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Shaunie O'Neal Does Damage Control On The Gloria Govan Ambush Backlash

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After last week's episode of "Basketball Wives" where all the ladies ganged up up Gloria Govan and Suzy (mainly Gloria), backlash hit the social networks about the way these self proclaimed "high class chicks" carried themselves.


Now, Exec. Producer and leader of the pack, Shaunie O'Neal, is doing some damage control explaining the back story we didn't see.  And also says, "It was a bad day."  Read on for the dish....

Let me preface this post by saying I've seen all of 1 and a half episodes of "Basketball Wives."  Why so little when I LIVE for drama and foolery?  Because after watching a few minutes of the debut show last year, 99.8% of it was transparently fake, scripted, broke, and wack...to me.  And anything with those traits is an automatic turn off to me.

With that said, thanks to the mass tv watching I did during the Holidays, I caught last week's episode--with this very incident Shaunie is speaking on.  Now, I don't know how the ladies typically act or if this was out of the ordinary for them.  And I'm not even a Gloria Govan fan--chick's mouth and personality and holier-than-thou yet still thirsty personality annoys me to no end.  But this ish that went down was just sad and unacceptable.

Here's what went down: Gloria and another cast member Suzy went to lunch to bury their own issues.  Gloria dished on why she and Matt Barnes really called off the wedding.  Apparently, Gloria was constantly making her relationship seem perfect and telling all the other ladies they were jealous of her.  So once Shaunie, Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozada, and Royce Reed caught the sniff of foolery that was the domestic violence issue between Matt and Gloria, as well as Matt calling off the wedding last minute, they rushed to the restaurant Gloria was at to lay in to her ass.

Needless to say, it didn't end well.  And the ladies--mostly all hovering around the age of 40--acted like a bunch of middle school bullies.  It was disturbing to watch and I was cringing just waiting on a punch to be thrown.  Cursing, yelling, chasing Gloria out of the restaurant (like, literally physically following and chasing her out of the place) all went down.  And for ladies of a certain age to have such high thoughts about themselves that they like to impress upon the viewers, this ish was pretty sad and disturbing and the reason I don't watch.  Yeah, I'm always down for foolery and fights a la "Jersey Shore"--but it's a different type of person on shows like that and I expect that.  I don't expect it from black women with means and sense.  Hypocritical?  Maybe.  But such is life. 

So, Shaunie spoke to VH1 about what went down from her perspective:

Tell me what you think about the incident with Gloria.

It was one of those things where Royce called, and said, “Let’s go and see Gloria and Suzie because this is the only time we’ll get to see them.” She had questions for Gloria, even though they ended up not being asked. I was in Orlando with my kids, and that was the only point of being in that city. Getting that call, it was like, “All right, I’m already here, so let’s go.” We kind of go everywhere together when we’re in each other’s cities. I think the whole thing just took its own direction. As soon as we got there, everything deteriorated so fast and went to a whole other place than probably anyone wanted to go. For me, I can say it was a bad day. As I was going into the restaurant, I was thinking, “Why am I even doing this? This is just pointless and out of my character.” I should have followed my gut, but in the midst of the adrenalin and being with my girls and supporting each other, I rolled with it. I guess people are blaming this on the Laura Govan/Shaquille allegations, and it’s so not that. That’s so last year. I think everybody’s over that, including Gloria, but I don’t want to speak for her. It doesn’t come up in my life at all ever. It was other stuff with Gloria and me: there was tension there. And I guess with us all walking into that restaurant, Gloria immediately went into defense mode, which then sparked a lot of nonsense going back and forth between us.

There was also a bunch of stuff said before the world saw what it saw. There were things said before that, which would probably help make sense of why we even got to the discussion on why she didn’t get married. I think Gloria felt like she was being ambushed and that her back was against the wall so she was going to throw out whatever she possibly could throw out. I get that, but the things she did say were things we could never show on TV due to them having nothing to do with myself, Jenn, Evelyn or Royce. She was totally attacking our exes, and saying what filth and dirty and pathetic men they are, which she thought would be insulting to us. I could give a damn. You can talk about Shaquille all day. It really doesn’t matter. Your opinion of him has nothing to do with me. We were kind of laughing at her, like, “OK, so what? We know who we’re dealing with. We already know what these guys have done.” We were kind of laughing at her, and she said, “Look who you picked!” That’s when we went into, “Well, sweetie, you didn’t get married, so there must be something wrong with your dude, too.”

