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Solange Knowles, Cassie, & Selita Ebanks Named New Faces Of Carol's Daughter!

Singer/Songwriter Solange Knowles and models Selita Ebanks and Cassie just landed a fabulous new gig.  They are the new spokeswomen of Lisa Price's & Steve Stoute's Carol's Daughter beauty brand.


We've got exclusive deets on the beautiful new deal when you read on...

These three ladies are putting their gorgeous looks and enviable skin and hair to good use.  Solange, Selita, and Cassie are the new ambassadors and spokeswomen for Carol's Daughter (CD).  Steve Stoute, chairman and lead investor in Carol's Daughter, tells TheYBF.com today in an exclusive statement:

"I am so happy and proud to have Solange, Cassie and Selita join the Carol's Daughter family. They, together with Lisa Price, Mary J Blige and Jada Pinkett Smith, share our passion of bringing beauty to a variety of skin tones and hair textures."

The first product under CD's improved brand guidelines is the Monoi Repairing Collection which works on all hair types. After one use, the product strengthens hair 13 times more than its natural state, and reduces breakage by 96%. The ad campaign for this line launches May 1st and will feature all three new Spokesbeauties.

In their new role, the fab chicks are working to redefine the color of beauty.  Selita said in today's WWD:

"Carol's Daughter doesn't have just one direct demographic.  Solange's hair is a different texture than mine.  So is Cassie's.  Our skin and body types are different.  Today, people are blended.  And I think the three of us are a prime example.  Women in my family range from vanilla to the deepest chocolate."

Can't wait till their campaigns start to roll out.  Congrats to the ladies!





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favour200's picture

I didn't read through all the

I didn't read through all the comments (sorry, in a hurry) but I will have to agree with the whole diversity and marketing strategy. Although I could care less what famous celebrity endorses these products, I do think it makes it more difficult to figure out if their products are right for you. However, let me first state that this could be because of my own ignorance in this area but I am an Italian woman with curly, dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair etc. Lets just say my hair has its issues and a lot of products for ethnic hair appeal to me, however I know I am "technically" considered caucasian and although I have some products I've used that I got from the ethnic hair section in the drugstore on a whim I still am not sure if it would be safe to use their products or any hair products considered for ethnic hair. I know your hair, scalp, body chemistry etc are a very complex subject and I wouldn't want to risk losing my long hair due to my lack of knowledge. Therefore, I stick to the products I know but not totally satisfied with. Along with too many horror stories I allowed myself to listen to, I believe I am not likely to buy a product unless I know for sure its suitable for me and my hair type. My hair is the most precious thing I've got and if I ruined it by using a product not meant for me, well I don't know what the hell I would do besides cry my eyes out! *Bottom line....Just make it easier for people to find out what your product is about and exactly what it is targeted for or else people won't buy because they'll be too busy on Google (like me) getting frustrated, trying to find the answers...
Jewels's picture

Can we throw just one

Can we throw just one dark-skinned beauty in the mix?
Dark & Lovely's picture

The advertisement is not the

The advertisement is not the problem, it's all about what Steve Stoute said about poly-ethnicity. We know our society is changing, but they still forgot the entire customer base and this strategy might end up back firing knowing our history of intra-racism. Carol's Daughter has a huge customer base of women from several demographics, so if they wanted to expand into newer markets then they should have featured an ad representing these types of women similar to the ad Iman cosmetics has. Stoute is all about popularity/popular culture and forgets that there are many women who are savvy and sophisticated shoppers who don't follow the use of "celebrities of the moment" to influence their spending choices. Even though these the women in the ad represent this changing shift, they still failed to consider the diversity of other women who also make up our community by omitting them in the ad campaign. I'm all for entrepreneurship, but I'm not going turn a blind eye nor support to this type of practice. You can't have a niche market and exclude certain types of women and expect product loyalty.
Anonymous's picture

Diversity: 1. the state or

Diversity: 1. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness. 2. variety; multiformity. 3. a point of difference. aside from knowing the “facts” of these young women, there is no point of obvious difference in their looks. light vs dark is played, agreed. however if your strategy is to get your target audience to believe you are diverse then diverse women diverse skin colors diverse hair textures needs to advertised. Its not a matter of an age old attempt to rally a hate group/colorism. its the reality of the business. If you want me to buy i need to be able to identify with at least one of the women on the ad. point. blank. period.
Eb's picture

