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Shaunie O'Neal Does Damage Control On The Gloria Govan Ambush Backlash

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After last week's episode of "Basketball Wives" where all the ladies ganged up up Gloria Govan and Suzy (mainly Gloria), backlash hit the social networks about the way these self proclaimed "high class chicks" carried themselves.


Now, Exec. Producer and leader of the pack, Shaunie O'Neal, is doing some damage control explaining the back story we didn't see.  And also says, "It was a bad day."  Read on for the dish....

Let me preface this post by saying I've seen all of 1 and a half episodes of "Basketball Wives."  Why so little when I LIVE for drama and foolery?  Because after watching a few minutes of the debut show last year, 99.8% of it was transparently fake, scripted, broke, and wack...to me.  And anything with those traits is an automatic turn off to me.

With that said, thanks to the mass tv watching I did during the Holidays, I caught last week's episode--with this very incident Shaunie is speaking on.  Now, I don't know how the ladies typically act or if this was out of the ordinary for them.  And I'm not even a Gloria Govan fan--chick's mouth and personality and holier-than-thou yet still thirsty personality annoys me to no end.  But this ish that went down was just sad and unacceptable.

Here's what went down: Gloria and another cast member Suzy went to lunch to bury their own issues.  Gloria dished on why she and Matt Barnes really called off the wedding.  Apparently, Gloria was constantly making her relationship seem perfect and telling all the other ladies they were jealous of her.  So once Shaunie, Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, and Royce Reed caught the sniff of foolery that was the domestic violence issue between Matt and Gloria, as well as Matt calling off the wedding last minute, they rushed to the restaurant Gloria was at to lay in to her ass.

Needless to say, it didn't end well.  And the ladies--mostly all hovering around the age of 40--acted like a bunch of middle school bullies.  It was disturbing to watch and I was cringing just waiting on a punch to be thrown.  Cursing, yelling, chasing Gloria out of the restaurant (like, literally physically following and chasing her out of the place) all went down.  And for ladies of a certain age to have such high thoughts about themselves that they like to impress upon the viewers, this ish was pretty sad and disturbing and the reason I don't watch.  Yeah, I'm always down for foolery and fights a la "Jersey Shore"--but it's a different type of person on shows like that and I expect that.  I don't expect it from black women with means and sense.  Hypocritical?  Maybe.  But such is life. 

So, Shaunie spoke to VH1 about what went down from her perspective:

Tell me what you think about the incident with Gloria.

It was one of those things where Royce called, and said, “Let’s go and see Gloria and Suzie because this is the only time we’ll get to see them.” She had questions for Gloria, even though they ended up not being asked. I was in Orlando with my kids, and that was the only point of being in that city. Getting that call, it was like, “All right, I’m already here, so let’s go.” We kind of go everywhere together when we’re in each other’s cities. I think the whole thing just took its own direction. As soon as we got there, everything deteriorated so fast and went to a whole other place than probably anyone wanted to go. For me, I can say it was a bad day. As I was going into the restaurant, I was thinking, “Why am I even doing this? This is just pointless and out of my character.” I should have followed my gut, but in the midst of the adrenalin and being with my girls and supporting each other, I rolled with it. I guess people are blaming this on the Laura Govan/Shaquille allegations, and it’s so not that. That’s so last year. I think everybody’s over that, including Gloria, but I don’t want to speak for her. It doesn’t come up in my life at all ever. It was other stuff with Gloria and me: there was tension there. And I guess with us all walking into that restaurant, Gloria immediately went into defense mode, which then sparked a lot of nonsense going back and forth between us.

There was also a bunch of stuff said before the world saw what it saw. There were things said before that, which would probably help make sense of why we even got to the discussion on why she didn’t get married. I think Gloria felt like she was being ambushed and that her back was against the wall so she was going to throw out whatever she possibly could throw out. I get that, but the things she did say were things we could never show on TV due to them having nothing to do with myself, Jenn, Evelyn or Royce. She was totally attacking our exes, and saying what filth and dirty and pathetic men they are, which she thought would be insulting to us. I could give a damn. You can talk about Shaquille all day. It really doesn’t matter. Your opinion of him has nothing to do with me. We were kind of laughing at her, like, “OK, so what? We know who we’re dealing with. We already know what these guys have done.” We were kind of laughing at her, and she said, “Look who you picked!” That’s when we went into, “Well, sweetie, you didn’t get married, so there must be something wrong with your dude, too.”

