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SHE'S OUT! Meeka Claxton IXNAYED From "Basketball Wives"

As if it wasn't bad enough homegirl got boo'd at Clark University over the weekend.  But now she just got the reality axe from "Basketball Wives."  Deets inside on Meeka Claxton leaving the show for good...

Shaunie O'Neal pretty much let the cat out the bag weeks ago when she said during a radio show that Meeka very likely wouldn't be seeing the VH1 light of day again.  And it's come true.  

Sources on the VH1 production team say that Meeka hasn't been invited back.  And no one has even reached out to her since the last reunion show, according to TMZ.

And despite mentioning that she may drop her lawsuit against Tami, it sounds like the producers chose Mrs. Roman over Meeka anyway--remember when Tami said VH1 would have to choose either her or Meeka--but it aint gonna be both of them? 

Looks like the network made their choice.  WOMP.



Fuck meeka, that trick was a

Fuck meeka, that trick was a p^ssy ass for even letting tami slap her ass. she ran like a punk bitch do!!!!!! Meeka is weak and and she scared. I would have dog walked tami ass. I would have beat tami ass like a bad ass dirty rug. but I have a hard time respecting a whimp. meeka should have fought back, she deserved her slap, I would have punch and kicked her ass just for letting me.#GHETTO TO THE HEART# Rule 1: never let noone put their hands on you meeka. no amount of money in the world would make me back down. I wish I could be on the show, I would show tami what a real bitch would do, I would take my gucci heels and stomp the shit out of her. Now that is some shit to take to the bank
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susie was the main one that

susie was the main one that kept her mouth running on the time, she is the trouble maker saying stuff instead of keeping to her damn mouth shut but they always jumping down meeka throat,im glad she got kick off the show that was the number one getto queen show it should have been call the number one bitter queens show
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Meeka is ugly-please boycott

Meeka is ugly-please boycott ugly people so we can have more beautiful people in the world
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I never like Tami's

I never like Tami's trouble-making hood rat azz ever since Real World when she got David kicked off the show. She has no class and just started wearing better weaves and dressing better. She looked horrible when she made her first appearance. Meeka may be a liar or may talk too much but she has class. By the way, Tami did refer to Shaunie, Jen, and Evelyn as Fake Bitches. Does anyone remember that episode? Sue Meeka Sue! PLEASE SUE!
Anonymous's picture

do you really think that meka

do you really think that meka cares about the show i think not, she is jumping up and down happy as hell that show was really a getto queen show it was a big big joke thanks for the laughs
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I think being off this show

I think being off this show is a blessing for Meeka. She is a business woman and a real basketball wife. She should only align herself with those type of women. Not these groupies and bitter women with no real goals. Girl be glad this hell is over.
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I agree.

I agree.
missusa's picture

I agree also

I agree also
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i replied to someone else's

i replied to someone else's comment, but i'll say this, Meeka talks alot its true. she talks fast and is guilty of putting her foot in her mouth especially when she was new to the group. when ur new ur supposed to lay low,be in the cut, and watch everyone else so u know who to trust. But people seem to forget that the REAL blabber mouth on the show is SUZIE. she always ran back and had something to report like alittle bit*h. i think Meeka made a comment or had a convo at the bar with suzie when they were on the girl's trip, and i think the same day, or in the very next scene she ran and told them! and did u guys notice that on the show when Suzie yet again blabbed, she threw royce under the bus and told jennifer saying that royce met up with eric, but she failed to mention that royce had good intentions to meet up with jennifer and tell her in her own way. on the reunion show when jen told royce all that woman -to-woman bs, suzie didnt even jump in and say "but jen royce was gonna tell u" and that she tried to meet with her. and thats another thing jen is a brainless bird, becuz how can she say royce never told her or met up her when SHE's the one that left and stood up royce? i swear--- that jen only mimics and repeats whatever evelyn says . apologies for this rant u guys lol
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Tami is real, but she needs

Tami is real, but she needs to handle drama without touching people(in the real world she will end up broke). Meeka is fake and her poor husband will eventually get tired of her big headed azz. Jen is fake and she is nothing without that husband of hers. Chad is fake and his relationship with Evelyn will not last-she can do better than this ugly whore!
Anonymous's picture

Nobodys going to marry

Nobodys going to marry Evelyn Nobodys going to marry Evelyn what is she like 90 years old Ocho is probably waiting for her daugher to be of legal age, The Young Boi would have never gave shaunie a 2nd look if she didnt have shaqs money did u see that face without makeup I have a cousin on crack Imma dress up real fly just to meet you, Jennifer is sucking the juice from Everybodys Colon. Tammy??? I use to like U. But I see youll never stop eating oodles of noodles in chittlin sauce sitting on the steps smoking cigaretts, with dirty feet,in the projects,drinking cool-aid with a dash of corn liquor in it. IN PHILLY #TEAMMEEKATHEONLYWIFE!!
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It looks like you got a lot

