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Jennifer Hudson Records For AOL Sessions + Naomi Campbell Does South Beach + Rihanna's "Rolling Stone" Sneak Peek

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Jennifer Hudson recently stopped by AOL studios to promote her I Remember Me album and we have pics inside.  See Jennifer singing her heart out plus sizzling pics of Naomi Campbell on South Beach and a sneak peek of Rihanna's new Rolling Stone spread inside....


Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson performed for AOL Music's "Sessions" at AOL Studios in Beverly Hills, California yesterday. 

She looked amazing.

The "Where You At" singer recently stopped by "American Idol" to promote her album and will be portraying Winne Mandela in a biopic out later this year.  



And over on South Beach,


Supermodel Naomi Campbell was spotted sailing on the waters of South Beach yesterday.  

She and boyfriend Vladimir Doronin rented a $500,000 superyacht for the week.  

At age 40, Naomi still rocks a bikini better than women half her age.


And coming soon to a magazine rack near you.....

Rihanna will be featured in Rolling Stone and we have a sneak peek at the pics before they hit the stands.

Rihanna opens up about hurt and pain in the issue including her relationships with her father and Chris Brown.

Looking good RiRi.



 Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

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hahahha's picture

Jennifer has definitely had

Jennifer has definitely had bariatric surgery or a Lap Band like all previously overweight celebs. Then they come out in public endorsing some Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or Nutri-System program. Its pathetic, just tell the truth or don't say anything at all. But I guess lying for money pays well. When her acting is terrible and that hollering she does that people call "singing" doesn't pan out what's a girl to do? The only place she might have a shot is broadway. She doesn't have that WOW factor that Beyonce, or Celine Dion, Yolanda Adams, Lauryn Hill, or India Arie has. Those are truly talented artists who give people chills when they sing. All Jennifer Hudson ever gave me was a headache. She's an over-rated weight loss-surgery- having liar...and a has been. Her 15 minutes of fame have come and gone. Not hating, just keeping it real.
IcePrincess's picture

i thinking she had surgery

i thinking she had surgery too. rapid/drastic weight loss and the excess skin are usually tell tale signs. jenny craig alone isn't going to make you lose that much weight. she'd also have to exercise - A LOT. and if she were exercising as much as she would need to - to lose that amount of weight - she'd be toned and her skin wouldn't be drooping. as far as her singing - i totally disagree with you. her voice is beautiful.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

rih rih is fierce... jhud is

rih rih is fierce... jhud is still improving... got some room to grow
leesh's picture

You know I really like J-Hud

You know I really like J-Hud but uh...her music team sucks. She doesn't have 1 sont that I would consider putting on a playlist. She should get a new group of people to produce her stuff. Maybe Jazzy Jeff out in Philly, Go a collab w/ the Roots. Her music just ain't really that fly...to me. *ducking buckshots*
lockstress's picture

agree completely

agree completely
Anonymous's picture

The suggestion that Jhud left

The suggestion that Jhud left her family in the getto is a nasty assumption. I grew up in the getto, was professionally successful and wanted to move my Mom into a new neighborhood. Even after her house was broken into she still refused to leave. Said her friends, neighbors and church were there and she wasn't going no where. Instead of buying her a house i had to add security bars and an alarm system!! Yall know how our parents are.....they are gonna do exactly what THEY want to do. I have no doubt that Jhud loved her family and particularly her Mom....and if her Mom was like mine......she didn't expect or feel entitled to anything from me......it was just my pleasure to provide it.
Anonymous's picture

Jhud and her lap band are

Jhud and her lap band are lookin fab and rhianna is pathetic.
another nobody's picture

jhud really freaks me out

jhud really freaks me out now... and as much as i really dont like rhi...she photogs well. the cover looks great.
myMAMAsaid's picture

Why is Rihanna still calling

Why is Rihanna still calling people idiots on twitter? She's so rude. She needs to be mindful of the things she says on twitter. She comes across as being a downright BITCH. She's hella beautiful, but she needs to develop some personality.
Anonymous's picture

I have a feeling the person

I have a feeling the person she was rude to was also being rude to her. Some people seems to think they can say whatever they want to celebs and get away with it.
Anonymous's picture

