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[VIDEO] MTV Airs Nicki Minaj's Documentary "My Time Now"

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Nicki Minaj was recently featured in an MTV documentary about her life and music called "My Time Now."   We have the full mini-movie for you inside in case you missed it (or in case your Barbie and Ken quota for the day hasn't been met).....













By the way, she sold about 400,000 units of Pink Friday her first week according to Billboard.  Now that you know about her struggles and her back story, does this change how you feel about her--good or bad?  I'll play nice today and keep my answer to myself...


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like i said, its said that

like i said, its said that out own ppl are hatin gon her. she is doing her thing but blk ppl just never want to see each other do well. So when we pick up another audience (white, asian, mexican,etc.) then we are a sell-out. i bet nicki doesnt give a damn cause she has white barbies, white kens, asian barbies, asian kens that love her and dont hate on her. and as for kim like i said i like kim but she needs to give it up for real. all you guys wanna talk about how "real" she is cause she spoke about real stuff and was mentored by biggie but the bitch aint biggie. all she talked about was how to blow dudes and how wet her punan was. she doesnt even wanna be black. she thinks she is a chyna doll. WTF?! thats real to you.......nicki is dressing as a character for ENTERTAINMENT. that is what alot of you dont get. it isnt called the "ENTERTAINMENT BIZ" for nothing. if kim wants to be so real she would have stayed in the hood rappin in basements and not buying designer stuff. thats real "grimey, edgy" whatever bs yall wanna say. so let up off nicki she is here and she is goin nowhere. AND KIM....YOUR A "KIM CLONE CLOWN" CAUSE YOU DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE YOURSELF BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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That was a good look. I used

That was a good look. I used to think she was a wierdo, but she seem more real to me now. I wouldn't say I'm a fan, but she is interesting and I respect her hustle.
Jacque's picture

i would have loved to know

i would have loved to know what artist she was mad at for not coming through for her. Also, I thought her being insulted by pickle juice was funny.
genevadiva's picture

Lil Kim clone clown

Lil Kim clone clown
Danna's picture

lol awwww the lil niki Fans

lol awwww the lil niki Fans are getting mad niki is so fake , ...Kim is the REal thing ..
shawnBre's picture

"REAL" FAKE lolol "u dont

"REAL" FAKE lolol "u dont even like ur nose, u dont even like ur face..." -Remy Ma
Anonymous's picture

Who ever said she is pretty

Who ever said she is pretty must big Fat roller pig ...lol she is not all dat ..nice ass.lol just keepin REAL
dee1's picture

someone is pumping her ego up

someone is pumping her ego up
YoMama's picture

why she start crying???? and

why she start crying???? and was it me or that house she give her mama was poor lookin...and her ego was to high for me ... and all that damn makeup ... when is lil kim album coming out....
Glamgirl's picture

Uhhh Lil Kim's album??? How

Uhhh Lil Kim's album??? How bout... never... and just because she's a rapper, doesn't mean that she needs to be buying a 20 room mansion for her mother. That's why most of these rappers be broke after 5 years.
CourtF's picture

TRUE.. Lil kim need to go

TRUE.. Lil kim need to go sit dwn somewhere she's making her self look even more stupid nicki keep doing u girl bt eve and missy elliot have their own clothing line and missy has her own record label & produce music so she's a mogul
BB's picture

Love Pink Friday.She that hot

Love Pink Friday.She that hot young shit.Kim that old played out shit.Get over it you broke haters.
Anonymous's picture

Where were all these kim fans

Where were all these kim fans when kim had her single download out. Did you download it, did you buy it, did you request the song or the video? Band wagon haters.
nini's picture

i have a lot more respect for

i have a lot more respect for her now after watching these clips....she and her mom are so beautful
anonymous's picture

thats so sad that people are

thats so sad that people are waiting around for this girl to fail. damn
nini's picture

