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YBF Celebs React To Casey Anthony's ACQUITTAL!

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In one of the biggest trials the public has seen in 2011, 25-year-old Casey Anthony, who was legally charged with murder, aggravated manslaughter, lying to investigators, child abuse/neglect, etc. of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, was just ACQUITTED on all serious charges.


And with the public, who has already found her guilty in the court of public opinion, has A LOT to say today.  It's a shocking outcome to say the least.  And we've got what passionate YBFers have to say about it inside...


This afternoon, the jury in the courthouse right outside of Orlando, FL found Casey Anthony not guilty of murder, aggravated child abuse, and aggravated manslaughter, but guilty of lying and providing false information to the police.

Casey did not report her daughter missing to police for about 31 days.  But during those 31 days, Casey told her family her daughter was in various places--like in the care of a nanny.  The nanny denies ever meeting Casey.  The public immediately believed Casey had something to do with her daughter's disappearance and tragic death. 

The prosecution did not meet its burden of proof according to the jury (as this is a murder case the highest standard of proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, must be met), so Casey Anthony was found Not Guilty.

Celebs reacted today on Twitter with their feelings on the verdict.  We rounded them up...and we want you to tell us what YOU think:

Tichina Arnold: Watching the Kasey Anthony verdict. "Not Guilty". OK...so who IS? There is still a dead little girl.

Terry McMillan: Bye bye. I would like to slap Casey hard enough to knock off her ponytail.

Star Jones (she also has a law degree, remember?): While #CaseyAnthony lives 'Bella Vita'...her "beautiful life"...a dead baby lies in the ground with no one to be held responsible....I believe in the jury system & accept verdict...but I can't take smiles from #CaseyAnthony right now. She may be NG...but her baby is dead!

Vivica A. Fox: Fuck them all! 2 b proud that u got a killer off! Burn in hell!  Not tweeting anymore 2day! Disgusted by our legal system 2day!! A baby killer got off 2day!! I'm just done!! Now her legal team holds a press conference! Like they won a championship!! 

Tasha Smith: Casey got off, Not Guilty!! Wow, is any one else shocked about this????

Bow Wow: Watching casey anthony walk out the courthouse...

JaMaal Buster: I would like to know what she is celebrating...let's not forget your child is dead, and you don't know who killed her...so you say...SMH!!

Marlon Wayans: Ok white people, we got OJ yall got casey anthony... We even? Wait not til she's convicted 4 robbery 4 tryin to retrieve caylee baby clothes

Daniel "Boobie" Gibson: I have no issue with the not Guilty verdict. Evidence couldn't prove it.. but a 3 yr old child is dead & something did happen...Now it's time if they feel she didn't do it. They find out what actually happened. #JustMyThoughts What y'all think?

Melyssa Ford, retweed by Ghostface Killah: I pray, when this heartless woman attempts to profit from her child's murder, NO ONE supports the book/movie/Lifetime Story...

Royce Reed: She's a pathological liar yes & found guilty of that BUT there were holes I guess... Her parents were emotionless. I'm done.

Gabrielle Union: SO much 2 say, but nada appropriate

Darren Sharper: It's amazing to me that her actions after the baby was found dead aren't weighed in on decision.How can plaxico get almost 2yrs. Now this!

La La Anthony: Speechless. Stunned

Malika Haqq: If Casey didn't kill her baby girl she is guilty of not protecting her PERIOD #Godhelpher

Alesha Renee: I believe n karma Caylee will make sure justice is served 4 her murder. just thought. Like Nicole and Ron did for theirs. 1 way or another

Mia X: Well the baby is @ Peace I hope her death wasn't painful n full of suffering Jose Baez is the new Go2 guy

Bun B: I keep seeing that there's a difference between killing a wife and killing a baby. We are treading a very thin line America.

Marsha Ambrosius: Unbelievable!

Tika Sumpter: Wow, amazing..people can truly get away w murder in this country. Just hire a great lawyer. Amazing.  Stop having kids if u don't want them, plz!

