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UH OH: Winnie Mandela Does NOT Approve Jennifer Hudson Playing Her In Biopic...Or The Movie Itself

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Winnie Mandela is opening up about the new movie based on her life starring Jennifer Hudson, and she is not pleased. In fact, Winnie calls the upcoming film an insult. Deets inside.....

Could you tell the story of a living person's life without ever speaking to the individual?  The producers of Winnie obviously thought so as Winnie Mandela revealed in a recent interview.  She said that she has never met or spoken to Jennifer Hudson, who is playing her in a movie based on her life. 

"I have absolutely nothing against Jennifer, but I have everything against the movie itself," she told CNN.  "I am still alive and I think it is total disrespect to come to South Africa, make a movie about my struggle and call that movie some translation of a romantic life of Winnie Mandela. I think it is an insult."

For her own part in this mess, Jennifer Hudson has said she wanted to speak to Winnie Mandela but was advised by the movie's producers that it would be a bad idea.  A bad idea for who?  Jennifer...or the producer's vision of the movie?

I think I would find the idea of someone talking about my life without including me pretty insulting too. But it happens so I digress.....


Watch Winnie give her thoughts on the film to CNN here:

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Is there anyone on this blog

Is there anyone on this blog with an ounce of intelligence? The reason quite simply that Winnie was not consulted is because Winnie, as we all know, has been through a treacherous life and unfortunately is no longer the wonderful, loving and selfless woman she once was. She has been wittled down and corrupted by businessman, politicians and former friends. Had she been consulted on the movie, no-one would believe that the movie was an accurate portrayal, instead it would have been viewed as a movie, uneccesarily influenced by ego, personal issues and politics. In addition, the movie is based on a book of the life of Winnie, released many years ago. Winnie did not object to this book. Why now is she objecting to the movie when she has not even seen it yet? Assuming it is a accurate depiction of the book, what is there to object to that had not been objected to before? Use the grey matter between your ears before you all get self-rigteous and escalate this issue into one of "evil whites" and "weak blacks". This is not a racial issue. Its a movie. In my view, Winnie's objections are masquerading as being upset due to non-consultation. Her real issue is economic reward or lack thereof, as many of you are accusing the film's producers of.
Anonymous's picture

I have tried to reach

I have tried to reach Jennifer Hudson on Facebook to explain why she should be against this movie. Why she should have question the producers when they did not want her to contact Winnie Mandela! She is old enough and mature enough to know something was wrong with this! Producers have their own Agenda...at this time in history...some Americans have their own Agenda to downplay the significance of Winnie Mandela in re the Apartheid struggle. They have no question supporting people like Hillary Clinton who should be in the penitentiary...someone who had my youngest son put in DCFS because of me calling the Whitehouse Hotline against abortion! Ill. Cir. Court Case #95 JA 2237. Also, during the Clinton Adm. Hillary Clinton was behind Winnie Mandela being boycotted from the International Women's Conference she organized...we still have Clinton supporters! I support Winnie Mandela as being a great lady...regardless of what is being said against her. The most important is that no producer should have the right to produce a movie about someone they did not contact...since Jennifer Hudson knew this...she should not have done the movie. Jennifer Hudson's tragic family experience should make her more sensitive to Winnie Mandela's story in re South Africa which is still touchy til now...especially now! I personally wish the Hudson Family would all get together and tear down that house her mother and brother were murdered in and in respect to her little murdered nephew...created some type of memorial site against Violence here in Chicago. Why is this case is being stalled in the Court system in Chicago. It would be more credible to Jennifer Hudson if she would create a memorial Site Against Violence because of her family members! Ms. E, Dir. of the International Prolife Federation, Deborah Movement Burnside, CAN-TV Producer
Ernestine Standberry's picture

The problem in the world

The problem in the world today! No respect! You can not care about Winnie if you could not talk to her to see her side! This is sabotage! Only a sellout could do this to there own people! For the love of fame and fortune! I try not to believe what I hear and I have done enough research! How would she feel if this was done to her, this is heartless and cold blooded! I am upset and disgusted!
Artesha Gray!'s picture