I think the scene would have made a little more sense with that part in tact, but with me being an executive producer, I don’t want to bash the guys. I don’t ever want that to be the show. It was really important to me to protect the guys from that crap. I wish that people could hear the whole conversation, but at the same time, I’m happy they didn’t, because that’s not what Basketball Wives is about. It’s not about bashing the guys. And this wasn’t intentional, I’m sure, on Gloria’s part, but that’s just what she came up with in the midst of the arguing. She said that that’s how I got to be miserable. And the whole bitter part? I absolutely having nothing to be bitter about. My kids and I live the same exact lifestyle we always did during my marriage and as they can see on TV, nothing has changed. We’re going on the same exact vacations, driving the same cars. No one’s hurting. I’m able to maintain my lifestyle and step away and do Shaunie. I’m in a new relationship, I’m happy. If anything, I’m in a better place than ever before. There’s nothing to be bitter about. It was just a bad day. That’s what I chalk it up to. I participated in mess due to the exchange of words that never should have been said.

Do you regret the incident?

I regret not following my gut. My gut feeling was not to even go. It wasn’t that important to me if I ever saw Gloria again. It’s not something that even crossed my mind. What happened there and what was said was absolutely natural. It was a natural reaction and I think most women would have reacted the same exact way. And like I said, it was a bad day and it was immature of us, but had people seen the conversation, they’d know that we didn’t go in there for the sole purpose of teasing Gloria about her relationship.

I think it’s also important to remember that this beef didn’t come from nowhere – you’ve said things about Gloria, and Gloria has said plenty of negative things about you guys and the show.

It says a lot that she’s back on the show. She said she’d never come back and she didn’t want anything to do with it. But she’s back and she asked to come back. Maybe that was what she wanted: those five minutes of bad-ass Gloria. I don’t know.

Any thoughts on following her out to the car?

It had gotten so heated. She was cussing everyone out and whatever, and it was like, “You’re real bad-ass here when you have 30 people in the room that you know will not let anything happen.” I mean, I’m not going to fight. That’s not in my character. But at the same time, you want to be Billy Badass, and when it wasn’t working, when attacking the guys wasn’t affecting us, then it’s up and leave. No, let’s finish.

What has the fallout over this been like? Do you feel bashed on Twitter?

Yes and no. I’m a confident person, and I know what it is. People have questioned my mothering and called me bitter, but I know I’m a wonderful mother and a wonderful human being. I get pissed off and mad and sad and react to things just like the next person. I think there are a lot of judgmental people out there. Some of the comments I read piss me off because it’s like, “You don’t know me.” If you don’t get mad and say some things and react some ways in your life at some point or another that make you think back and say, “OK, I could have dealt with that better,” then you’re not human. But it’s done, it’s said, it’s a learning experience. I don’t think anybody really needs an explanation, but it is hurtful if you question my mothering skills or question me as a person. It’s frustrating to read and listen and ignore when you want to just say, “Are you stupid?” You can’t define me in seven minutes of an edited piece of film.

Sigh.  Your thoughts?

Here's video of the ambush:




The Randomness:

1.  Wow.  The homeless man with the golden voice just copped a job!  Story

2.  A "crimson and cream love" CONGRATS to the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. on their Centennial year.  Yes, we know you read YBF too.  Happy Founders Day!

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All I am wondering is why the

All I am wondering is why the hell Jennifer can't get a clue! That man obviously don't want her and it doesn't seem as if she wants him either. Neither one of them calling it quits. They both need to man up and call a lawyer. It's all about Jennifer and her hot body and Chanel purse. She has no emotions whatsoever always so passe. Having friends like that around encouraging her to cheat on him is not helping either. Misery loves company and as the only married one on Basketball wives she should be more conscious of that. She is gonna be man less and bitter like Shaunie & Evelyn pretty soon. And why the hell is Evelyn so damn angry all the time. It's sickening.!!UGHHH. She'll never get married and if she does it will last for a minute. Trifling hoes. Royce was a bitch for setting that scene up. No respect for these thirsty a$$ b!tches.
I love GOSSIP!!!'s picture