I think the scene would have made a little more sense with that part in tact, but with me being an executive producer, I don’t want to bash the guys. I don’t ever want that to be the show. It was really important to me to protect the guys from that crap. I wish that people could hear the whole conversation, but at the same time, I’m happy they didn’t, because that’s not what Basketball Wives is about. It’s not about bashing the guys. And this wasn’t intentional, I’m sure, on Gloria’s part, but that’s just what she came up with in the midst of the arguing. She said that that’s how I got to be miserable. And the whole bitter part? I absolutely having nothing to be bitter about. My kids and I live the same exact lifestyle we always did during my marriage and as they can see on TV, nothing has changed. We’re going on the same exact vacations, driving the same cars. No one’s hurting. I’m able to maintain my lifestyle and step away and do Shaunie. I’m in a new relationship, I’m happy. If anything, I’m in a better place than ever before. There’s nothing to be bitter about. It was just a bad day. That’s what I chalk it up to. I participated in mess due to the exchange of words that never should have been said.

Do you regret the incident?

I regret not following my gut. My gut feeling was not to even go. It wasn’t that important to me if I ever saw Gloria again. It’s not something that even crossed my mind. What happened there and what was said was absolutely natural. It was a natural reaction and I think most women would have reacted the same exact way. And like I said, it was a bad day and it was immature of us, but had people seen the conversation, they’d know that we didn’t go in there for the sole purpose of teasing Gloria about her relationship.

I think it’s also important to remember that this beef didn’t come from nowhere – you’ve said things about Gloria, and Gloria has said plenty of negative things about you guys and the show.

It says a lot that she’s back on the show. She said she’d never come back and she didn’t want anything to do with it. But she’s back and she asked to come back. Maybe that was what she wanted: those five minutes of bad-ass Gloria. I don’t know.

Any thoughts on following her out to the car?

It had gotten so heated. She was cussing everyone out and whatever, and it was like, “You’re real bad-ass here when you have 30 people in the room that you know will not let anything happen.” I mean, I’m not going to fight. That’s not in my character. But at the same time, you want to be Billy Badass, and when it wasn’t working, when attacking the guys wasn’t affecting us, then it’s up and leave. No, let’s finish.

What has the fallout over this been like? Do you feel bashed on Twitter?

Yes and no. I’m a confident person, and I know what it is. People have questioned my mothering and called me bitter, but I know I’m a wonderful mother and a wonderful human being. I get pissed off and mad and sad and react to things just like the next person. I think there are a lot of judgmental people out there. Some of the comments I read piss me off because it’s like, “You don’t know me.” If you don’t get mad and say some things and react some ways in your life at some point or another that make you think back and say, “OK, I could have dealt with that better,” then you’re not human. But it’s done, it’s said, it’s a learning experience. I don’t think anybody really needs an explanation, but it is hurtful if you question my mothering skills or question me as a person. It’s frustrating to read and listen and ignore when you want to just say, “Are you stupid?” You can’t define me in seven minutes of an edited piece of film.

Sigh.  Your thoughts?

Here's video of the ambush:




The Randomness:

1.  Wow.  The homeless man with the golden voice just copped a job!  Story

2.  A "crimson and cream love" CONGRATS to the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. on their Centennial year.  Yes, we know you read YBF too.  Happy Founders Day!

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1. I only watch the show to

1. I only watch the show to see Tammi act a fool... That's my girl. 2.Shaunie is one of the executive producers. She knew better. 3. Why is Jennifer still married to that fool. He talks down to her and he doesn't seem interested in her. I personally feel that she can do better without him. 4. As a married woman myself, I can understand why Gloria acts the way she does. Can't just let people attack your home life. Only Gloria and her husband know the truth and that's all that matters. Also, the show is very scripted. I can't stand to watch a full hour. Team Tami....lol
Anonymous's picture

What makes you think Jennifer

What makes you think Jennifer can do better? She might be able to nab another baller, celebrity or rich dude (if you call that better), because she's pretty; but I haven't seen her have an original thought since the show started. She is a follower, just trying to fit in somewhere. She is one of Evelyn's accessories. I understand her being scarred by her own parents' divorce, but if you had something going for yourself why would you allow a man to treat you the way Eric does? It's clear he doesn't love her, probably don't even like her and he is just looking for any excuse to end their marriage. An independent woman would cut her losses and start living instead of sitting there pretending there is something to salvage there. They haven't been married long, they don't have kids and she's unhappy. What does she do again? Oh, I know, languish in the fact that she is the only one on the show married to a baller--and he ain't even in the league anymore.
anonymous's picture

