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The First Look INSIDE Will & Jada Pinkett Smith's UBER FAB Malibu Home!

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Ever wonder what the homes of multi upon multi millionaires, The Smith's, look like?  Well here's the first ever look at just one of their humble abodes--their ultra fab Malibu escape.


Will & Jada let Architectural Digest into their gigantic (it's 25,000 sq. feet!) luxe pad.  Read on for the sick views Willow, Jaden, Trey and their parents get to wake up to in the morn....

They're called the First Fam of Black Hollywood for a reason.  Will & Jada are giving us a peek into their insanely gorgeous Malibu home in the upcoming new issue of Architectural Digest magazine.  It took 7 years to build & create and they moved in 7 years ago.  But it's their first time showing such intimate pics, and they don't disappoint.

The power couple graces the cover--with Jada in a hot Lanvin dress--in their open air, 3 wall plush living room.  And inside, they pose with their whole fam of superstar kiddies--including Trey, Smith's son from his first marriage, 18; Jaden, 13; and Willow, 10.

Then they showcase the impeccably decorated (the nature moved inside relaxing feel I love) rooms inside their Mediterranean adobe style home, designed by architect Stephen Samuelson, with interiors by Judith Lance.

Jada said about the home: "For Will and me this home was always a spiritual endeavor.  We’re very earthy, organic people. We wanted to create a family retreat, something made by hand and as natural as possible, something that ties back to the land.  Whatever it becomes, the craftsmanship will always represent our union and the love of our family."

What all does this 9-bedroom circular designed pad (Will said it represents "an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love") have that makes you want Will & Jada to adopt you? A meditation room for the Mrs., a recording studio (where Willow recorded her hit song "Whip My Hair"), a huge pasture and lake with a gazebo, basketball and tennis courts, three golf holes, a mix of Persian, Moroccan, Spanish, and Southwest American cultures, and much more.

The living room includes a 1930s copper lantern from Downtown, columns wrapped in jute rope, a pair of ’60s Brazilian rosewood chairs (at left) from Noho Modern, custom-made lounge seating (at right) upholstered in a Rose Tarlow leather, wing chairs covered in kilims and leather, and a beige silk area rug by Hokanson.  Oh, and they have full views of the mountains.

A bedroom terrace.

Will calls the lake gazebo his favorite spot saying, “Answers come to me out there."

Will is currently filming Men In Black III and Jada stars on TNT's "HawthoRNe" and also set to star as a voice in Madagascar 3.  F'in fab.

The September issue of Architectural Digest is available on newsstands August 9.

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Good looking family I tell

Good looking family I tell ya! More power to them
JPassion's picture

This is what money and

This is what money and excellent taste can DO! Go Will and Jada and fam!
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Anonymous's picture

Does anyone remember that

Does anyone remember that Will started dating Jada while he was only separated form his first wife. so give her the same treatment yall give Alicia Keys..
K~'s picture

Not the same, at all. Will's

Not the same, at all. Will's 1st wife didn't want him.
Yamagatagirl's picture

The comments on here are

The comments on here are hilarious. Especially the people who get upset when others disapprove. Lol Everyone is not going to like the house nor Will and Jada. It's not even called hate, it's just mere preference and opinions. Why can't we respect people for where they are? We were not born to like the same things or feel the same way. Lmbo Come on people.
Anonymous's picture

Beautiful home. Black star

Beautiful home. Black star power @ its finest! Jada shoes in 2nd pic CUTE!!!!!
Lucypearl#@!'s picture

Simply beautiful, I expected

Simply beautiful, I expected nothing less from the Smith family.
Daniel from the "D"'s picture

Black love is beautiful!

Black love is beautiful! Nice house.
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sdgdsssdgsd's picture

beautiful BLACK family!

beautiful BLACK family!
smarblackgirl's picture

Beautiful family PERIOD!

