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GRAB YA POPCORN! LaTavia Roberson Reveals How Mathew Knowles Made Kelly Rowland Cry, And How She Got Kicked Out Of Destiny's Child

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In a shocking new interview, former Destiny's Child member LaTavia Roberson opens up about becoming an alcoholic after her dismissal from the group and how Mathew Knowles often made Kelly Rowland cry. Get the deets inside............


“Mathew did not mince his words and it can be tough to take that kind of criticism when you are a little girl. We would try not to let it break us, says former Destiny's Child member LaTavia Roberson.  “But Kelly was the sensitive one, and sometimes she would go to her room and cry.”

During a very candid interview with UK tabloid, The Mirror, LaTavia Roberson revisits her days as a founding member of Destiny's Child and the dramatic spin her life took after she was kicked out by Beyonce's father/manager Mathew Knowles.

Fed up with what she and bandmate LeToya Luckett saw as unfair treatment, the pair, right before the group split, had their lawyer send Mathew a letter expressing their grievances and asking for the addition of a second manager - BUT all hell broke lose. 

She commented on why they chose that route:

“Things seemed unfair.  Beyonce and Kelly had cars. I’m not saying pay checks were any ­different, but Matthew used to say a lot of crazy things like, ‘Y’all should be glad I’m giving you money’.

She continued,

“We were happy for Mathew to stay on as manager, but we wanted another manager to work with him.”

But Mathew didn't take too kindly to being challenged and he promptly replaced LeToya and LaTavia before the band shot it's "Say My Name." video.

After the dismissal, LaTavia's life went into a tailspin and she turned to alcohol, which resulted in a 2006 jail stint for failing a drug test.

Of those years, she comments,

“My one regret is that I should have spoken to Beyonce and Kelly before I sent the letter.  That is the one thing I would have done different. I would have gone to my sisters and discussed it with them. After that, we didn’t speak for many years.”

But after Beyonce thanked both LeToya and LaTavia during the Billboard Awards earlier this year, it made many fans ask, where do the women stand now?

“I saw Beyonce in 2003 and we just hugged and talked... it was so emotional,” she says.

And on Kelly,

“I spoke to Kelly last year and I asked her, ‘Do you understand why we did what we did?’ She said, ‘Oh gosh, yes’. And that was enough for me."

And she also commented on the woman "X-Factor" judge Kelly has become. 

“It’s ­ ­amazing how well Kelly has done since then. She has really ­blossomed and for me it has been fantastic to watch her become this strong, ­independent woman.  She is an inspiration to anyone, and I am honored to call her my friend.”


So is LaTavia bitter?  It doesn't come across that way, but she did add,

“I am convinced that if it was not for Mathew Knowles we would still be ­together as a band.  We’ll always be sisters. Nothing can take that away from us.”

BONUS: Here's a throwback pic of Tina Knowles with her fam when she was younger.  And then at an event with the family, Beyonce, and Angie Beyince recently:


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Just shows how much y'all

Just shows how much y'all know cuz Kelly and michelle both have solo Grammys
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce was the star for a

Beyonce was the star for a reason. She was the most vibrant, outgoing, hard working and she knew where she wanted to go in the industry. The other girls wanted to just be "stars", Beyonce wanted to be more than just a star. Look @ the videos back in the day when they were Girl Tyme. Beyonce was always confident in her moves and trying to remind people to keep God first no matter what you are singing and dancing.
Anonymous's picture

the reason why beyonce was

the reason why beyonce was the star because her dad was the manager he wanted beyonce to be the lead singer,,,,that why latavia said that he was unfair
Anonymous's picture

Girl, if Beyonce wasn't as

Girl, if Beyonce wasn't as famous as she is today you would have no book. MOVE ON!!
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forget the interview! why the

forget the interview! why the f@ck she got on that ripped tank top! is she still drinking?!
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Anonymous's picture

She doesn't sound bitter at

She doesn't sound bitter at all, sounds more like whe was being honest and speaking from the heart.
fabwtalk's picture

If you are true DC fans You

If you are true DC fans You would know Kelly Started out as the lead singer... And yes she can sing however there is no distinction in her voice from anyother singer, as with beyonce when she sing you can always tell her apart from the rest...good or bad...IJS
miss B's picture

no you wrong, the group

no you wrong, the group started off as Beyonce and Latavia as lead singers, and originally it was just going to be them 2 which is why theres a video of Bey and Tavi's music video on youtube when they were 8 and signed to Elecktra. But then they decided to do Girl's Tyme in which Bey was lead and latavia was a rapper. Kelly has never be named the 'lead', in the early days she would always call herself the 'second lead', while Beyonce always referred to herself as 'mother hen' and the 'lead singer'. Bey's fame is a combination of her talent, matthew's manipulation of 4 young women, and her own self-promotion. The reason why beyonce's voice became distinct, was because we heard it all the time, on every Destiny's Child song besides 'Bad Habit', Beyonce sings the verses - in fact the only song poor toya had a lead in was 'can't help myself' and that was excluded from the album anyhow. But Beyonce does know how to put on a show
Ethel-Mildred Oppong's picture

