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Solange Goes BIG AND BOLD At Rimmel's Press Conference + "Tia & Tamera" Renewed For A Second Season

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Solange and her hair stylist did not hold back on the body, bounce or the hair spray earlier as she attended a press conference for Rimmel in London, England.  And she also revealed that her sister and brother-in-law, The Carters, know the sex of their baby!


See pics inside and also find out about "Tia & Tamera" returning to tv next season.....


Earlier today, the face of the Rimmel brand, Solange Knowles, attended a global press conference celebrating Rimmel's 10 year partnership with original London girl Kate Moss.  Plus the stunning Solo hit the launch of her personally designed lipstick range for the brand "Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick Collection" at Claridges Hotel in London.

The aunt-to-be also revealed that she knows the gender of Beyonce & Jay-Z's baby...but she's not telling.  The Carters have already started to choose baby names though.  She also revealed that she's relocated from L.A. to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.

She was joined by Brand ambassadors Alejandra Ramos, Solange Knowles and Georgia May Jagger.

The ladies helped introduce the new line with Senior Vice President of Global Marketing COTY Beauty Stephen Mormoris.



And on television......

"Tia and Tamera," the Style Network series based on the lives of Tia Mowry Hardict and Tamera Mowry-Housley, has been renewed for a second season.

Having reached over 17 million viewers, the show is on track to becoming the Style Network's highest rated show ever.

Salaam Coleman Smith, President of The Style Network said,

"We are excited to continue following Tia and Tamera’s journeys both personally and professionally.  Being a part of their major life transformations, including the fun, dramatic and private moments, has resonated with our viewers who come to Style for the inspirational and aspirational stories.”

While we watched the sisters support each other through planning a wedding and planning a birth, the second season is gonna be a goodie.  Love this show!



1.  YBF Cutie Mechad Brooks will also be returning to television next season as his USA show "Necessary Roughness" was renewed for second season.  Story.

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LOVE Tia and Tamera's show!

LOVE Tia and Tamera's show! Their relationship is very close and they remind me of my older sister and I :)
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chelsey711's picture

I love Solange's dress.

I love Solange's dress. She's finally in some attractive clothes but I hate that hairdo. Come on! That's Beyonce's performance wig (without the highlights). Get your own thing going and stick with it for at least 2 minutes.
Anonymous's picture

Solange's look is nice...and

Solange's look is nice...and Fro's are always kool so..okay
Mi Mi's picture


I LOVE TIA & TAMARA!!! That is the best reality show on....I thought it was going to be corny but I feel in love with them...glad they are coming back!!
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Are you sure it's 17

Are you sure it's 17 million???
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Anonymouscharles's picture

I love Solange, she is too

I love Solange, she is too cute! and she is such a 'downtown girl' Brooklyn is her...ecelectic and cool...The baby is gonna be Brooklyn Carter, lol If the Carter's baby is a Capricorn, OMG will it surpass the magnitude of it's parents...Caps are natural born successful people...Peace love and blessings to them all...
love jah's picture

I ask that these celebs

I ask that these celebs please leave my beloved Brooklyn alone, they all run from what they created in the City only to come across the bridge and create a mini manhattan.
Anonymous's picture

So true. b4 9/11 Bk was too

So true. b4 9/11 Bk was too hard for everyone. Now it's just what you said a mini manhattan. Bk is changed forever. Shame.
Anonymous's picture

love this show!!

love this show!!
Sakizzle's picture


anon's picture

Necessary Roughness was

Necessary Roughness was great!
Anonymous's picture

I'm so glad that the Mowry

I'm so glad that the Mowry sisters will be back on for another season, as this is one reality show I can actually watch without cringing at the screen.
MissJackieM's picture

Solange looks gorge! And Bey

Solange looks gorge! And Bey & Jay know the sex of their baby already? Chick doesn't even look 4 months yet!
Destiny's picture


divafab78's picture

I wasn't showing at 5 months

I wasn't showing at 5 months ever
divafab78's picture

I love Tia & Tamera & yes

I love Tia & Tamera & yes they are great examples on how true ladies act. & they so remind me of me & my sis we not twins but the way they express them selves to each other & support each other is lovely& like tia & tamera i also find my sis a lil selfish,LOL & Solange looks lovely & i am just going natural & next year i want to rock Big ole hair to LOVES IT,lol
truthhurts's picture

@truth me too....can't wait

@truth me too....can't wait to rock a big fro....but i think solange got a wig on.....i can't never tell wit her......
chrissy17's picture

the best solange has looked

the best solange has looked in months....very fab
Anonymous's picture

I proud of Salonge she has

I proud of Salonge she has launched a great career for her self and she look beautiful. Love the Knowles -Carter Family.
Iaintgonnalie's picture

I'm speechless...for now!