Also, Gloria is a smug b!tch

Also, Gloria is a smug b!tch but she handled that situation like a champ. You are not friends why are they asking her about her situation. Meanwhile Evelyn is still out trying on the gown that she "should" have gotten married in, Jennifer about to be divorced, Shaunie divorced. WTF is up with these women thinking that they are better than anybody. SMDH
I love GOSSIP!!!'s picture

i'm glad somebody gave that

i'm glad somebody gave that man a chance. He's got a helluva an opportunity...i hope he realizes it and takes it as far as he can go with it! Good luck!!
Anonymous's picture

I know!!! It's so easy to

I know!!! It's so easy to comment of negative stuff, that people (I) forget the positive stuff that's happening. Big Ups, anonymous.
Dasmyname's picture

I guess I"m team Ted

I guess I"m team Ted Williams!!! lol
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie go to hell!!!!!!!!!

Shaunie go to hell!!!!!!!!! Save the made up excuses. Now we see why eveyln's her good friend, a group of nasty garbage pail kids is what they are. "It was a bad day" "my gut said not to even go" Is that why she was outside stretching and talking about getting the Vaseline, Is that why they were outside laughing and talking shady....Because it was "a bad gut day" Shaunie GTFOH with your little nose of lies and go take those country Color Purple braids out your daughters hair and put her on Shaq's Big Challenge so she doesn't have to grow up and be made fun of by hoes like Evelyn, Jennifer and YOU. How Shauine got time to jump people, date younger mean, keep her body fit and her hair cut, but she don't have time to make sure her daughter's straight, like what little girl doesn't want to be as "cute" as their mother....just selfish.
Just Gossiping on Gossip's picture

Shaunie was stretching and

Shaunie was stretching and acting as if she was getting ready to rumble. But I guess her 'excuse' for that would be 'VH1 switched the scenes'. Gloria did take that like a champ and bounced before she went off on those little girls. I was very shocked at how they were acting
Anonymous's picture

I saw a totally different

I saw a totally different Shaunie than how she presents herself in the letter/interview. I mean yeah, Gloria is fake, but... look at the other girls in your camp, Shaunie. Gold diggers, sluts, and desperate women. All truth should have been put on the table since they, too, felt billy badass. I can't believe Evelyn had the nerve to even open her mouth, I found that part to be the funniest. This was extremely stupid. Why invite her back to the show knowing how fake she is?
Lacey 's picture

I guarantee if they take

I guarantee if they take Evelyn out "THE CIRCLE" so much of that drama will fade away. The rest of them are followers except Royce I like her. I dont dislike any of them except for Evelyn because everytime i see Drama i see her. SHe needs a damn life everything she do is for the camera so she can make a extra buck.
Anonymous's picture

The show is entertainment if

The show is entertainment if it was not a reality show just a tv series with known actors like LISARAYE as evelyn,KEISHA KNIGHT PULLAM as royce,ANTOINE DOBSON as jennifer,RAVEN SYMONE as gloria..... WOULD PEOPLE STILL CALL IT GHETTO,CURIOUS.lol
Anonymous's picture

LMAO @ Antoine Dodson as

LMAO @ Antoine Dodson as Jennifer. I have been saying she looka like a man!
iluvme's picture

I like all of them. Stuff

I like all of them. Stuff happens, everybody is not perfect and Gloria was talking mad mess. I would've got on her too...
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie and her "clique" are

Shaunie and her "clique" are very immature! http://natoyaebony.blogspot.com/
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie is ugly!!!!!!!!!!!

Shaunie is ugly!!!!!!!!!!! that nose is nasty. The tall dark girl look like a tranny.Look at what he missed? marrying an ugly leather face slutty latina?All of these women seem so desperate and slutty. Get a J-O-B!
Such a  pretty girl!'s picture

Wow I wonder what you look

Wow I wonder what you look like. P.S. they have a job making more money then you will ever see in your lifetime.
Anonymous's picture

Wow I wonder what you look

Wow I wonder what you look like. P.S. they have a job making more money then you will ever see in your lifetime.
Anonymous's picture

Wow I wonder what you look

Wow I wonder what you look like. P.S. they have a job making more money then you will ever see in your lifetime.
Anonymous's picture

Wow I wonder what you look

Wow I wonder what you look like. P.S. they have a job making more money then you will ever see in your lifetime.
Anonymous's picture

way better trick, and I don't

way better trick, and I don't need to use my uterus to pay bills. Bitch got money and still look ugly. Aint that a shame.
Such a  pretty girl!'s picture

Royce has better clothes PPL.

