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MOMMY & ME: Christina Milian & Violet Shop It Up At Fred Segal

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It's never too early to teach the babies about the finer things in life.  Christina Milian was spotted taking her 1-and-a-half-year-old baby girl Violet shopping at Fred Segal yesterday in Beverly Hills.  They had some mommy & me time bonding over shoes.  Gotta love that.


Pics of the cuteness inside....

I see Violet's daddy Dream in her more and more every time.  The bundle of cuteness rocked her frilly skirt and tank and Jordans for the shopping trip.

While mommy Christina kept it sexy and casual in her short shorts and white midriff baring top.


Violet tried on some cheetah shoes while mom tried on sky high purple heels.

Fun times!  By the way, Violet's daddy The Dream's free mixtape is out today on the net.


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I want to nominate mlesyf and

I want to nominate mlesyf and my ex husband for the family photo contest. We have actually been through alot the last 6 months including legally divorcing and we are getting re-married. We picked out a new engagement ring on Thursday. We feel strong that love and friendship are the keys to a lasting relationship and the odds of getting back together after all we have been through is amazing.
Siheng's picture

Violet looks perfectly fine

Violet looks perfectly fine to me. I want to have a chubby lil girl like her one day. Some people need to stop being so quick to judge and look at themselves in the mirror sometimes. When you look, look in depth not just a quickie. You talk about people's children (celebrities) and then get upset when they choose to never show their children to you. I see why and I don't blame them one bit.
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Anonymous's picture

violet is so chuncky and

violet is so chuncky and cute!
Anonymous's picture

The baby is cute, she does

The baby is cute, she does look like her dad but so what. And why someone is saying the baby need to be on a diet I don't get that. She's a baby, babies are suppose to have meat on their bones. Now, if she was a skinny baby she's probably look weird because babies aren't suppose to be skinny! And Cristina Milian looks pretty, I don't think most of us would wear a lot of things we see celebrities wear, but some of it is probably just for fun/to get attention, I mean how many of us would go shopping wearing 6 inch heals anyway? That would be painful. So, give her a break, I think the look is intended to be costume-like.
april's picture

every `1 thats talkin shit

every `1 thats talkin shit about a baby is going stright to hell look in the bible .. that little girl is beautiful
Anonymous's picture

Aahh......look at lil

Aahh......look at lil Dream.lol.
BOSSLADY's picture

Damn.. Y'all going on a BABY

Damn.. Y'all going on a BABY like that? Smh..
Anonymous's picture

Christina is a BAD

Christina is a BAD CHICK!!!!!! She got her SHIT TOGETHER, SHE FLY, IN SHAPE PRETTY FACE AND PAID HOW MANY OF YOU BROKE DOWN BITCHES CAN SAY THAT? IF ANY OF YOU had a sense of style or money u might know somethin bout that, so just stfu cause your opinion DON'T COUNT it means absolutely nothing , Hi Hatred. (Waves)
Anonymous's picture

Well this is a black site so

Well this is a black site so you can expect hatter comments from these black chick so typical
Anonymous's picture

It's a baby for peeps sake! I

It's a baby for peeps sake! I swear, I have the slightest clue where the world is going to. We'll find something wrong, bad, negative in everything and everyone. And we wonder why we're in the state we're in as a race. TRAGIC
Anonymous's picture

Nooooooooooo! The red heels

Nooooooooooo! The red heels are all wrong. Or at the very least, wear full-length jeans, not shorts! Unless you're Naomi Campbell, that's way too much look for the daytime. It doesn't help that the shorts are faded acid-wash. Christina needs to learn--less is more. She's pretty, but tries way too hard. I just don't get what the hell happened to her. She used to have it together and she's been falling apart at the seams for a while now. sad. As for Violet. She's cute and chubby in a bulldog sort of way. But, you never know, babies grow up...thin out, grow into their looks. hopefully.
Gimmy's picture

i think violet is an adorable

i think violet is an adorable little baby...unfortunately she does look like her dad. Not like the dream is ugly, he's just a load of shit. I do feel though, that Cmill can hook her baby up with a stylist. She walking around in heels and poor violet looks like she's wearing hand-me-downs.
Anonymous's picture

