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Beyonce Covers COMPLEX Mag, Talks "Rival" Rihanna, Choosing Her New Sound, & Kanye Bringing Her To Tears

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Beyonce's covering the brand new issue of Complex magazine.  And it seems she's opening up more and more as each interview unfolds.  She no longer has Pappy Knowles yanking the reigns of what she can and can't say.  So she's been dishing in detail about making a distinction between her and Rihanna, being proud of her own throne, her utter admiration for her husband, and why she's confident in the new sound she's bringing to R&B.


Highlights from her interview, plus gorgeous pics inside...

We picked out the highlights of Beyonce's full cover story from Complex magazine.  She made clear she doesn't think she's perfect, and she's giving you a bit more of what she really thinks and feels about turning 30 and everything careerwise and personal that comes with that.

Peep the pics then the highlights where she discusses what separates her from Rihanna, why she's in awe of her husband, what inspired her eclectic sound, and more:


On her constant rumored rivalry with Rihanna

“There is room on this earth for many queens. I have an authentic, God-given talent, drive, and longevity that will always separate me from everyone else. I’ve been fortunate to accomplish things that the younger generation of queens dream of accomplishing. I have no desire for anyone else’s throne. I am very comfortable in the throne I’ve been building for the past 15 years.”

On working with Kanye again for 4 and him moving her to tears

“The fact that he’s belting out his pain, his confusion, and his anger, with no pre-written lyrics, was so moving,” she says. “He’s singing his heart out for five minutes. He is so vulnerable. I love when an artist can be so honest.”

On working with Frank Ocean after hearing him for the first time

“Jay had a CD playing in the car one Sunday when we were driving to Brooklyn. I noticed his tone, his arrangements, and his storytelling. I immediately reached out to him—literally the next morning. I asked him to fly to New York and work on my record.”

On her admiration of her husband's talent

“Jay’s music is more than music. His lyrics have fathered generations.  All that he has overcome gives millions so much hope. There are moments when I see his lips moving and I can see lyrics floating above his head and I think, ‘Wow! How did I get so lucky to be able to witness this level of genius so closely?’”

How she deals with bad days

“I only allow myself one day to feel sorry for myself. People who complain really get on my nerves. When I’m not feeling my best I ask myself, ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ I use the negativity to fuel the transformation into a better me.”

On why she went with this new ecelctic sound for 4

Figuring out a way to get R&B back on the radio is challenging.  Everything sounds the same on the radio. With 4 I tried to mix R&B from the ’70s and the ’90s with rock ‘n’ roll and a lot of horns to create something new and exciting. I wanted musical changes, bridges, vibrata, live instrumentation, and classic songwriting.”

Check out Complex for her full interview and more pics.  And peep the behind the scenes video of Mrs. Knowles Carter working it out at the cover shoot:


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she don't hate RIRI

she don't hate RIRI
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LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! Love that all she needs is a mic and light and she'll tear any place down. You tell 'em King B. She has accomplishments up the waazoo that others won't ever have and all because of her pipes. Not hiding behind fashion or gimmicks but her talent. She can't be faded.
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Beyonce is WO-MAN! Okay!!!

Beyonce is WO-MAN! Okay!!! Stop it with the stupid rivalries and hatred of this beautiful Queen as she's clearly made her own path & has accomplishments up the ass all based on her talent - not her looks or her clothes but her talent. Very well said King B.
King B's picture