I think it's a bit strange to

I think it's a bit strange to accept a part as a real life person in a movie that obviously has adverse feelings about the part or/and the making of the entire film. Did she ask the producers why she shouldn't contact Winnie? Why not just reach out to her and get her side at least. It just seems like a punk and hollywood type move on Jennifer not to find out what Winnies issue was.
Bopa's picture


SHAME ON JENNIFER HUDSON! Evil whites and stupid weak blacks are forever trying to steal and tell someone elses story. They are forever trying to romanticize a horrible stiuation to down play the tragedy of said situation. Remember when these savages wanted to make a situational comedy out of "SLAVERY"? Now how the hell are you going to tell someone elses life story without consulting them? I shutter to think what this story will actually portray! POWER TO MY BLACK PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD!
I Said It And?'s picture

If the person is alive, I

If the person is alive, I think they should make every attempt to speak with the subject. It would give the actor more insight into the character. Producers knew they didn't want to being Winnie on board so they kept Jennifer from speaking with her. Remember when Etta James was pissed at Beyonce for playing her with speaking to her . She felt insulted. Most people would like to be consulted at least.
SweetDivaT's picture

JHud is an actress she didn't

JHud is an actress she didn't write the the screenplay, put up the funding ,direct or produce this movie she was hire to play a role whether the individual is living or dead. You people act like this is a movie she bank rolled and didn't do her homework and not showing respect to the person she was again hire to play. JHud was an employee of this movie not the movie studio head she did as she was told just like most of us that have jobs you do as you are told and if you didn't you wouldn't be employed for long. All these misstatements and ignorance's is what wrong with our community we always want to kill the messenger.
Anonymous's picture

I'm disheartened by your

I'm disheartened by your ignorance, and choice to not have someone held accountable for the body of work in which they create. If a firefighter is told his chief to pass out defective smoke detectors and does it without question for they sake of having a job is he or she not responsible for they lives that could be subsequently lost? If a preacher allows what he knows to be corrupt politician come to speak with his congregation because the person plans to make a "love offering" is he wrong because he is influencing his flock? If a teacher teaches solely to state test in order to improve test scores with reckless abandon to the needs and welfare of the children still a good teacher because he or she does what the principal tells him to do? Why is this lack of accountability acceptable? If she did not research and reach out Mrs. Mandela about her life and emotion she is perpetrating a myth when she goes on a promotional tour and endorses this story as truth. This is at best political propaganda that is set to serve some purpose and financial gain. That is a subservient attitude that has kept our race bound up in mental captivity far beyond slavery. Slave masters dead and forgotten are singing tunes of joy because many of us are still mentally bound. Just do your job, collect your check, and disregard who could get hurt in the process.
Disappointed 's picture

I am also dishearten by your

I am also dishearten by your ignorance's we should all be held accountability for our actions this movie has not even seen the light of day JHud was a actress that was hire to do a job. Unless you are independently wealthy I guess you have a job as well or maybe not. I see you deal in the world of what if. There have been enough written and recorded about Ms. Mandela to separate fact from fiction. You are assuming that JHUD did no research. Is Ms Mandela off limits we must sometimes take the bitter with the sweet. As far as being subservient if that the position that you assign yourself that's on you. In this direr economical situation that America and rest of the world find ourselves in there are many people that find them selves living pay check to pay check it's not about slave mentality it's about survival. I don't know what song you may be singing sister but some are singing the bread line, unemployment almost homeless blues. Stop being so judgmental.
Anonymous's picture

I do NOT approve of Winnie

I do NOT approve of Winnie Mandela putting gasoline soaked tires around South African men and boys' necks then lighting them, but nobody asked if I did, either.
JN's picture

Lol Winnie's "soccer team"

Lol Winnie's "soccer team" will necklace you
Errors galore....'s picture

with this not being the

with this not being the topic, i have to comment on jhud sacraficing her family, in a way she did, because when it was all said and done she said and i quote, "if i could do it again i wouldn't change a thing, because all i wanna do is sing". Should that be something that you say when your mother, brother, and nephew are slain??? NO, i was expecting her to say she would give up anything to have her family back but she didn't and that makes me question her, she offer reward money after they were killed, thats probably what he wanted in the first place!!! That is all!
addybaby's picture

