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Rohan Marley Says He's Not Having A Baby With Lauryn Hill

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We told you previously that Lauryn Hill is expecting her sixth child, but -ish hit the fan yesterday when Rohan Marley (the father of Lauryn's five kids) spoke out and denied paternity of the sixth child.  Deets inside....

After Lauryn Hill announced she was expecting her sixth child during a concert in Detroit, most folks assumed the father of the unborn child was Rohan Marley, whom has fathered five children with Lauryn.

However, Rohan Marley put out a tweet yesterday denying paternity saying, “2 things, I’m not married and I don’t have anyone expecting anything."

To get clarity on the statement, a Clutch Magazine reporter reached out to Rohan on twitter and you can read the exchange here:

SMH.....there are many things going on below the surface here.  It sounds like he is not even with Lauryn anymore.  Very interesting.


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Hasn't he always denied

Hasn't he always denied Lauryn and the children? What else is new.com?
Anonymous's picture

You aint said nothing but a

You aint said nothing but a word. Typical case a talented, genius woman getting caught up with a lesser than man. The twist here is the 5(or) 6 kids she still decided to have for the man.
SIDE.EYE's picture

That's why I think she's a

That's why I think she's a DAMN fool for staying with this dude who doesn't claim her and she keeps popping out babies left and right with NO ring in sight.....SMDH!!!!!
MoJo Diva's picture

The plot thickens....

The plot thickens....
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