Royce has better clothes PPL. She's trying to look like she's not spending her kids child support money. That trash she's wearing on tv is for tv only. Don't believe her hype.
Anonymous's picture


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Anonymous's picture

And yes, I did watch last

And yes, I did watch last season. The show is a freakn' comedy. They are probably an embarrassment the whole of the league and their wives/girlfriends/baby mamas (lol)/exes/jumpoffs/etc.
AzanaKamili's picture

Sorry, skipped a word.

Sorry, skipped a word. Should read: "an embarrassment TO the whole of the league".
AzanaKamili's picture

Why do we care! it's a fake

Why do we care! it's a fake reality show like the rest of them. the chick in the red heels and plasitc looking LV bag got some real leather face going on. Her face looks like she had a hard life. The shoes and bag make her look like new money trash. The show is trash, the women are trash, and I always laugh at the sight of women think they look good.
Such a  pretty girl!'s picture

The whole thing was stupid.

The whole thing was stupid. Ok, so the girl was wrong in bragging that everything was going to be peaches n strawberries with her relationship, but I still do agree that the rest of those females are insecure and jealous. They absolutely LOVE the fact the wedding didn't happen. How is she even gonna have a show called Basketball Wives when NONE of them are married? Oh, my bad, Jennifer the lizard is married (for a little while longer anyway). I don't understand. And the way it went down, no matter WHAT was said and not aired, was pitiful. Don't blame her; blame yourselves for even going in there because you knew you weren't going to have a friendly lunch, you were going to start shit and that's exactly what happened. What you didn't expect to happen was for that young girl to stand up for herself and go as hard as she did and then WALK out on you with you following behind like the saddest b*tch in the world. Oh, and Jennifer, next time you wanna throw in sum "yeah, yeahs" do it when stuff is hot, not after the fact when you're walking away... SMDH. #TheseHoesAin'tGotNoSense.
AzanaKamili's picture

Very Well said!

Very Well said!
Jay's picture

I couldnt have said it better

I couldnt have said it better ... No matter what wasnt aired ... You lost by just going there. Who go seee there enemies. Even before they got into it i was like this is childish . And they did an interview with vh1 were Evelyn is saying that they drove 8 hours to do just that , 4hours to and 4 hours back. like really and that it was worth the 8 hours. they have the brains of 10 year olds . what's new. In 2011 i hope they act like grown woman.
Anonymous's picture


WAIT.............Isn't Shaunie the Executive Producor of BBW? I remember a while ago on a interview with Keyshia Cole, she was asked about the show Frankie and Neffe? Keyshia Cole said, "I control the direction of that show, because Im the EP and they cant do anything without MY approval of the episodes". So Shaunie, go with another LIE. I didnt expect you to be real about what really went on, because you're not a real person. You thought it would be funny to out a girl America wasnt to fowned of from season 1. It backfired and want to do damage control. Really? True colors after time is something NOBODY can hide.
Dasmyname's picture

All of these guzzlers have

All of these guzzlers have loose vaginas popping out babies out of wedlock for these low life ballers who see them for the whores they are. Only one without a kid is Jen's who married Shrek. I take that back...Jen is the only smart one to not get knocked up by Shrek and have an ugly ogre monster baby.
idomind's picture

8 more days until the

8 more days until the GREATEST day ever!!! YESSSSS!! Oh...Happy Founders Day to my Swexxy Nupes. =) <3
Get YOUR Ducks In Line's picture

LMAO...so off topic! But I'm

LMAO...so off topic! But I'm with you girl!!!! *^5*
Sho Nuff's picture

Shaq with Hoopz now. Go

Shaq with Hoopz now. Go Hoopz!!!! LOL
Bee's picture

Shaunie know damn well she is

Shaunie know damn well she is too old to be acting like this. Just like the other poster said she can save that lie because we all saw them plotting to get at Suzie and Gloria so it was not some caught off guard emotional bs she is trying to pass it off as. She need to sit her old ass down and be a mom. Gloria you may be a naive bitch but you get props for serving them b*tches up.
g's picture

