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George W. Bush Name Checks Kanye West In Memoir + Kanye Aims For Lanvin Deal & Headlines Macy's Parade


Few people get name checked in the memoirs of a former president, but Kanye West can put another feather in his cap.  Find out what George W. Bush says about him inside, plus get the deets on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and what plans Kanye may have with designer Lanvin in the fashion world.



In an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer, former President George W. Bush reveals that hearing statements made by Kanye West during a Hurricane Katrina telethon was one of his worst moments in the White House. 

Remember when Kanye West said, "George Bush doesn't care about black people"?

To that, Dubya says:

"That [means], 'He's a racist,' And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. ... I resent it, it's not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments in my presidency."

Matt Lauer had a gotcha moment asking the former president,

"You’re not saying that the worst moment in your presidency was watching the misery in Louisiana. You're saying it was when someone insulted you because of that."

Explaining his words, Dubya responded,

"No -- that -- and I also make it clear that the misery in Louisiana affected me deeply as well. There's a lot of tough moments in the book. And it was a disgusting moment, pure and simple."

Hmm....smh.  That interview airs on "Today" show on Wednesday, November 10th.

And back to Kanye, he says he was heartbroken when Marc Jacobs and the folks over at Louis Vuitton ended their contract with him. 

"I thank Marc Jacobs so much for giving me the opportunity to design a shoe for Louis Vuitton, but the thing that broke my heart most was when they said, 'You're finished. The shoe's finished."

But Kanye's fashion goals have not diminished.  He made a beeline for Lanvin's artistic director Alber Elbaz at Monday's Accessories Council ACE Awards. Dressed head to toe in Lanvin, Kanye walked in the back door and said, "take me to Alber." They then had a deep conversation about fashion. Recently honored as Stylemaker of the Year, maybe Kanye will have his wishes granted and will be designing for Lanvin.

Also, fans of Mr. West will see him joining Jessica Simpson and Gladys Knight as one of the headliners for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Hopefully he's on his best behavior.  Auntie Gladys don't play that ish...




u just expect a problem to be

u just expect a problem to be resolved in a minute that usually needs an hour's work. He's a man for crying out loud!
Anonymous's picture

Obama has passed about 16

Obama has passed about 16 different tax cuts for small businesses, he has passed numorous bills aimed toward targeting small businesses (which Republicans were blocking for the longest) so specifically what do you mean by he hasn't done anything for small business? What should he do? Hold their hands and walk them through life? Everytime a Democrat is in the White House small business comes along with their same BS...its time for them now to put up or shut up with the "get government out of our lives" nonsense. The economy is starting to become stable and the nation is at the very least going in a direction where it is adding jobs (not enough grant it) instead of losing them constantly...especially the private sector which has had 9 months of job growth. So there is no "PERIOD" to what you are saying...with all due respect its just uninformed opinion, which goes on a lot in this country now days. Im sure they know job production isn't where they need it to be but it is a heck of a lot better then shedding 800,000 jobs a month. Americans need to stop complaining and start meeting this President halfway on helping him get this country back on track. As far as the middle class, they have passed three unemployment extentions (which the Republicans will probably stop doing), they passed the stimulus which was made up of tax cuts, stimuls (for government jobs such as police officers, teachers and so on) and entitlements. They passed a credit card bill of rights and have created a consumer bureau (one of the first of its kind) to start helping people not get taken advantage of...I mean I can go on and on but all you have to do is look up what they have done. They still need to find ways to tackle the housing problem, though. As far as education reform, Coin Powell was on tv prasing Obama for the efforts his administration has made on education, even Republicans say they can appreciate the efforts. For the first time Congress was able to take out the middle man (banks) on student loans, that was a huge deal. Even with the flaws there are so many things this administration has done both in the present and planting seeds for this countries future that they dont get credit for. The Congress and Senats have massive changes because some of the American people are BS artist who have done nothing but campaign against this President and the Democratic majority since he took office..meanwhile his administration and his party have been trying to govern this country out of the mess it created for itself. And while you are on here talking about Obama's approval ratings, they are higher then both Reagan and Clintons at this time during their Presidencys (both had massive loses to Congress and the Senate) in even more difficult times. This nation needs to be worried about its own approval ratings around the world...which were at 21% before Obama took office...this country should be thanking its lucky stars Obama has given it a second chance after the epic failures of the previous decade. This nation is in the position its in because it put itself here, period. Obamas administration isn't perfect, no Presidents is...but his administration has done more in a year and a half then previous administrations have done in 8 years.
Anon02's picture