Wow, your comments are on

Wow, your comments are on point.
Anonymous's picture

Cassie is so

Cassie is so pretty http://www.natoyaebony.com/
Anonymous's picture

This is ridiculous. If you're

This is ridiculous. If you're angry with this stupid marketing ploy, don't buy the stuff. Period. End of story. I'm certainly not. African-American women are the majority who brought Carol's Daughter to this kind of success. What a betrayal.
Anonymous's picture

why is selita banks so damn

why is selita banks so damn beautiful? this shit is not normal!
betterunited's picture

I loved it when Mary J and

I loved it when Mary J and Jada Pinkett-Smith were spokespeople. I like Selita Ebanks and can, I guess, stomach Solange Knowles. But if any portion of the money I spend on Carol's Daughter products, which are quite pricey as it is, will be going to fund a no-talent, half-shaven, hussy like Cassie...No Ma'am! I will now be looking for a new line of skin and hair products and I am serious as a heart attack about this!
Twilightey's picture

I agree. As consumers we have

I agree. As consumers we have the right to chose where we put our money. Spokespeople are selected with great care--to appeal to the target audience. I dig Solange and Selita but Cassie....hmm. Carol is not the only one making overpriced shea butter products....so you will surely find a replacement. For instance, once Carol's prices went up I found Nasabb--more natural and cheaper.
Anonymous's picture

so you're willing to wipe out

so you're willing to wipe out your skin routine just because another b*tch is trying to get paid? you sound stupid. The business will thrive without you.
RealBitchIsland's picture

I bought Carol's Daughter

I bought Carol's Daughter Almond Cookie perfume and, it smells great but, it burns my skin like alcohol would burn an open sore. I'm not interested in her hair care products @ all.
love_to_laugh's picture

Her Products have ALWAYS been

Her Products have ALWAYS been WACKED!
Sorry's picture

Why does Solange look hungry

Why does Solange look hungry next to the other girls? Couldn't they pick a cuter natural hair model for this campaign? This is unintelligent advertising. I doubt people are going to run out and buy carol's daughter because they saw a picture of selita, cassie and solange. The consumer is savvier than that. Make us good products and we'll buy. This is clearly Steve Stoute's influence -- he just rounded up all the hip hop bunnies and he thinks we are going to fall for this shit. He can't understand what women (esp. black women) want in a hair product because he is not a woman and he is bald at that. GTFOH!
imgoncheckuboo's picture

You would never in a million

You would never in a million years see white latinos trying to market anything to Black Hispanics because they always want to distance themselves away from dark-skinned latinos and don't consider us all the same level as they are.
Isabella's picture

this is what happens when you

this is what happens when you fire Black women and allow white & latin gay men to run your company. the spirituality of the company has been lost
Anonymous's picture

I'm not surprised that CD is

I'm not surprised that CD is branching out because I saw them on HSN last year. She was advertising her product to work on everyone (not only black people). I can see that she diversified her models based on hair texture but if she wants everyone to buy her stuff, she should at least have more diversity with skin tone as well as having someone with wavy or curly hair to represent her product.
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, I noticed the hue

Yeah, I noticed the hue similarity as well but Cassie through me off so much, I let it slide. I used to make special trips to NYC just to get my CD... but I've long moved past that phase when the prices went up and the packages got smaller
naturallyflly's picture