It is so sad that the baby

It is so sad that the baby looks nothing like her mother
Anonymous's picture

The baby is cute, although

The baby is cute, although something in her diet needs to be reduced. yes babies are nice and chuncky but their intake needs to be monitored as well. That heavyness looks as if it could accompany her as she grows older. And goodness she's wearing a dress not a skirt. Cristina is pretty and appealing, she's got a good body too, nothing wrong in shorts and heels, I do it as well but in the evening, but red is not my color of choice for such a look, wedges would have been fine for the afternoon they also balance the look. I find that whereever theres a huge concentration of spanish speaking people, the dress code of women tends to border a whole new look which I will not touch on. Anything 5 inches tall, spandex and barely there inches short cloth is the norm. Notice these celebs esp the ones who really aren't involved in a working project can't leave the house alone. always at least 2 people constantly with them. Her mom never gives her space to breath, shit I love my momma but damn you need to let go of the apron strings after sometime. I think she's a puppet..as time goes cristina loses more and more of something like her identity. She looks vacant like the lights are on, no ones home. Her personality is gone.
Anonymous's picture

Poor Violet....

Poor Violet....
Ambering 's picture

I don't like talking about

I don't like talking about other's folks children, especially babies, so I'll just say this, Violet DOES NOT look like Christina and keep it moving!
Sweet2DaCore's picture

OMG!!!!!! I just want to

OMG!!!!!! I just want to pinch those cheeks she is so adorable
Anonymous's picture

Christina walking in those

Christina walking in those cutoffs heels and white shiirt with the nanny in the background is s vision of lovlieness. This is one beautiful girl.
Daniel from the 'D''s picture

violet looks soo cute!

violet looks soo cute!
Anonymous's picture

That baby looks fat and

That baby looks fat and miserable and the po thang is bow-legged
Anonymous's picture

Now that's mean.......you can

Now that's mean.......you can ish about C.Milli but that baby ain't ask to be here and can't help who her parents are.... what babies aren't fat at that age? SMH at your azz....
Anonymous's picture

they are both some cuties!! i

they are both some cuties!! i just wanna smoosh here lil face...as far as Christina's outift...you only live once and i know when I go out people are not dressing for me but I for one am tired of seeing the same ole pair of leggings and uggs on everybody...or sweats or jeans and tenis shoes...or skinny pants and ballerina flats...It is nothing wrong with rolling up to brunch or the mall or some boutique struttin your stuff before it all falls apart. I am sure when I rolled up to the movies last week in my black satin jumper and wedges at 11am people prolly thought wtf? are you doing? but dont worry about me, worry about how to get your body to look like mine
LOL's picture

"She didn't inherit her

"She didn't inherit her mother's looks" is a synonym for "she inherited the Dream's hair."
Anonymous's picture

Violet is sooooooooooo

Violet is sooooooooooo cute!!!! and her mom looks hot as hell and that bothers some people.
ImThinking's picture

Christina looks really cute

Christina looks really cute w/ her red shoes on, but I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit. I would have on the same thing w/ flat sandals, but then that's just me. It appears like a person is trying too hard (even if they're not) when they have shoes meant for a dress and to pair them w/ totally casual shorts. Dressy shorts might work. She's a cutie though and so is Violet.
Happy Lady's picture

Maybe As She Gets Older She

Maybe As She Gets Older She Will Take On Her Mothers Looks? No Way Jose.Violet Will Always Look Like Teddy Ruxpin aka The Dream. She Has None Of Her Mothers Features Now And Probably Never Will. It Is What It Is.
Anonymous's picture

Natasha I really need a poll

Natasha I really need a poll on the age bracket of the traffic this site takes in. Every other word is HATER. I'm getting tired of just reading the comments because everyone is a "HATER". I truly am learning to despise that word.
Mz. Opinionated's picture

I have to agree with you. Why

I have to agree with you. Why can't people just be happy for somebody else
Anonymous's picture

NOW YOU are a hater GTFOH!