As much I agree that Jen did

As much I agree that Jen did need to drop a couple of pounds I think she's gone to far. Jen is a big boned person naturally so she is now starting to look strange especially in her face and her outfit is cute but she doesn't have the body type for it......a skirt right at or a little below her knees would have been a better fit in my opinion. Also there's a lot of loose skin on her arms which leads me to believe that Weight Watchers isn't the sole factor in her weight loss. Just my opinion
Kristie's picture


lulu's picture

You Chris Brown fans are so

You Chris Brown fans are so delusional. Rihanna didn't try to destry CB's career. He tried to do that all by himself. He put his hands on her, that's a crime dumbass!! From the reports when it first happened, they said that it was someone that lived in the neighborhood that called the police, not Rihanna because Chris threw her phone out of the window. And excuse her for going to the hospital and getting her injuries checked out. How dare she! People know what kind of person CB is because of HIS actions. He beat Rih up and he threw that child temper tantrum at the GMAs. He did all of that, not Rihanna.
tiredofdumbbroads's picture

this world is too one track

this world is too one track minded, why is it that only chris gets all the blame....most men don't jus hit women ....why don't we ask ourselves what she did.... i love her but she freaky too
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, but she probably gave

Yeah, but she probably gave him reason to do that, she probably was all over him, scratching and all kinds of shzt we didn't hear about...WE LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN!
Anonymous's picture

How the Eff she give him a

How the Eff she give him a reason to buss up her face? Some of you women are delusional and have NO self esteem. I am convinced, many black women/little girls don't know they should be respected and treated. God help us.
Anonymous's picture

hello..,,, i have very high

hello..,,, i have very high self esteem, byut there are times when women look for what they get... i personally find that the law only caters for if a man does a woman something and not for when a woman does him the same thing, if a man goes to the police station and complains a woman beat him up the police does nothing but before a woman reach inside the station, they are ready to kill the guy.. we need law reforms that's why women would always feel that they could just beat up and do fellas hurtful things and he would get all the heat. if we wanna compete with men in all fields of life we have to get equal judgement
Anonymous's picture

Gave him a reason? Really? I

Gave him a reason? Really? I hope you never give anyone a reason and trust me, that reason does not have to be physical on your part, it can be anything. BTW there is NEVER A REASON for that kind of violence.
Anonymous's picture

JHud needs to stop losing

JHud needs to stop losing weight and work on toning up! Especially her arms and legs. Then, she would be good to go.
Jo's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Didn't Rihanna just open up

Didn't Rihanna just open up to Vogue about her painful past relationships with the men that were (are) in her life? NEXT! derherzen.blogspot.com
The Queen of Hearts's picture

J Hud looks AMAZING. She is

J Hud looks AMAZING. She is just looking soo good. Ri Ri- Lookin good as usual.
thisizkim's picture

Rihanna is just killing the

Rihanna is just killing the fashion game right now! She is on Vogue magazine and now she is on Rolling Stone magazine. Girl is on fiyah! I hope to see Ri on Harper's Bazaar and on Vanity Fair. I wish they would put her on the September issue.
Big Lips Big Nose Nappy Hair Tar Baby aka Coal Black African's picture

All the ladies look good.

All the ladies look good. Jennifer is looking good! I don't think she too skinny. She just toned! Her breast looks good in that top and her skin looks flawless. I so happy she step her style game up!
Big Lips Big Nose Nappy Hair Tar Baby aka Coal Black African's picture

FUK Jennifer Hudson. She was

FUK Jennifer Hudson. She was living in the lap of luxury and left her mother and brother in the ghetto! Nobody questions that??? When her family was murdered they were LIVING IN THE GHETTO. this stupid girl can lose all the weight she wants it won't ever erase the fact that she was so selfish and greedy that she left her own MOTHER to stay in the ghetto. Shes as boring as FUK every interview is like watching paint dry!! She's a YES girl. No emotions, no opinions she just yes's everyone to death. Yawn. You suck Jennifer Hudson. I see you boo, all these other folk don't ask WTF your mama was still doing in the ghetto but some of us have enough brains to question that!
Anonymous's picture

You must bee from Chicago,

You must bee from Chicago, that truly knows the truth. Jennifer did want to move her mother out, but her mom didn't want to move. Her brother was a very big big drug time dealer that the drug deal went very wrong that day. Only her brother was assumed to be at home that day but wasn't, so all had to go that was at home during the raid.
Anonymous's picture

You are very misinformed!!