Kevin Hart: I'm punching anybody n the face name "Casey" or "Anthony" 2day...I can't believe she got off, is this pay back 4 "OJ"? If so I understand

Cory Hardrict: Only in America people nothing new, but she can't dodge judgement day...

D-Nice: Not guilty??? Oh, word?

Plies: U can hide dead body's in dis world an get found Not Guilty. But Conspiracy can't get u 30yrs just 4 hangin around a Nigga dat SOLD Dope..



Caylee's skeletal remains were discovered December 11, 2008, six months after she was reported missing by her grandmother, Cindy Anthony.

According to Casey Anthony's father, George Anthony, Casey left the family's home on June 16, 2008, taking Caylee (who was almost 3) with her and did not return for 31 days. Cindy asked repeatedly during the month to see Caylee, but Casey claimed that she was too busy with a work assignment in Tampa. At other times, she said Caylee was with a nanny, later identified by Casey as Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, or at theme parks or the beach. It was eventually determined that although Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez does in fact exist, she had never met Casey nor Caylee Anthony, any member of the Anthony family, or any of Casey's friends.


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Here it is a lot of parent's

Here it is a lot of parent's that really take out time with their kids and their kids really get hurt and we have a system that wants to pass a law forCasey Anthony to make millions of dollars especially our tax payers money live nice and have no worry except the worriation from Godwhy are we allowing our Congress to make money off of this little child also.
Aretha Taylor's picture

Ok so no concrete evidence,

Ok so no concrete evidence, but why all the lies if she was so innocent. I would have convicted her on that alone, my instincts told me something wasn't right with this woman when she was telling all those unnecessary lies. She even said her own father and brother molested her just to justify her lying. She does not seem to place any blame on her self. Something fishy happened and I hope one day the truth comes out.
Tigress's picture

Really can't judge her. The

Really can't judge her. The prosecutors had almost three years to discover the truth and they didn't. I believe everything happens for a reason. For all we know the women ask God for forgiveness for whatever she did or didn't do to protect her baby - therefore is in God's hand not ours to judge.
Anonymous's picture

Ok Vivica, OK, relax,

Ok Vivica, OK, relax, relate, release! But hey I can did it, chick got off and it's terrible. C'mon tho ppl why are we suprised at this verdict!?? I knew she would walk, but karma is alive and well trust and believe. R.I.P Caylee!
Janell's picture

Oh yeah....the celebrity

Oh yeah....the celebrity tweets are ignorant. They should go back to looking pretty because most of them sounded uneducated especially Vivica Fox.
Dana's picture

All the evidence was

All the evidence was circumstantial. Nothing concrete. You can't convict someone for murder on circumstantial evidence. The prosecution simply didn't have a case. Jurors can't make decisions on emotions. I can tell alot of you all aren't knowledgeable of the law and justice, and I sure wouldn't want many of you to sit on any jury in this country. Yes, she probably committed foul play but no motive, no cause of death, no DNA evidence = no conviction. Please smarten up people.
Dana's picture

Dana, perhaps you should

Dana, perhaps you should smarten up. Under the law you don't have to prove motive, time of death or cause of death. You just have to prove that someone is dead, that the "manner" of death is homicide as there is only suicide, homicide, natural causes or undetermined and Caylee's was classified homicide. then you connect the dots and pile on the circumstance after cirumcstance and there are only so many things in this life that are coincidence, or guilt...she was guilty. Jury was just stupid and should have given more time to connect the dots. They didn't listen to the judge tell them a reasonable doubt is not an imagined or forced doubt...you have to look at the evidence and no evidence suggested child might have drowned, also no evidence that George did it, in fact defense said they aren't saying he did anything to harm Caylee, that she drowned and he hid the body...so how are the jurors saying well maybe she drowned or grandpa killed her...those are IMAGINED DOUBTS and that is violation of the rules of the judge as to what they were supposed to base their decision on.
Anonymous's picture

