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INSIDE Monica & Shannon Brown's Stunning Wedding!

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Video surfaced today from inside Monica and L.A. Laker Shannon Brown's second wedding.  And the glamorous Los Angeles wedding was just as fabulous as you imagined.


Peep the video and more deets inside...

Monica's wedding gown had a 50 pound extra elaborate train.  She went to Paris to have designer Stephane Rolland design both her ceremony gown and her reception dress.  And it was all stunning.  The couple, who wed at the beautiful Vibiana cathedral venue, had several members in their bridal party--including Ciara, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher.  And about 300 of their closest fam and friends in attendance.  And it was a blue-themed wedding wonderland.

LL Cool J gushed about how beautiful the ceremony (and music thanks to J.D.) was.  LaLa said "love was in the air."  And the bride herself was giddy and extra happy when The Insider caught up with her at her reception: "I was just overwhelmed. I'm glad because I didn't think about this 50 lb train that I was dragging behind me. I just had to take a deep breath, because I was really trying not to cry.

Mo's fam Ludacris couldn't make the ceremony, but he sent a jet for the couple to fly off to their honeymoon in Anguilla.

Peep the video above.  And check out more pics and details from the wedding HERE and HERE.


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Anonymous's picture

That dude just walked into a

That dude just walked into a ready-made-family???WTF, you're a young a 25 year old guy and she has two young kids (one of which she just said was acting a fool at the wedding). Dude what are you thinking???? That love is gonna wear off one day--probably when he see Monica getting her tracks removed or without make-up. He's with her because she looks fly (with all the fixings on her) BUT TRUST if she was just some working chick with those two LITTLE BOYS like she got--homie would only be checking for her on one thing!!! Real talk, ain't no young dude walking up into that situation unless he's hooked on that love drug. In ten years he'll be shopping for a new one.
YEAH I SAID IT's picture

Your ignorant. The son she

Your ignorant. The son she was talking about was Shannon's son, but regardless a child having fun at a reception is not called "acting a fool" idiot! Secondly, Monica only put the tracks in for the wedding. He knows what Monica looks like w/o makeup she doesn't wear it everyday or need it. Trust that! Shannon, loves Monica and if you can't understand that STFU!!!
Anonymous's picture

Idiot!!!! His is not the

Idiot!!!! His is not the fresh off the block catch of the day, he has a child of his own as well, i.e. baby mama drama..child support (that count as a double XX...these bioches is getting salaries nowadays) so charge that one to the game. His options is limited as well!!!
Anonymous's picture

So, you didn't read his

So, you didn't read his tweets from way back when he said Monica was just has beautiful without the make-up and hair as she is with it. Wow, you are obviously young and jealous. Who are you to judge their situation? So what he walked into a ready made family, did you sit and wonder that maybe that's what he wanted? Go and read a Dr. Suess book because its obvious you have a lot of growing up to do. Some people have a lot of nerve and no common sense and you happen to be one of them................why can't we all just be happy for one another?
Truth be Told's picture

Did I read his tweets…um, no

Did I read his tweets…um, no because twitter is for d*ck-riders. I don’t sweat these celebs by reading they’re every thought. A news story, yes—but “following” somebody—lame. And why do you have to attack my age? That has nothing to do with this dilemma (cuz that’s what it is ). You came at me on a personal level and you don’t know me at all. People have a right to their opinions—and mine is that this man is walking into a situation with a READY MADE FAMILY at 25!!! That’s too young imo. I’m not saying she might not have a lot going for herself, but that whole package is too much. So, for you to say all that blah-blah about me not thinking my comment through—you’re wrong—I did do that. But men, we are very different then y’all. Females apply their thought process to the male mind and that’s not wise. Trust me that this dude at 25 will look at her differently at 35. He’s getting shackled down at a young age and he’ll be ready to break free by then.
YEAH I SAID IT's picture

I bet you wouldn't feel that

I bet you wouldn't feel that way way if someone had stepped up to the plate for you if your father rolled out on your mom because from the sound of it there was no man around to raise you...thats what real men and women for that matter do.
Chanel's picture

There is an issue with

There is an issue with Shannon Brown, age 25, dating Monica, age 30, and a mom of 2....but if the roles were reversed (as they often are) there would be no criticism, whatsoever. If Shannon was 30 years old with two sons and married Monica at 25 with no kids, there would be no discussion on this matter.... Hmmmm. Sounds contradictory to me!
LNP's picture

I love your reply to that

I love your reply to that ignorant post. And I love the fact that you didn't resort to profanity. Nobody could've said it better!
Mizzez Battle's picture