Latino & Hispanic? It’s Time

Latino & Hispanic? It’s Time to Rethink these Terms! Michael Grande - 7/5/2005 The words Latino and Hispanic have been so carelessly thrown around, used to label individuals, taken advantage of by some of the popular media (ie: Latin Grammy’s, AOL Latino, and the Hispanic Heritage Awards), and even used by some unknowing people as a tool to define their heritage. Yet do we really know what these words mean? There are over 25 countries where Spanish is either the official, or a commonly spoken language (including areas of the world that people don’t often associate with Spanish, like Andorra or the Philippines), and Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Additionally there are myriad regional dialects; some examples are the original Castilian Spanish of Spain (directly descended from the Latin language), Argentinean Spanish with its distinctive Italian flair, and Mexican Spanish with its characteristic blend of indigenous (Native American) words. There is no “typical” skin color for Spanish speakers - they range from the lightest whites to Mediterranean breeds, from those of Indian (Native Central/South American and Caribbean) heritage to black. All of the Spanish-speaking countries have their own unique peoples and their own distinctive cultures – they cannot be broadly and irresponsibly categorized into a “Latino” grouping. It is entirely imprecise to use such broad, vague, inaccurate terminology to categorize people based upon their language (whatever dialect it may be). Oddly enough, the term “Latino(a)” is never (or rarely) used in the USA to refer to Western Europeans such as Spaniards and Italians, when in fact the original Latin cultures lie within Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Andorra, and France. Furthermore, when students arrive at college or pick up a book on European history, they will find that the term Latin, when used to refer to a monolithic culture, will speak of the Ancient Roman society, which is contrary to the ambiguous terminology employed by American media. The term Latin America first came into use in the late 1860’s and was used to describe the French presence in Mexico. This term was later shortened to refer to people from “Latin American” countries; thus solidifying the American misperception of the term. I have many Spanish-speaking friends, all of whom hail from different countries. My ex-college Professor is from Argentina and has almost nothing culturally in common with my friend from Mexico. As a matter of fact they too hate the use of the term Latino; they demand to be referred to according to their country of heritage, and rightly so! Furthermore, the terms Latino and Hispanic have been irresponsibly used as a “minority labeling system.” I find this to be even more reckless because any and all racism boils down to that which it always has: color. Another of my friends hails from Chile and has red hair and blue eyes, but according to popular media, a job application, or a government form, she is Latina or Hispanic, two terms that she earnestly hates because they pay no credence to her unique culture. Somehow I don’t think she was the minority prototype that they were looking for, but possibly that’s because the terminology is so rampantly and incorrectly used. Racism is despicable in any form, but if these silly questions are still going to be asked on government forms and job applications then they should address that which is truly in question: race. Anyone who hails from Central/South America or the Caribbean who is dark-skinned is likely to be either in part or fully of Indian heritage. Instead of making tons of superfluous categories on forms, why not just leave two boxes: Native American (North/Central/South/Caribbean) and African American? The other day I heard someone say, “Did you know that Latinos constitute the second largest minority population in America?” I thought to myself, “This is ridiculous.” Nobody needs to be forced into an inappropriate minority mentality; how has American cultural ignorance become so pervasive? Who are the minorities? The indigenous (native) population or the mestizo (mixed) population? Who exactly does this refer to? It’s so confusing. I am 100% Italian American. I speak both Spanish and Italian fluently. Since Italy is the patriarch of the Latin Culture, am I a minority too? This has become a very perplexing issue indeed. In Western Europe the term Latin(o)(a) is commonly used to refer the cultures of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and France. Additionally Europeans are shocked at how the term is used in America and who the term has been used to label. The term Latino(a) refers to the Latin culture, a culture that originally flourished in Italy during Roman times. It was during that time that the Romans spread the Latin language throughout Western Europe; the language then morphed into the modern Romance Languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. In essence, the Italians are the original Latinos, and the only people who should be termed “Latino(a)” are those whose ancestry stems from Western Europe or those who have strong cultural ties to Latin Culture. Why would someone so irresponsibly refer to an indigenous Mexican as “Latino” when he has his own ancient, Pre-Columbian Heritage, ie: Aztec, or Mayan? Why would someone use the term to refer to someone of indigenous Peruvian heritage when he has his own Incan heritage? Why would someone label an indigenous-blooded Puerto Rican as “Latino” when his bloodline lies with the Borinquen Indians? People need to wake up and get educated on this issue. How many North Americans would like to be referred to as “Norths” or “Anglos” based upon our geographical location or our mother tongue? I for one, would not! The spread of such inaccurate terminology only helps to perpetuate myths that prevail in our society. Cultural ignorance seems to be a popular phenomenon in the U.S.A. Americans do not have the right to irresponsibly use terminology that attempts to alter history. We have the resources to become culturally educated; let’s use them and begin to express our heritage by country, not vague, “media and commerce friendly” generalities. If indeed we chose to speak of “Latinos,” using such a generalist quip, a quick reference term for all those who trace their roots to Latin America., then we should include the maternal Latin countries in that group: Italy, Spain, Portugal, even France. There is a pervasive Latin cultural flow that began in those countries and spread to Latin America. Latinos wouldn’t be “Latinoamericano” without the Europeans. Since the word “Hispanic” originally came from Spain as an adjective for linguistic purposes and is derived from the Roman name for their prized province “Hispania,” I guess we should look at England’s Roman name – “Britannia.” It appears then, according to Hispanic rhetoric that all speakers of English, regardless of culture, race, ethnicity, or geography should be called “Britannic.” So from India to America – I guess I should now present the list of BRITANNICS…. I think you’ll begin to see for yourself just how silly the modern-day, American usage of the words Hispanic and Latino has become… The English-speaking Countries: • Antigua & Barbuda • Australia • Bahamas,The • Bangladesh • Barbados • Belize • Bermuda • Botswana • Brunei • Cameroon • Canada • Cayman Islands • Dominica • Fiji • Gambia,The • Ghana • Gibraltar • India • Ireland • Jamaica • Kenya • Lesotho • Liberia • Malawi • Malta • Mauritius • New Zealand • Nigeria • Pakistan • Papua New Guinea • Philippines • Seychelles • Sierra Leone • South Africa • Sri Lanka • Swaziland • Tanzania • Trinidad and Tobago • Uganda • United Kingdom • United States • Zambia • Zimbabwe * Chart from: http://www.aneki.com/english.html Michael Grande is currently a graduate student of Literature and Culture. In addition to English, he also speaks Italian, Spanish, French and basic Latin. In the past, he's been published in Manchester Times.
Anonymous's picture