It is obvious that the

It is obvious that the viewers of this episode did not see last season. Gloria acted as if she was better than all of the other women even saying as much. She and Matt not only spoke about Shaunie negatively on the show but also on twitter and in interviews. This was last season when they put the other women down. Shaunie even tried to approach her like a women and out the thing to bed and deal with the issues on the table in some fashion but Gloria acted as if she was neutral int he Shaq events but it was obvious she took her cheatin as sister side and not be reasonable about the situation. This is what I am sure pissed Shaunie off. If you have not seen what led to these outbursts then perhaps your should refrain from judgement until she have (Natasha). Someone even thought Royce and she were friends. Did you not even bother to see when she told Royce to her face that no NBA player would ever marry her and that she could not associate with her because it would ruin her image. She tried so desperately to prove she was not a gold digging tramp. She actually said she had a perfect or near perfect relationship and that they were all jealous of her. Well Shaunie should have got in that ass. I only wished she had planned her approach better to communicate that
lynnfrederick's picture

@lynnfrederick you must be in

@lynnfrederick you must be in Shaunie's "circle" / "click" because what you just wrote is so irrelevant to the way Shaunie carried on. Who cares about last season, it doesn't justify acting like a damm fool on TV. If you read Shaunie's interview above,,she stated they way she acted has nothing to with the Shaq / Laurie situation. Besides, if Shaunie has a problem with someone sleeping with her ex-husband, confront her and not her sister. It just shows Shaunie maturity level,,being mad at everyone else because of what their family or friend did. I can't understand why everyone is mad at Gloria because she thinks her relationship is all that. What do people expect her to say,,"my man ain't sh$t",,"he ain't no good". That's so stupid,,I think highly of my husband and we have had / has problem but it's no ones business. I don't have to air it out to everyone. If she wants to put Matt on a pedestal who cares,,he's the father of her kids. Get a life people. How can you refrain from judging ignorance when they put it on TV for you to do. People have been blogging about them since the first season and they were happy because they got their 5 minutes of fame,,,now because it's back firing and people see Shaunie for who she is {ignorant/Ghetto} don't try and claim it was scripted that way--oh please. When Shaunie and Shaq first divorce,,she pretended to be holier than thou,,claiming to be a prefect little housewife and mother who had her man's back,,now we know the real and that's why Shaq bounced from that ass. Words of Wisdom to Shaunie - IF YOU KEEP YOUR DAMM MOUTH SHUT,,PEOPLE WON'T KNOW HOW STUPID YOU REALLY ARE"
Anonymous's picture

SAY IT SISTAH!!!!!!!!! Two

SAY IT SISTAH!!!!!!!!! Two snaps and a twirl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dasmyname's picture

Please everybody and their

Please everybody and their mama saw Gloria's naive crazy azz last season BUT that is not the point of this situation. Watching almost 40 year old women gang up on another woman and act like mean girls all the time is not cool! Gloria is much younger than them so some of that know-it-all attitude and slick mouth should almost be expected. Those broads got in her business first last season by going to dinner at her home and then trying to talk slick about whether she should trust HER man in her home. I don't care if Matt cheats on her all day everyday, that is none of their damn business. They were just pissed that she was not letting them get to her or get in her relationship the way they are with each other. Shaunie's simple azz is still bitter about Laura but taking it out on Gloria. If you don't like the girl then don't invite her to be on the show. All of that "circle" of Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer and even stupid Royce is a bunch of messy, bitter dumb gold-diggers.
pat's picture

I have issues with Gloria but

I have issues with Gloria but I respect how she handled herself against them cackling hens! They thought they were really about to do something and she went at them tit for tat, right down the line. 1) Shaunie - you tacky as hell for that. how old are you? you're leading this unemployed lynch mob? aren't you the executive producer? step your game up coming at Gloria with the left over anger you got lingering from her sister and your ex. 2) Evelyn - you will not make it to the alter again and if you do it will be over SHORTLY trust.You have a disgusting attitude and I can't wait to see Tami come for your azz. 3) Jennifer - You're dumb as a door knob. I'm so sick of hearing you complain about your husband and when he pretty much says ya'll can end it, your thirsty azz can't take a hint. Either work it out or stfu already! your conversations go in circles. All last season and now this one and still no progress. 4) Suzy, was this the same girl who got bout it with that newscaster last season and threw water on her face? now she's shivering in fear from Evelyn weak behind? Girl you scary! 5) Royce - .........just Royce.
Lena 120's picture

