrading Black Women....So please don't respond to this Black Racist KKK member wannabe!!!!
anonymousToo's picture

I 4 gave the man that ran

I 4 gave the man that ran over my mom,and didn't judge. Judgement is not 4 us 2 do.Their is a day coming called Judgement Day ! Life goes on and life is 2 short 2 waste hating. Chris u made a mistake and ask 4 forgivness and that's all u can do. Cont 2 do yer thing and be the best ! Love ya lots kid..
Anonymous's picture

CHRIS SHUT UP!!!. I think

CHRIS SHUT UP!!!. I think Chris+Usher+great!, Nikki and Lil Kim=Damn Great!!! think about instead of tripping who started what, think back young ones. just saying....
cynthia's picture

Your right I should have used

Your right I should have used spell check, in haste I skipped a step. I merely was responding to a previous comment. I realized this stuff is old, and I am happy that both parties have moved on; I just didn't appreciate the generalization on who and how christians should behave. Lastly it does not matter her supposed part in the argument, he had no right to put his hands on her. And if this incident had happend in St Croix, he would have been thrown in jail instantly and disowened by his family. North America does not take Domestic Violence seriously enough. But your right lets forget about it, its old news, he said he's sorry and like all domestic abusers he won't do it again.
R U Serious's picture

Wow! A lot of insane people

Wow! A lot of insane people on YBF always talking about Chris Brown & Rihanna i think BOTH parties have moved on now in their lives. I think it's time for the fans to do the same you guys are insane always arguing and calling people, bitches, stupid, idiots and such. Can we act like civilized people? Chris spent time in court he was charged he said he wa "sorry" he spent hours doing community service. it's been a while can we just drop this "old" drama PLEASE! Rihanna fans act like she should be excused from this i think her situation is "sad" but she is involved she threw away his car keys. But i think Chris was very "wrong" for putting his hands on her and beating her up "unconcious" no man should do that. But the fans need to let it go it happened a while back they have moved on i think we should do the same. It's not like he is a walking murdere or somehting he is a young person who f***ed' up BIG time and he is "sorry" for it!
Anonymous123's picture

First of all it is never

First of all it is never okay to put your hands on anyone, and especially in anger. Irregardless of how one feels about a person's appearence.Chris was dead wrong! As forgiving as we (by we I mean his fans; american and otherwise) should be; we were dispointed, angry and hurt by his behaviour. Yes as christians we should forgive, however forgiveness is not an easy thing. Forgiveness is something that comes from a spirit of humility, compassion and being able to put themselves in that person's shoes ; to gain perspective. Unfortunately the lack of forgiveness from Chris's Fans has attested to the difficulty in doing so. Domestic violence is a serious issue for men and women all over ther world and too often it gets pushed under rug, victims blamed or humilated in court. SO what chris had to endure public persecution& community service, this is nothing in comparison to what Rihanna has endured; primarily the physical and emotional toll it has caused to her. Its humiliating to have the whole world witness your upmost vulnerable & fearful experience; and then be left open to for further persecution, interpretation and judgement. Yes Chris Brown made a mistake, but many ppl make mistakes/crimes and are subsequently punished; Chris Brown is merely getting his due.=) Do Unto Other's as They Shall DO Unto You. Its hard to seperate the man from the music since purchasing an album is in part because you like the artist as person and not just his/her music. Everyone 2-3rd person can sing, however it is the personality/persona that fans buy into that motivates them to go in by their fav artist's cds. It is for this reason y record companies spend so much time promoting artists so their fans can get to know them, buy into their product etc. If you as fan no longer believe or trust in the substantive value of a product then your no longer inclined to invest your hard earned money.Furthermore how dare you used a hateful word to described your brethen and earlier shaming christians. That word historically used to belittle and declare our unworthiness. Fans boycotted Chris's music because of him, and his actions not because of Jay Z. In addition Rihanna' so called Devil Worship is all alledeged and no substantive proof has come forth to suggest its validity.
R U Serious's picture

I understand what your

I understand what your saying, however Chris Brown doesn't need your forgiveness. or mine, or anyone else's, besides the people who were actually involved in the situation. I mean its understandable that fans would be disappointed and angered by what he did, but its not the fan's call to decide if he's 'forgiven' or not. If Rihanna has forgiven him, he's forgiven himself, and they both have let it go, people who aren't really a part of the situation shouldn't take it upon themselves to keep 'throwing wood in the fire'. Just sayin.....
Kamilah <3's picture

@RJ Serious.....What the hell

@RJ Serious.....What the hell is you talking about? That shit is so DAMN old . It's not affecting Chris at all no more , Chris is doing DAMN good , so you , and other people who still have a problem with that shit need to get over it.
Anonymous's picture

Thank you for saying exactly

Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking. R U Serious need to get a life!! A lot of nothing was said in your comment. Everyone makes mistakes, get over it and get over yourself. As Chris would say "Deuces" I love that song!
Anonymous's picture

Oh yeah... and "irregardless"

Oh yeah... and "irregardless" is NOT a word!
Anonymous's picture

you should use spellcheck and

you should use spellcheck and fyi irregardless is not a formal word, it's composed of double negatives [ir and less] and is regarded as nonstandard. I'm just saying...since you said a bunch of NOTHING!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I concur...

