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Tyler Perry's Movie Posters For "Madea's Big Happy Family" + Bun B Teaches Religious Studies At Rice University + Wiz Khalifa Introduced Amber Rose To His Mom

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Tyler Perry's alter ego Madea returns to the movies on April 22 and we have a peek at two of the movie's posters inside.  Also, get the deets on Bun B teaching religious studies at Rice University and what happened when Amber Rose met Wiz Khalifa's mama.



Tyler Perry has released two new movie posters advertising his new flick Madea's Big Happy Family hitting movie houses on April 22.  On the funny posters, Madea is featured as both Black Swan and The Godmother. I hope Tyler releases a few more of these.  He really knows how to advertise his products.



In music news...


Rapper Bun B has traded the microphone for textbooks and stained glass windows as the“Distinguished Lecturer" of Religious Studies at Rice University in Houston, Texas.  The southern rapper is teaching “Religious Studies 331: Religion and Hip-Hop Culture” at Rice University because he wanted to expand the discussion past Hip-Hop 101.  

“The whole point of me as a Hip-Hop artist and a representative of the Hip-Hop community teaching this course, was to inspire people that Hip-Hop doesn’t have to be confined within the conditions that we know it to be confined.  You don’t have to just be a Hip-Hop artist in a club, or an arena or a studio or on television or on the radio. That Hip-Hop has the opportunity to educate and inform and inspire people across all walks of life, within all settings. I feel like being able to teach at a college university is a perfect example of showing how Hip-Hop can influence the minds of the next generation."

Some may find it hard to imagine Bun B is this position, but when he describes the course and what it stands for, it's easy to see his passion and what he brings to the discipline.

“People are under the assumption that this is a course that I created, but this was a course that was already in existence with Rice in association with the H.E.R.E. Project. The H.E.R.E. Project is Houston Enriches Rice Education. And what they’ve done with this program is taken the opportunity to bring the rich cultural history of Houston onto the campus of Rice University. Me being a part of Houston’s culture, this is a part of that process. This was the first program that asked me to actually be a part of the process: the building of the lesson plan, the forming of the syllabus, the actual lectures taking place in the class—everything that helps define the course.”

So what are the students learning? Bun said,  

"In this class it gives them an opportunity to ask questions and go towards a deeper level of introspection with this not just being a Hip-Hop course but a religion in Hip-Hop course and being based out of the Humanities and Religious Studies department,” Bun explains. “So it’s really asking real questions about people. It’s not just playing music and showing videos and stuff like that. We’re having a real dialogue and we’re showing how Hip-Hop as a culture addresses the real questions in people’s lives and how that relates to one’s spiritual or religious quest in life."


To his credit, the class is doing well.  Its size has doubled to 250 students since the start of the semester. I think it's great that someone like Bun B can take his expertise from the street and put it in the classroom.  


Also in musc news,


Wiz Khalifa seems very happy with Amber Rose. He even introduced her to his mama. 
When asked how the romance was going, Wiz simply said, "Currently cool."

Amber has made appearances at some of his shows and they often get flirty on Twitter.  In his interview with Funkmaster Flex, Wiz said during the AFC Championship game in Pittburgh, he introduced Amber to his mother and they hit it off.   

Maybe Wiz will write a song for Amber. He sure has a lot of new music on the way with his new album  Rolling Papers due on March 29, while his next single, "Roll Up," hit the Web last week.  


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Anonymous's picture

those poster pictures of TP

those poster pictures of TP are just creepy
PrickleyLee's picture

Loves Madea!

Loves Madea!
Dee's picture

For-real Bun? ...Yo if yall

For-real Bun? ...Yo if yall think his teaching is some deep expression of human experience through hip-hop music, then what you will find at the end of the day is hip-hop as a Religion! Ultimately, anything that claims to be god will take the place of God in your life. Thus, you can't have two masters, either you will love one or hate the other. The world loves anything that will take Christ's true place in the hearts of men... and that's real talk. Need further evidence check out exministries.com
Anonymous's picture

Amber as song goes: Onto

Amber as song goes: Onto next, onto next, onto next one (RAPPER), lol,lol
Jae's picture

UMMMH... that's not at all

UMMMH... that's not at all how the song goes!