Where u get your sh** from

Where u get your sh** from man? You are hearing some misleading tales there bigboi. Check this. We say Less Government because we can run our own stuff. Let us have the American dream with out taxing the hell out of me for it. More government you say? Do you realize that an overwhelming 70 percent of the people on any Government support shouldn't be on It? They have made a Lifestyle of it. The Government has enabled them. Do you know what that word means? Enabled? It means to baby you till the point you don't and cant work. It means they cut your legs right out from underneath you and said "oh Im sorry your black, you can't work. You cant be a real man and stay with the female you Impregnated and raise the kids and love their mother, Nope, you cant work." I hi to work every damn day for my family and I dont want the Government taking my money away to give It to someone who "can't find a job" jobs are out their. Yes they are hard unpleasant work but until I go o schiol ajd change my situation this Is what I have. If men would be men this wouldnt happen. Quit letting the Government raise your families get off your azz & do it yourself. If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will never go hungry. Big Government= Government wants u to bend over and take It up the rear u owe the Government & they now have the power (because u gave It to them) to Di whatever and u have no choice. Little Government = independence u still have freedoms. The people need to control the Government not the other way around. Man, you just like everyone else. Go get a life
David's picture

Okay, really think about what

Okay, really think about what you're saying. You (and many others) actually expect Obama to fix a problem in 2yrs that it took 8 yrs to create? Bush messed up this country for a whole 8 (count 'em) years. Obama is not a magician, and change will not happen over night. Rome was not built in a day, and the US economy will not be restored in a day (or 2 years, hell 4 years for that matter).
What Ar YOU Saying?'s picture

WELL SAID! We don't even

WELL SAID! We don't even help ourselves. And until we do, nobody should help us. We are a disgrace. A national disgrace. No hubands, multiple baby daddies, and so on. I thought the plantation mentality went out with the end of slavery. Yet here we are in 2010 still looking to massa to do something for us. Get over it already.
Arbor Mist Is The Bomb!'s picture

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Anonymous's picture

such disrespect dubya?

such disrespect dubya? REALLLLLY!! where did you attend school? hes not the smartest guy but shoot show him respect you cant complain and say that obama shouldnt be disrespected but you do it to a fellow president YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! IM DONE WITH THIS SITE!!!!! (IM A LIBERAL)
ughhhh tasha's picture

I'm not a fan of President

I'm not a fan of President Bush's but I also think you should accord all President's a certain level of respect. Kanye West's comment was off the cuff, disrespectful, and ill-advised. Kanye West is about as politically aware as most 3 year olds. What happened in New Orleans was a complete and total disgrace from the perspective of the US Government and the media. But I think the government rarely cares about poor people (inclusive of the Obama White House). If Kanye made a more informed statement about government and poverty that would have been better than making it a baseless racial attack. I just think people tend to categorize things along racial lines and miss the general point. Also Kanye West is just not an intelligent person and I really wish he would get better filters. But Bush calling Kanye's words the worst moment of his rule as President is also just as foolish. I would think war in IRAQ and how he handled Katrina as being two biggies he should be more concerned with.

You're as foolish of both of

You're as foolish of both of them. You were't in Louisiana in the middle of the aftermath, as Kanya was. you haven't been to Iraq. so you are not qualified to judge anyone's response on either issue.
MasterMind's picture

@ MasterMind. Excuse me? I

@ MasterMind. Excuse me? I don't have to be in New Orleans to know that Kanye's statements were WRONG. Kanye FYI was not in New Orleans when he made those statements he was doing work with Mike from a studio in New York not live from New Orleans. And Sorry I don't have to be in IRAQ to know that War in IRAQ was a huge mistake for President Bush based on how he went to war there and what he did after Saddam was removed from power. The IRAQ war was based on false information and fear and there was no plan in place on what to do after the take over. I suggest you learn more about what you're speaking about and become more politically aware in general. If you're going to attack my comments at least construct a cogent argument.