I concur...

(YAWN) All this for

(YAWN) All this for what?...Out of that whole interview you resort to the incident to talk about get over it. -but since you brought it up- They're equally responsible save the blah blah blah for Oprah because no one was there besides them so save it...if you want to speak on the turmoil & emotional distress she faced then also speak on her part in what happened because I'm sure she wasn't as innocent as she proclaims.
Anonymous's picture

oh and ybf your wrong he

oh and ybf your wrong he wasnt talkin about dada,shes the homie,he was talking about draya and jasmine
tee's picture

Wow he really had matured.

Wow he really had matured. I'm really happy & proud of him. God Bless.
Yvonne's picture

if i was Chris i would have

if i was Chris i would have hit that fugly bitch too. Dont act like you wouldn't. I'm glad his career is getting on track again- he got major skills unlike Rihanna, the devil worshiper. We all know that nigger Jay-Z is/was behind everyone boycotting Chris' material. He made a mistake (maybe not) and why doesn't he get a second chance. y'all judgemental and claim to be Christians, there's less negative press about Eddie long than there was about Chris. SHAME ON YOU - Americans.
Lyton 's picture

Woman-beater go sit your ass

Woman-beater go sit your ass dwn! You really expected people to stand by you and defend your ass after you damn near killed RiRi?? You wanted Usher and Ne-yo to defend your cruel ass at the expense of their own careers and more importantly their personal beliefs against domestic violence!
Sticky's picture

You need to get your facts

You need to get your facts together , I don't know about Ne-yo , but Usher never turned on Chris . So sorry chris HATHER Usher was never a Chris HATER.
Anonymous's picture


I STAND BY HIM && WHAT?! (Waiting for your overly dramatic "big word" rant in T-Minus 5...4....3...2...1)
Anonymous's picture

let the man grow and mature.

let the man grow and mature. yeah he did f up rihanna. get over it. how long ago was that? a person can change. who are are you to keep a judgement on somebody?!!! look in the mirror at yourself with all your flaws and stop worrying and hating on somebody else. God is there at all times to help a person. Let the man grow. d it chris!!! you got love from people.
detroit mommi's picture

oh get over it already!

oh get over it already!
Anonymous's picture

chile please have a seat When

chile please have a seat When someone is your real friend they stand by ya side through the good and bad,I real friend my be mad and disappointed with u,they might even curse u out but at the end of the day they are going to be there Neyo and usher werent real friends.They didnt have to defend him in public but they damn sure could have picked up the phone and talked to him in private,if they were real friends.
tee's picture


YupiSaidiT's picture


YUPiSaidiT's picture

This is a really entertaining

This is a really entertaining Chris Brown video interview and its great to hear from the man behind the music. I have to say that im loving the Chris Brown song "Deuces" and the cool Chris Brown music video for this song which is one of the hottest R&B music videos around at the moment. The remix for this song sounds excellent too. And finally it would be great if Chris Brown would tour with Usher as it would be an amazing tour.
Devante's picture


Lovin&#039;Breezy's picture


CYBER BULLY's picture


CYBER BULLY's picture

I love Chris. I love his

I love Chris. I love his maturity, I love his music. Say what you want, but the guy has pure TALENT. I can hear Deuces 50,000 times and not get tired of it (And don't even let me mention Crawl). Stop discussing the incident, let us allow him to grow and let his talent shine.
Real.'s picture

He is an asshole! I wasn't

He is an asshole! I wasn't killing him over the Rhianna issue but then he said some dumb shit about Sandra Rose's skin color wether as a joke or not- You don't speak about black people like that. We now know exactly how he thinks! That's why he only dates light skin girls. He could have kept his dumb jokes without race it it!
Mo-chan's picture

First of all sweety Chris is

First of all sweety Chris is black,light skin,but black, his real father,his sister and his nephew etc are all brown skin and he loves them all So if he was racist(hes not) he would be racist against himself too Sandra Rose is a hateful and evil person and shes racist against lighter skin people,she even has a special name she calls them on her site,She can dish out hate and insults but she cant take them.So saying "you dont talk to black people like that" you sound stupid His jokes were towards her After she started with him,they werent towards all brown skin people so have a seat
tee's picture

Angie M is food at what she

Angie M is food at what she does. This was a good interview...solid.
Mimi's picture

What, no Furious Styles post,

What, no Furious Styles post, condemning this young man to hell forever and ever? lol... I kinda miss the litte fucker since school (finally) started! So predictable... LOL!
Anonymous1's picture


Anonymous's picture

*sniffles* Aww Chris is

*sniffles* Aww Chris is getting all mature on us. I love this dude! This interview was the truth! Its one of the best he has done in a while(I love when he and Angie do interviews).
noodles's picture


Memii's picture

i love breeeeeeeeeeeezy..sum1

i love breeeeeeeeeeeezy..sum1 tell him pleze......lol
HaitianPrincess!!!!!'s picture

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