NOW YOU are a hater GTFOH!
Anonymous's picture

Touche' and ditto that point.

Touche' and ditto that point. I thought it was just me. Maybe it's an inner-city thing???
Anonymous's picture

Kid aint cute at all, IDGAF

Kid aint cute at all, IDGAF what y'all say. She looks like her fug daddy. I dont see C-Milli in that baby at all, it looks like Dream pushed that baby out by himself.
Dez's picture

She definitely looks like her

She definitely looks like her father but I can see her mom in there too. She is an adorable little chunky butt baby. Her cheeks are so cute. Yall talking shit like she doesnt have twelve more years to settle into her face. All little girls look like their fathers and sometimes have to let time smooth their features over. She is not ugly. Yall just know what her dad looks like and see more of him than Christina in her.
LiMarie's picture

White women do it in Atlanta

White women do it in Atlanta as well. I took my baby to the doctor and there was a white woman in there dressed just like CM crawling on the floor after her child. The child wasn't during anything wrong so I think it was more so I could see her Prada shoes. So, I put raised my shoe off the ground so she could see my YSL. Please stop thinking blacks are the only to degrade themselves. Women of all races degrade themselves and frankly I don't think there is anything wrong with CM. Should she drape herself in sheets now that she is a mother? Now once she hit 35 it will be time for her to tone it down.
Truth be Told's picture

Yall but be black and ugly

Yall but be black and ugly cause i swear yall think anything looks good. Clearly, she their outfit are wack. She doesn't have that "pretty girl" swag and she needs 2 find it. Aint nobody walking around in shiny red dress shoes and booty shorts..........nobody.
LMAO@U clowns..'s picture

Is it me, or was she looking

Is it me, or was she looking for the camera? Talk about needing some press, any press!!!
msmin23's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one that caught that! She was looking for the camera indeed!
Anonymous's picture


cynthia's picture

Babies are always cute, and

Babies are always cute, and Violet is def a cutie. But poor girl has inherited too much of The Dream's features (not attractive at all features) and not enough of her super hot mother Christina. Little girls have the awful tendency of looking like their daddy, so it doesn't matter how good looking the mother is (see daughters of Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Brandy, Whitney Houston for ex) sometimes the little girl comes out looking a little "off".
Ummmm's picture

oh and Tasha, can we get a

oh and Tasha, can we get a link to that mixtape you mentioned?
NY Seedy's picture

what a BEAUTIFUL chunky baby!

what a BEAUTIFUL chunky baby!
NY Seedy's picture

Omg I know its wrong to say,

Omg I know its wrong to say, but I really wish that this baby look more like her mother!
Anonymous.'s picture

this is mad cute, but Violet

this is mad cute, but Violet definitely takes after her father though
Anonymous's picture

that baby know she look like

that baby know she look like her daddy. he couldn't deny that baby even if he wanted to.
Anonymous's picture

The baby looks like a cute

The baby looks like a cute version of the Nightmare.
Anonymous's picture

Lmao....I had to think for a

Lmao....I had to think for a min....who the hell is the nightmare.... I got a good chuckle...Thanks.
GTFOH's picture

Looks like someone hired

Looks like someone hired their own paparazzo. who but the black blogs are gonna be interested in those pics? I'm a little embarrassed who else but a black women would wear evening shoes (red no less) mid afternoon with their baby ? lookin like a mistress at a store for {wives} of men with money.
Anonymous's picture

White women in L.A do that as

White women in L.A do that as well so cut it out!
Anonymous's picture

not with their babies in the

not with their babies in the middle of the afternoon they don't. I live in LA.
Anonymous's picture

I Don't live in L.A. BUT I

I Don't live in L.A. BUT I Agree with your comment....Actually I'm Not Surprised because this Chick is a Camera Whore and Always Dresses Inappropriately.
Anonymous Too 's picture

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