Dana most cases are

Dana most cases are circumstantial sweetheart...look at Scott Petersen. They don't know how his wife died, or when, they have no blood, no dna, nothing. But, people that didn't do anything don't just get rid of their wives stuff while she is still "missing" and people don't go party at the club if their child was kidnapped, and they damn sure don't if their baby drowned try to make it look like a murder when she wouldn't have done time at all if the child drowned. For her lack of empathy, the lies, the fact that there was a hair from her dead child's hair in the trunk that matches with it belonging to a corpse..hmmm...or the dead body smell in their car. How many cars do you know of that smell like something died from empty trash containers? Do they still smell 2 years later? Casey's car still smelled in 2010...2 years after the fact and the trash bag was thrown out the same day the car was retrieved and the febreeze and airing it out didn't help after 2 years? The carpet was gone...trash doesn't make metal stink last I checked? But, a dead body did. Jury was just looking for quick exit and didn't care.
Anonymous's picture

Oh yes you can convict on

Oh yes you can convict on circumstantial evidence especially in this case where it was extremely evident. Circumstantial evidence in this case alone was enough for a GUILTY verdict. You should have been one of those jurors because you aren't too knowledgeable either
Anonymous's picture

she is a GODDESS we should

she is a GODDESS we should all be thankful that we are allowed to breath the same air as this LOVELY women.
Anonymous's picture

Are you on the wrong post?

Are you on the wrong post? This is not a post about Beyonce.
Anonymous's picture

2 funny!!!

2 funny!!!
Anonymous's picture

I gave up on the legal system

I gave up on the legal system in 2001 it is not the same for us as it is for them
arealblkwoman's picture

The prosecutors didn't do

The prosecutors didn't do there job. I feel sorry the child.
lucypearl!@#'s picture


WARRIOR KING's picture

wow still stuck on stupid.

wow still stuck on stupid. black white dosnt matter its 2011 who gives a f***. oh yeah i think oj got off and he is black. so explain that u dumb f*cking retard!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Tell that to all the people

Tell that to all the people making OJ comparisons to get off the racial issue. The ONLY case they still talk about is that one. And that was almost 2 decades ago.
INTS's picture

You know the jury found her

You know the jury found her not guilty. God will have the final say so. He knows and she will have to give an account to him for the death of the baby. Cayley is in heaven. I myself believe with all of my heart she killed this baby. I as a pastor will continue to pray for this family because they are a family that needs Jesus. We love you cayley but Jesus love you more.
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Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

I feel bad for the little

I feel bad for the little girl but this is not YBF news.....allll-right
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Anonymous's picture

We have NO clue what evidence

We have NO clue what evidence the jury got an in-depth look at. All you know is what the news told you.
Anonymous's picture

um, I watched the trial every

um, I watched the trial every day on TV so I saw the same stuff they saw not just what the news told me. They didn't even review the evidence when they got in the room, they just talked about their wild theories and didn't look at evidence and didn't follow the law.
Anonymous's picture

She deserves to rott in HEll

She deserves to rott in HEll and were is the justice for the baby guess she can get out and have a toast for the the dumb ass jury and to her dead baby... and party it up like she wants to FLORIDA legalizes murder go figure....Really were is the justice?
Anonymous's picture

We have people doing serious

We have people doing serious time with not proof, no witnesses, no nothing...we have people who have been imprisoned for decades who are indeed innocent, where is the justice for them? And what about the victims of such crimes who accusers never face justice in this life time, but walk around free living life every single day.
Renae's picture

who cares what theses celebs

who cares what theses celebs think, they weren't crying BS when OJ got off!
DJ's picture

That's a lie black people

That's a lie black people knew OJ killed those people he had good attorneys. Every killer has their day it took years for OJ to get his justice but he in jail right now and he'll never get out.
LC's picture

How can you make such a

How can you make such a statement? A lot of Black people said OJ did it because WHite people said he did. Do you people every thing of the hurt OJ's children, Mother and family go through. Along with Johnny Cochran I am a Black person who believe OJ was innocent. I didn't wait for someone to tell me what happen, I watch the trial from start to finish, I remember blood that was missing, neightbors seeing Nicole talking with two men outside her home, etc.
Anonymous's picture

OJ was one in a million.

