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The fabulous ones (well, most of 'em) hit the red (green) carpet tonight at The Shrine Auditorium in L.A. for the 2011 BET Awards.  And we've got everybody's looks from tonight's red carpet inside.


Read on for an eyeful of 60+ pics.....

Oh Ms. Kelly.  WRITE A BOOK.  Because this much fabness should not be kept a secret.  She hit tonight's carpet before her slay-worthy performance on stage in this hot pink Notte by Marchesa dress with nude Jimmy Choo "Bisson" heels.  Loving the petal detail from shoulder to hem.  Perfect swept up hair too.  Fab.

Alicia Keys--in a black and white suspenders inspired look by Dolce & Gabanna with Christian Louboutin Daffodil pumps.  And Swizzy worked the carpet separately, and he brought his sons Kaseem Jr. and Nasir along:

Even Uncle Busta and Auntie Eve were there to kick it with them.


Ashanti hit the carpet in this blue Jean Fares Couture gown and Giussepe Zanotti shoes.

Pretty as usual.

The Smith kids--Willow and Jaden--tied for the Young Star Award:

"Fresh Prince" & Mrs. Pinkett-Smith taught them a great work ethic.  And they were such proud parents tearing up in the audience.  Gotta love it.


Tika Sumpter hosted for Bet.com and she rocked this mini-slit white dress by Herve Leger which revealed just enough.

Diddy, Dawn, and Kalenna worked it out in all-white everything.

Nicki Minaj and her assets hit the carpet in this interesting deep pink Mark Fast dress with piled looped sleeves and hem.  And her grey tights and short bob to top it off.


Nelly's sexy self looked nice and hot.

Leon made an arrival with his daughter (who he has with "ATL Housewife" Cynthia) Noelle.

Tyga looked like he just rolled in from last night's party at the Playboy Mansion.

Michelle Williams rocked a great indigo color for her skin with this BCBG Max Azria dress.  And cute mirrored shoes.

New mom twice over Laila Ali hit the carpet in slacks.

Game looks nice...that's a change.

And Teairra Mari made an appearance in this long sleeved lacy short jumper.


But do you boo.

"Basketball Wife" Tami Roman hit the carpet in aqua blue.

E-V-E opened the pre-show with Swizzy performing "Coolin'".  Loving her look these days.

And she stopped to say wassup to Drake.

LaLa went back to her tv hosting roots to handle the backstage Ford announcements for the show.  And she rocked this long sleeved Tom Ford dress for the ocassion.

Announcer MC Lyte looked great in this Elie Tahari white suit.

Hey Mr. Townsend.

Nick Cannon is in that gym I see.  Pulling off the head to toe white and pastel tie and shirt nicely.

Yes for Ne-Yo and his hat.

Sigh.  This isn't prom Meagan.  Your bod is too hot and petitie to wear something so overpowering. If you got it, flaunt it.

Oh, hello Lloyd.  He rocked this leather Marc Jacobs vest and green army pants buy Diesel to show off his cut chest. And paired it all with Loboutin sneakers.

Shaun Robinson was there in a simple cocktail dress.

Ms. Ledisi was there to participate in the Patti Labelle tirbute.

Mr. Laz Alonso hit the carpet in an all black suit.  Could have gone shirtless.  We wouldn't have minded.

Host Kevin Hart rocked this sateen YSL suit with a tee to make it more casual.  And it works for him.

Kerry Washington brought summer even harder in this bright yellow Michael Kors Resort 2012 Collection floor length dress with a high slit. 

And she paired it with a pair of black Louboutin Pigalle pumps.  Very nice.

Celebrity fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins hit the carpet in this look.

We're actually feeling Estelle's deep grey dress.  Very flowy and good sparkle embellishments.

Elise Neal rocked this yellow BCBG dress.

BET actress Joyful Drake rocked a gorgeous white gown and Report Signature shoes for the occasion.

Dallas Austin....alrighty then.  He brought his singer "Alex" along.

Drake Drizzy was there to hit the stage.

And Keri Hilson toned her look down even more with this purple and black pants look by Tibi and cuffs from Ann Taylor:

She held a sparkling Judith Leiber clutch all night.  Nice.