You are very misinformed!! Jennifer Hudson's mother chose to stay where she lived. You have no compassion to make such horrific statements about her. It looks like to are an undercover hating,,,,,Wonder what you look like hmmm? She is fabulous and very down to earth. I come from the genre of if you can't say anything positive say nothing at all. I pray many, many years of success for her. To show your hateful, seemingly jealous and envious nature, you watch interview after interview and critique her with such unnecessary vulgarity. If she is so dry and boring,,,,,don't watch! In terms of her being a yes person, she is saying yes to that which continues to catapult her into a successful place. If you want to watch and learn say a prayer for her if you think that you see so much. That would be a great way to use your brain.... and actually you sound very ghetto. Sad to say that is what some of us do. Instead of lifting one another up we commence to tearing each other down without the facts......and even if it were a fact, who asked you anyway?
Yvonne's picture

All thats stuff happen before

All thats stuff happen before she was making money and no one in her family was complaining so you have no right to speak about who Jennifer Hudson is except them . You probabley some fat girl who work-out plain or life plain didn't go the way you wanted so you go after everyone else that is just like the rest on the fools on here. BOOO WHO CRY YOURSELF A RIVER CAUSE I HAVE NO TEARS FOR YOU
CrazyMTF's picture

Not only do you sound dumb

Not only do you sound dumb but very hateful. Jennifer's mother (God rest her soul) was a grown woman, and maybe she did not want to leave her home off of her daughter's fame. You know NOTHING about Jennifer Hudson or her family except what you hear/read in the media. How dare you attack her because of where her mother lived!
Anonymous's picture

A Arseno Hall mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

A Arseno Hall mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Did her mother want to move out the ghetto? Maybe she was just keeping it real and didn't want to move.
Bronze Duchess's picture

LmaOooo I knew some of you

LmaOooo I knew some of you were going to come here and write that her mama WANTED TO STAY IN THE GHETTO...please shut the FUK up u ignorant Fukkin fools! Who the FUK WANTS TO STAY IN THE GHETTO???? AND it was before she was rich and famous!?!? Really asshole?? Then why the FUK was Jennifer all over the news??? Because she was just a poor regular Negro girl that just lost her mama and brother and bc that's so RARE today right??? Look it up asshole, she was already rich and famous by regular standards and wealthy enoughto move her god damn mother out the ghetto. You Fukkin idiots...ONLY A BLACK PERSON WOULD CLAIM THEY WANTED TO STAY THERE...yeah, ok...fat?? Honey I'm Fukkin gorgeous you wish u looked like me...I look better than half of these so called stars...STFU and SIT THE FUK DOWN
Anonymous's picture

Rihanna has major issues and

Rihanna has major issues and it started back from when she was a child. Her father is her problem and I have never seen a women so obsessed with their ex. She is obsessed with Chris Brown. Halle Berry suffered abuse for years with her husband and she never talked about her ex for years, like Rihanna. Rihanna had one fight with Chris and she can't move on. Because she already had major issues and Chris was too young to deal with a head case. Rihanna needs to stop selling her stories to magazines and go speak to a therapist. She needs help on moving on from Chris Brown.
Anonymous's picture

she was obviously asked about

she was obviously asked about the incident during interview, stupid. i guess she should throw a hissy fit like chris brown. comparing rih to halle berry is dumb. halle wasn't PUBLICLY abused by her superstar boyfriend with pictures of her bruised and battered face plastered all over gossip mags and the internet. its a dumb comparison. if rihanna needs help what the fuck does chris brown need? is robyn roberts a head case too? i guess she's to blame for his outburst as well. his fans are as much as the problem as he is. you enable and make excuses for him. he's NEVER going to get the help he desperately needs. god help you if you have a son...
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