It looks like you got a lot of supporters Meek, and thy are telling you right. Be thankful man all that drama isn't for ya sweet pea. It sucks that you had to learn this way how reality works, but I KNOW you have some things up your sleeve so it's alright girl. Keep doin it, and you got at least ONE good guy on ya team that I know of, plus your family! You got this!!
AnonymouslyAshley's picture

Oh yes Meeka "Do not Drop

Oh yes Meeka "Do not Drop that suit!
Ellee's picture

damn she joined jus to get

damn she joined jus to get beat up and kicked off
Anonymous's picture

She should be glad. There is

She should be glad. There is NO WAY I would have went on that show!She needs to keep the suit on TAMMY all the way and get paid. Not only that, Royce needs to leave the show.There is no reason they should boycott her-who does that? I don't watch it but read the comements,it seems like a mess....
Anonymous's picture

Tami is real, but she needs

Tami is real, but she needs to handle drama without touching people(in the real world she will end up broke). Meeka is fake and her poor husband will eventually get tired of her big headed azz. Jen is fake and she is nothing without that husband of hers. Chad is fake and his relationship with Evelyn will not last
Anonymous's picture

Meeka, if you read this (and

Meeka, if you read this (and I know many "celebs" read this blog), please please don't regret for one second that you are no longer on this show. BBW has only gotten pathetic and sad since it started, and everyone is seeing Shaunie for the ghetto, victim-playing pimp she is. You are the ONLY one there that was still a wife, and you seem to have a good career, family and head on your shoulders. Your biggest mistake was running your mouth and trying to fit in, but we all do get caught up once in a while. The women on BBW are only projecting the unhappiness they have in their lives into fights, gossip and bad energy. And we all know how shows like this may boost one's "career" but always tear apart families and marriages (think of all the now-divorced reality couples). Leave the show, leave the lime-light, save your family and your dignity.
Real.'s picture

Well stated! I agree Meeka,

Well stated! I agree Meeka, let it go there is nothing worth more than your dignity and self respect.
Ellee's picture

whats the difference between

whats the difference between BBW and the Kardashions and they make a whole lot more with less talent
Anonymous's picture

Meeka you should be thanking

Meeka you should be thanking Jesus loudly that you are off that train wreck of a show. Now don't you ever in your black life go back on some mess like that! You need to be on something that will represent yourself, family and business with dignity. Basketball ThugWives of Miami were most definitely not it.
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Tammy is a drunk and a bully,

Tammy is a drunk and a bully, All of them are afraid of her and shes playing it for what its worth. I wish someone would bash her in her face!!!! Oh and teach the oil head (drunk) how to dress LOL
Anonymous's picture

Who is afraid of Tammi??????

Who is afraid of Tammi?????? Those chicks got enough money to hire a body guard to protect them against gutter rat Tammi. I wouldn't break one pretty nail over her. Call the cops and throw her in jail cell long enough to sober up.
Anonymous's picture

Who cares. She has exactly

Who cares. She has exactly what those women on that show want. A rich husband and their own career.
YES MAM's picture

lol......yall are worked up

lol......yall are worked up the same way my grandmother used to get over watching Dallas, Dynasty Falcon's Crest......funny. she used to call her girls after the show and they would go off!!! it really is just a tv show.
shuga's picture

LMAO..... Falcon Crest! But

LMAO..... Falcon Crest! But that is just it. If they had a Dynasty in production....I wouldn't be caught dead watching BBW. But I'm a fashionista and Jennifer, Evelyn and Susie have the right bodies to model the latest fashion. So....here I'm am watching this madness all cause of fashion.
Anonymous's picture

Falcon Crest? What about

Falcon Crest? What about Passions??! that used to be my show #Random (i loved ethan and theresa)
Keisha's picture

I would've been more inclined

I would've been more inclined to applaud her if she never entertained being on the show in the first place. To me, a REAL classy woman could see the type of show they have and wouldn't even be on it. So, she doesn't get cool points from me.
Anonymous's picture

I hope that Meeka doesn't

I hope that Meeka doesn't drop her assault law suit against Tammy "Hoodrat" Roman. She needs to learn that there are consequences to her actions. The next time she will think twice before putting her hands on someone simply because she 'heard' that the person was talking about her. How elementary is that???????????
Speaking My Mind's picture

I agree 100.

I agree 100.
RedBone's picture

Everybody saw that coming.