LOL @ everyone being up in

LOL @ everyone being up in arms about this cucumber advertisement..I gave it a good side eye as I scrolled down tha page Anywhoo YAY for Bun B!!!! Represent for the smart rappers!!! And Rice is a very respected school...cool. As for TP...I see hes still makin money off that coonery. Madea is a modern day mammy!
EverybodyPanic's picture

Perry will use any excuse to

Perry will use any excuse to wear makeup and a dress.
Chitown's picture

Well he's making the money to

Well he's making the money to were that mess! Hell I'll do the same damn thing, but I forgot yall just haters
Anonymous's picture

Wow.. Bun B.. so very proud

Wow.. Bun B.. so very proud of you.. This is truly your chance to shine.. God loves EACH and EVERYONE of us.. Hip Hop Lovers and ALL.. Nice to see you are attemping to "Bridge the Gap".. Much Love!! Kim from VA
Anonymous's picture

nice movie posters... love

nice movie posters... love tyler perry movies will watch any tyler perry movie that comes out... best tyler perry movies so far 1.Why did i get married 2.That family that preys 3.madea's family reunion 4.madea goes to jail worst tyler perry movie so far MEET THE BROWNS Start your very own wireless business today for just $49.99! And Get 3 Websites 2 Help Promote Your Business 4 Free http://sellwirelessgetpaid.mylightyear.net/tour3.html
income4life's picture

Amber you are such a fame

Amber you are such a fame whore! bitch get a job dam! Everyone will be saying amber who? by next year. I know kanye is just sitting back laughing at your hungry ass! Please give your pussy a rest, im begging you!
Anonymous's picture

you can say she's the hardest

you can say she's the hardest working groupie in the industry all we can say is job well done LOL
Anonymous's picture

LMAO...nuff' said!

LMAO...nuff' said!
covergirl1908's picture

I was saying the same exact

I was saying the same exact thing in my head, lol! This thirsty @$$ chick :(
Anonymous's picture

Go Bun B! Rice is like the

Go Bun B! Rice is like the Stanford of the South. I'm happy he has something to say.
SparkD's picture

-Love the movies by the Tyler

-Love the movies by the Tyler Perry...definitely something I gotta see - Good for Bun B, happy that he's using his hip-hop knowledge and religious experience to help the younger generation...thats wazzup - Guess Wiz & Amber gettin' pretty close huh'?....lol ____________________ http://gdgwgfx.weebly.com/ http://the89erlifestyle.blogspot.com/
Gman's picture

hmmmmmm You're a Grenade

hmmmmmm You're a Grenade
Anonymous's picture

hmmmmmm You're a Grenade

hmmmmmm You're a Grenade
Anonymous's picture


Lucypearl@!@!@!'s picture

i just noticed that. its

i just noticed that. its gross... come on Tash... if it aint butt shot on video hoes, it women putting big cucumbers in their mouth... uh uh, no ma'am... ijs
imjustsayin's picture

wow. when i first heard about

wow. when i first heard about Bun doing this at Rice...i was like, yo, get outta here! i dont know anyone taking the class but he sounds very fluid in what he is saying. i'd love to take the class to have that kind of dialouge with other like minded people. i hope the class really is digging into the thought process of hip hop & its relation to our spiritual growth...its a great concept. i hope it goes well. we're proud of you Bun! =)
myMAMAsaid's picture

He stated currently for

He stated currently for whatever reason..... everybody deserves love tho
Anonymous's picture

Do they offer web classes or

Do they offer web classes or videotape it i am intrested : )
Ms. Abri's picture

I'm so happy for Bun B! And

I'm so happy for Bun B! And proud! This is really great for him and for hip hop.
ms.d's picture

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Jenny's picture

Amber will never be on top of

Amber will never be on top of her game like with kanye I wonder what she did but whatever it was she's been hopping all over the place with different men every since common sense would tell you they just want to try it. Get it together amber your body is not the way.
ms hearn's picture

Girl ,she was messing with

Girl ,she was messing with the rapper ( Fabolous) , i was wondering how YBF diddnt get a hold of it ,Kanye and a song on his album throwing shots at Fabolous ,then Fabolous that a shong throwing shots at Kanye , its a mess .... The chick is only a (stripper) ,NOT A LAWYER OR DOCTER
sexylady's picture


Arbor Mist Is the Bomb!'s picture

CanNOT wait to see Tyler

CanNOT wait to see Tyler Perry's new movie!! And Wiz NEEDS to STOP! NEXT!
TruStarr's picture

Tyler Perry = Fag

Tyler Perry = Fag
Anonymous's picture

YBF is so damn late, the wiz

YBF is so damn late, the wiz Khalifa story has been floating on other blogs for a week & a 1/2. SMH
Dez's picture