Amber has a thing for catsuits on red carpets while she's tonguing down her man:

First the infamous Kanye leopard catsuit.  Now...this. It's a jumpsuit from the Jose Duran Spring/Summer 2011 collection. She and Wiz Khalilfa really should have gotten a room.  Their make-out session during Patti's tribute was also just ridic.

Cutie Diggy Simmons performed during the pre-show.

Absolutely LOVED KeKe Palmer's look tonight.  Especially the hair. Great dress by Mandalay too.

Rappers Diamond and Lola Monroe thought they were doing it up.

Oh Miguel...

Who are your faves?



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Louis Vuitton Bag's picture

They all look a hot bloody

They all look a hot bloody mess, except Kerry Washington
hope's picture


Anonymous's picture


TEAIRRA MARI.... UR NOT AN UGLY GIRL... however... who ever is stylist you is making you look like "NO".... your a cutie... everytime youre out on the scene you should be looking like "YES".... i can tell u wats wrong with the outfit... if youre gonna wear a short set.. romper... catsuit thingy... you should not have those shoes on... being that youre short and bow legged... you should have some strappy sandals on ... with a natural hair do like ashantis... take that damn wig off....
@iloveeevictoria's picture

lloyd looks like

lloyd looks like ...like.....something from an 80's sci fi movie......please get a stylist and jaden and willow...gets stylists
Anonymous's picture

Wiz and Amber...There's a

Wiz and Amber...There's a time and a place for everything...U did not need to slob each other down on the carpet.... Everyone knows you're a couple... Grow up and be professional...
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Anonymous's picture

KEKE rang that place she is

KEKE rang that place she is classy!!!!!!!!!!
SnatchYoWeave's picture

lol@Miguel..gotta love him

lol@Miguel..gotta love him though
Anonymous's picture

Khalifa looks like he's so in

Khalifa looks like he's so in love & Amber just doesn't seem like she's feelin him all like that.
Kanyeezie Fan Fo' Sheezie's picture

No one tried to look good at

No one tried to look good at all. They found something out of the dryer and decided to put it on. Keri looks like she is at the family cookout, going to another cookout afterwards. That was the look of the day. The men looked horrible and dirty!!! They should have made them all wear shirts while performing. From Rick Ross to Trey Songz they all needed shirts. Ewwww!!!! And Nicki looked like she went to Rave, Bakers, and the local beauty supply store to achieve look. How dreadful.
Mrs. Bond's picture

I must say, Ms. Kelly has

I must say, Ms. Kelly has been gettin it in !! She has really come into her own ... she is just oozing all sorts of fab & yummy things !! Get it, girl !! A. Keys looks good too. she some THICK ! lol but I'm lovin her red (green) carpet look. the Loubs are the perfect touch! she looks cool, hip & comfy. <33333 it Tika is something serious! her style is OFF THE CHARTS. I love how she keeps is flirty but classy and ladylike. FAB !! Eve's 2nd look is to die for. what's she wearing? Love Dawn's earrings. Nicki... well, I COULD WRITE A BOOK on how ridiculous she looks, but I don't wanna break the website by exceeding the bandwith 0_o is LaLa pregnant? Im convinced that Megan Good really has NO clue. Diamond, if you're gonna wear a classy, elegant dress, PLEASE omit the stripper heels. I'm so sick of Jaden & little tree branch. I've always loved Will & Jada but now they just seem like stage parents.. Wiz & Amber make me wanna PUKE !! all that pda is unnecessary cause everybody knows yall tryna be seen anyway.. yuck !!
YES!'s picture

after the way bet treated

after the way bet treated chris after the whole rihanna thing,i wouldnt have come back
Anonymous's picture

I'm just plain mad at most of

I'm just plain mad at most of the outfits at this event.Looks like people tryng to dress up to go down the street to the hood block party.Everyone should have been on their"A"game for this event honoring OUR performers.Seems like they 'll wear any old thang to a black event,but don't let it be some white or majority white event,and they be dressed to kill for that.
Anonymous's picture

Don't make this black or

Don't make this black or white, that was an ignorant comment. If you can't dress, you can't dress...SMH
mamamc's picture

Who is that behind Nikki

Who is that behind Nikki Minaj saggin skinny jeans, and lookin stank?
Max's picture

Nikki looks stank!!!