There is no explanation for

There is no explanation for women of a certain age let alone mid thirties and above to act like foolish children, no matter what the circumstance. They are messy, disgusting, gold diggers & I can only say that because when the show is gone and the "characters" blown away, people will see just how "high class" these females are. Simply disgusting to act in such a manner as an individual and women...the age just makes it worse. Ugh.
Alencia's picture

Oh please! Grown a$$ women

Oh please! Grown a$$ women (with kids) acting like high school bullies ala "Mean Girls". Grow the hell up please and thank you! Evelyn is a thirsty poser...Jennifer is Evelyn's flunkie and can't figure out what to do with her marriage...Royce is...(wehll she had no business telling the other females about the lunch, she knew how it would end up), and Suzie... I pray this is the last season of Basketball Wives....it is pure foolery and fashiggatry at its WORST!!
Anonymous's picture

Don't like the show or the

Don't like the show or the women on it...they seem petty and bitter and there is nothing classy about them. I Shaunie is a wanna be constantly trying to convince everyone she is not bitter, but it oozes from her pores. Evelyn - **blank stare**, is the only basketball wife (as of this print she is) and she comes off looking real stupid & immature. I didnt see this episdoe but after catching a little of the marathon - I can only imagine what it was like. These women really need to grow up. I don't buy Shaunies excuses. She is the executive producer and as such had a hand in the editing of the episode. The reason she couldnt show what Evelyn said was because she is forbidden from even mentioning Shaq's name on the show. Therefore, if you couldnt show us the full story, why only show your side of it?? Just mess. Why are they even on T.V.? Why do we care? Watching paint dry is more interesting.
Blackboitexas's picture

For someone who doesn't like

For someone who doesn't like the show or the women on it, you sure do have a lot to say about them. You also admitted to watching a marathon of the show, but compared it to paint drying. Get out of here you hypocrite!
Anonymous's picture

In a league with over 400

In a league with over 400 players, this is the best they could snag as far as "wives" go, that says a lot about the format of this show. The NBA doesn't want any association with this phuckery. Notice how they never say the team names (i.e. Boston Celtics), just the city, or they'll say the Boston professional basketball team. #bootleg
Chynadoll's picture


Keepingitreal's picture

This is ridiculous. This

This is ridiculous. This behavior is so immature, high school, mean girls- Grow the F--- up! I would file a restraining order against Evelyn and put her ass in jail. Let's see how cute she is in stripes.!!
Anonymous's picture

It's all entertainment.

It's all entertainment. Shaunie is executive producer, she knew exactly what she was doing and what would get the viewers hyped up. Again it's entertainment. In my opinion that's high school, maybe, just maybe middle school drama. Young girls, I tell you... lol.lol
Jae's picture

I enjoy this show. The way

I enjoy this show. The way they behave makes me love my life even more and appreciate the fact that I dumped my cheating ass football boyfriend. These women are ghetto and miserable.
summer's picture

blank stare @ Shaunie's

blank stare @ Shaunie's damage control... I don't know who she thinks she's fooling, but the fact she would allow herself to act like that IN FRONT OF CAMERAS proves she is no better than than fake ass Evelyn. Unless you have an ulterior motive, why on earth would you put yourself in that position in the first place? She already knew that Evelyn had beef with Suzie, and she can't stand Gloria so what in the world would make her think it was a good idea for all of them to be in such an intimate setting?? I would respect her more if this situation happened spontaneously, but it was so obviously staged for this type of outcome. Gloria held her own though against those gutter snipes. I mean, really why are any of them shocked that Gloria thinks her relationship with Matt is different? I bet they all thought the same thing at that stage in their now defunct relationships. Try again Shaunie.
anonymous's picture

She is right everyone has

She is right everyone has said something to someone in the heat of the moment that was out of character. Doesn't lessen them as a person it just makes them human. Even the best "Christian" can get mad and spew mean hateful and out of character words if they are provoked. And some people let so much roll off their backs that it just all sits and festers and the slightest little thing can send them into an all out rage/bitch fit. It happens to the best of us. And like she said the show is editted so we only saw what VH1 wanted us to see.
Anonymous's picture