No matter what sort of person

No matter what sort of person Winnie is, its very disrespectful to make a movie about her with talking to her! The movie itself has limited credibility if Winnie had no input! Thats just wrong very very wrong.......I quite like how Winnie compared what the film makers are doing to the oppressors in Apartheid South Africa. Just assume they know! I am sure if a movie was to be made about the wife or ex-wife of Western Head of State the family and person if still alive would be consulted. Its so like some people to assume that they are doing Africans a favour!
Sticky's picture

I whole-heartedly agree with

I whole-heartedly agree with Mrs. Mandela...
TruthBeTold's picture

Considering the fact that

Considering the fact that Winnie Mandela cheated on her husband while he was in prison with young teenage boys and ran a soccer club that was a front for roving bands of drug dealers and killers, she ought to STFU. As soon as President Mandela found out what she had done he divorced her sorry ass. JHud may regret taking this part.
anonymous's picture

Hum...I never write comments

Hum...I never write comments on this website, but this ignorant coment of yours tickled me in a BAD way!!! How can you possibly make such a statement???? Do you have any sort of proof for what you're saying??? So, I guess the fact that she did what you say she did she should just shut up and accept this injustice??? Everyone deserves respect, just like prisonners, cheaters, etc. because at the end of the day, we're all human and we make mistakes.
Anonymous's picture

That's exactly what I was

That's exactly what I was going to say. How the heck does anyone except close friends and relatives, ie-people who were in this woman's life, know who she is or was? We (the public) believe anything with a byline that someone puts out. Osama killed 3,000 Americans from the opposite side of the world? That makes sense. Winnie Mandela lit boy soccer players on fire? Yeah, that's sounds about right. This dictator needs to be killed who just HAPPENS to live in an oil rich country-yeah, sure that's sounds right. Please do some critical thinking from now on, folks.
INTS's picture

Ummm you might want to listen

Ummm you might want to listen to some of us who actually know a thing or two about Winnie. The above comment did not say anything sinister about Winnie - she did all those things and she only got away with it because of Mandela's last name. The way she treated him when he came out of prison was very very bad - at least by our African standardds. You do not flaunt your boy toy when you are still married. You want to call her killing of Stompie a good thing? You and Winnie can have a seat!
Errors galore....'s picture

As a South African i can

As a South African i can definetly say with certainty that Winnie Madikizela Mandela is very much respect in South Africa and a lot of people can identify with her disapproval of this movie. There is no way producers and directors can make a movie about an apartheid and struggle hero wihtout consulting her or her family or even people who know her. Chances are, the real emotions and the intensity of that period will not be captures properly. I know for a fact that the accent will be absolutely wrong. And in my opinion i dont think Jhud wil be able to capture presence and power that Winnie Mandela has....
phumi's picture

I used to revere Mama Winnie

I used to revere Mama Winnie until she did Madiba wrong. She used to be powerful but she was (and still) punch drunk with power and fame. I know a lot of women that she did wrong and they had to flee to live in the ANC camps in Zimbabwe. Graca Machel is more powerful and much more of a powerful woman than Winnie - in my humble opinion. I know you think ngiyabhedha but I just can't. As for Americans going in and not consulting I think it's wrong. Denzil Washington is the only person that nailed owned a part - when he played Steve Biko in Biko. I am still haunted by that perfomance. On another thought I will also have to give it to Alfre Woodard. She played Winnie and she played her well. The emotion was just raw.
Errors galore....'s picture

I don't know you, and I am

I don't know you, and I am not south african either... Trust me, from the moment I heard that Winnie Mandela's story was going to be made by an American production with American actors, I was appaled!!! I think that in itself is an insult...the accent will be oh sooo wrong for sure!!! This is definately a movie I will not support!
Anonymous's picture

I agree, how can producers

I agree, how can producers make a movie about someone and not even look to that person for "real events," whats the movie based off. And the title should be "Does Not Approve of Producers, not JHud."
Renae's picture

I truly am dissappointed and

I truly am dissappointed and will NOT be supporting that movie.
Thandiwe's picture

I have so much love for

I have so much love for Winnie Madikizela Mandela flaws and all.
Miss X's picture