Is this chicks Fame Over yet

Is this chicks Fame Over yet ... .. Kims Black Friday was Tight ....
8BALL's picture


jayjaymack's picture


Umm..a CHIP STACKIN Gimmick...which one r u?
Anonymous's picture

And Lil' Kim is the real

And Lil' Kim is the real deal. Maybe instead of spending so much time encouraging her to hate on the next up and coming artist cause she can't get her own career back on track,you should be talking some sense into her cause the only thing all this hate is going to do is eat you and her up. Sad that she is actually promoting her new single on the back of Nicki's fame and is calling her fake. Lil' Kim is doing what she has been doing from day one. Riding on the backs of others and trashing them along the way. What a bitter woman. I actually though her stint in jail change her. I guess it hasn't.
tellmeaboutit's picture

you know I'm not for her but

you know I'm not for her but I'm not against her either. I mean while yes her type of rap isn't one that would be considered classic we all have to admit... Girl got hella hustle. And while I don't think we should encourage her to mentor any aspiring female artists lol I do however think we should congratulate her now on her success. Why bring one of our own down while she shining because lets ALL be honest....this will either be long lasting or an interesting rise and fall
Anonymous's picture

Hey Anonymous you just

Hey Anonymous you just dropped a BOMBSHELL. Not only is SB (hypeman) living with her , now you're saying he's on the down low. WOOOOOOOOOW. I'm not surprise if its true cuz 95 percent of the industry is on the down low, and that's a known fact. Crazy. Like I said before to many damn facades going on.
msdiva's picture

oh please... that guy seems

oh please... that guy seems openly gay just like she is openly bisexual .......who cares? .... what does that have to do with anything .... anyway, nice documentary but I wont be buying her album .... although she did make me download the bottoms up single
niecy's picture

kim gon murk yo ugly ,Fake

kim gon murk yo ugly ,Fake booty , cant rap, gimmick,Big ego,cry baby, ass..lol
shawnbre's picture

Whether you're an established

Whether you're an established singer like Bey...Been in the game for a bit like Rihanna or a new-comer to the scene like Nicki, black folks wil always find a way to hate their own. While I was watching VH1 video countdown, where Nicki's video just happens to be number seven, I could swear I heard the MC introduce her as Lady Ga-Ga of Hip-Hop. He did mention Lil' Kim but it was more like an after thought.
tellmeaboutit's picture

Both Elle and Marie Claire

Both Elle and Marie Claire have dubbed her Lill' Kim 2.0...OUCH!!!
Anonymous's picture


As in NEW and IMPROVED, dummy! I'd rather be the latest and greatest than a hasbeen. Ha!
Anonymous's picture

i really think nicki

i really think nicki genuine. i dnt thnk she a mean person at all. if she is, daam, she deserve an oscar cuz she had me fooled all along. but i honestly thnk that she real nice and a genuine person. and yeah sometimes her craft dnt make sense, but hell she going by wat the people want. this doc def changed my view on her a bit. i used to like her, now i love her! SN: am really feeling her Roman's Revenge! "you lil brag about, beat you wit a pad-a-lock"!!!!! do it ma; get your money! Caribbeans on top!!! and extra SN: Willy frm "right thru me" video is VERY FIONE!!!!! where is he from; his accent so sexy!!!
BlackBerry's picture

NIkki GIrll you and sb. arent

NIkki GIrll you and sb. arent fooling anybody, dude is madddddd homo, no tea no shade no read, but yall arent fooling anybody. we not going discuss his behavior during atl pride weekend. keep it real and its good to see you doing shit for your fam but honey, keep it cute and keep kim name out your mouth, as far as your album everyone i know who got it didnt like it. gimmicks get you only so far. keep it real, cause we will expose that ass.
Anonymous's picture

Lil’ Kim - Black Friday Lil’

