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Shaunie O'Neal Does Damage Control On The Gloria Govan Ambush Backlash

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After last week's episode of "Basketball Wives" where all the ladies ganged up up Gloria Govan and Suzy (mainly Gloria), backlash hit the social networks about the way these self proclaimed "high class chicks" carried themselves.


Now, Exec. Producer and leader of the pack, Shaunie O'Neal, is doing some damage control explaining the back story we didn't see.  And also says, "It was a bad day."  Read on for the dish....

Let me preface this post by saying I've seen all of 1 and a half episodes of "Basketball Wives."  Why so little when I LIVE for drama and foolery?  Because after watching a few minutes of the debut show last year, 99.8% of it was transparently fake, scripted, broke, and wack...to me.  And anything with those traits is an automatic turn off to me.

With that said, thanks to the mass tv watching I did during the Holidays, I caught last week's episode--with this very incident Shaunie is speaking on.  Now, I don't know how the ladies typically act or if this was out of the ordinary for them.  And I'm not even a Gloria Govan fan--chick's mouth and personality and holier-than-thou yet still thirsty personality annoys me to no end.  But this ish that went down was just sad and unacceptable.

Here's what went down: Gloria and another cast member Suzy went to lunch to bury their own issues.  Gloria dished on why she and Matt Barnes really called off the wedding.  Apparently, Gloria was constantly making her relationship seem perfect and telling all the other ladies they were jealous of her.  So once Shaunie, Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, and Royce Reed caught the sniff of foolery that was the domestic violence issue between Matt and Gloria, as well as Matt calling off the wedding last minute, they rushed to the restaurant Gloria was at to lay in to her ass.

Needless to say, it didn't end well.  And the ladies--mostly all hovering around the age of 40--acted like a bunch of middle school bullies.  It was disturbing to watch and I was cringing just waiting on a punch to be thrown.  Cursing, yelling, chasing Gloria out of the restaurant (like, literally physically following and chasing her out of the place) all went down.  And for ladies of a certain age to have such high thoughts about themselves that they like to impress upon the viewers, this ish was pretty sad and disturbing and the reason I don't watch.  Yeah, I'm always down for foolery and fights a la "Jersey Shore"--but it's a different type of person on shows like that and I expect that.  I don't expect it from black women with means and sense.  Hypocritical?  Maybe.  But such is life. 

So, Shaunie spoke to VH1 about what went down from her perspective:

Tell me what you think about the incident with Gloria.

It was one of those things where Royce called, and said, “Let’s go and see Gloria and Suzie because this is the only time we’ll get to see them.” She had questions for Gloria, even though they ended up not being asked. I was in Orlando with my kids, and that was the only point of being in that city. Getting that call, it was like, “All right, I’m already here, so let’s go.” We kind of go everywhere together when we’re in each other’s cities. I think the whole thing just took its own direction. As soon as we got there, everything deteriorated so fast and went to a whole other place than probably anyone wanted to go. For me, I can say it was a bad day. As I was going into the restaurant, I was thinking, “Why am I even doing this? This is just pointless and out of my character.” I should have followed my gut, but in the midst of the adrenalin and being with my girls and supporting each other, I rolled with it. I guess people are blaming this on the Laura Govan/Shaquille allegations, and it’s so not that. That’s so last year. I think everybody’s over that, including Gloria, but I don’t want to speak for her. It doesn’t come up in my life at all ever. It was other stuff with Gloria and me: there was tension there. And I guess with us all walking into that restaurant, Gloria immediately went into defense mode, which then sparked a lot of nonsense going back and forth between us.

There was also a bunch of stuff said before the world saw what it saw. There were things said before that, which would probably help make sense of why we even got to the discussion on why she didn’t get married. I think Gloria felt like she was being ambushed and that her back was against the wall so she was going to throw out whatever she possibly could throw out. I get that, but the things she did say were things we could never show on TV due to them having nothing to do with myself, Jenn, Evelyn or Royce. She was totally attacking our exes, and saying what filth and dirty and pathetic men they are, which she thought would be insulting to us. I could give a damn. You can talk about Shaquille all day. It really doesn’t matter. Your opinion of him has nothing to do with me. We were kind of laughing at her, like, “OK, so what? We know who we’re dealing with. We already know what these guys have done.” We were kind of laughing at her, and she said, “Look who you picked!” That’s when we went into, “Well, sweetie, you didn’t get married, so there must be something wrong with your dude, too.”

