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EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK: LaLa Covers FEARLESS Magazine, Talks Mommyhood & Wifeyhood

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Cover girl LaLa Vazquez is looking fab on the new FEARLESS magazine cover for the Winter 2010 Holiday/New You issue.  She's doing her usual and talking about being the newly married wife of NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony, and being the star of her own VH1 reality show "La La’s Full Court Wedding."


The YBF has the exclusive first look at her cover, which was shot in Los Angeles at Wonderland night club.  Read on to check it...

Loving the black and white effect with vampy red accents.  A few interview highlights:

What does being "Fearless" mean to you?

I’ve learned in this business someone’s not going to like it. Someone’s always going to have something to say. So I think that being fearless is not trying to please everybody but just pleasing yourself because at the day end of the day if you’re happy that’s all that really matters.

You’re a new bride tell us about that experience. Do you feel any different than before?

You know I think overall I feel the same in the relationship. It’s the same even though inside of me there is that place that knows, “OK, you’re married now.

We are all here for a reason.  Why do you think you are here?

That’s a deep one. I think I am definitely here to be a mother to my son and to be a good example to him of how men should treat women.

Arian Simone, the owner of FEARLESS mag, says:

Vazquez is the epitome of a Fun, Fly, Fabulous and Fearless woman. Although she may live a glamorous Hollywood life, complete with celebrity friends, Vazquez at the core, is a wife, mother and hardworking business woman. “I am honored to be part of such an amazing magazine,” states Vazquez. In addition to the cover, Vazquez gives readers and inside look into her life as an actress/producer, her new marriage and mommyhood.

Here's the behind the scenes vid from La's shoot:


Credits: Photography by Inez Lewis, hair by Maisha Oliver, make up by Eric Ferrell, Wardrobe by Davida Colona, and Behind the Scenes Production by Tri Destined Studios.

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I love her she is one of my

I love her she is one of my fav celebs her and raven symone
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LaLa is SO boring.

LaLa is SO boring.
Anonymous's picture

I guess that's what blogging

I guess that's what blogging is all about everyone has there own opinion of things. LaLa, has been dating her husband for years what the Hell gold digging you are talking about????? Lala has her own money, carreer and her own place in life and if she did have surgery so what!!!who are we to come between a woman and her body? I wish Them the Best.
cynthia's picture

As a matter of fact, she

As a matter of fact, she started her entertainment career on Black entertainment television....
timenow's picture

Uhh in an article in LATINA

Uhh in an article in LATINA magazine, she says herself that she is indeed a BLACK WOMAN first and foremost but she also clears it by stating she is a spanish SPEAKING peurto rican which refers to her culture...in essence she is a black peurto rican who can speak spanish...period point blank! ugh
timenow's picture

When I went to Latina.com i

When I went to Latina.com i didn't see any African American women on their site... guess what they can choose to do this. I also read in the "About Us" of the latina.com , they state their magazine and website is 100% latina. Why are black websites and magazines also trying to promote other races. It is okay to only celebrate our race.... other races celebrate their own.
Anonymous's picture

La La is a groupie gold

La La is a groupie gold digger trying to make a come up on carmelo anthony u can judge a persons character by their actions ...why would a womAN WHOSE TRULY IN LOVE AND RESPECcts her family privacy sells their wedding to vh1 for $$$ thos are things that should be kept private spending that mans money on lavish bs for the wedding thats unnecessary + supposely all her best friends are celebs thats so fake ,superficial wow!! and yes she got plastic surgery in her face but and body but very minor looks good on her
Anonymous's picture

I'm not a fan of the term

I'm not a fan of the term "Hater" but I must say....it fits your comments here. I'm sure if you were in her shoes you would be not only selling the wedding scene but ur dirty drawers for some money...People like you kill me. Privacy my aZZ you are just mad cuz you'd be posting your pics on FB for not a damn dime!! Get a life and leave that girl alone...she is doing her..try doing you or are you afraid??
vanity1's picture

So much anger... Are you ok?

So much anger... Are you ok? Are you happy with your life? Just wondering all rhetorical questions by the way...
Anonymous's picture

Love La La!

Love La La!
cfranklin's picture

Sometimes I wish Natasha

Sometimes I wish Natasha would shut down her message board b/c some of y'all have to be the most ignorant individuals ever.
Anonymous's picture

PuertoRicans are not Latinos!