@anonymous,,she is the

@anonymous,,she is the executive producer which means she has a part in editing. She is who she is an ignorant low class broad who has money. She didn't just become this person she's was this person before Shaq---he should have left her where he found her--with her ex-husband broke and in Inglewood..SMDH
Anonymous's picture

I felt like I was watching an

I felt like I was watching an episode of Degrassi High...ghetto version.
Anonymous's picture

Someone needed to bust Gloria

Someone needed to bust Gloria fake azz out. Her sister is suffering too since Gilbert left her high and dry. That is what those no talent, not even cute gold diggers get. When Matt leaves only pay check she will get is Child Support. She has no skills besides laying on her backside to do anything else. Go Shaunie.
lola's picture

I think Gloria checked the

I think Gloria checked the Shit out of those bullies.. They are ridiculous and especially Shaunie. As mention THEY went to start some stuff and suppose to be grown woman.. SMH!!! Seriously, meeting up like that as a group, walking in calling names and all that attacking was so UNNECCESSARY.. Get it together woman PLEASE.
IwishaBwud's picture

Please Gloria is delusional

Please Gloria is delusional and thinks her shit dont stink and her ass got busted out about her PERFECT relationship when the Domestic volience issues came up. So she did check shit she lashed out because that was all she could do, so dont hate the player hate the game that is what she signed up for.
Anonymous's picture

They were not expecting

They were not expecting Gloria to come out with guns blazing. She was ready for them! And had big bad Evelyn sitting there on mute. I see Evelyn didn't talk to Gloria the same way she talked to Suzie.
Chynadoll's picture

money can't buy you

money can't buy you class....a hood rat or ghetto bitch will always be that cause that's their mentality.....i CAN't WAIT UNTIL TAMI BEAT THAT BITCH EVEYLN ASS AND BRING HER DOWN OFF OF HER HIGH HORSE
Anonymous's picture

money can't buy you

money can't buy you class....a hood rat or ghetto bitch will always be that cause that's their mentality.....i CAN't WAIT UNTIL TAMI BEAT THAT BITCH EVEYLN ASS AND BRING HER DOWN OFF OF HER HIGH HORSE
Anonymous's picture

man, i am saying the same

man, i am saying the same thng! so MIDDLE EFFING SCHOOL! cain't handle they ish on they own, but run in a daam pack. i guess. i effing guess
BlackBerry's picture

Yeah right, Shaunie!! You

Yeah right, Shaunie!! You are the executive producer, right? So don't you have some say on what is shown and what isn't? If Gloria was saying all that mess, then I am sure you and network would have shown since the foolerey was shown. Gloria held her own that episode, and I like her more now.
SiZtaAct's picture

i don't know about the other

i don't know about the other men involved, but i do recall reading somewhere that shaq filed a gag order against shaunie and vh1 banning his name from being mentioned on the show. you hardly ever hear his name and shaunie never discussed any specifics about the problems in their relationship. royce's baby daddy also has an injunction barring mention of his name. so it makes sense that if gloria was naming names that part would be edited out.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

she sure did hold her own!

she sure did hold her own! you see how suzie left her ass?! man after that day, i woulda told suzie lose my number.
BlackBerry's picture

I don't think this show was

I don't think this show was really meant to showcase classy women...only entertainment...lol lighten up people
CleoHuntress's picture

Thats not the issue... The

Thats not the issue... The issues is that they pretend to be classy. They dog out Tami, and they tried to play Royce last season bc she didnt dress the part. These women WANT to be classy...
DAMN's picture

I'm riding with Shaunie on

I'm riding with Shaunie on this one, we've all said and done things in the heat of the moment that we wish we could take back or do over. What was shown made Gloria look like the victim but I bet she can dish it out just as well as she takes it. Point of the matter is Gloria tried to come off like her and Matt had the perfect relationship and the other women envied her because of it...well I don't know about anyone else but all that glitters isn't gold and she called called on her BS. I'm over the whole Govan clan anyway, NEXT!
YeahIsaidIt's picture

She's just trying to save

She's just trying to save face. She knows that whole scene was wack and they are all too grown to behave in that manner. For everyone who says that the "celebrities" we talk about here don't care what we say, newsflash, they read these blogs too and they do care how people perceive them. Why do you think she even felt compelled to respond to this? Because she was getting dogged out in the media and on the blogs and she didn't like that. She wants to project a certain image.
Breaking News's picture

Shaunie is just plain rude

Shaunie is just plain rude and bitter
Anonymous's picture

I enjoyed this interview.