Once again, Rihanna is

Once again, Rihanna is killing every chick in the game. Her body is sick!! Most of the people complaining and bitching about Rihanna talking about HER LIFE, keyword: HER LIFE, need to get a life of their own. Atleast she's not throwing chairs and breaking windows when asked a simple question. The entire interview wasn't even shown, so none of you jealous hags know what exactly she said about the situation. Rih is still on top with this cover, the Vogue cover, platinum selling album, hot single and hot new tour coming up. Stay mad hoes!!
Lovely's picture

Rihanna's bod in that Bikini

Rihanna's bod in that Bikini is To Die For! gwaan gyal! wuk up! lols..Naomi you might have a nasty attitude and a messed up hairline but your body is that of a young 20 something do it!
speaking of this ish....'s picture

Gone Naomi......that's what

Gone Naomi......that's what I'm talking about. While black women complaining about what black men don't do you got you a Russian billionaire that sings the Pointer Sisters Song non-stop, "Yes we can, yes we can-can-yes we can-yes we can-can. I know we can." Ballers 4 life.
Bronze Duchess's picture

Jennifer Hudson make me wanna

Jennifer Hudson make me wanna hop on a treadmill somewhere right NAH!!!!!!
Tatum Moss's picture

I know right!! Longas my

I know right!! Longas my dick stay phat tho! ; )
Big Dick's picture

I know right!! Longas my

I know right!! Longas my dick stay phat tho! ; )
Big Dick's picture

all 3 ladies look great. i

all 3 ladies look great. i know jhud has to be loving the new wardrobe options that weren't available to her before. she needs to slow down with the weight loss though. it's making her face look older. the beady bead queen's body is ridic! rhi's killin em - as usual. the proof is in how her haters come full force in every one of her posts. LOL what i find most amusing is how when fistopher goes off the deep end, his fans cry foul and wonder why rihanna isn't being asked about it in interviews. however, when she IS asked about the incident in interviews, she's accused of complaining and playing a victim. she was a victim. did you see her face when he got through with her??? how are you mad at her because she got beat up and your idol is a deranged woman beater. he ruined his own career and continues to do so 2 years after the fact - not rihanna. get a clue dumb bitches.
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

re: rihanna - couldn't have

re: rihanna - couldn't have said it better. Preach! I have come to realize however that most Chris Brown fans are just as violent and aggressive as he is. hence, his behavior is totally acceptable and explainable to them.
imgoncheckuboo's picture

very tru! he had to ask his

very tru! he had to ask his fans to stop sending threats to robyn roberts. *side eye* & SMDH
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture

Just because you are not fat

Just because you are not fat doesn't mean you can wear everything..mini skirts don't suit people with cellulite covered knocked kneed legs...*cough* j-hud *cough*
imgoncheckuboo's picture

I noticed that too. I know

I noticed that too. I know the photographer seen that, it is not a good look.
SPEAK ON IT's picture

Chris and Riri need to hook

Chris and Riri need to hook back up and have a sit-down on national TV!!! I'd pay to watch it b/c that ish would be CLASSIC!! OPRAH..................OPRAH....................help make this happen. Oh, and as I've stated earlier........JHUD's legs are so sad.
I...said..what...u...wanted.. too "really" say's picture

Why dont she just get Playboy

Why dont she just get Playboy out of her system and let it be! I'm so sick and tired of her playing this slut role. If you have something to say say it! dont always show why you are still here. This is the very reason why she gets no respect cause she cant respect her self TRAMP!
Anonymous's picture

If she gets no respect

If she gets no respect neither should gaga, britney and all the rest that seem to get a pass for doing the same thing.
Anonymous's picture

Naomi's and Rih Rih's body is

Naomi's and Rih Rih's body is on. JHud-love your spirit but I'm praying that you learn to dress your new body. Your legs aren't toned and your knees are a little fleshy... a knee length flirty skirt would work wonders.
jUgh's picture

Hey Natsha, are you gonna

Hey Natsha, are you gonna post something about DJ Megatron's murder ?? He was shot & killed this morning .
StillFlyy's picture

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