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"Person Of Interest" Star Taraji P. Henson Pops Off About Being EXCLUDED From The Show's Publicity

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Talk about a snub!  Actress Taraji P. Henson took to her Facebook Fan Page to express how confused and upset she was that CBS and others decided to exclude her from all promotions of the upcoming new drama, "Person of Interest."  I mean, she is the female lead on the show.


Deets inside...


It's bad enough CBS did not include the 2-time Academy Award nominee Taraji Henson in any tv promotions of the new suspense drama "Person of Interest" (a still picture of Taraji from the show is above).  But TV Guide also snubbed her from the cover story about the show.  She said:

WOW!!!! TV Guide is NOT including me on the cover with my cast members….....I am the female lead of a 3 member cast and I’m not included on the cover!!!!!! Do you see the shit I have to deal with in this business…..I cram to understand!!!!

And after removing it, she posted:

I swear you guys keep my spirit lifted cause it ain't easy AT ALL for a sister in Hollywood. Your love is God sent!!!! Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart. Wanted to tell you all this on live TV at the Emmys (if I'd won) but......oh well. Muah!!!!!

I'm not even mad at her for poppin' off.  She was also not included on the IMDB page for the show.  I've personally seen the "Person of Interest" promos a million times on CBS and I didn't even know Taraji was on the show--seeing that they ave yet to include her.  Very interesting.  Still, the show premieres tomorrow night on CBS at 9pET.


The Randomness:

1.  Poor Halle!  She broke her foot in Spain while there to film her movie, Cloud Atlas! Story

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Taraji U need 2 do your own

Taraji U need 2 do your own makeup. They have U looking like a 'greased pig', all shinny on TV. This is what they R doing to pretty Blacks on TV, and taking their beauty away by making them wear old style hairstyles..or make them look old. They take the make-up away, they take the 'RED' lipstick away.(which brown/black skin people should wear to bring out their color and beauty), and make them wear UGLY LIPSTICK, which does nothing to enhance their beauty. This all stems from white women raising hell about R beautiful women on TV and got hollywood and makeup companies to 'DUMB DOWN BLACK WOMEN'S BEAUTY'. We must protest to everyone, TV shows, hollywood and make-up artist for stars. BLACK WOMEN NEED TO DO THEIR OWN MAKEUP and stop listening to them (whites/makeup artist) when they put ugly make-up on them and then tell them they look pretty. TARAJI, DO YOUR OWN MAKE-UP AND WEAR 'RED' LIPSTICK AND WEAR A CREME MAKE-UP FOUNDATION. NO OIL. FIX YOUR OWN HAIR STYLES, and not wear old hair styles, like tonite, 1-19-12 part of show. Your first show you were georgeous with the RED lipstick, and that is what happened. The white women got upset and your beauty, and made them dumb it down. LETS STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING TO OUR BLACKWOMEN ON TV.
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Honestly, she's a horrible

Honestly, she's a horrible actress on this series and who exactly said she was the lead female protaganist? I'm sure they have a reason for not billing/promoting her as such and that this would be that IMO she's not meant to last. On an upward note (maybe for her) the series does nothing for me, so maybe that's a blessing since the series itself doesn't seem slotted to last long either.
Jaquie's picture

That's odd. I wonder what's

That's odd. I wonder what's CBS "story". Anywho Taraji is still one of the most beautiful actress here in Hollywood.
mymo33's picture

Has anybody stopped to think

Has anybody stopped to think that it was just the first episode? Her characters plot didn't have much to do with the pilot episode. It set her up to be more involved in the next and further episodes. Stop crying racism because it is the easiest thing to do and think about the story they are trying to tell. I see her being a lot more involved in the future.
Anonymous's picture

You need to wake up! It's

You need to wake up! It's comments like this that make black people think that racism no longer exists, and that when we are experiencing racism that its not the Racist People's fault, But our own bc were are too sensitive and "Always" take things the wrong way. Wake UP racism is ALIVE AND KICKING!!! THEY EXECUTED TROY DAVIS AND PARDONED A WHITE MAN THE NEXT DAY because he was "sorry" you better start thinking in your own right mind instead of the White Man's. She should be invovled all aspects of the ad's she is the STAR, they didn't show us the cast of any other show in that One-by-One manner so why her? That's like saying we should have seen members of the girl group Destiny's Child according to when they had their solos!?! Haven't you noticed the media showing us that race will ALWAYS be a factor! What CBS did to her was WRONG and RACIST straight up! Stand up for our ppl no matter what, they do that for their own!!!!! They don't say "I don't agree with him bc that hasn't been "my" experince" they side with their people and we should do the same!!!!! Everything is about race, WE didn't make it that way, from what I know we are a very accepting people... BUT its time for us to stop accepting everything and everyone and love ourselves!
MamiRicccaaa's picture