I agree. You can always count

I agree. You can always count on YBF to deliver the news days AFTER all of the other blogs.
Anonymous's picture

Tyler Perry Gonna Sell a 100

Tyler Perry Gonna Sell a 100 million in first week.. Good look for Bun & Wiz (SMDH) What The Hell Are You Thinking!!!!! For The New Jordans Coming Out Click The "New Jordan Coming Out" Link & Preview All The Hot Jordans For 2011
New Jordans Coming Out's picture

Tyler Perry "Gone Sale 100

Tyler Perry "Gone Sale 100 million, Thats A Good Move For Bun & Wiz khalifa WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING DUDE!!!!! For The New Jordans Coming Out Click The "New Jordan Coming Out" Link & Preview All The Hot Jordans For 2011
New Jordans Coming Out's picture

Deaddddddd at german

Deaddddddd at german shepard!!!!!! Tyler isn't fooling me anymore he keeps making the same movie with different people
Love Me or Not's picture

Wiz Khalif is so damn ugly!!

Wiz Khalif is so damn ugly!! WTF Amber just goes after everyone. I kind of liked her and kanye together. she is so washed up
Anonymous's picture

In some areas of the country

In some areas of the country Wiz is hot right now. They both see this as an opportunity to get some lime light for the time being. This "relationship" will not last long. If he does not make mainstream, she will be out!
Right Check's picture

Ummm whats up with the chic

Ummm whats up with the chic and the cucumber on the right side of the screen...
215girl's picture


Happy Lady's picture

Right ... Thats Hilarious!

Right ... Thats Hilarious!
Black Diamond The Model's picture

LMFAO,I've been watching it

LMFAO,I've been watching it for days and askin myself the same question !
amy's picture

I wouldnt introduce amber

I wouldnt introduce amber rose to the mother of my german shephard!! WHY would anyone introduce their momma to sl.t!!!? get a GRIP wiz!!! shes a gold digger/seeker! rid yourself of that trick man!!!
five seven's picture


Pretty Page's picture

omg. that poster will have

omg. that poster will have me seeing drag queens in my nightmares.
who?'s picture

This "man" is so UNORIGINAL.

This "man" is so UNORIGINAL. He will do anything to make a dime and degrade African Americans along the way as long as it PAYS. For (MANY) African American male actors, and specifically Black comedians, it is almost a requirement in Hollywood that at some point they dress up as a woman in order "to advance". A few years ago Director John Singleton told Black Star News, “I’m tired of all these black men in dresses … How come nobody’s protesting that?” And comedian Dave Chappelle confessed to Oprah Winfrey that he’d been pressured to do drag. “I don’t need no dress to be funny,” he said. Chappelle also suggested that their insistence amounted to a “conspiracy.” Tyler Perry has countered this notion in Essence that the criticism and speculation about his sexuality has, “given [him] a firm seating in [his] manhood.” LMAO But the BIGGER question most African Americans miss is what Tyler Perry's DRAG performance says about African American women. What message is Tyler sending that when he decides to dress up like Black women that THIS is how we act? I’m not suggesting we toss our sense of humor out the window but if a White MALE dressed up in Black FACE and portrayed us as loud, fat, or old we’d have something to say about it. But it's OK for TYLER to do it? People need to WAKE up and stop allowing GAY men to DEFINE OUR community. He's equally offensive in how he portrays African American MALES as Chris Brown types. Or African American women as VICTIMS. WRONG!

Ur using Chappelle to

Ur using Chappelle to strengthen ur argument? B/c he's always done positive African-American portrayals. Insert sarcasm. This is a blog. Concise pts would serve u well.
Anonymous's picture

you hit the nail on the head

you hit the nail on the head some people are so dumb
vita's picture


AMEN! AND THANK YOU! I refuse to see any of his foolishness, all he's doing is feeding into stereotypes, i mean the first few movies were okay, but now enough already come up with something else, and hollywood loves it cause honestly white folks love to laugh and make fun of us acting a fool, and they love to see big, over weight black women or black men portraying black women actin a fool and being loud cause that's how they perceive us, and the white women are shown to be sexy, classy, and attractive
Anonymous's picture

I hear you. But some how

I hear you. But some how people don't have an issue with NeNe Leakes who embodies most of the steroytypes. White people enjoy and get rich off that everyday. No one seems to be waxing philosophical about that.
Sassy's picture

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