Beautiful family PERIOD!
Anonymous's picture

I love them SO much, they are

I love them SO much, they are amazing role models, examples that you can work hard at your craft and stick to your morals while becoming successful. Neither one of them are from money but they made their own and are making sure their children understand the value of hard work. They are a beautiful inspiration of not just Black love (what is that?) but love period and what two people can achieve when they commit to supporting and loving each other. Neither one of them would have even half as much alone.
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Anonymous's picture

It makes me very happy and

It makes me very happy and proud when I see brothers and sisters doing well and living in the kind of homes I never thought we could live in.
Jackie M's picture

Beautiful, talented, blessed,

Beautiful, talented, blessed, hard working family! Will & Jada deserve all that they have! I am so proud and happy for you!
BOSSLADY's picture

Its crazy how broke ass

Its crazy how broke ass people can hate on people doing more than them. The Smiths home is lovely.
queenaleecia's picture

GORGEOUS home!!!! Must be

GORGEOUS home!!!! Must be nice!!! GO head Will and Jada!!!! follow ms_nikki2u
NikkiBoo's picture

Will Smith looks like he's in

Will Smith looks like he's in his 50's in the face, and we know how well black people age, so thats interesting. I'm realizing now that you have to disect what is written and said with or else you will be taken and mislead. The house took seven years to bulid and they've lived in it for seven years and now is the time to show case it. Seven is a very interesting number to look at. Esp when it's that time of rest, when nothing big should be done in. My friend told me in her belief system no one marries celebrates or does anything significant on anthing 7, when done it is considered it's practically calling on bad luck, she also said when you point out at someone, something rude in all societies it's rude, and an offense because that is how witches are exposed(note your finger makes 7 when you point out), I always thought of 7 as a number of God. Oh and the house is 25,000sq ft Moving along, he sits by a body of water, the lake and gets answers? First off thats just creepy and scarey cause I imagine he's alone far from the house in the middle of nowhere. And if he's getting answers the sourse must not be himslef, could it be some marine or water spirit(mermaid), known in alot of ethnic groups to be a source to aquire lavish wealth? Beyonce opened her yr of 4 documentary and the first words out of her mouth were she is a mermaid, and that she loves the ocean, which many folks do, but really a 30 yr old grown a$$ woman, married and referring to herself as mermaid, like you'd expect to hear from a child of 6 to hallucinate about. Besides money marine spirits do a host of all levels of evil, research it. I just find what is being said and slipped out very amusing.
Anonymous's picture

I don't know about anyone

I don't know about anyone else but when I point I don't stick my thumb up, therefore my fingers don't make the number 7. You don't think it's weird to believe you expose witches by pointing, yet you think it's weird for a person to have a place of serenity in there own home. Many of us humans are not the source of most of the answers we seek but it sure doesn't mean we get our answer from some type of water spirit. OMG this is the dumbest and the most creepy shit I've heard all year. I wont comment on the other bullshit but thanks for the laugh!! Now go take your meds.....
Qtpa2t's picture

nigga said "marine life"

nigga said "marine life"
bootyhole's picture


Anonymous's picture

U put way too much thought

U put way too much thought into this. It's just a house.
LOL@U's picture

Jesus take the

Jesus take the wheel...... Now you go take your meds!
LNP's picture


LOL@U's picture

Shut the eff up and go wash

Shut the eff up and go wash your face take a shit or something......
BOSSLADY's picture

Oh, and thanks Will and Jada

Oh, and thanks Will and Jada for making the rest of us feel like dog poo.
But_I'm_Clevah's picture

Wow, I wish I had a home like

Wow, I wish I had a home like that. They're so lucky.
But_I'm_Clevah's picture

beautiful, the last pic is

beautiful, the last pic is giving me a bedrock flinstones vibe but beautiful nonetheless
Anonymous's picture

Beautiful!!! They work hard

Beautiful!!! They work hard (and so do their kids) and deserve to live how they want. I am sure they contribute to a number of charities, the might have other problems, but they have always been a charitable couple.
zappy's picture