LMAO.......Unemployment lynch

LMAO.......Unemployment lynch mob.......!!!! I agree w/everthing you said, especially Jennifer. He said you can have the condo + 3yrs alimony. Which is a chitty deal but let's work with that. You can go back to school, get a Masters in something, not have to worry about working full-time to pay for this and that. I mean chit, 3 years is a lot of time to get yourself together when you don't have to worry about how the rent is going to get paid.
anonymous's picture

woooow. never seen the show,

woooow. never seen the show, but wooow. and wtf was that? you tell her "there's the door" then follow her out, then ask her why she's leaving, THEN tell her to gtfo...? absolutely riDIC. i'm sure you felt ridiculous just reading it. then bitter blondie, after making fun of the chick at the restaurant, pathetically goes and re-tries on the wedding dress she's not going to wear, for a wedding she's not going to have. hm. people People PEOPLE
*lemonade*'s picture

I hope the money and the 15

I hope the money and the 15 minutes of extended fame is worth Shaunie low grading herself and EXPOSING the true her. Even her comments to VH1 came off angry and bitter. Everything is everyone else fought. I know Shaq is somewhere laughing his ass off Shaunie is doing more damage to herself than any smear campaign could.
Jay's picture

Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie… I

Shaunie, Shaunie, Shaunie… I rarely comment but I just have to say; Does Shaunie not realize that we ALL saw the show?? Regardless to what story she is making up now, to justify her behavior, we clearly see them standing in front of the restaurant planning on AMBUSHING Gloria and Suzie and talking about fighting. Clearly they were not there for a friendly visit with Gloria and Suzie. If Shaunie was a real classy woman she would have never been a part of this Ambush in the first place. Now that you have to comment on it you should have said nothing or said I’m sorry for my behavior end of story instead of blaming it on the editing or a made up conversation that we don’t see. Why blame Royce who did not say a word or Gloria’s pervious conduct on your behavior. Shaunie was the one egging the situation on, talking crap, and really I’m starting to think Shauine is a bitter petty old woman who can’t let go. It was clear Gloria got under her skin. Why worry about Gloria and Matt when Shaunie, Evelyn, Royce and Jennifer all seem to have enough problems of their own to keep them busy for a long time to come. I thought we would see these women doing charity work, interacting with their children and just being classy instead they are acting like low class trash, what a shame. If I was Shaunie I would be MORE embarrassed by Evelyn’s behavior this season than Gloria.
Anonymous's picture

WoW I'm actually surprised SO

WoW I'm actually surprised SO many of you Really watch this Tacky show. These Bitches are Has-beens and Most of them are Not too Attractive, especailly that Jennifer woman with that Ugly Ass hook Nose she has, and Shaunie is Ugly and Overrated by too many.
Anonymous 's picture

Well this is what happens

Well this is what happens when you don't have great scripted shows starring talented black actors. Believe me I wish Dynasty was back on. I'd love to talk about Dihann Carroll role as Dominique Deveraux. The beautiful tailored furs, trips to Dubai and concur with her choice of beluga caviar. Really I would. But this is what they give us and so it is.
Bronze Duchess's picture

hahahahahaha @ you bringing

hahahahahaha @ you bringing up "dynasty" and dominique deveraux!!! lmao!!! when she said that champagne was burned and preferred another type of caviar i near about died!!! i loved dihann carroll in dynasty!! i'm young and wasn't able to watch it when it first aired but i watch it now on the soap channel. but you are right, we've been reduced to horrible black reality shows, at least "the game" and that other show are going to start on BET next week but even those leave much to be desired. so until we get something else i'm watching 'basketball wives' 'football wives' and whatever else other mess they put up....i'm watching it but i don't like it though, lololol...
WYGTBA's picture

Shaunie was not acting out of

Shaunie was not acting out of character. She is a fraud and has been ghetto all along. She was just good at hiding it like she has done alot of things in her life. But you can only hide for so long because the real you will always end up coming out.
Anonymous's picture

...especially whe you decide

...especially whe you decide to put the real you on a television show (idiotically so)
*lemonade*'s picture

F*%$ Gloria! She is a

F*%$ Gloria! She is a stuck-up B*&%#! Shaunie should have popped her in the mouth. Half of the people commenting on this site know that they have had moments when they have acted petty or immature; get off your high horses. It's reality TV and it makes for good entertainment. If you don't like it; dont' watch.
Sasha's picture

shaunie, please stop

shaunie, please stop patrolling the blogs!
Anonymous's picture


tell it like it is..'s picture

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