Has anybody stopped to think

Has anybody stopped to think that it was just the first episode? Her characters plot didn't have much to do with the pilot episode. It set her up to be more involved in the next and further episodes. Stop crying racism because it is the easiest thing to do and think about the story they are trying to tell. I see her being a lot more involved in the future.
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So after all of this posting

So after all of this posting shit on facebook, complaining about every damn thing, and people on this website bickering back and forth, I go to watch this show tonight and see that Taraji is not a lead on this show at all. You barely saw her ass. She has a supporting role, NOT A LEAD role. This show IS really about the 2 guys and the third person is the white female lawyer, not Taraji. Why isn't the white actress complaining since it is clear that SHE is the female lead and not Taraji. Taraji, girl please sit your unattractive ass down next time.
Anonymous's picture

UMmmm I don't know where you

UMmmm I don't know where you got your info from but all I did was google Taraji Lead Role and plenty of info from credible sources show she did (or does) infact have a lead role. Maybe they did over-cast her and put a white woman on the show! smh people believe the white mans media before a sistas mouth...smh,And I love her, maybe you have some insecurities withing yourself,don't worry sis...black is beautiful! and She is FAR from an ugly woman!
MamiRicccaaa's picture


clearthoughts's picture


clearthoughts's picture

Sorry you don't like Taraji.

Sorry you don't like Taraji. She's a sister who's making it. As for tonight's show, which I am now watching, it is clear from the plot that the only actors we'll see next week will be the two male leads and Taraji. Notice the caucassion female was a criminal who they uncovered in the courtroom. She's gone! The only female who we will see again will be Taraji! Sorry but the sister lives on to hang on the show throughout the series. Congrats Taraji whether you act ghetto or not, you're an excellent actress. I hope the show is a success as it is quite interesting.
Anonymous's picture

Such a shame! You can send

Such a shame! You can send CBS a message complaining about Taraji not being included in promos here: http://www.cbs.com/info/user_services/fb_global_form.php
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I blame you women for

I blame you women for supporting the likes of Nene Leaks and Evelyn and ghetto ass Tammi.
Shepardsherri's picture

I noticed her absence in

I noticed her absence in their promos as well from the start. She's not present in ANY of the clips for the show. I remember reading last year that she was going to be starting a new show and was VERY excited but when it came time to roll out the promos, i didn't see her anywhere so i thought the show was canned. The only way i knew that she was a part of A Person Of Interest was by seeing it up on Essence's website. It's a really sad thing to see that there's no real presence of black women on network television. I can actually count the number of black women who are on tv and that's bad. She has every right to be upset at being excluded from the cover with the rest of the cast. SHE'S AN ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED ACTRESS!!!! I mean REALLY. Totall disrespect.
Quin's picture

I have noticed the same thing

I have noticed the same thing about the Charlie's Angels ladies. The black Angel (I think her name is Annie) has not been out promoting the show, and is barely shown in clips. I was just watching GMA and they barely wanted to show her. The "major" networks just don't respect black actress.
Melme's picture

Well, if Taraji were fat,

Well, if Taraji were fat, loud and unattractive you would have seen her in the promo.. Hollywood has to introduce beautiful black women gently into the mainstream media as not to offend those whites that are more interested in seeing black women that look like, dress like and speak like the women in "The Help." your not going to see a bunch of Sanaa Lathans, Kerri Washingtons or Gabrielle Unions on T.V.. Too much of a threat..
Lolly's picture

Your kidding right?

Your kidding right?
Sylviee's picture

I'm as serious as a heart

I'm as serious as a heart attack. Nope not kidding at all.. Hollywood loves it's Mammys, maids, fat, loud, eye buggin, and I especially love the black spokes woman for Popeyes Chicken.. She frys it just right for ya! Back in the day, MC Hammer was dancin for KFC.. You know it's funny, China consumes more fast food fried chicken than any other race of people, KFC sells more fried chicken in China than anywhere else..have you ever seen a Chinese person sellin chicken on t.v?? It's all about the stereotype baby.. Got to keep them alive, no matter what!
Lolly's picture

I co-sign that 100%. We are

I co-sign that 100%. We are too much of a threat for them. I go through it everyday working in corporate america.
Anonymous's picture

I go through it as well.