I totally disagree with the

I totally disagree with the very 1st comment by Amil. Although I can tell Beyonce' has changed tremendously since Dangerously In Love, her growth is very touching. I have an older cousin who doesn't let her 8 year old watch anything with Beyonce'. Ever since she watched "Deja Vu" video, she wanted that little green skirt Beyonce' was dancing in the sand. I'm not trying to tell anyone how to raise their kids, but from experience, you cannot, CANNOT, protect your child from EVERY LITTLE THING IN THE WORLD. When their not with you, they do what they feel is cool, even if they we're brought up doing things that were only appropriate towards their parents. By you "hiding" or "blocking" the creativity from performers on TV, your blocking the inspiration your child can aspire. By you letting them listen or watch things that they are interested in at a certain age, you're giving them a choice to make their OWN decision. I love Beyonce to death. I love her mostly for her voice and her personality. She's a very rare character and will always be my favorite performer. When I do have kids, I'll let them follow their own path in inspirations. And if they are inspired by anything Beyonce or whoever does, then that's their choice. Although I will instill what's wrong and rights about different occasions. I'm so proud of Beyonce'. Keep giving us good music. It gives me life!
Imari Rashad's picture

I believe in balance and

I believe in balance and while I don't mind Beyonce so much, I appreciate those who love AND who "hate" her - you gotta have both (yin & yang). Her 1st solo album was the only one i ever bought and is my fav 2this very day. Now...I'm cool wit jus tuning her in (and out) on the radio when i choose. I feel like she's really trying 2b as humble and as "normal" as she can despite the money n fame - even in how she handles her marriage; but I'm sure it's VERY hard to do. I think she's doing the only thing she knows how...and at this point all she can do is stay in "the business" and follow the trend somewhat if she wants to stay relevant; then put a lil spin on it and call it her own. I miss the old Beyonce, the one that I could relate to. I feel no connection to her now, whatsoever, and have actually grown to REALLY diggin her sis Solange; but I guess that IS the reality seeing how much Bey's accomplished as an entertainer. It's so bad now that I actually try to limit how much my lil 4 yr. old daughter listens to Bey or even watches her videos. And if my innocent child tries to dance like her, I tell her that's not how little girls should dance. It's just far too much at this point, and I fail to see the difference between Beyonce and anyone else from musician to video hoe. But I LOVE & appreciate that voice of hers...I wish she'd just focus on that. THAT's what Im inspired by and that's what I want my daughter to be inspired by.
Amil's picture

There are only two kinds of

There are only two kinds of people in the world. When you give your 'opinions' ask yourself what is your intention in giving that opinion. Is it coming from a place of love or hate? There are only Lovers and Haters. You're either hating on someone or congratulating-celebrating/honoring them. You're either tearing someone down or building them up. The light can't be on and off at the same time. You either love her or you hate her. Let your light shine. Practice being happy, try not to think or say anything negative to or about someone (including yourself). This little light of mine.... :-)
I'm so feeling me right now's picture

Beyonce to Sasha Fierce:

Beyonce to Sasha Fierce: Symbolic Occult Rebirth http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/beyonce-to-sasha-fierce-symolic...
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The THRONE of God is by far

The THRONE of God is by far the most exclusive place in existence King BeyWHOREce THRONE promotes the lifestyle of Sodom and Gomorrah King BeyWHOREce Rules a nation of low-self esteem drag queens and tramps who will do any and everything for money SEXUAL DEVIANCE.......FORNICATION.....WORSHIP OF MONEY OVER GOD God calls us to be holy people not influenced by our wicked culture. Sin always has consequences. ALWAYS
anonymous's picture

Beyonce is a whore!!! Beyonce

Beyonce is a whore!!! Beyonce is a whore!!! Beyonce is a whore!!! Beyonce is a whore!!!
Anonymous's picture

It's great that she has

It's great that she has confidence. I am neither a fan or a hater. I will disagree with the comment that all the songs on the radio sound the same. There are a hoard of outstanding artists that, in my opinion, have far prettier and more distinctive voices than Bey. They do not have the machine behind them, they may not be as attractive, or they do not aspire to the kind of domination she has always chased. They are also at a disadvantage because mainstream urban radio does not play their music.
Deborah's picture


BEYONCE's picture

gorgeous yet again 2 weeks

gorgeous yet again 2 weeks number 1 album queen aint giving up her throne
Mila's picture