You sound real stupid. Last I

You sound real stupid. Last I checked 25 makes him a GROWN ass man and for your information, he has a son also. Just because you wouldn't settle down at that age doesn't mean others feel or should feel the way you do. Do you honestly believe that he hasn't seen her without makeup and all that other shit? GTFOH, your point is invalid anyway because Monica has worn short hair with NO TRACKS/WEAVE since before they even got together. Speak what you know and know what you speak. He married her and obviously loves her. They look happy and I wish them the best.
Miss_M's picture

M’kay I see you been

M’kay I see you been drinking the Kool-Aid too. All y’all women on this site are all “aw, they look so beautiful” and “oh, they’re so in love”…knowing that this cheit popped up out the blue!!! Just last year she was talking about Rocko!!!When she saw that she couldn’t lock him down, she moved onto this young baller. I’m not an unreasonable dude, but when I turn 25—BEST BELIEVE I ain’t going to get with some chick with two kids THAT YOUNG—who is also five years older than me!!! Yeah, she was cute with the short hair before—but now that she’s older—she’s tracked-up and made-up all the time. I’ve seen how girls look when they take them stinky tracks out. Eww!!! And yeah he has a kid—but he has to LIVE with her two bad-azz boys. It’s hard to discipline somebody else’s kids. That’s gonna be too much!!! I’m just saying he should’ve waited on this one. Dated her, yeah—but wifed her—hell naw.
YEAH I SAID IT's picture

I have 2 put in my two cents

I have 2 put in my two cents cos I have said it many times & statistics don't lie. Getting married at a young age, Brown's age 25, more likely than not doesn't work out. There's an issue of maturity as well as being responsibility. I'm older than 25 so please don't come at like I'm a youngin. I also agree that walking into a ready made family does add a level of stress 2 a marriage that most adults can't deal with so how is a 25 yr old gonna deal with it. I know that there r a lot of ppl who wld nvr marry ppl who have kids. I feel that's a personal perference not everybody is ok w/ raising other ppl kids.
upgrade u's picture

You made me want to put in my

You made me want to put in my two cents....I hope that you come from a family where your parents were happily married when they had you and raised you cause just imagine if that wasn't the case and a man said he didn't want your mother cause she had you........shut the hell up cause you sound stupid
100% bajan's picture

"When I turn 25"........ NOW

"When I turn 25"........ NOW I understand why you say what you just said.
LNP's picture

Please show me where Monica

Please show me where Monica has RECENTLY, besides this wedding, worn weave. Oh that's right, you can't. ''Bad ass kids''? how would you know? Do you live with them? Have you seen them in person? I'm guessing not. Stop. What's for you, is for you. Like you said, YOU wouldn't marry someone with kids/older than you. That doesn't mean that he thinks the same because obviously he doesn't.
Miss_M's picture

Is that my cute lil miss

Is that my cute lil miss piggy tiny at the end of the bridesmaid line. ahhhhh
Anonymous's picture

damn mo looks amazing!

damn mo looks amazing! everybody dont wanna wear them white girl wedding dresses monica got her own swag and she let it show beautiful wedding!
mon's picture

Monica looked beautiful &

Monica looked beautiful & happy. From the clips it looked liked a great wedding. The inside was decorated very nicely a lil dark but nice.
Dee's picture

why does Vanessa (Kobes wife)

why does Vanessa (Kobes wife) always look like she have a stank ass attitude?! lol
miss infamous's picture

girl ooooooook! LOL that's

girl ooooooook! LOL that's the same thing me & my sister just said! if i were MRS FRIGGIN BRYANT i'd be smiling & cheesing from EAR TO EAR 24/7! *smdh* lol
Anonymous's picture

Sooo freakin happy for her!

Sooo freakin happy for her!
Anonymous's picture

Beautiful! The dress was

Beautiful! The dress was nice and it worked for Monica's elaborate style. Very cute couple!
Janell's picture

OK where do I start, the

OK where do I start, the dress all wrong. Monica 1 question what are you now going to do with that atrocious piece of fabric. Please tell me you are going to break it down and cloth a village of african children. You guys looked better in your video wedding. All of this really wasn't necessary. Just my opinion.
Nina Davis's picture

LMAO! Whew the HATERS was in

LMAO! Whew the HATERS was in full effect on this post! Wow you guys can't be happy for this couple at all? Well I say more power to you HATERS! Cause I don't have time to hate I congradulate! Whew Monica in the words of Portia Foxx you gone really have to let your haters be your motivators on this one. I hope you guys have a full blessed life! CONGRATS!
Anonymous's picture

"not liking something" is not

"not liking something" is not HATING. so tired of people throwing this bullshit word around. If ppl said "i hope your marriage fails" then that's a hater. learn to spell too while you're ACTING like you give a fuck.
Anonymous's picture