Lil’ Kim - Black Friday Lil’ Kim - Black Friday Lyrics [Nicki Minaj Talking] Roman’s Revenge, um, you know, she just really jumped out the window and you gotta be careful when you pick fights and that’s what I’ve learned in this business you just never know… [Lil’ Kim] Shut the f-ck up Who the f-ck want war FedEx beef straight to your front door It’ll be a murder scene I’m turning Pink Friday to Friday the 13th Aight you Lil Kim clone clown all this buffoonery, the shit stops now time for you to lay down, I’m sick of the fraud I put hands on this bitch like a spa massage we all know your last name is what got you a job you use to put together gimmicks something like a collage since you putting on a show, you gon’ get the appaulse clap clap, lift your frame like a f-cking garage, yeah this hood sh-t you and Drake ain’t built for this the same sh*t the other bitch almost got killed for I’m still counting what hardcore generated bet my sh-t keeps spinning like it’s syndicated corny broad I’ll you bloody like you menstruated your hot air ass bitch should have been deflated this aint a championship fight I’ve been the greatest see the fact is, what you doing I did it lames trying to clone my style, run with it thats cool, I was the first one with it you deluded kim wannabe you just hate to admit it I’m the Blueprint you aint nothing brand new check ya posters and videos, you’ll always be number 2 I seen ‘em come, I seen go, I still remain sweety, you going on your 14th minute of fame I’m over 10 years strong still running the game cut the comparisons, I’m in the legendary lane fighting for ya spot, y’all please, I’m solidified with my hands tied, you couldn’t beat me if you bitches tried either you high, or sipping that sh-t Wayne on I get top dollar for whatever my name on go stick your head in a tornado, brainstorm I drop bombs, FLex, Napalm black and yellow, will pull up in your ghetto Giuseppe’s when I step out, posted up in stilettos p-ssy so pink like my kitty saying hello if I whistle, they’ll pistol whip you in all five borough’s I’m in Brooklyn, I’ll be everywhere comfortably who pumped you and told you to come rump with me you the type to run your mouth and then run from me I’m poppin’ off in your hood with no company come on, Queens aint showing you no love I was there the other night poppin’ bottles with the thugs you like Washington Heff(?) I’m Benjy. You got a buzz right now, an’ I had a frenzy oh yeah, welcome to the fam’, Fendi you need to stop, you’re not hot, you’re a burning match that means the end is near soon, copy that oh I see, they really got you gassed like I’mma think of the past better slow down dummy, you bout to crash stink p-ssy hoe, I’m giving you a bath thermometer in hand and I’m coming for your ass who you think you getting past I see right through you, you’re whole sh-t is made of glass [Nicki Minaj] You see right through me How do you do that sh… [Lil Kim] I draw back, I’m a Brooklyn thorough bred bitch rep for my borough bitch never been the type to have beef and try to settle sh-t I ride out till the wheels fall off and my n-ggas squeeze til the last shell go off f-ck ya whole team, all I see is a bunch of weirdo’s you’s a airhead bitch, scarecrow haha, aint nothing old but my money bitch hahaha, this is grown liquid assests Benjamin’s my daddy you Young Money bastards you and Diddy, sorry bunch of swagger jackers I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income tax Bobby Fischer in the flesh, taught by the great so on my next move, I’m yelling checkmate I smell a massacre Charles Manson you don’t stand a chance with her Jeffrey Dahmer you looking like lunch to me I’m bout to kill all you bitches like Ted Bundy leave you’re whole head red like Peg Bundy you’re hilarious, thanks for all the laughs you’re garbage so I’m taking out the trash you sh-t on me, come on baby girl ain’t enough ass shots in the World you’re a nuisance, you probably steal my new sh-t but you could never f-ck with me so chuck it up, Deuces all around the World I ball like a ball team I stack chips, call me Mr’s Rosteam tricks is for kids, silly rabbit, your my offspring Kim more anticipated than a Lebron ring…
Anonymous's picture

This rap is coming from a

This rap is coming from a woman who has morphed herself into a barbie with so many dam plastic surgeries and she got the nerves to call someone else fake. Talk about delusitional. I think she needs to stop listen to whomever is messing with her head. All of DWTS exposure she received and she decides to make a comeback tearing down an up and coming female rapper and calling her fake and a wannabe...REALLY Lil' Kim. If she only knew how foolish she looks but then again, this is the same woman who wants to be a black barbie. At least Nicki can separate stage persona from real life Nicki, simply judging by those video clips. It's clear Lil Kim can't.
tellmeaboutit's picture