******500****** :)

******500****** :)
anonymous's picture


anonymous's picture

Remember how that ni99a JayZ

Remember how that ni99a JayZ used think he was a pimp. He use to hang with pimps, go to the pimp and players ball. When he got with Beyonce--that black ni99a stopped all that tom foolery because I guess he finally got a woman that fits the role of a hoe, a stripper, a husla, as well as his wife. Yeah, as we get older, we change our actions--but rarely do we--or can we--change our belief systems. I guarantee you that he still believes that pimping whores is okay, to mack a whore is okay. But, I guarantee you he will never slap and treat beyonce like a whore--even though she fits his image of that type of woman which he desires. But then again remember how after he got married to beyonce, he went through that mr magoo phase with those goggle looking glasses. He looked like a straight of nerd, a square. He ain't nothing but a ole square pimp wanna be ni99a who had a buddy--Damon Dash who gave him that push, motivation, support and hype that he needed. Yeah, he parlayed after he got in the game. But, if it were not for Damon Dash, JayZ would be one of those forgettable rappers. With his big bubble-lipped azz. Project Ni99a.
goddess's picture

Dame...is that your broke

Dame...is that your broke azz?!? LOL!!!
Anonymous's picture

Jay-z is a forgettable

Jay-z is a forgettable rapper, personality,designer, person, everything about him is meh. He's relevant today because of the influence a female pop star allowed him to gain (proof that sometimes it takes a women to help a man reach the top) remember everyone was like "How the hell he get her" well that curiosity to see what was so special about this ugly dude that beyonce would want him is what got Jay-z this career. People just took interest to try and see what the hell beyonce saw (which is nothing) and just like Snoop, white people wanting to be cool attached their interest to the next friendliest rapper (making him even more lame) and I agree beyonce may look like the pop whore he can pimp, but Tina and Mathew didn't raise no punching bag, that's why she felt safe saying I'll have a baby when I feel the F*ck like it and not when you say.
anonymous's picture

you sound so stupid, Jay was

you sound so stupid, Jay was big before her and they match well together and work well together she works hard just like him some you dont even know what hard work is. As Jay said I got 21 problems and a bitch aint one. Bitch ass people always talking about someone on how they look and what you just found out about them Jay has been big since the late 90"s get a grip young buck or old buck
Anonymous's picture

really. you got it all

really. you got it all figured out? why call you self a goddess when you're are nothing but a demon.
Anonymous's picture

btw Beyonce & Rihanna are

btw Beyonce & Rihanna are cooler than folks think...
SwirlieCurlies's picture

No they're not! They both

No they're not! They both hate each other! #FACTS
Anonymous's picture

btw Beyonce & Rihanna are

btw Beyonce & Rihanna are cooler than folks think...
SwirlieCurlies's picture

Not to ish on Beyonce...but

Not to ish on Beyonce...but how bad are her "bad days" compared to someone else's. She's beautiful, rich, famous, got millions of people who worship her....thats not much she has to mope and grope about..
SwirlieCurlies's picture

Haha!!! Jay-Z got both his

Haha!!! Jay-Z got both his girls Rihanna & Beyonce calling him poppop(they r stupid as hell 4 giving him that much power) LMAO
Anonymous's picture

I Love Beyonce and I wish all

I Love Beyonce and I wish all of the blessings & success in her career & life!!!!!!! God Bless Her!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture


LOVE-LOVE-LOVE HER---->haters do what you do best and hate on Queen Bey in 5,4,3,2..
Melly's picture

You can not like an artist,

You can not like an artist, cant stand their voice and refuse to go to concerts and look at performances. But when you go out of your way to verbally assault a person that you never met and hold sooo much hate and anger toward them, its a problem. I hope most of this stuff was written by people under 20 who may not know better yet cause this is crazy. I wish everyone the best.
#1Bey Stan's picture