I think the scene would have made a little more sense with that part in tact, but with me being an executive producer, I don’t want to bash the guys. I don’t ever want that to be the show. It was really important to me to protect the guys from that crap. I wish that people could hear the whole conversation, but at the same time, I’m happy they didn’t, because that’s not what Basketball Wives is about. It’s not about bashing the guys. And this wasn’t intentional, I’m sure, on Gloria’s part, but that’s just what she came up with in the midst of the arguing. She said that that’s how I got to be miserable. And the whole bitter part? I absolutely having nothing to be bitter about. My kids and I live the same exact lifestyle we always did during my marriage and as they can see on TV, nothing has changed. We’re going on the same exact vacations, driving the same cars. No one’s hurting. I’m able to maintain my lifestyle and step away and do Shaunie. I’m in a new relationship, I’m happy. If anything, I’m in a better place than ever before. There’s nothing to be bitter about. It was just a bad day. That’s what I chalk it up to. I participated in mess due to the exchange of words that never should have been said.

Do you regret the incident?

I regret not following my gut. My gut feeling was not to even go. It wasn’t that important to me if I ever saw Gloria again. It’s not something that even crossed my mind. What happened there and what was said was absolutely natural. It was a natural reaction and I think most women would have reacted the same exact way. And like I said, it was a bad day and it was immature of us, but had people seen the conversation, they’d know that we didn’t go in there for the sole purpose of teasing Gloria about her relationship.

I think it’s also important to remember that this beef didn’t come from nowhere – you’ve said things about Gloria, and Gloria has said plenty of negative things about you guys and the show.

It says a lot that she’s back on the show. She said she’d never come back and she didn’t want anything to do with it. But she’s back and she asked to come back. Maybe that was what she wanted: those five minutes of bad-ass Gloria. I don’t know.

Any thoughts on following her out to the car?

It had gotten so heated. She was cussing everyone out and whatever, and it was like, “You’re real bad-ass here when you have 30 people in the room that you know will not let anything happen.” I mean, I’m not going to fight. That’s not in my character. But at the same time, you want to be Billy Badass, and when it wasn’t working, when attacking the guys wasn’t affecting us, then it’s up and leave. No, let’s finish.

What has the fallout over this been like? Do you feel bashed on Twitter?

Yes and no. I’m a confident person, and I know what it is. People have questioned my mothering and called me bitter, but I know I’m a wonderful mother and a wonderful human being. I get pissed off and mad and sad and react to things just like the next person. I think there are a lot of judgmental people out there. Some of the comments I read piss me off because it’s like, “You don’t know me.” If you don’t get mad and say some things and react some ways in your life at some point or another that make you think back and say, “OK, I could have dealt with that better,” then you’re not human. But it’s done, it’s said, it’s a learning experience. I don’t think anybody really needs an explanation, but it is hurtful if you question my mothering skills or question me as a person. It’s frustrating to read and listen and ignore when you want to just say, “Are you stupid?” You can’t define me in seven minutes of an edited piece of film.

Sigh.  Your thoughts?

Here's video of the ambush:




The Randomness:

1.  Wow.  The homeless man with the golden voice just copped a job!  Story

2.  A "crimson and cream love" CONGRATS to the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. on their Centennial year.  Yes, we know you read YBF too.  Happy Founders Day!

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I guess Shaunie wants to b a

I guess Shaunie wants to b a star now too, but she just looked kindof sad.
Anonymous's picture

Evelyn's trying on the

Evelyn's trying on the wedding dress was just tragic...Thirsty and sad...The dress was as tasteless as she is Who has had to put their hands up to cover their crack in their wedding dress (note that she does)....Who's she kiddinfg that she called it off....Miss Haversham much?
CorpAtty's picture

The Great Expectations

The Great Expectations reference was ON POINT!!
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Anonymous's picture

That was so so so so so

That was so so so so so DUMB!!! I thought I could deal with them, but why are they coming down on Gloria when one has already been divorced, one is in the process of getting a divorce now, the other didn't make it across the alter just like Gloria. That was so ridiculous and if I have to be ignorant to be rich and famous I'm just not interested. It really is sad
Ni's picture


Anonymous's picture

That Would Be Boring. Like

That Would Be Boring. Like Watchin "Sarah Palin's Alaska".
Arbor Mist Is the Bomb!'s picture

That type of behavior makes

That type of behavior makes no sense! Shaunie is pathetic right along with all of her little followers. Why are they like 35+ (except the little hamster) running around in a pack like they're doing something. Bitches please impress us by enrolling in school and getting a degree instead of acting like thirsty losers. They're preying on the weak because if they were to step to a real one the shit would be brought!
100 all day's picture