I go through it as well. White people (especially white women) love to place black women in their own little stereotypical inferior box of what they THOUGHT a black woman should act like. They HATE to see a black woman who is intelligent, prettier, more graceful than them. I have also experienced this first hand at my job. They would like it if I was fat,ugly,ghetto or dumb acting. If U ladies havent experienced this or thought this was a lie, you better wake up. And I will be writing to CBS because frankly im sick of the misrepresentation of black women. I bet if it WAS Tami Roman her a$$ would be splattered all across the TV.
Anonymous's picture

Speak the truth! Speak it!!

Speak the truth! Speak it!!
Lolly's picture

I'm sorry but I have to

I'm sorry but I have to disagree about Charlie's Angels. I see Annie out promoting with the other Angels on everything.
Anonymous's picture

I did see her for a minuite

I did see her for a minuite in the promo..in a maids uniform doing a karate kick..of course you know she won't have any love interests or men finding her attractive on the show.. She will be the other two angels sidekick..she will be hard, perhaps even mean, and definitely not as feminine as the other two.. And you wo t have a story line written exclusively for her.. She will always be the support for the other two characters.. Then they will eventually replace her..
Lolly's picture

So now yall are tripping!! I

So now yall are tripping!! I was with you on the Taraji thing, but that charlie's angels thing is a BIG lie! I always see commercials with the black girl and not just the ONE and only commercial that you are talking about with her wearing the maid's outfit. There are few different ones with her in them. She was on the emmys with the other girls and has been on other tv shows promoting it. Please stop spreading lies. This is why nobody listens when there really is a problem. We complain about every little thing. SMH
TruthBtold's picture

What do you mean when there's

What do you mean when there's "Really" a problem? Isn't it really a problem now, hasn't it always been a "problem" for us? They didn't let the Black angel be "traditionally" pretty in their eyes, they gave her a cute lil curly fro' and more than likely she'll be there to placate us and be the assistant for the other two, if you haven't noticed that pattern in mainstream EVERYTHING then you just don't understand how this kind of "programming" works. And please tell me what you meant by: (This is why nobody listens when there's really is a problem. We complain about every little thing. SMH) We should always voice our opinion about what we feel when something is unjust, PETA does, the NRA does, the GREEN project does, so why can't we? Aren't we more important than animals? And who are the "SOMEBODIES" that we are waiting for to "HELP" us when there's really a problem????? WHO HAS EVER HELPED US? I don't get your logic or your theories. TV shows that infringe on how young girls of color view themselves isn't just any little thing, ITS EVERYTHING!Most young women of color are depicted by the mainstream tv shows as being over-sassy and uneducated, baby mammas with attitude and our young girls are sick of being viewed as masculine women with very little feminine qualities to the point where they rather have an completely over sexualized image to feel attractive and feminine compared to white women when we are EVERYTHING womanly from our lips to our hips... smh @ you, WAKE UP!
MamiRicccaaa's picture

I'm just sayin I've only seen

I'm just sayin I've only seen the black angel in ONE promo, if there are more, fine..I'm saying what I've seen..now sit down. And I don't need for you to be with me, I'm stating my opinion and wether you agree or not is not my issue..it's yours. Hollywood has a real problem showi g black women that are deemed, too beautiful and they don't have a problem showing ghetto, loud, fat, unattractive black women..white women are not threatened by them.. But they are threatened by Sanaa, Kerri and Gabrielle Union. Notice it was a white woman that made the decision to keep Taraji off the cover and focus on the men.. And of course when Taraji complained, as she should, she exposed the underbelly of racism that pesrsists in the media especially when casting black women..that chick at t.v guide was embarrassed and got rid of the original cover. White men are not threatened by beautiful black women, but their women are. Period.
Lolly's picture

Its not hard to do your own

Its not hard to do your own promotion Tariji. Just how you went on a rant about CBS not including you in the promo pics... you could have sent out a message LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO on Twitter or Facebook and whatever social mediums you utilize to let your fanbase know that you on the show and to tune in. You better hope they don't kill your butt off the show the first episode.
Anonymous's picture

do a stacy dash.......quit

do a stacy dash.......quit
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I guess your budget doesnt

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Anonymous's picture

It's clear, they don't plan

It's clear, they don't plan on keeping her around for long. It's very disrespectiful and she should file a complaint for the record. But don't worry Tarji...what the devil intends for bad, God will get the good. In print, & movies they don't think color sells. That's why there are so few ppl of color on magazines or TV other than specific publications or limited cable networks. The major networks spend more time cloning each others shows. There has never been a true representation of society or the world I live in on TV. But we have the power to fade to black...
LIFE's picture