Let's learn how to read,

Let's learn how to read, people, and Matt needs to work on his listening skills. Bush said it was ONE of the most disgusting moments in his presidency, meaning that there are more than that single incident. MATT said that it wasn't one of the worst moments in his presidency...and that's not what Bush said. Obviously, he made quite a few errors in office, and I didn't vote for him either time. But Kanye was completely out of line for making that comment. Instead of saying, "George Bush doesn't care about black people", he could have just as easily said, "The White House and the president need to do more to help Katrina victims." But in TYPICAL Kanye fashion, he had to be over the top. If it's wrong for people to disrespect Obama because he's president, it's wrong to do it to other presidents, too -- regardless of what party they belong to.
Anonymous's picture

I like this whole statement.

I like this whole statement. Thank you. I want to see our people deal with issues with more class and tact versus with extreme emotions that leave us nowhere but not heard.
Niecy's picture

very well said! I agree 100%

very well said! I agree 100%

G.W. Bush calling Kanye's

G.W. Bush calling Kanye's comment the worst moment in his Presidency only proves the point.. THE TRUTH HURTS!
Anonymous's picture

Bush is an idiot,he Hleped

Bush is an idiot,he Hleped fucking up the world for 8 years (iraq,afghanistan,...)and that kanye comment was the worst moment of his career ?? GTFOH Now can someone tell me where is the post about the millions of africans americans who didnt vote yesterday ??? because complaining about bush who left the white house 2 years ago isnt really helping Obama or every person who actually care about your black ass #justsayin
Jazybelle's picture

This is such a foolish

This is such a foolish statement. Obama cares about you just because you're black? What has Obama done for African Americans please name me 3 things? How has Obama improved the lives of Black Business Owners for example? Give me the details. Also what improvements has Obama done in terms of Education Reform of Jobs? African Americans should always be part of the political process that is true but this past election was not about race but about policy. People want a stronger economy and more jobs those are the things that Obama has not been dealing with. And it's not a statement of race. And No President is going to care about any racial groups. African American need to care for themselves. They need to improve their communities and their families. Stop looking for hand-outs and take control of what you can control. Bush, Obama, whoever is not going to change your fortunes if you don't start the ground work yourselves. The power is in your hands and you might want to stop being so ignorant.

You have some valid points

You have some valid points Furious. Keep in mind though that way, way back in the olden dayz after world War II. there was a national policy enacted called the G.I. Bill that was not afforded to African American soldiers after the war. Why is that significant? See how white people flurished when given no interest loans for new suburban homes and grant money to continue their education and start businesses. If you can enact a policy to exclude us, you can enact policies that rectify it. No more of a handout than other people have been afforded, how 'bout it?
There Was A Time's picture

1. President Obama saved Wall

1. President Obama saved Wall Street. And Wall Street tried to punk him by paying itself first. He exposed the absence of regulatory oversight on Wall Street, and economic and financial investment reform is being discussed like never before. 2. President Obama saved the collapse of the American automotive industry. By making GM restructure before bailing them out, and putting incentive money to help the industry, he saved the industry. People want to make jokes about “cash for clunkers” but the automakers aren’t laughing. They’re thanking him. 3. President Obama shifted the focus of the war from Iraq to Aftghanistan, and putting the emphasis on reducing terrorism where it should have been all along. Bonus #4. President Obama passed the universal health care bill, with a public option, to insure everybody in America has care when they are sick. I can keep going, any questions?
Anonymous's picture