LMAO that u think someone's

LMAO that u think someone's going to take 5 minutes reading what it probably took you 5 seconds to copy and paste. NEXT!
Twilightey's picture

I agree way too much time on

I agree way too much time on your hands but I appreciate the lesson. It is good food for thought... I always found the terms Latino and Hispanic problematic for some of the same reasons.
naturallyflly's picture

way too much time on your

way too much time on your hands to write this essay on history !!!
Anonymous too 's picture

I thank you VERY much Michael

I thank you VERY much Michael Grande for the education! I am in love with Romance languages, and am STILL learning/practicing Spanish. Your in depth study of the history was thorough and I appreciate your work. I believe at this point we (the Human Race) are so mixed up and there are so many regions, cultures, histories to consider that it is truly a mute point to label ppl. Let's just be ppl and move on.
Anonymous's picture

First we were too black and

First we were too black and now we aren't black enough. You people need to grow up and stop hating. I am a confessed PJ and have used CD products. I love them. They work for me. I think I'll go out and buy some more just to counterbalance all this ignorant chatter.
Anonymous's picture

This ad is about hair NOT

This ad is about hair NOT skin color and different hair types are represented here! What's the damn problem. Some ppl have such low self esteem!
Anonymous's picture

I agree,I didn't even pay

I agree,I didn't even pay attention to the models until I started reading the comments.When I first saw it,I immediately zoned in on the hair to see just what kind of textures they were going to show a representation of.I was pleasantly pleased LOL-I was like hmmm,they have nappy,permed,& good-very well done! I'll stick to worrying about SKIN color on the make-up ads.
Anonymous's picture

I heard that Carol's

I heard that Carol's Daughters product's suck and makes your rough.
Anonymous's picture

I am definitely not a

I am definitely not a fan...the products didn't do anything for my hair.
LizzyE's picture


OK i DONT SEE THE PROBLEM WITH THE WOMEN THEY CHOSE TO USE FOR THEIR CAMPAIGN. It's just not that serious to me but I will say that CD products suck!!!! I have tried to support but that over-priced greasy stank shit just don't do it 4 me. : (
Anonymous's picture

don't see any diversity,

don't see any diversity, these are the same faces we see promoting every other beauty product, and none of them are going to have a problem finding a matching foundation at walmart
blaq's picture

That's a lie, I am a

That's a lie, I am a lightskinned black woman and I can't ever find matching foundation anywhere.It is either too red or too dark. Thank God I have flawless skin and do not need a dump load of make up. O miserable dark butts
Anonymous's picture



truer words have never been

truer words have never been written
bhud's picture

boycott carols daughter!!!

boycott carols daughter!!!
ama.dumi's picture

"was it my resume or raveen?"