Nikki looks stank!!!
Anonymous's picture

looking at amber an wiz

looking at amber an wiz kissing and amber with that bodysuit is bringing flashbacks of her and kanye at the mtv music awards..smh..
Anonymous's picture

It's not like I really cate

It's not like I really cate about what people say about me...it's just I try not to give them much to say...that being said, I understand why people say Ambrr is a fame whore...was the make-out session really necessary? And she should have dressed wiz better and that catsuit, should have been saved for the after party...too pretty for these low budget antics...after 60 pics, this is all I have to say.... Follow me on twitter @lovejahh
Love Jah's picture

Tiki, Kerry, MC Lyte & Shaun

Tiki, Kerry, MC Lyte & Shaun look the best...THE END!
cali*s finest's picture

well isn't she perfect @

well isn't she perfect @ kelly rowland.
Anonymous's picture

Best Dressed: Kelly, EVE,

Best Dressed: Kelly, EVE, joyful, & Tika Appropriately Dressed, but nothing special: Tami, Elise, Lola, Kerry,Alicia, Amber, Keri, Shaun Thought it was their prom: Ashanti, Meagan Get out of your granny's closet: Estelle, Laila, lala, lyte Missed the mark but nobel effort: Tiera, Alex, Diamond, Nicki, Ledisi
blaq's picture

Kevin's lil azz was

Kevin's lil azz was funny.....yo diddy you to grown to be changin ya name constantly....lol...
chrissy17's picture

LOL @ THOUGHT they were doing

LOL @ THOUGHT they were doing it up!! Too funny!!
LOL@U's picture

Ashanti was best dressed

Ashanti was best dressed hands down:) Looking fab:)
Brina's picture

This years show stunk and so

This years show stunk and so did the fashion, sorry.
ItIsWhatItIs's picture

OMG! Amber Rose , please go

OMG! Amber Rose , please go sit down and rest your coochie! You got the nerve to be kissing on the red carpet, the same thing you used to do to Kanye. Wiz you must really be smoking some strong stuff to wife her! She needs to get a job for real, this is not a good look for her. And Wiz your career is not that stable to be having her as an expense.........im just saying!
Anonymous's picture

Nicki Minaj, looked a mess!

Nicki Minaj, looked a mess! she nee to get it together with her style. I like dirty money, they looked nice with their white. I don't even know why ashanti was there. I loved Alicia Keys look, with the white over the black, i have to try that!
Anonymous's picture

A.KEYS looked super sloppy in

A.KEYS looked super sloppy in that outfit, the concept was simple but i felt she just didnt put any effort, the shoes of course are to die for, just make sure when you pull that off, try not to look as sloppy as she did
Anonymous's picture

Well all i can say is all the

Well all i can say is all the ladies looked bad except kerry washington and i like eves hair...and the worst dressed were megen good and nicki minaj sighh
MizzKayKay's picture

I like Miguel's music, but am

I like Miguel's music, but am I the only one disturbed by his whole steez? *scratches head*
babynewyear's picture

Too many wigs and too much

Too many wigs and too much leather
Anonymous's picture

Hate to say it....everyone

Hate to say it....everyone looked awful! Only Kelly and Keri Hilson looked halfway decent.
Lavish's picture

Megan Good and Ashanti,

Megan Good and Ashanti, though they look nice are way too overdressed, as is Nick Cannon. They are dressed like they are going to the Oscars.
Lisa's picture

I enjoyed the show however

I enjoyed the show however having Cee-Lo sing for the Patti Labell tribute was an absolute JOKE I cant believe he went on stage with that wig on. That tribute REALLY REALLY REALLY NEEDED FANTASIA! Although everyone except Cee-Lo do a very good job! Do better BET!
Stacy's picture

KeKe Palmer, what a classy

KeKe Palmer, what a classy and beautiful young lady ((smiles)) too bad instead of women like her being held up as role models for our girls, the likes of Niki Menage Trois is what is held up as a standard. SMH stop giving women like this attention and focus more on the classy chicks like Ms. KeKe, Kelly Roland, Michelle Williams, Laila Ali...
Vanity's picture