LOL. I agree. They MUST be

LOL. I agree. They MUST be doing something right. God's favor is all over these two truly and honestly. Wish them nothing but a lifetime together of love, happiness, and peace. The rest of yall get of the hater bus....and put positive engery out there and you might get some as well.
Anonymous's picture

Where was Mia X, Missy,

Where was Mia X, Missy, Keisha Cole??? I thought these were her BFFS
Handsome225's picture

You do realize you didn't see

You do realize you didn't see all the guests, right? Mia and Missy were there. Keyshia is currently on tour.
LolaAM's picture

Mia was there...Keyshia was

Mia was there...Keyshia was on tour. It was 350 people there...yall really think we got pics of EVERYONE who attended. smh. Stop reaching.
Anonymous's picture

Lala, Kevin wasn't really

Lala, Kevin wasn't really checking for you and Caramel, but since you insist he had to ask about you and your corn ball husband. Monica happy for you BUT you did not need that extra blond hair. Should have kept it simple and cute thats who Shannon fell in love with. And another thing not to be pety but Monica needed a more traditional dress because her body is not curvy girl cute.
Sasha Brown's picture

I thought the same thing,

I thought the same thing, like uummm honey know one asked you about your wedding or husband till after you brought it up. LOL
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Really weird why wasn't her

Really weird why wasn't her best friend Mia X not a Bridesmaids? smh She had fake friends like Vanessa Bryant!!!! Seriously? Come On!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

is she doin the interview

is she doin the interview during the wedding smh
cassie's picture

The Hair is Horrible!

The Hair is Horrible!
Anonymous's picture

Yay!!!! Black Love!!!!

Yay!!!! Black Love!!!!
Joy's picture

ok everyone on here is like

ok everyone on here is like "omg it's so beautiful" NO IT IS NOT! this looked like ghetto hood mess. what's up with her dress? that was not cute. on your wedding day you're supposed to be classic elegant beautiful etc. not haute couture and something you're gonna look back on a month from now and be like this mess was ugly. those bridesmaids dresses? atrocious. and the ghetto hair to the side hairstyle? where were you going? not your wedding. and then to top it all off did they have to be so thirsty to have tv there. really? we all know what that is about. now let the "bitterness" comments start. which by the way i am not, i just know class and a HOT GHETTO MESS when i see one
BeautifulLady10's picture

Have you seen the train on

Have you seen the train on Princess Diana's wedding gown? Clearly you know NOTHING about classic beauty and elegance....NEXT!
LNP's picture

did i say anything about her

did i say anything about her train? no. you can not honestly tell me this is classic beauty and elegance. this is a ghetto hillbilly trying to stay relevant.
BeautifulLady10's picture

im so happy for mo she

im so happy for mo she deserve the best. she looked stunning, and shannon is a major upgrade from whats his name???? whatever he can go be steady with these anything ass groupies!!!
Anonymous's picture

Hot Fashions

Hot Fashions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.fordevas.ecrater.com
Anonymous's picture

Wow! Now that's a dress fit

Wow! Now that's a dress fit for a princess. What a beautiful wedding. How nice that they shared that with everyone. That hair was nasty, but everything else was so nice, how canyou not be happy for them. After watching that last episode of bridezillas. I NEEDED THIS
Cutaaay's picture

1st thing i noticed was Kobes

1st thing i noticed was Kobes wife shitty face! why she always look so damn miserable! Ruining mo's video... Anyways Im happy for Monica, although i cant say i loved her hair and cakey make up!
ninety's picture

Her face is always horrible,

Her face is always horrible, miserable witch.
Anonymous's picture

Awwww yayyyy congrats! Just

Awwww yayyyy congrats! Just so beautiful!
Texas Girl's picture

Marriage is a beautiful

Marriage is a beautiful thing!
lucypearl!#@'s picture

Absolutely stunning! I always

Absolutely stunning! I always question why ppl get married secretively and then have such a lavish wedding, but I guess if you already married then you don't have to worry about nobody objecting .. lol. But seriously, I think Monica & Shannon make a beautiful couple and I pray that their union will be blessed. That train on that dress is ridiculous. Monica is tiny too so I'm sure that required quite a workout for her and while it was gorgeous, I know she was more than ready to get out of it. But love is a beautiful thing and you can definitely tell that love is all over her. Congrats!
Just Me's picture

Congrats Monica & Shannon!

Congrats Monica & Shannon! Your wedding day looked beautiful and filled with love.
AKAtude's picture

Why Kobe top of the cake

Why Kobe top of the cake looking wife mug look like she screw facing all the time. Spit out that lemon already for goodness sake.
FRANKIE's picture

Monica has always been a

Monica has always been a God-fearing, good woman of strength and morals. She deserves nothing but the best. This is exactly why God blessed her with someone who seems to be more her speed and definitely better looking ;) Congratulations Monica, and best of luck with everything.
Monica's picture

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