Those numbers don't even

Those numbers don't even impress me. Like the other person said , how many cds did Baby and Mack Maine buy for her to make it look like she is selling. Remember she still has to go platinum to see real success. You remember Murder Inc did the same thing with that garbage ass Ashanti, Irv brought plenty of records for her cuz remember she was giving up that ass, so he brought the records plus that Aretha Franklin award which was total bullshit. But with nicki she has the teeny boopers as her fan base, cuz they like the fake stuff. The reviews for her cd have been mixed, I guess its whatever ppl are looking for in her music. Me personally I really liked the mixtape nicki, cuz she was really hungry and sincere and you could hear it in her voice. This young money nicki is a liar , fake, with to many facades going on. I can't take it anymore.
msdiva's picture

I See The Nikki Haters Are In

I See The Nikki Haters Are In Full Affect! SMH @ Our People! Keep Doing Your Thing Chick! Let Ur Haters Be Ur Motivators!
Can't Stand Negative People's picture

Get over yourself with that

Get over yourself with that hate crap, we need and want good music, call me a hater a proud one as such.
kin's picture

I can never see the videos on

I can never see the videos on here...what do I need to install!! PLEASE HELP
SickOfThis's picture


Anonymous's picture

Never been a Nicki Minaj fan,

Never been a Nicki Minaj fan, not saying I HATE her jus not my cup of entertainment tea but seeing the semi(yes semi bc that whole I'm humannnnn shit was jus weird) real side of her did make her a lil more likable. She seems kinda intelligent too. And yes her hype man can get the bizness wit his sexy slim ass!!!
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Anonymous's picture

Nicki does make sexual

Nicki does make sexual references to young girls hence ( take this p#ssy and put It on your mustache)
THE DEACON's picture

I told my cousin last night

I told my cousin last night that SB (hypeman) is her man. She has been LYING all this time. Did you notice that they didn't show him at her condo , but every place he was with her. I told him that she didn't want to show ppl that they live together in LA . This chick has been lying about everything. You think for a minute that this dude is running around with her 24/7 plus living with her, and he is not smashing it. Cmon gimmie a break with the bullshit. Aint that much friendship in the world that he doesn't have a life outside of her. I guess in his case he doesn't need a outside life cuz he is with her. But if you let her tell the story ,like she's been doing she is not with anybody. Damn nicki can you be real once in your life, and stop with all the fake facades you are putting on for ppl. Ppl are not stupid like you think they are.
msdiva's picture

...umm when did it become an

...umm when did it become an issue for artist to have a PERSONAL LIFE. She hurting your feelings by keeping it secret??? I guess Beyonce and Jay deserve an award for the show they've been putting on...
Anonymous's picture

I guess you're not all that

I guess you're not all that familiar with the politics of the entertainment industry.....
Alana S's picture

400,000 hmmm how many of

400,000 hmmm how many of those copies did her label buy we all are aware of that industry trick. murder inc did it with ashanti when she first came out. other artists have done it as well.
tdew's picture

Some of ya'll are really

Some of ya'll are really grasping at straws. First ya'll said she wouldn't sell. NOW that she has, the label bought 100,000 CD's?? You don't have to be impressed. Folks are making money and a bunch of you are extra salty about it because YOU thought she wouldn't sell anything.
Anonymous's picture

She sold 400 thousand, am not

She sold 400 thousand, am not impressed with all the hype around this clown she should be selling a million copies
kin's picture

Considering that she just

Considering that she just came out and shes selling nearly as much as beyonce who has been around for like 15 years!....its a great feat...i guess
Anonymous's picture

Not that I really care, but

Not that I really care, but Nicki has spend beyond my means written all over her. Maybachs and houses for the fam already? Hope for her sake that she pays her taxes correctly. It's easy to get caught up in a million dollar lifestyle when you taste a little success . I remember when keyshia cole's financially adviser told her on her show that she needed to slow down on the spending and Nicki ain't even half way where kesh was at that time in her career. I give her career a 3 year lifespan max. Not hating just being realistic here
Anonymous's picture

Safaree is fine. I'd go Keri

Safaree is fine. I'd go Keri Hilson's new video on his fine ass!
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