Michelle Williams, Keri

Michelle Williams, Keri Washington, the young & fresh KeKe Palmer were the best! KeKe's close-up is fire! Debra Lee needs to be ashamed of herself to let such debauchery occur on nat'l tv!
Edonis126's picture

I actually enjoyed the BET

I actually enjoyed the BET awards but.....1. Michelle Williams needs to eat some meat her toes are extremely skinny almost falling out the front of her shoes 2. Teirra Mari looks dirt and used 3. Tami Roman dress doesnt do anything for her shes shaped like a teenage boy 4. Jeannete Jenkins should not wear shoes that you can see her feet they are extremely veiny 5. Elise Neals weave closure looks extremely fake like she got it done at the african braiding shop around the corner I have seen better weave closures on a youtube tutorial 6. I like Drakes look he looks really relaxed and neutral 7. Keri Hilson wears tooo much make up she piles it on! 8. Keke Palmer looks very cute 9. Diamond....NOOOO!!! that 24.99 lace front they are trying to get rid of at the beauty supply store..
CMC's picture

Does anyone know who LOLA

Does anyone know who LOLA MONROE'S dress is by? I gotta have it!
Imari's picture

to hell with these clowns,,

to hell with these clowns,, I'm dying to know who is the designer of those pants/slacks that the girl from Mary Mary had on when they got their award. So body please tell me please
Anonymous's picture

I think Nick Cannon looks

I think Nick Cannon looks adorable! also Dawn from Dirty Money looks really nice!
white chocolate's picture


AWWWWWW SHNAAAAAP!!!!! Miguel is the new Blade!!!!
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

lol none stop

lol none stop
Anonymous's picture

Mm Hmm. Let's see; it's an

Mm Hmm. Let's see; it's an award show, but who cares right?! Dress like it's a video shoot. Wear some regular street clothes. Don't throw on anything semi-formal or formal, isn't that right (rappers). And Sang fron Rush Hour (Amber Rose) keeps finding her way to the red carpet annually. I wonder which celebrity will be smart enough to take her next year?? I need for the rap community to get tight for real. And Diamond...............Diamond Diamond Diamond....................I can't beLIEVE..................nothing.................I'll just let it go.
Colonel Stinkmeaner's picture

DAMN! they all need to fire

DAMN! they all need to fire their stylist because they all look like SHIT!
Black Rebel's picture

YES INDEED ......they all

YES INDEED ......they all look HIDEOUS
Nik's picture

Kerry Washington and Keri

Kerry Washington and Keri Hilson are my faves for sure. Keke looks good too. I do wish the event had a bit more class to it. I think its the time of day they always have it, it makes it look like they're going to a cookout or something.
Shay's picture

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Anonymous's picture

im loving the pic comments

im loving the pic comments ,whoever natasha is it ? had me cracking up ,cus i was thinking the same thing everytime
MEEEEE!'s picture

What in the world is Eve

What in the world is Eve wearing in the pic with Swizz Beatz and his kids? That open front jacket with no shirt or bra or TASTE is gross and inappropriate in front of young children, particularly little boys. I know it's "show business" and all, but does that justify such poor judgment in dress? I do like Eve's second outfit - the leather leggings look. Keke Palmer always looks gorge?! I want that hair. Kelly Rowland needs to stick with one wig and ride that pony out for awhile. This switching up with wigs, short to long, bangs - no bangs, is giving me whiplash. Pick a style and wear it throughout the course of an album - like how Rihanna does. It keeps an artist recognizable. That lace short jumper that Tierra Marrie paid someone good money for, is a tragic mess! Cute girl, bad, real bad outfit. Name this pic "When good girls, go bad outfit."!!!! I like Alicia Keys' look, but her suspenders should have been white. Her hair looks cute here. She wears her natural hair and her texture frizzes, so her hair went limp and frizzy during the course of the night. There's nothing wrong with that. It's natural hair, not some wig or weave, so all the hate on her hair is just plain stupid. Kerry Washington looked flawless. And I also liked Keri Hilson's ensemble and hair. She always looks on point.
But_I&#039;m_Clevah's picture

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