PuertoRicans are not Latinos! Please understand this truth, they were only our slaves, we were the slave masters. Puertos are descendant from slaves, white Latinos are descendant from the slave owners. No real Latino will ever consider the Puerto, especially the ones like her, Rosario Dawson, Rosie Perez, etc etc and all of the other darkie Puertos to be on par with us. They simply do not measure up! You may, however, post pictures of pretty, white Latinas like Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Salma.
White Latina's picture

Why do you call yourself a

Why do you call yourself a White Latina? Do you say that to feel better about yourself. It's just pathetic. You would probably feel more at home on http://www.latingossip.com/. This is the YOUNG, BLACK, AND FABULOUS. Your prejudice comments are not wanted or needed on our site.
I'm Just Sayin's picture

@whitelatina why are you on

@whitelatina why are you on this website.....by the way alot of white people will consider you a lower tier then them, just another minority, or spic..stop putting white people on a pedestal
Anonymous's picture

I think that by far you are

I think that by far you are the most ignorant "latina" that I ever came across on the web. It's people like you that spread hate, you are a coward, WHY? because you probably sit at home ("alone again") behind a keyboard and spew hate. For instance you would never say what you really feel in a crowd, you rather hide and type as fast as your stubby fingers would let you! You are the kind of racist that should scare everyone! No one knows what you look like. You could be a teacher, banker, cashier, nurse, etc..... I'd rather face any of the many hate groups out there any day than some one like you that stays hidden, YOU are by far the most dangerous.....
Trini's picture

No, we do not want any

No, we do not want any brown/black Puerto Ricans on a Latino website, we only want light/white. Lala is not a Latina, only white Latino people qualify. let the Puertos make their own website they are such trash why do they run after you all the time, why can't they stand on their own two feet.
White Latina's picture

Can someone tell which

Can someone tell which African american female celebrities are mention or constantly discuss on a hispanic/latino website or media outlet?
Anonymous's picture

I like Lala but what has she

I like Lala but what has she been doing professionally? The only thing I ever see her associated with is her husband or her friends...Ciara, Luda, Kardashians...So what does else she do? I'm just curious not hating...lol!
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Listen up all Bitter Black

Listen up all Bitter Black Woman.....After reading the comments obviously posted by Jealous Black Woman this is why the men in your race would rather not even waste his time with you. Your hateful, jealous, bitter, and have zero self confidence. You are hating on a beautiful woman because she is just that (beautiful) and she has a handsom black man that loves her and hes loaded. Why dont you woman try loving yourself some and stop feeling like its ur place to judge her. Its one thing to have an opinion but when it shows how jealous u are and your to blinded by envy to see it, thats bad. And i really dont give a daymn what any of y"all have to say back to me, I wont even bother to read it cuz I have a life, one that is free of jealousy and envy....LaLa,,,brush em haters off girl!!!! And do ur thang!!!!
JustMe's picture

Lol! Well does that just make

Lol! Well does that just make you a hypocrite? You say your free of jealousy and hatred but that's exactly what your doing.so its best that you don't come back and read what people respond because you should feel embarrassed. People keep saying black woman are bitter and that's why black men date out their race..NO they date outside their race because when they date white or latino woman seem like they don't care if they get beat or cheated on. Black woman fight back.point blank
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You know, If I could count on

You know, If I could count on my hands ignorant ass women like you come up on, now blogs, use to be the daytime talk shows with all that mess about how Black women this and that I would be supa dupa rich. You obviously have things twisted in your mind in assuming that the majority of women are making negative comments, have you considered that it could be white people or hispanic or asian people posing as black women making negative comments? I don't think any rational person would spend there time making comments about Ms. Vaquez, what would be the benefit in doing so. That mess is reserved for ignorant people like you. For you to sit here and make a comment about us black women like that is utterly insensitive, disrespectful, and racist. I am sick and tired of people like you infultrating social blogs and social networking sites spewing their racism posing as blacks, to then turn around and make negative comments about black women. African women are the cornerstone of American society, African women have endured racists terrorist attacks, a barrage or racial stereotypes, including the racism you speak of in trying to low rate African women. It is not enough that African women have loose their men to the racist judicial system and the peonage system, they you white women and other noncolored women take advantage of our male crisis in American and then try and play against the very social effects that you racist caused in our African society and community. African women are constantly bombarded with European imagery and false images of beauty; these images have historically had a negative impact on African women. Your unfounded insinuations that African women don't love themselves is baseless and way off base, because we as African women love ourselves deeply and dearly. Furthermore, there are countless BEAUTIFUL African American women, including women in the entertainment business to African American women in the community and have countless African American men to vouch for the abundant beauty that abounds in America. We African women in American are highly degrees, intelligent, run corporations and business, have beautiful children and spouses. And we don't go around putting other women, including white women down either. We stand on our own and we support each other and love everybody, I can't say the same for you racist White women, ya'll are too busy trying to put other people down you do not even see what is going on in your own back yard and you White women have more than your fare share of issues. MsCookilicious2U
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In my opinion, Ms. Vasquez is