OJ was one in a million. Name another black man who got off on such a terrible crime, rich or poor, then name the countless black men exonerated from their charges and being prison for decades due to a crime they didn't commit. Then realize OJ paid for his freedom, these people represented this woman for free. If OJ didn't have that money, he'd be sitting in San Quentin on death row. Not right but a FACT!
Anonymous's picture

Ummmm.... R. Kelly pissed on

Ummmm.... R. Kelly pissed on an underage girl.... he got off. To me thats worse than OJ....
Anonymous's picture

Im going to accept this

Im going to accept this verdit because the prosectors did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt this child was murdered and it was her mother who did it. (They did prove she was a liar) It is just so unfortunate that many men and women are placed in prison everyday for wrongfully murdering or raping someone until DNA exonerates them. This jury was extremely fair to this woman. I JUST WANT juries all to be fair to all people all over AMERICA! The system works but it is still slighted towards some races and those who don't have free ALL STAR counsel
Anonymous's picture

Casey Anthony got away with

Casey Anthony got away with murder because her parents (CONTROLLING AS THEY ARE) wanted her to do "some" time but not death because their guiltiness for how they raised her would come out. They did not want any more blood on their hands. They lied under OATH for that girl. I think the jurors got tired and said "well, you can't have it both ways" and acquitted her on "reasonable doubt". A legal commentator on TV last night said it best. Casey is a snake in human clothing.
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Anonymous's picture

how can this be payback for

how can this be payback for oj simpson she didnt kill her black husband she killed her own kid......oj simpson trial is totally different from this
Anonymous's picture

Having served on several

Having served on several juries, you are instructed before deliberation by the judge to not base you decision based on emotions. If there is reasonable doubt that something else could have happened, you can not find that person guilty. Even Dr. G - the medical examiner in this case, could not determine the cause of death. So Casey walks. Her life however, from here on out, unless she moves to Timbuktu, is worthless. If she killed her daughter, she may not pay for it in jail, but she definitely will pay. I hope to goodness she doesn't have another child.
Moving Up Soon!'s picture

if she has another kid, that

if she has another kid, that babe should be taken away as soon as it comes out the womb, she doesn't deserve to be a mother. She will pay.
Skinbread's picture

if she has another kid, that

if she has another kid, that babe should be taken away as soon as it comes out the womb, she doesn't deserve to be a mother. She will pay.
Skinbread's picture

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It's unfortunate that some

It's unfortunate that some people were celebrating a victory instead of wondering or even questioning themselves if Casey did not kill her daughter who did? who would do such a heinous act to a baby? let alone your own baby? There's no doubt in my mind that this woman is a psychopath but did her child really have to pay for it? It saddens me that the justice system couldn't see how mentally disturbed this woman is. There is a God above and justice will be served. Caylee did not put duct tape on her own mouth nor did she deserve to die that way. She was only 2yrs old. My heart is aching. OJ is now in jail #nuffsaid
hmm's picture

at the end of the day ( THERE

at the end of the day ( THERE IS A GOD) .
sexylady's picture

When I look at the pictures

When I look at the pictures of that sweet little girl-- the innocent life that was so senselessly taken away, it made me want to cry. That child deserved so much more-- a better Mother for starters-- but now her death seems to be going unpunished and it isn't right at all. This woman has no conscience and all she cares about is herself and that's it. How does she live with herself knowing that her baby is dead?? She doesn't deserve to breathe air....
A Fan's picture


shannon 's picture

Ditto, Shannon called it

Ditto, Shannon called it right, KUDOS
Anonymous's picture

Ditto Shannon called it

Ditto Shannon called it right. KUDOS
Anonymous's picture

Its seems that you have a lot

Its seems that you have a lot of pain and disappointment in your heart. I will pray that God of peace will sooth your heart and mind give you peace that pass all understanding. God loves you so much. He understands why you feel the way you do. No one can judge you. My sister Shannon allow peace and love into your heart and remember someone out here is praying for you. You are bless.
Anonymous's picture

God is REAL and HE has his

God is REAL and HE has his reasons! You will see one DAY!
Anonymous's picture

She will probably get 4-5

She will probably get 4-5 years, and since she has been in jail for 4, she won't do much more. I am sure she can't wait to get her party on,after all isn't that what she did when her child was first went missing.
ceja 's picture

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