Girl, I read somewhere that

Girl, I read somewhere that Jennifer majored in political science at the University of Maryland and graduated with honors. That shocked the hell out of me, because she comes of so ditsy on the show, but maybe she's just playing a role.
Anonymous's picture

Somewhere on this post of a

Somewhere on this post of a million opinions, I said that even a chitty alimony deal where she gets the condo and 3 years alimony is great if she went back to school, got her masters, got a job at the White House or with some policy making institution, and be done with it. She is a gorgeous woman. God I want her boob job. No one will remember her close up vajay-jay shots (I hope not). But what I found out to be very true, the smartest people are most often the most evil, most conniving and greedy people on the planet.
Bronze Duchess's picture

evelyn's face was

evelyn's face was priceless...she had an evil smirk on her face the whole time
the bomb squad's picture

The drama on Basketball Wives

The drama on Basketball Wives is getting serious. but it all makes for a good show. Now, some nude pics of Jennifer Williams just leaked today! The ratings for the show this week are going to be nuts. Overall, I enjoy watching the show.
Terrie's picture

@ Terrie,,,, OHHH NOOOO! My

@ Terrie,,,, OHHH NOOOO! My sic azz just had to see the nude pics of Jenny GinGin! She has a tight body but I was soo embarrassed for her too. They showed a close up shot of her vajayjay. I mean like a with her labia lips and all. Very sad. This isss waaay too much. All her presumed classiness just flew out the window. I feel bad for her now. I mean to show nude pics is one thing but to see EVERYTHING. Wow Jen. Just wow.
Bronze Duchess's picture

i just became a fucking fan.

i just became a fucking fan. i vowed not to watch that shit, but now, i am like these bitches go hard. he knew. they just caught the gay audience.
who?'s picture

...LAWD!!!! IDK where the

...LAWD!!!! IDK where the hell to start. SMDH. I doubt there's enough character space to say ALL that I can say about this FOOLISHNESS!! (but I'mma TRY!!) ...I have personally NEVER seen a single episode of this TRAINWRECK IN PROGRESS. (Dayum, Natasha boo even that dayum 7minute CLIP was TOOOO LONG!!!) SMH... I'm STILL trying to figure out WHY these "SKITS" called "REALITY SHOWS" get play. Like seriously, ALLLL these heffaz DIVORCED, going through one...and living off nothing but THEIR "retirement plans" they call their CHILDREN. (i.e., child support) Initially, I thought Shaunie azz was COOL and felt for her bc of the way Shaq (HO'ish) azz was doing her...(DAT BOY WIIIILD IN HOUSTON, TOO!!! SMH!!) I took her for the mellow type... BUT, I see NOW (THANKS 2 da clip!) that HER azz IZZZA FOOOOL, baby!!! #MESSY as hell... I don't know the GLORIA chick, but TRUST me when I tell ya--- SHE ATE ALLL THEY AZZZ UP!!! LMAO.... :) P.S. ...REALLY, EVELYN??? Did you SERIOUSLY just walk in to try a wedding dress on-- and you "NOT" getting married???! Lady, please call your therapist. NOW. Better yet... YOU NEED A HUG. (A REAL TIGHT ONE...its WHITE, WITH STRAPS THAT EVEN ALLOWS YOU TO HUG YOURSELF.) Jennifer-- ...YOU look REEEAL pitiful walking around calling that man's cell phone like that.... STOP IT. Stop calling HIS azz and call your DIVORCE LAWYER... or go to Plan B. and start stashing money like SHAUNIE did w Shaq's... I'm POSITIVE she'd show you da game!! ;) ---OH, and ROYCE-- LMAO... You look like a "MUNCHKIN"....kinda cute/ugly...STOP being SNEAKY... I liked you better when U was throwing ya back outta place in da lil "dance off" vid. I think you were twirk'n for CLUB TICKETS or sumthin... LMAO... SMH.
LMAO's picture


Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

...OH!!! ...and another

...OH!!! ...and another thing... Shaunie's sorry "damage control" BLAH is exactly that. BLAH. (Lady, YEA-- you were WACK for that 'ish.) Before I saw the vid, I immediately assumed that Shaunie was just "tagging along"... (being that I've NEVER had an interest in seeing a single episode.) BUT--- I just can't get past that she was actually the RINGLEADER!!! ...I dayum near had a flashback to JUNIOR HIGH watching that 'ISH. (VHI-- I KNOW YA'LL LOVING THIS FOOLISHNESS!!) SMH. ...Right about now, to juice this 'ish up they oughtta drop KOBE BRYANT's wifey off in that piece!!! LMAO!! Aww, LAWD could ya'll imagine. Needless to say though, at least she would be an ACTUAL "BASKETBALL WIFE!!!" #WOMPWOMP...
LMAO's picture

Wow, for someone who has

Wow, for someone who has never seen a single episode, you sure have some strong opinions about the women on the show. Anyway girl, I can't wait for next weeks episode either.
Anonymous's picture

...HAHAHA... Yes, my opinion

...HAHAHA... Yes, my opinion may seem strong being that I've never seen an episode, but just this 7 minutes was more than enough for me! #IMGOOD! LOL! Girl, ENJOY UR guilty pleasure... lol...
LMAO's picture

Shaunie Shaunie Shaunie

Shaunie Shaunie Shaunie eveything about you is negative from being an ex-wife {2 times} to being a girlfriend and last but not least a mother. You are so self centered,,how could you put your kids on TV looking this way..I get they were playing but that doesn't excuse the Dookie braids / Corn Rolls that were in your daughter's hair. You actually on TV going in on a grown as woman and her business when your business {your kids} are out of wack. Every picture you take your hair is looking nice,, your clothes are looking nice but your kids look so unkept how sad. The only truth to your interview is your life and kids life has not changed. You are correct because you stay fly and they stay a mess,,i remember seeing them at Laker Games back in the day,,and you would be walking around like you owned the Staples Center and they would be looking like dirty kids..SMDH,,I guess life is so all about you.
Anonymous's picture

Girlfriend. Did you see the

Girlfriend. Did you see the gut on her little girl? The little girl has a gut. While Shaunie is out on the streets looking like a Dirty Dumb Dike, her little girl got dookie briads and a gut. I mean, you got a whole mosque in your house (all the kids names sound like a ghetto rendition of an Arab village) when do you have time to spend w/your kids? It is apparent that the white nanny does not know how to comb black girls hair, god bless her, so why don't you do it. Your little girl just might have Type II Diabetes but you wouldn't know cause you actin' a fool in the streets. So sad.
Bronze Duchess's picture


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best!!! this was the funniest thing I've ever read... Thank you!! : ) I just had a laugh attack.... Somebody please resuscitate me... "The little girl has a gut." Classic
Nya313's picture

Jennifer is NASTY before you

Jennifer is NASTY before you leak nude pictures of yourself at least get waxed NASTY!! And the boob job is a FAIL! OMG
Anonymous 's picture

why does the spanish chick

why does the spanish chick walk like she got a big ol penis inside of her. For some reason she just comes off trashy and used up. her face shows that she's been through too much sex,drugs, and child birth. The tall darker skinned female looks like a man, she could easily be mistaken for a tranney or something with a deep manly voice. Shaqs ex wife needs a nose job.
4 inch heels's picture

Jennifer Williams husband

Jennifer Williams husband don't want her,why is the only married woman on the show hanging around a bunch of single women? IT SEEMS LIKE THEY HAVE AN OPEN MARRIAGE ERIC WILLIAMS CAME IN THE HOUSE WITH AN OVERNIGHT BAG ,MAYBE HE'S STAYING WITH plastic surgery AKA sandra. Jennifer knows evelyn and shaunie wants her to divorce ERIC so she can be single like them,as soon as she does Evelyn will marry OCHO,and jennifer is going to look stupid alone.JENNIFER has her own money flirty girl fitness business.
Anonymous's picture

These are the most ungrateful

These are the most ungrateful heffalumps I have ever had the fortune to come across. I thought Shaunie was a classy lady, but I was wrong. Her behavior was second hand embarassing. Can you say ghettooooo? Getting in her face just days after the poor girl's failed wedding date? While your man cheated on you with hella strippers? Pls. I have no idea how ANY of these women landed ballers, they are just so...icky. Some stay down bitches. And I thought the Real Housewives were something terrible. With that being said, it makes for great entertainment. Keep on clowing you jesters! Textbook example of how money can't buy class.
Anonymous's picture

Whatever Shaunie says, they

Whatever Shaunie says, they came to Gloria, she didn't come to them. They came in a pack and started in on her--how did they expect her to react? I'd have cursed them all out too. They thought they'd intimidate her, but she was time enough for them. If you don't live for her, then stay away from her. In this article she said that Gloria asked to come back, but I SAW an interview where she said they had to come back cuz they were under contract.
Go-Go Girlie's picture