Totally breath taking,

Totally breath taking, eerything in this home the design decor flows in perfect harmony. I'm sure they some professional lifestyle guru who practices some sort of zen magic put this together. Every shape color aspect of this home must have been according to some new age standard. Anyway this looks so "hallmark", you know manipulated. They just look too perfect for to the naked eye, and it comes off pretentious. Anyway that older sun is fiwone, ok! and Willow is just coming off or across as a 16yr old+, I hate to say this about someones child but there is no childlike innocence about her at all, just read her face and her body language, I do understand some younger children adopt a more mature outlook and character than there siblings when they a a year or so apart but she comes off as more experienced than the eldest. Call me a hater all day, this picture perfect family is nothing anyone here esp if you are a real YBF needs to aspire to, yes satan comes with his share of blessings. Bow down to me and I shall give you the kingdoms to possess! FATAL
Anonymous's picture

The inside is beautiful, the

The inside is beautiful, the views and the lake obviously but the outside i am not so crazy about. With that kind of money they could have done better. I know people will call me a hater but i've seen houses more beautiful than this from people with less money. Just sayin
Anonymous's picture

The outside of the house is a

The outside of the house is a morrocan style design thats why it looks like that. If you google pictures of moroccan mud houses U'll understand the look they were going for :-)
Tortellonilover's picture

This is probably one of the

This is probably one of the most architechtually beautiful homes I've ever seen. Now this is what you call living. I would never even want to leave to go to the store....lol.
Rihanna's Nails's picture

That's called magic!!lovely

That's called magic!!lovely home!!
Deh Yah's picture

dummy its in westlake

dummy its in westlake calabasas close to malibu but not malibu yea the smiths could live there but they don't
lawg's picture

westlake and calabasas are

westlake and calabasas are two different places (although they are in close proximity of each other).
anonymousLOloo's picture

u r a hater... wow, but

u r a hater... wow, but anyway atleast you duin ur job... to hate... great house Mr & Mrs Smith
Anonymous's picture

One of the few times I've

One of the few times I've seen money & good taste come together so beautifully. GORGEOUS home, FLAWLESS style. Two thumbs way up for Will & Jada!
Zarai's picture

They don't live in malibu.

They don't live in malibu. they live in calabasas. go to google maps and type in these codes (34.095272,-118.681086)
kr's picture

I love the house. I am

I love the house. I am passionate about architecture and the architectural elements of the little that I saw of this house are simply stunning. I especially love how the indoors and outdoors seem to meet, one leading into the other naturally. Expansive grounds, mountain views, a pond and lots of light, it's a very special place to live. I am happy Will and Jada are able to raise their children in such a natural and beautiful environment, versus the hood where they both came from. It is good for a man/woman to see the product of their labors and know it is good. A very beautiful black family, loves them!
Mabel's picture

Stereotype Alert!!!!! Will

Stereotype Alert!!!!! Will and Jada did not grow up in the hood. Not all black neighborhoods are HOOD.
luxury's picture

they did grow up in the hood.

they did grow up in the hood. but they did not go to school in the hood. that is the difference... they went to good private schools and got a great education. i hate to say it, but schools in low class neighborhoods are doing a serious disservice to our youth... i wish every low income family could afford to send their kids to better schools. that would solve a lot of problems.
Anonymous's picture

Sorry...I know Jada's family

Sorry...I know Jada's family very well in Baltimore. A very distinguish family. She comes from a long line of college educated people, who did well in their professions. No way she's from the hood. Even thought she tries to play that game.
onymous's picture

Actually they DID grow up in

Actually they DID grow up in the hood. Jada just said in a recent interview that she was happy she was able to raise her kids in an environment outside of the harsh surroundings she and Will grew up in. So yes...the previous poster was correct, they did grow up in the hood...and the got out!
Anonymous's picture

she is lying

she is lying
Anonymous's picture

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