Umm, not surprising. Black

Umm, not surprising. Black women have lost their feminine ways.you women are to aggressive and loud. Another mistake you ladies make is you wear your clothes to tight. You are all so loud and angry. My husband who"s black hates black so women in less,their light skin I promise. The rappers out there have destroyed your image.. And now, none of you are taking serious. Now, I am half white and I look it and I must admit, When it comes to women, I relate more to my caucasion side because sometimes, black women are embarrassing. So my point is...is that Tarji noBODy is intrested. On my iPad if typos but, you get the point. P.S take my advice, I am not the only people saying this.
Biracial girl rock's picture

Bi racial girl look - If you

Bi racial girl look - If you really believe that illiterate foolishness you talkin... then you must know that every white woman your husband sees must be better than you, since you are only half white. Any children you have by that dark black man will also believe that they are not as good as someone who is lighter than them. So sad how this self hatered is pass on......What rappers destroyed black womens image??? Most video vixens are light skin or latina or mixed....So is your image destroyed? MUTT.
BossLady's picture

This is possibly the most

This is possibly the most stupid thing Ive ever read. " I am not the only people saying this." Are you the only person that doesn't know that the singular of people is PERSON!!!. Honestly Black women are not in need of the validation of your husband our whom ever you are in concensus with. The aggressiveness you are so obviously intimidated by is actually strength, the tight clothes that you are referring to must be the curve hugging attire that is difficult for many to fill out. We all are different not knocking you preference, but the fact that you stated your husband's opinion as though it is relevant to us shows more than ne thing , that you are nothing like a Black woman. We think for ourselves, try it boo.
Anonymous's picture

ok...i'm gonna give u what ur

smartblackgirl's picture

if relate more to

if relate more to whytes.....go to E news website.....get off the black one!!!! u people seem to forget whites are half naked in rock videos as well.....whites run behind rappers rocks stars ans athletes also.....look at ur leader kim k......and im not the only one sayin this
Yeah I Said It's picture

Sorry love not all black

Sorry love not all black women are aggressive and loud and we don't always wear tight clothes...if you feel that you want to relate more to your caucasion side then that's your choice but please do not generalise.
cp's picture

Jews have Hollywood on lock

Jews have Hollywood on lock and they aren't giving up even an INCH of control to anyone else. Point.Blank.Period. It's not fair though....
Sintal's picture

she's got the JOB!!!!! what

she's got the JOB!!!!! what else....it's never enough is it.....always want more, more or scream racism (LMAO)
Lisa Raye's subconsciousness's picture

She has got the job but how

She has got the job but how can that be enough??? She is the lead actress and they leave her out of the promos?? Something is very wrong here... the question is that if she was good enough to cast as the lead how is she not more than good enough to promote the show... I'm not sure if it's blatant racism however I am inclined to believe that it plays a part of it. They may feel that her star isn't bright enough yet to draw viewers. But whatever the reason I understand her disdain with the situation! How would you feel???
Anonymous's picture

No its not. We dont have to

No its not. We dont have to accept the crumbs
Anonymous's picture

Getting the job is half the

Getting the job is half the battle, promotion is the other. I've seen countless ads for new shows because they want to generate buzz for the ratings. If the network is not putting Taraji's show out there it will be susceptible to the chopping block. It's a downward spiral because they will say a black, female lead can't carry a show. But we can always be the white protagonist's, sassy sidekick. I can understand Taraji's frustration, but you can't bite the hand that feeds you.
PinkTea08's picture

You sound like the type that

You sound like the type that would sell her soul for a little piece of fame. Desperate for scraps much?
Poor Girl's picture

After reading some of the

After reading some of the comments on this blog, I see now AA's will be perpetual second-class citizens. That's what most of us believe we Deserve. How sick. Taraji didn't handle this in the best way BUT she has a major point. Those who can't see that need to head back to the field. Demand MORE and you shall Receive MORE. If not for yourself, then do so for those who would come after you. I hope SOMEBODY out there in the AA Community keeps squawking until Each & Every playing field becomes Even.
muomuo's picture

Finally someone is making

Finally someone is making sense on this post!
Anonymous's picture

I agree with this comment:

I agree with this comment: DEMAND LESS and you will RECEIVE LESS!
talltales's picture

This isn't about black or

This isn't about black or white or being a woman or not. Its respect. I have not hear of something like this where a studio doesn't take full advantage of all their actors can provide in boosting ratings. I also did not know that she would be on the show. To find out she is one of the leads is very shocking. If they had included her in the promos and events they might have been able to increase viewership, but they didn't so all the fans of women, black actors, Taraji are lost. Its a bit disrespectful and stupid.
Anonymous's picture

i agree 100%

i agree 100%
WhoGonCheckMeBoo's picture


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