I really feel that Evelyn is

I really feel that Evelyn is no different than anyone else out there trying to get a baller and guess what SHE DID! So stop hating on her. So what she may have had a harder road and may be a little older but she looks good for her age and guess what? He could have choosen someone in their twenties but he didn't. All you stupid people defending that blah pin faced Gloria are so blind. She had the nerve to think she was better than eveyone and I'm glad Shaunie broke it down to her letting her know she will probably never walk down the aisle. Her ugly man called off the wedding because he didn't want to marry her and her stupid ass had to be completely embarrassed and eat her words. So after 2 babies GLORIA your ugly man has convinced you that HE LOVES YOU SO MUCH THAT HE DOESN'T NEED TO MARRY YOU. Well I guess Evelyn has the last laugh.
Anonymous's picture

You are truly an idiot...How

You are truly an idiot...How did Evelyn get the last laugh,,HA HA,She's being getting laughed at that's about it. She wasted 10 years with a dude that didn't marry her.,,she claims to own a shoe store but you never see any customers inside or hell in the back ground,,she's always cussing people out and sitting their with her "clique" "circle" "crew" taking shit,,hell has she sold any shoes? You must be her daughter or Jennifer because these are the only two people that think she is the shit,,when in reality she is an old bitter hag. Only time will tell if you American Idol Evelyn will really get married,,,I'm guessing she won't,,she has a better chance of becoming an NBA wife
Anonymous's picture

Evelyn is that you?? Please

Evelyn is that you?? Please girl yes you got your baller for NOW but wasn't he caught trying to cheat on you with someone on twitter. If I were you I would grab the bible and get on my knees praying that actually do walk down the aisle. Unlike you Gloria is still with her man so you should not be worried about her. Focus on yourself before you get embarrassed for the 2nd time. Soon Rebecca the true owner of your store and your roommate are going to be over you!
Anonymous 's picture

But what is so great about

But what is so great about staying with your man when he mistreats you? Matt humiliated Gloria like she was nothing by calling off the wedding the way he did, he gets physical with her and cheats on her. No woman deserves that.
Nala's picture

Apparently she likes the way

Apparently she likes the way he treats her because she stays with him.... Anyone who's ever been in a real relationship knows that there are ups and downs.... It's how you work through the setbacks that matters.... I feel they all wish they were in her shoes... That's why they ganged up on her... I think she handled it well... because if three hoes I didn't like rolled up on me talking shit about me and my man I would have stabbed them with my fork... But that's just me...
Nya313's picture

I'm disappointed in Shaunie's

I'm disappointed in Shaunie's behavior, the show took a bad turn. I also thought this show would be more positive and show the women being active members of their community. Instead we are left with 40ish old women acting like they jumped out of Degrassi Jr. High. I'm conflicted on why the show is called Basketball Wives as Shaunie and Jennifer are the only ones who 'were' married to a NBA player. The other were just groupies. Now Evelyn has moved on to Chad Ochocinco (so sad because he seems like a real nice and down to earth dude). Now she's got her claws in him trying to get pregnant to maintain her lifestyle. Chad RUN!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I love Shaunie, she got money

I love Shaunie, she got money and her own shown and millions of dollas fuck Gloria she is a loser, thristy to be on the show, but you can't the ladies who kick the show off and the poducer kick rocks Gloria dumb as hell! TEAM SHAUNIE!!!!
kbelle's picture

Yea cause we know that

Yea cause we know that millions and a HAM of a show is the perfect life. TEAM anyone who rises above these less than classy chicks. If Shaunie was all that she wouldn't be back tracking and that's the only shred of decency this woman has. What has happened to Shaunie and Shaq was Karma she dogged her ex husband cheating with Shaq while she was his "Assistant". The True Hollywood Story on that would be better broadcasting.
Anonymous's picture


26Keys's picture

shaunie is full of shyt...she

shaunie is full of shyt...she wouldn't b shyt having not married/met shaq...and evelyn was wrong as fu*ck for coming in there saying "what's up bitches" WTF!
SoSavvy's picture

IT'S 7 pages of comments,say

IT'S 7 pages of comments,say what you want these SKANKS are popular.LMAO
Anonymous's picture

