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FIRST PROMO LOOK: Jennifer Hudson & Terrence Howard's "Winnie" Poster

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Here's the first look at Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard as Winnie & Nelson Mandela in a promo.  Their new bipoc, Winnie, is sweeping the film festivals this year.  And the movie will soon hit the big screen.


Check their new promo poster inside....

It's gotten rave reviews from critics, and has gotten some criticism from Winnie Mandela herself.  But Jennifer Hudson is putting her Oscar-winning acting chops back on display with Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard for their new Winnie movie.

The movie, shot in South Africa, tells a story that chronicles the life of political activist Winnie Mandela from her childhood through her marriage and her husband's incarceration.

A few stills from the movie:

The 15 million dollar budget is sure to lend way to a box office hit. No release date for the U.S. has been set.  But it will be shown in Canada this December.

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Oh man.....i cant even

Oh man.....i cant even imagine her with a African (South, or otherwise) accent...... Yikes! Im cringing for her......i had hoped she would have actually pulled it off
Jme's picture

I saw this movie at the

I saw this movie at the Toronto International Film Festival..... SAVE YOUR MONEY SHE IS THE WORST PART OF THE MOVIE
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Anonymous's picture

She looks beautiful!!!!

She looks beautiful!!!!
QCOG1998's picture

Can't wait to see this!

Can't wait to see this!
Godiva-Diva...Obama 2012!!!'s picture

Nope. nope. and nope.

Nope. nope. and nope.

Roll on awards season...I see

Roll on awards season...I see ANOTHER Oscar in her future....
Shoediva from Detroit living in NYC's picture

Looks gooooooooooood.

Looks gooooooooooood.
college_fab89's picture

Love Terrance Howard, will be

Love Terrance Howard, will be watching
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