"was it my resume or raveen?" lol. that is some silly shit we have to deal with. no i do believe in variety. there is none shown. i aint hating on the 3 shown. however wheres gabby, viola, angela, serena, venus, alek wek? where are those skin tones? i guess i will go to ambi cuz if there skin tone is represented on the commercial than i think it is for me. i think i will stop going to carols daughter for advice till i see the girl veronica off of shameless on carols daughter ads. i am boycotting carol. dueces.
ama.dumi's picture

Cassie mother is black ppl if

Cassie mother is black ppl if u don't know her mother is back and latina. i think Cassie look more better than the other two chick.
Muot's picture

WOW, your english is crazy!

WOW, your english is crazy! Cassie look more better?? What exactly is that? Who really cares if Cassie looks "more better", question is what is she doing there? What is Solange doingm(other than calling attention to herself by dressing weird and being Beyonce's sis)? I can see Serita. A little more diversity would have been better for the ad, in my opinion.
Anonymous's picture

You need to check your

You need to check your spelling while you are trying to correct somebody else's grammar. thanks.
jasmine Hicks's picture

Uhm...I've been buying CD

Uhm...I've been buying CD products since she was making that shyt outta her damn basement with the line standing around the corner. Carol used darkskinned models in her ads, brothers and sisters are employed in her stores and what the hell is wrong with black people? We come in a variety of shades. I see nothing wrong with the ad. Check out the site for christ sakes. ugh! I'm officially done with my race. COLOR does not define your ethnicity!
lockstress's picture

there are so many wrongs with

there are so many wrongs with this ad campaign. first of all, it brings up the color issue within the black community and that is never a pleasant thing to bring up. second of all, they have omitted the other end of the spectrum, the dark chocolate beautiful women. i suppose they have good intentions but they are only perpetuating colorism. i don't like CD products but i would never use them now because i am so unimpressed by this ad and i'm a lightskinned black woman.
imgoncheckuboo's picture

Cassie is Black Asian and

Cassie is Black Asian and Latin... three different minorities so she's three different types of women of color.... why shouldn't she endorse carol's daughter
Mila's picture

I love your point. I think

I love your point. I think the main issue is that of the three...none are women of a darker hue.
Shamarie's picture

I have been using carol

I have been using carol daughter for 6 years and im not happy with the direction their heading. I'm currently searching for products to replace them because i plan to stop supporting them.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Oh, and for all those people

Oh, and for all those people happy announcing that the world will be "mixed or multiracial" do you think black people are going anywhere? They have products specifically for them. CD need has sold out just like so many black people do.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I told yall mixed people are

I told yall mixed people are beautiful and the mosr attractive people on the earth. The mixture of two or more races creates beautiful skin and features. I'm in florida. ytampa bay area n there are many black men with white or hispanic women. Their kids are beautiful. Why do you think mixed women are more popular among black n white people. For example, Halle berry, Tia/Tamara, Cassie, Ravon and people who have other races in their family less then 4 generations back Vanessa Williams. White people are comfrontable with these type of women. It the way of the future muti cultural race.You want more dark skin women in ads then I suggest you have ur own company n hire them.
Anonymous's picture

I told yall mixed people are

I told yall mixed people are beautiful and the mosr attractive people on the earth. The mixture of two or more races creates beautiful skin and features. I'm in florida. ytampa bay area n there are many black men with white or hispanic women. Their kids are beautiful. Why do you think mixed women are more popular among black n white people. For example, Halle berry, Tia/Tamara, Cassie, Ravon and people who have other races in their family less then 4 generations back Vanessa Williams. White people are comfrontable with these type of women. It the way of the future muti cultural race.You want more dark skin women in ads then I suggest you have ur own company n hire them.
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