I'm speechless...for now!
karlee's picture

Respectfully, what exactly

Respectfully, what exactly does Beyonce sister do for a living as I seem to see her face all over the internet and she is present at entertainment/fashion related events. She is rather cute I might add...
peeblebeach's picture

she sings still puts out

she sings still puts out albums, guest dj's at clubs, one of the faces of the product carols daughter, and a successful song writer also
Anonymous's picture


peeblebeach's picture

Solange looks stunning! Love

Solange looks stunning! Love Tia and Tamara's show.
moonjunepearl's picture

Did Jay-Z kill another

Did Jay-Z kill another person: Cathy "Kori" White, his jump off? She died mysteriously this month? http://www.askkissy.com/2011/09/03/jay-zs-supposed-mistress-cathy-white-...
iTellsItAll's picture

scrolling through reading the

scrolling through reading the comments, then BAM...you my friend, win the internet with this right here.
Dee's picture

Loves Solange's style!! She

Loves Solange's style!! She is a beautiful lady and I looove that she is quiet until provoked and then ITS GOING DINE! haha j/k...so happy for Jay and Bey...love em or hate em but what they have is a beautiful thang!!#BLESSED
nappy and happy...owww's picture

I def watch Tia and Tamera's

I def watch Tia and Tamera's show and "Necessary Roughness" was the best new show out with "Suits" being a close second or 1b. USA did an amazing job this summer! I hope "Necessary Roughness" comes back sooner than next summer though.
Tagirl27's picture

That ho looks like she got a

That ho looks like she got a dog sitting on top of her head. She is sooo fake...one minute she talks about being sooo natural and not liking weaves and the next she wears them. She wears them every second she can get. That is the fake outlandish Creole in her. She needs to be honest with herself and embrace her tacky unbeWEAVEable self. Stop trying to sound so deep.
Anonymous's picture

I am only replying b/c I want

I am only replying b/c I want to shed some light on you...going natural is not about not wearing weaves. Wearing weave protects the hair, as well as gives you a new look, natural or relaxed. It is the RELAXING of your natural hair that Solange and many other natural sistas, like myself are not promoting. Relaxing your own natural hair creates a cycle in which you are a slave to the creamy crack. Once you put a relaxer in your hair you NEED to continue to relax your hair, in order to keep it looking that way. When you have natural hair, your hair is more versatile. you can wear it curly, wear it straight by blowing it out and flat ironing it, you can blow it out into a full afro, you can wear a weave, wear braids, twist it, etc...without having to put any harmful chemicals in it that changes the natural structure of the hair. Going natural is not about abandoning weaves, it is about taking back the right to wear your hair the way it naturally grows out of your head when you see fit. I am natural and once I find that hair that Solange wore the other day, I will be getting a sew in myself, to create the illusion that my hair is fuller and longer than it really is, it gives my hair a chance to grow as well, while giving me another look...You do not have to be 'deep' to go natural, you just have to believe you look beauiful the way God created you...It sounds like you are a little upset and confused so again, I just wanted to shine some light on the topic for you...
love jah's picture

If you're so proud of the

If you're so proud of the natural hair growing out of your head then why hide it under a weave? That doesn't so proud to me at all. It sounds ashamed.
Anonymous's picture

I'm not trying to hide

I'm not trying to hide anything... I wear my hair twisted everyday, somedays when I want to look different I wear a hat, or scarf and if I'm feelin jazzy I get a sew in to aide in the growing process... Stop reaching and just re-read...*reading is essential...
Love Jah's picture

I got what you're saying but

I got what you're saying but Solange seemed to have jumped on the natural platform only to pop up with ridiculously long braids and big puffy wigs/weaves in 4 weeks time. I just don't get her and I guess I wasn't meant to. It just seems like she's trying TOO hard to see where she fits in. Just be yourself Solange...whatever that is!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to Tia & Tamera on

Congrats to Tia & Tamera on the success of their show!!:) WAhoo Yay another season!!
Brina's picture

Tia and Tamera are doing

Tia and Tamera are doing great things on Style network, they really have a huge following. Congrats on the successful first season and best wishes for the upcoming new season ladies. So good they didn't end up on VH1. Obviously there is a need for sane, mature, and realistic reality programming and they seem to be filling that gap.
Mabel's picture


Anonymous's picture

Solange looks Nice, but she

Solange looks Nice, but she has an UGLY mouth.
ME's picture

Celie, u sure is ugly.

Celie, u sure is ugly.
Anonymous's picture

Solange is looking all kinds

Solange is looking all kinds of FAB! I'm luving the big hair, she is working it! Go Solo!
LuvlyLox's picture

In typical Knowles fashion,

In typical Knowles fashion, Solange did a bit extra to upstage the other two. LOL! Her hair is taking up enough space for two more girls. Thats how you stand out.
A Wonderful Life's picture

Solonge looks nice and I love

Solonge looks nice and I love the Mowry sisters.
Happy Lady's picture


Atyerf's picture

Love Solange's dress; the

Love Solange's dress; the shoes are OK, but I think the overall look would have been better with a more subdued shoe. Her makeup looks great; in the next to last pic, I definitely see some similarities between her and Beyonce in terms of their bone structure and features. I thought Solange looked really nice right after her big chop, in the Rimmel ads. I understand that natural hair needs more TLC and protection than other hair, but I'm not understanding the constant wigs....
n_satiable's picture

Solange looks really nice

Solange looks really nice there--less is more! In terms of clothes I mean--the hair is big and FAB! I agree with the other blogger though--she lost me when she was rude to black reporters who introduced her as Bey's sister & Jay-Z's sis-in-law. Yet--ain't that who she is??? But SHE can talk about it when SHE wants to...Hmmm. she's got potential-just needs an attitude adjustment. Love this look-werk!!!
Godiva-Diva...Obama2012!!!'s picture

Much more excited about Tia &

Much more excited about Tia & Tamera's show being renewed than anything concerning Solange, she's boring.
Devin's picture

Carroll Garden's huh? Can't

Carroll Garden's huh? Can't wait to see her around town! :)
naijakataness's picture

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