Everybody saw that coming. Dem bitches don't want anybody new on that show. The only reason Tami's still there is b/c all of them r scared of her including Shaunie.
Anonymous's picture

Meeka was

Meeka was intolerably-annoying on the last season. She added nothing and they made her character so thirsty and flat. Well, good. Glad she's not coming back.
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Anonymous's picture

thats what she gets for

thats what she gets for running her damn mouth so much .she came on the show talking bad about other ppl, girl if you talk bad about ppl you got to carry that karma on your back . fuck you and goobye !
Anonymous's picture

i dont understand how

i dont understand how everyone says Me4eka was the problem becuz she kept running her mouth..... ummm is everyone blind and forgetting that the biggest rat on that show is Suzie???? Suzie was thrown out the "circle" when she told everbody including al reynolds about their skanky vegas trip. then when the "new girl" meeka came in, Suzie was glad to have the heat off her, and went back to the rest and blabbed. Meeka talks alot yes, but Suzie is waaaaay worst!
Keisha's picture

And check! Good riddance OIL

And check! Good riddance OIL FACE!!! Kick rocks and then rub that oil from your face on your feet and keep it movin!
Anonymous's picture

Girl....run & scream

Girl....run & scream hallejuha! This is a serious blessing honey. Not that I liked you...but girl....run.
lockstress's picture

Ok and...whatever the show

Ok and...whatever the show still will go on with or without Meeka. But she decided not to continue being on the show which I appaude her for. I would not have gone back on it either. Good job.
cin amon's picture

The owner of this blog

The owner of this blog probably got this tid bit from TMZ. If you go the the VH1 website, it says that Meeka has not been fired. According to VH1, whether she is coming back or not is still on the table. Personnaly, she shouldn't want to come back. . .
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yall call her classy all you

yall call her classy all you want but i remember when she entered that show and starting hating on Royce just to get in with the so called popular people.thats not classy or grown or mature. Meeka was a disgrace to herself on the show and deserves that back lash. Just like Tami said if she would have came in, observe and then made her own conclusions she would have been more liked. She came in talking ish about peeps she didnt even know...NEXXXXTTT!!
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, boycott em. Blessing in

Yeah, boycott em. Blessing in disguise for Meeka. Who knows chicks probably have elevated to orgies to keep the energies as negative as possible, who were saved. Who knows whats happens behind the scenes, Shaunie looking like a lion a** fronting to be all kind hearted is about to go down, and it will be by no other than those she's keeping on, when she should have released them from the start. People get replaced in shows all the time and they go on just fine. Reality is about to make a cameo for these fake a$$ B*****. Ocho is playin Evelyn like a ball on a field, If you love someone you don't have no kind of 2yr engagement trying to figure them out, he knows she's there for that cash money. Jen is jealous of her, and wants to tell ppl to avoid ball players when those are exactly what they want, Evelyn was also advising her to go on w/ the divorce before she hit it off with Ocho. Shaunie is miserable and depressed about Shaq behaving like a street dog. So none of these ppl are happy, it's a mess to begin with, now Tammi is in and it's just a joke, comic central on vh1.
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Meeka... you are a class act

Meeka... you are a class act and you need to be glad that you are out. The rest of them are jump off's.
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I don't understand why people

I don't understand why people are shocked. I never watch this show but it's clear that Meeka Claxton did not follow the script. They only want women who FIGHT and act like ANIMALS. Tami is the STAR of this show and people have to accept her violence and erratic behavior...it's SCRIPTED. And Meeka Claxton did not understand this rule. Women need to stop watching this show. It will only continue to lower the bar on TRASH TV. Meeka Claxton is much better off and she is also MARRIED. That is a rare condition of these contrary "Basketball wives". This show need to be pushed off the air. Shanie O' Neal is behind all the negativity of this show Not any other producers. She is aware of everything that is going on. Yet another self hating black women exploiting other women of color. SAD!
FuriouS StyleS's picture

I love how the media is

I love how the media is making Meeka out to look like some sorry looser. Google the claxtons on fox business. The claxtons use the NBA money to make money which is why they own their lifestyle. It's not rented. Of course Tami is going to hate her bc Tami's man left her broke, busted and disgusted. Tami needs that basketball wives check. Shaunie and Meeka are the only ones whose money was right before the show and will be right after.
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yup preach it...evn tho i

yup preach it...evn tho i didnt like meeka cuz she did try to get with the popular click opps i mean ugly chicks evelyn n jennifer ..but meeka does have it goin a little .evelyn shoe store makes no money i wish it would tho ..anyhow only shaunie is the smart one out of them all then meeka ..evelyn kinda is creative openin her shoe store but i wish she would network her shoes more than some stupid t-shirt that isnt selling
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Meeka's soooooooo wack. Y'all

Meeka's soooooooo wack. Y'all can blast the show all you want but at the end of the day it's entertaining as hell and you know you'll be watching the next season with the Queen Bee of reality TV Tami.
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