How is it that people can

How is it that people can become so emotionally invested in a "reality" show? By reading some of these comments you would think that these women had done something personal to many of you. It's a show, it's for entertainment. If you get so caught up in it that you actually become angry about what someone said on the show then maybe you need to turn off the TV, read a book, or step outside to get some fresh air because it ain't that serious.
Anonymous's picture

this is exactly how they did

this is exactly how they did pilar in football wives...it's all a bunch of bullshyt! gloria handled it very well.
YNV Me's picture

It looked to me as if the

It looked to me as if the other girls left Shaunie on her own, they basically sat there and let it turn into a one on one when they all acted as if they were going to bash her, esp that Evelyn. and I give up on Royce, so childish and corny, what was up with that dress she wore on the picnic?! Who dresses like that???
Anonymous's picture

OMG...I thought the same

OMG...I thought the same thing? Did she find that dress in Rave or something? And the shoes...shaking my damn head for real!
Anonymous's picture

I hope the money and the 15

I hope the money and the 15 minutes of extended fame is worth Shaunie low grading herself and EXPOSING the true her. Even her comments to VH1 came off angry and bitter. Everything is everyone else fought. I know Shaq is somewhere laughing his ass off Shaunie is doing more damage to herself than any smear campaign could.
jay's picture

Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie… I

Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie… I rarely comment but I just have to say; Does Shaunie not realize that we ALL saw the show?? Regardless to what story she is making up now, to justify her behavior, we clearly see them standing in front of the restaurant planning on AMBUSHING Gloria and Suzie and talking about fighting. Clearly they were not there for a friendly visit with Gloria and Suzie. If Shaunie was a real classy woman she would have never been a part of this Ambush in the first place. Now that you have to comment on it you should have said nothing or said I’m sorry for my behavior end of story instead of blaming it on the editing or a made up conversation that we don’t see. Why blame Royce who did not say a word or Gloria’s pervious conduct on your behavior. Shaunie was the one egging the situation on, talking crap, and really I’m starting to think Shauine is a bitter petty old woman who can’t let go. It was clear Gloria got under her skin. Why worry about Gloria and Matt when Shaunie, Evelyn, Royce and Jennifer all seem to have enough problems of their own to keep them busy for a long time to come. I thought we would see these women doing charity work, interacting with their children and just being classy instead they are acting like low class trash, what a shame. If I was Shaunie I would be MORE embarrassed by Evelyn’s behavior this season than Gloria. Grown women with class greeting each other by calling each other bitches NO CLASS!
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This show needs to FIRE

This show needs to FIRE Shaunie's azz. You came up in the place to start sh*t...You were the only one running your mouth mostly. You are the EP? why would they want your crazy azz involved with this show anyway? You are not married, your man could be your son? You have mental issues with this Gloria chick? Why? what is it to you IF she ever marrys MATT? what business is it or your or these other jump-offs? Evelyn you really need to sit your manish azz down some where. You are half-cocked and just a pure hater...your personality is just trash...Didn't you get any kind of home training? what a sad case the 4 of you have proved to be on TV. I am not hating I am telling the truth. Shaunie, you are way too dam old to be acting like you are in JR. High...you have kids correct? why are you acting like your children. You have real issues and the 4 of you are nothing but trouble makes fake hoes with no class what so ever. These NBA guys really need to be careful on what baby mamas the mate with cuz yall act like you escaped from the zoo! If a chick stepped to me asking my busniess about me and my man...it would jump the hell off also. Who do you really think you are gurl? Gloria, girl live your life with your kids and Matt...don't let jump-offs up set you and your flow. They just mad cuz he makes the $$ and takes care of his kids and you. Evelyn...man-woman what every you are seek medical attention...you and the bruh that looks like a monkey...just worry about him hook up with him and give him your drama...you will never have to worry about another woman hookin up with that guy...ewwwww! what a hot mess. The other 2 sistas the TRANNY...you know your hub wants to be with a real woman...kiss him good-bye. And lil bit you really need to pick your crew very careful...you are just a follower...use your mind and exit stage left...What a poor excuse for a show of woman who think they are on top...no class what so ever, haters just sad. I hope the show gets canned. VERY TACKY SHUANIE YOU ARE A DAM SHAME. And to think you are a sista. DID SHAQ REALLY DOG YOU THIS BAD?
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Jennifer now has "leaked"

Jennifer now has "leaked" nude pictures that have hit the net....right on time
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Jennifer now has "leaked"

Jennifer now has "leaked" nude pictures that have hit the net....right on time
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Evelyn probably gave her the

Evelyn probably gave her the advice...
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