This is all just sad and

This is all just sad and ignorant....Mama Winnie is and will always be one the Greatest woman that's ever walked our soil, you know I as woman would not be typing comments on ybf if the likes of Winnie, Dimpho Hani, Albertina Sisulu gave up...
zuki's picture

Stand by that conviction and

Stand by that conviction and OWN it....everyone don't feel the same way you do and rightfully that is their choice. I wonder will Ms. Mandela be portray as her bio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winnie_Mandela or will she be portray as the motherland sweetheart? I never really knew the women but I will be watching Jennifer Hudson perform a stellar performance on the big screen. To each is his own...
dee's picture

Speculation is all most of us

Speculation is all most of us non insider tend to do when we are not insiders. The worst thing to do is speculate about an individual life. #justsaying at the end of the day comments and opinions are like asswipe/assholes=we all have one but to not support someone merely based on speculation is assinine...seriously. None of us truly have the full scoop but I remember when President Nelson Mandela sat in a jail cell for 27 years without any real support while his wife was free...he remained married to Ms. Mandela despite it all but one must wonder what the hell did she do during those 27 years Mandela was locked up? Surely she did not sit in a corner or play a nurse maid to her husband...when he was freed they divorced. In between his imprisonment nothing much was broadcasted...I want to learn about what sort of first lady was she-Mandela. The first lady...now she speaks when someone want to pay her homage...what is the real tea and we blame Jennifer Hudson. Surely, we are not that narrowed mined to believe Hudson is to blame for Ms. Mandela decision during Mr. Mandela imprisonment of 27 years behind bars. #TEAM HUDSON.....it is so like our people to only ride the journey of another when all is well, but as soon as their is a glitch, drama, or a challenging rode that individual must climb...we cut them down at the knee. Ole' girl Hudson does not deserve that type of behavior from anyone of us....what the hell has she ever done to deserve that type of behavior from alleged loyal fanbase? I suppose the only stars that get royal treatment is "Lady Gaga" or "Beyonce", that can do no wrong nor attempt to emulate anyone....HUH? Oh really now....I give girl props for taking such a role considering the backlash and whole bunch of nothing that Lady Mandela is attempting to create. Like I said earlier Ms. Mandela should be happy a producer want to pay homage to her considering her slate is not that squeaky clean and that is putting it nicely!
dee's picture

Your're obviously not African

Your're obviously not African - hence this ignorant statement
Anonymous's picture

Oh am I suppose to offended

Oh am I suppose to offended by that comment? I think not...ignorant comments warrant an ignorant response...
dee's picture

You're right I am not African

You're right I am not African but I am an "African American"....hence we are all entitled to our opinion. This is mine and I am sticking to it....there is nothing more ignorant than coming for Jennifer Hudson simply because she is portraying a women in a movie....
dee's picture

Oh yeah...I am 46 years old

Oh yeah...I am 46 years old and I grew up during the era of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, civil rights and apartheid at which time African Americans (blacks or n***** in America was really going through real ish...uh huh! I can only hope Jennifer Hudson get down and gritty with her role that she was cast to portray...I take nothing from the sistas journey! Read all about it before you chime off at the mouth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apartheid
dee's picture

Can folks stop using

Can folks stop using WIKIPEDIA as a reliable source of information - especially in an argument/debate!!!! Yes Jennifer is not to blame but like Winnie Mandela I blame those behind the movie and also hate it when American oops African-Americans try an African accent!!
Anonymous's picture

I am interest in watching the

I am interest in watching the movie....Mr. Mandela sat in a jail cell for 27 years but I never understood the story behind Ms. Mandela....I will support Jennifer Hudson in her attempt to emulate and play out the part her script requires to tell the story.....enough already with bashing our talented actresses with naysayer and crab in the barrel mentality. #TEAM HUDSON and #TEAM NELSON MANDELA!
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Anonymous's picture

Now that was an ignorant

Now that was an ignorant comment and laughable too! This is the 21st century. Yes I comment on blog boards and write on my own blog...matter of fact. Theybf is one of my favorite blogs....amongst others. My age? The best I can do...child please w that nonsense. Another person attempting to offend. Commenting on a blog does not sum up an individual life at all.
Dee's picture