In my opinion, Ms. Vasquez is a African (Puerto Rican) decent women and she has a beautiful family and nice husband. As you should know Puerto Ricans are of African decent and has a rich African history infused with native indigenous peoples of the island, which were also of African decent. I am sure she would agree with me in my statement that you are way off base when speaking about African American women.
MsCookilicious2U's picture

Alot of people hate on Lala

Alot of people hate on Lala and I really don't get it. She's beautiful, fabulous and seems very down to earth. That's my opinion at least.
fabwtalk's picture

Seriously why is Lala on

Seriously why is Lala on YBF...She has made it perfectly clear she in not black...Why give her any shine...Black people always playing suckers to other races that don't giva a rats azz about black people....Does this girl even have a job??? I'm a mother and a wife since we giving out credit for being such...Oh I'm not married to a NBA star....that is the only difference between Lala and the rest of us fearless, mothers and wives....
Secret's picture

Can someone tell which

Can someone tell which African american female celebrities are mention or constantly discuss on a hispanic/latino website or media outlet???
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce =)

Beyonce =)
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Black folks were dropped off

Black folks were dropped off eveywhere during the slave trade, not just in america. Therefore, there are black people spread everywhere across the hemispheres, like lala. Look up the word "diaspora." Really don't care for lala one way or another, but its a little silly to say she isn't black. Are we not black bc we speak english and don't live in Africa?
Anonymous's picture

wifeyhood? what are you? 15?

wifeyhood? what are you? 15?
Anonymous's picture

For real. Black women fight

For real. Black women fight tooth and nail earn the respect to be called a wife and they reduce it down to "wifeyhood". WTF...
Ann's picture

People LOVE to hate...u have

People LOVE to hate...u have nothing better to do than sit behind a computer and hate on somebody whos doing more than u....La La is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, and INSPIRING in my book. Eat that HATERS
Kelly muran's picture

La La is a wonderful woman

La La is a wonderful woman who respects herself.
ms.bell's picture

Her eyes.....

Her eyes.....
Louisiana Lover's picture

I know, her eye's! she has

I know, her eye's! she has such a unique and beautiful face. I hope she keeps her face all natural and stays away from the plastic surgery.
Twin's picture

Love La La...i rep for

Love La La...i rep for teamlala ALL day!
francisc's picture

man you guys goin innn on

man you guys goin innn on this woman. why? i dont get it. lol its funny post though but you would think by reading you know her personally and she betrayed you.
queenmb's picture

I agree she should be on

I agree she should be on latina.com....she is hispanic not african american ..
Anonymous's picture

although i can't stand lala's

although i can't stand lala's ass.. she is a black woman and that's why she's on here. Her race is black and her culture is hispanic/latina. If Natasha can post on Kim K, Eva Longoria..etc. Then she can post Lala (for her fans) not sure why she has any tho.
Miss GQ's picture

I didn't know Kim k. and eva

I didn't know Kim k. and eva l. were black.
Anonymous's picture

*sigh* I'm saying if she can

*sigh* I'm saying if she can post on non black people like Kim and Eva.. (and to my understanding people are saying Lala is hispanic/latin as if that's a "race") then even if Lala wasn't black.. why should it be a problem?!!
Miss GQ's picture

Do the Latina and hispanic

Do the Latina and hispanic websites n blogs feature african american females...............NO THEY DON't
Anonymous's picture

Don't understand why Lala

Don't understand why Lala gets so much hate. She's always seemed like she has a fun, down to earth personality. As someone else said, she hasn't done anything negative. She married the father of her child, and has been with him forever. She's established her own career as well. So what if you do not SEE her out all over television or don't "know" what she does. That's the problem with you people. If they're not overexposing themselves then they do not work. But if they're out and about all the time, then they're attention whores. Please make up your mind. Even if she has chosen to do nothing for the rest of her life, she has earned that right to do so and enjoy the splendors of her husband's career as she's been down for him forever. Congrats Lala.. keep doing you mama. You've never been accused of stealing, 'homewrecking', hoing it up, or anything else that's negative. With that said, I'm rooting for you. Keep being positive!
truth serum's picture

Fearless????????? That must

Fearless????????? That must be way in the back. I like LaLa but shouldn't she be on Jet or Ebony..... Fearless???? Never heard of it.
Tired Already's picture

I agree she should be on

I agree she should be on latina.com....she is hispanic not african american ..
Anonymous's picture

I really adore

I really adore LaLa www.citizette.com
Lizzy's picture

I always liked La. I wish her

I always liked La. I wish her and her family the best. Kiyan is my fav celeb kid. He's just adorable.
Ann Droid's picture

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