I enjoyed this interview. Thanks Shaunie for clearing it all up. Happy 2011
Ateya's picture

I understand the beef! Still

I understand the beef! Still in all they (Shaunie & them) went in there with intentions. They should've left it alone....#JEALOUSBULLY
Anonymous's picture

They did not chase Gloria out

They did not chase Gloria out of the restaurant, Shaunie did follow her out though. And I am all team Shaunie but like most, I was very shocked to see her behavior. I expect this from the others but not her. Maybe she should surround herself with a more classy bunch because their foolery is clearly rubbing off on her. Or is this the real Shaunie???
Anon's picture

@anon you must not be from

@anon you must not be from the L.A. / Inglewood area or you would know this is the real Shaunie!!!people don't act like that in the heat of the moment. People who are not use to this would have been taking back and not know who to respond. Shaunie was all over that. On a side note,,Shaunie was just on Big Boi-Power 106 speaking about some of the NBA players and their personal business {who's cheating and who's not} so she can save all the lip service about bashing the players. She acts very delusional in every interview she contradicts herself. People who know better will do better,, people who don't wont. I bet her Muslim father is SHDH!!!
Anonymous's picture

This is the real her, I was

This is the real her, I was all team Shaunie at first too but on last season she wasnt really on the show that much for people to get to know her thats mainly why i was on her side because i didnt really know her. But now her true colors are beginning to show shes fake just like Evelyn and Jenn where as Evelyn is the Head Bitch in Charge and Shunie and Jenn are her puppies they follow her where ever she goes. this show isnt about ex wives or current wife and the problems they went through with their husbands or life in the lime light no its about bitter 40 something year old females who cant keep a man and who think they are doing something to change their life around no all of them are still in high school where there is that one bully and their goons, there is one scared little girl who need a friend just to stay relevant (Suzie), and one who is ready for whatever (Royce). But i cant wait for the whole Jenn and the new girl to pop off. I cant stand Jenn and i want her ass beat.
Anonymous's picture

You act like you really know

You act like you really know her now, give me a break you people don't know any of these damn women, you know the edited versions you see on tv....EDITED....what they want you to see and what can be seen on tv...you people need to get a life, you don't these women, do you have lunch with them talk to them everyday, hell no so you don't know iish about them, grow the hell up and if you don't like any of them stop watching the damn show....
Anonymous's picture

I see Jen is wearing her ring

I see Jen is wearing her ring once again. Kudos.
summer's picture



PuhLEASE.... out of

PuhLEASE.... out of character? Shaunie followed the other chicks out the restaurant like she was a teenager eggin them on the entire time! UGH, that was the first and last time I will be watching that bullshit of a show! I assumed Shaunie had more class than to get involved with personality conflicts and so called beef. SMH....I think Tiny and Toya trying to find ways to better themselves and start businesses, write books and just having fun partying is better than that basketball wives crap with all the drama. Just my opinion.
Keish's picture

All of this is scripted & bad

All of this is scripted & bad acting. How would they know Gloria & Suzy were meeting at that exact time & place? I refuse to watch shows like this anymore. Its ridiculous to call it REALITY tv when NOTHING is real about it. And how can any show have the word "wife" or "wives" in the title when most of the women on there are not currently married or a true to term hoursewife?
Anonymous's picture

I'm gonna assume you did not

I'm gonna assume you did not watch this episode. Well, although Evelyn and Suzie fell out Royce told everyone she was still going to be cool with Suzie. After Suzie's fallout with Evelyn she reached out to Gloria. So Suzie called Royce and mentioned she and Gloria were meeting up for lunch. Royce took that info to Shaunie and she and the rest of the girls agreed to meet at the restaurant to confront Gloria.
Anon's picture

This whole show is a mess.

This whole show is a mess. That's why I love it! Fakery and ghetto-fab all around. Not one of these chick have done for themselves. They make me glad I'm in school!
Anonymous's picture

I saw that episode and was

I saw that episode and was surprised at how Shaunie acted. I forgive her this time as long as she doesn't make that type of behavior a habit.
April's picture

Too long for me to comment

Too long for me to comment and I dont care that much.
Keepingitreal's picture

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