Now that was an ignorant

Now that was an ignorant comment and laughable too! This is the 21st century. Yes I comment on blog boards and write on my own blog...matter of fact. Theybf is one of my favorite blogs....amongst others. My age? The best I can do...child please w that nonsense. Another person attempting to offend. Commenting on a blog does not sum up an individual life at all.
Dee's picture




Anonymous's picture

Time to get back on your

Time to get back on your meds.
anonymous's picture

What a horrible thing to

What a horrible thing to say....and may the words you speak come back to your door twicefold since you want to speak evil upon someone else's house. How the hell do you know what happen on the fateful eve of the demise of J. Hudson mother? Who the hell are you to speak such evil and spitefull word? ANSWER: A bitter witch I say...may your own words bite you in the ass...evil miserable winch! From your mouth to "GOD's ears....how dare you get on here and think no one will respond to your evil ass....you don't know J.Hud anymore than I do, but yet you speak as if you do...to come for her wig in such a manner is of poor taste....take your hateful ass and sit in a corner somewhere with that nonsense.
Dee's picture

Ok..Ms. Lady was not

Ok..Ms. Lady was not consulted but why? Why is she using social media and social platforms as a voice to voice her disagreement about a movie being made about her? Surely Ms. Mandela has a legal team she can consult with at this time considering her station in life. Jennifer Hudson is merely a vessel that has been call upon to tell a story based on Ms. Mandela's life...surely we can not blame Ms. Hudson for that? It has been said that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,’ but being stalked and copied can indeed be frightening. I will tune into the show to watch Ms. Hudson attempt to emulate Ms. Mandela story...now now Ms. Mandela should go to her attorney's to consult and not us the airwaves to solicit an response....some of us old heads know the story lest she has forgotten....nor do she want some of those skeletons to come back her haunt, taunt and make a fold of the story that an producer and the only producer that ever wanted to tell her story!
Dee's picture

I won't be supporting this

I won't be supporting this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Winnie has a point, how can

Winnie has a point, how can someone make a movie about you and didn't talk to you?! From www.GirlVent.com
suzzy's picture

okay whats the suprise here

okay whats the suprise here this same thing happened in 06 with jennifer holiday they never met or talked at the producers request they only met AFTER dreamgirls premierd
mon's picture

It's different when you are

It's different when you are playing a character in a movie/play(a la Jen Holiday) and someone is portraying your LIFE in a movie or play (a la Winnie Mandela). I will go and see the movie though, because I want to support J. Hud.
Reading Is Fundamental's picture

Eastern countries have always

Eastern countries have always pictured Winnie is a bad way so I guess these directors are not different from the others I won't watch in theatre
Anonymous's picture

It happened with Lil Kim and

It happened with Lil Kim and Naturi. When will people learn to include the living persons in their vision to re-create their history? SMH
Anonymous's picture

Omg I was gonna say the same

Omg I was gonna say the same thing...... JHud does deserve to be criticized for not sitting down and getting to know the person she is portraying in a role.... From an acting point of view, to best play someone you need to study them... Flat out... Most actors/actresses do lots of research on a character before even excepting the role... Just like Jennifer Lopez, when she played Selena, she met with the whole family, co-workers, fans and everything so she could fully embody the being of whom she was portraying.... If JHud wants to take acting seriously, then she needs to press for the meeting with Winnie for no other reason than acting credibility... S/N I didn't get that the Naturi girl was supposed to be Lil Kim for the longest... My bf had to tell in in the theater.... Her acting of Lil Kim sucked because she didn't take the time to meet her...
Nya313's picture

Was not speaking to Winnie a

Was not speaking to Winnie a prerequisite for getting the part? Because its a real bad look for Jennifer, no matter what she was advised, that she didn't have enough respect for this woman to reach out for at least one phone conversation. BUT, it's done all the time. Beyonce didn't talk to Etta James before playing her. Still the actors who did the best are the ones who took the time to get to know the person they were portraying, like Jamie Foxx with Ray Charles or Angela Bassett with Tina Turner.
Twilightey's picture

Jennifer Hudson is naive at

Jennifer Hudson is naive at the very least and fame-hungry at worst to think it was okay to play the life of one of the most important women in civil rights history and not meet with her, or attempt to have her blessing on the project. I won't be supporting this movie.
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