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I was a really big fan of

I was a really big fan of Beyonce's first 2 albums: Dangerously in Love and B-Day. The only thing I liked about Sasha Fierce was Halo b/c Michael Ealy was in the video and Ego. I definitely don't like anything I've heard from the new album, 4. With that said, I was hoping when Kelly came out with the mega hit "Motivation" that Beyonce would continue taking her much needed break. But she didn't and now she is overkill. The same thing happened to Britney Spears before she married Kevin and had those kids. People were tired as hell of Britney and many even rooted for her to fail. Great artists take breaks and make people say "Where is ___________" and then the next thing you know that artist comes back on the scene with a SENSATIONAL album. Plus Beyonce has her own fragrances and a clothing line. So a break will not diminish her ability to make money. If she continues with this overkill more and more people will dislike her. Plus, she should have shown more of her REAL personality before now. All that "I'm so shy and innnocent and don't want to talk about my relationships" then going out on stage throwing my crotch around didn't seem genuine. I'm interested in seeing how this 4 album will do....I haven't really heard a lot of praise about it....
Anonymous's picture

Can you stop pretending like

Can you stop pretending like this is your first time posting....you are one of the same anon people in the other 400+ comments below. Yall doing too many shows to try and discredit this girl...damn shame.
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce knows that her

Beyonce knows that her popularity is fading (just like the Rihanna song of the same name) and she's jealous of Rihanna's success because Rihanna has accomplished so many things in a shorter amount of time. While Beyonce took 15 years to do!
Nappy Hair Tar Baby aka Coal Black African's picture

True!!!! lol

True!!!! lol
Anonymous's picture

GTFOH!! Her none singing butt

GTFOH!! Her none singing butt can't even hold Bey's shoes so please do not try to compare someone with talent to someone that is riding the abuse wagon! IJS!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Gurl, at the end of the day

Gurl, at the end of the day ur bitch(beyonce) is still jealous of Rihanna! #Facts #MoveOn :-)
Anonymous's picture

WOW!! all these comments..

WOW!! all these comments.. and all the people that are throwing shade dont CUT HER CHECK... so Sit ALL the way DOWN with that .. BEYONCE IS THE GREATEST and everyone knows it!! #TEAMQUEENBEY
LEI LEI's picture

NATASHA! U know you did wrong

NATASHA! U know you did wrong by putting Rhianna's name in this post when Beyonce WAS NOT referring to/throwing shade at Rihanna. Come on! You're just stirring up shit!!
Angie's picture

Beyonce jealous ass wouldn't

Beyonce jealous ass wouldn't let Jay-z go to Rihannas concert lastnight! hahahahaha #JEALOUSBITCH
Anonymous's picture

#word all day an tomorrow

#word all day an tomorrow
Jellyz's picture

I read the comment below and

I read the comment below and decided I won't read the extra salty commentary that came before....Beyonce is an AMAZING artist, and she seems very genuine and humble and that's what I have always loved about her. Jay Z is an incredible business man, and so his his WIFE. These two are a unique and extraordinary example of love, business savvy, and hope. I have been a Jay Z fan just as long as I have been a Beyonce fan, and I am happy they are together. It just really does make sense. Keep Shining, Beyonce & Sean!! One Love
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Wow this post is almost at

Wow this post is almost at 500 comments, Beyonce truly is the Queen! Love her, female Michael Jackson!
Amanda's picture

Beyonce only got over 400

Beyonce only got over 400 comments, cuz she threw shade @ Queen Rihanna! #LetBeHonest
Anonymous's picture

But the truth is, she WAS NOT

But the truth is, she WAS NOT throwing shade at Rihanna. Rihanna's name was used in this post to STIR UP SHIT!
Angie's picture

gotta win it,gotta get

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Anonymous's picture

The haters are thick today.

The haters are thick today. I love JayZ and Beyonce. They are very smart business people. Go Carters. Wishing you the best at everything you do.
Shining Star's picture

So ... who are we listening

So ... who are we listening to now?? Wasnt her father ... maybe jay-z?? How did she go from being Miss sweet cant say nothing to Miss i am the queen dont cross me. Fantastic entertainer but completely controlled.
Anonymous's picture

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