The items which you listed,

The items which you listed, with the exception of the war...were all apart of 1 task which was under the "STIMULUS PACKAGE"... so please generate more examples. 1. The Stimulus Package and not allowing those big Corporations to fail, was a MISTAKE. Obama and his cohorts allowing Wall Street to get Stimulus money with NO STRINGS ATTACHED-was a MISTAKE which tax payers paid for. He NEVER FORCED THEM to sell some of their assets to bail themselves out…and allowed them to keep all they had. in addition to our tax $$$$ He saved Wall Street, Big Corporations, Big Banks, BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES, basically THE RICH ALL GOT STIMULUS MONEY. We got NOTHING. It didn't "trickle down to main street". 2. These same companies then fired thousands of employees. More companies fired thousands of employees, then claimed they needed help to survive, and got millions and billions in stimulus. What they call PORK $$$$ then went out in the following areas: 3. million/billions in medical research (who did not ask for any); highway construction, who did not ask for any, because states already get ‘highway funds for road construction and repairs; millions of $$$ in ‘parks revising for public use, that already get federal money for those projects. 4. Food costs has gone up, medication, insurance, rent, everything that we need to survive, so we (blacks, whites, latinos, EVERYONE) are IN THE HOLE NOW, with no help from OBAMA. Every 1-3 months, our operating money gets less and less to live on. 5. Banks aren't loaning to people with the means to buy some of these houses out there, nor are they giving money to small business, therefore they can't hire new staff, can't afford to pay health insurance b/c the premiums have gone up...Obama care has not gone into affect yet...but we still have to pay high premiums to compete for government care that will take years to take effect!! So people still have to go to the ER and get by however they do medically..BUT yay health care has passed!?!that makes no sense...people get excited but don't demand Action or RESULTS!!! that whole it took 8 years to destroy it b/c of Bush argument is played...This is now Obama's administration and he has to perform... just like you and me when we go to work..plain and simple..Of course the "changes" won't happen overnight but he needs to facilitate agendas that a realistic to what's going on in Main street!! I don't think we'll ever see another Black/minority president again. Believe this…THE REPUBLICANS OR THE WHITE PEOPLE WILL NEVER EVER ALLOW A BLACK MAN TO RUN AND WIN THE PRESIDENCY, and they will NEVER VOTE FOR ONE AGAIN.
Holly's picture

I like Obama and I agree with

I like Obama and I agree with those points. But he has to turn the Economy around and appeal to Moderates in this nation if he wants to be effective. But I agree with these accomplishments but he has to do MUCH more in the next two years. MUCH more.

Very true, I believe he is

Very true, I believe he is doing his best... and it's not going to be easy, this country was in horrible shape before he took office... but we all have to support our President, no matter what color or political affiliation. I think this country will be just fine, it's just going to take time. It took 8 years (probably more) to get where we are, so imagine how long it will take to bounce back.
Anonymous's picture

Kudos to Matt Lauer!! "You’re

Kudos to Matt Lauer!! "You’re not saying that the worst moment in your presidency was watching the misery in Louisiana. You're saying it was when someone insulted you because of that."------> Why yes Matt he IS! That's how you know he was both out of touch, and disgenuine when it came to the African Americans living in New Orleans! Even today his dumb ass can't answer a question without putting his foot in his mouth!
Anonymous's picture


anonymous 's picture

what song would he be

what song would he be performing for thanksgiving?
Anonymous's picture

Let's face it Kanye is no

Let's face it Kanye is no designer, there are people who go to school for decades that can do better. They ended the deal with him because his shoes were not selling. You have to look at your fan base, can his fan base really afford shoes that cost almost a thousand dollars? I dont think so.
Anonymous's picture

Those pink shoes he designed

Those pink shoes he designed were atrocious. Just because it has LV on it doesn't mean it should be purchased. He is like a kid with a coloring book when it comes to fashion. They just handed him a crayon and let him play for a while.
Anonymous's picture

Kanye is a true queen! His

Kanye is a true queen! His constant obsession with all things fashion to the point where he wears women's clothing all in the name of fashion is gay. He needs to stop fronting and come out already.
Anonymous's picture

(sigh) I hate

(sigh) I hate politics...makes me sad. f*!!
Lacey's picture

George Bush needs to go sit

George Bush needs to go sit down some damn where! Did he explain why he and Laura live in a gated community where black people were not allowed to buy property until a couple years ago? Out of all the bullchit that happened while he was in office (9/11 tragedy, Hurricane Katrina, the worse economic downfall since the Great Depression, the thousands of soldiers that lost their lives fighting a senseless war that he started based on a lie of "weapons of mass destruction" that were NEVER found, etc.), his absolute worse moment was Kanye West (a non-political force) saying that he doesn't care about black people???? The truth hurts doesn't it George! Go take your Republican ass somewhere and sell that chit to somebody who doesn't know any better!
What Ar YOU Saying?'s picture

Go for it Ye!!!

Go for it Ye!!!
Anonymous's picture

SMH at BUSH..soooooooo happy

SMH at BUSH..soooooooo happy you cant run anymore. @ Kanye...hmmm....idk what to think about that. Everything he wears screams gay anyway. but do u luv!
Anonymous's picture

good for Matt Lauer!!! I was

good for Matt Lauer!!! I was thinking the same thing... I can't believe this country survived (barely) 8 years with his dumb *ss as president...
Anonymous's picture

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