To the dumb person who

To the dumb person who responded about creole people. We already know the racial mixture of so called creole people come from.You call yourself whatever you like however Creole is not a race recognized by the national census and it won't ever be recognized by the national census as a race. Do you get it now?
DATRUTH's picture

well at the same time I don't

well at the same time I don't feel bad because now she's a stronger person for what she went through and beyonce a is gonna need a shoulder to cry on when it comes out that jay z is gay is sleeping with another man so I mean it is what it is
Anonymous's picture

Very Interesting. Finally we

Very Interesting. Finally we hear what happened!
Ria's picture

I really don't think she

I really don't think she should've put Kelly's business out there, but I do appreciate her explaining some things & I appreciate the love she maintains for all of her sisters. I really hope this makes people think twice before blaming Kelly & Beyonce (mainly beyonce) for all the shit that went down with destiny's child; she was still a child herself when all of that happened & the love that they all still have for each other proves that none of them did anything hateful or worthy of disdain. I honestly believe that Matthew just didn't have all of their best interests at heart (although he does deserve credit for getting them there in the first place)
Anonymous's picture

While I'm glad that they were

While I'm glad that they were able to overcome it and continue on, that's a hard pill to swallow and difficult to get over. How would you feel if someone stole a multi-million dollar lottery ticket from you? Or if you wrote a great screenplay and they stole it and passed it off as their own and started making Harry Potter money? Some of you reading this are still finding it hard to get over that job or relationship you lost or something else that didn't work out. These two girls had their DREAM stolen from them at a very young age after working very hard for it right before they really blew up and got big. Knowing what we now all know about Mathew's ways, that's probably not a coincidence either, he handled the contracts and knew what type of money they were about to rake in. He took advantage of their youth and that they didn't have anyone knowledgeable and looking out for them the way he looked out for Beyonce. (not that I'm blaming her at all she was just as young) Then to watch yourself be replaced and the group become household names, the biggest selling female group, world tours, awards, fashion, money and all that you think about when you dream of being a celebrity and you're now just a sentence in an interview, if that, of what the group used to be. I hope I'm a bigger person but I don't know if I could have ever stopped being sad and angry about that.
Twilightey's picture

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more. Just thinking about it makes me angry. That's the beauty of the fact that they are cool now though. It shows their maturity, plus like you said it really was all Matthew all along. They sewed the seed and someone else reaped the benefits of it. That's terrible. I think a reunion with the original 4 and Michelle would be DOPE as hell. I'd love to see that one day. LOVE LOVE LOVE! It does piss me off when people talk shit about LeToya singing DC medleys though... Michelle sang no, no, no, bills and all the other songs that she had NOTHING to do with prior to being added so it's the same thing. I guess only time will tell!
Anonymous's picture

I hate it when people say

I hate it when people say they should just "get over it." They sacrificed a LOT... They started that group. Yeah it was ten years ago, but that doesn't make it go away. It's great that they are all cool now, that's excellent, but to suggest that no one should discuss the matter is silly. Destiny's Child would not be where they are if it were not for the original 4, THEN the 3. Latavia and LeToya are just as much a part of that as Michelle is. They can sing those songs, they can talk about it, it's a part of who they are.
Anonymous's picture

Oh, so this is the "creole"

Oh, so this is the "creole" family that don't look so "creole."
Yo's picture

You still doing stupid ish.

You still doing stupid ish. Why would you come out trying to put Kelly on blast like that? talking about he made her cry a lot. It was obviously an emotional thing for her if it caused her to cry, so why would you open the wound back up by bringing it up and then making it known to world? I can't believe you did that. You need to shut yo ass up, for real. Don't no body wanna hear that ish........especially coming from you. You are not her friend/sister, for real. You are the Eddie Kane of the group. The washed up addict who can't be trusted. smh. I don't want to read your book and I don't want to hear anything else from you about the bad times in the group. If you don't have nothing nice to say, STFU. Just like most successful people look back over their lives and are grateful for the grown ups who gave it to them straight, I bet Kelly is grateful for those hard truths Matthew leveled on ya'll asses. Yo dumb ass..... You still doing stupid ish. You say you're only regret is that you wish you would have to talked to Bey and Kelly before you sent the letter (Yeah, that's what you can publicize, that wack ass nasty letter you sent. I bet that'll put everything in it's proper perspective) but did you talk to them before you did this interview? Did you ask Kelly if she was alright with you telling the world that she often got her feeling hurts and ran away to cry? Stupid b*tch. Why not tell what kind of things he said that would make her cry? Why would you just make it seem like Kelly was the one who always pee'd on herself or something? You wanted another manager? LOL, ain't that bout a b*tch. Girl you weren't making that much of a contribution to the group to be demanding another manager. They'd just get rid of you and whoever else who felt the need for another manager (like they did, hence the phrase "the dismissal"....LOL@Tasha for that). Notice how the group survived without you two, and kept surviving without the other nobodys used as fillers. Bey was the group, and Kelly knew that. Yo dumb ass....
Anonymous's picture

You sound real ignorant.

You sound real ignorant. Mathew was talking truth to young teenage girls like that? That's why his daughter fired him. All she did was speak her truth. To bad not enough do and have people like you believing that they are just bitter.
Anonymous's picture

I really do not see where she

I really do not see where she sounds "bitter"... and you must be BLIND if you don't think Matthew Knowles was not just a BIT shady to anyone other than Beyonce.
holla06's picture

typos out the wazoo lol *and

typos out the wazoo lol *and you must be blind if you don't think Matthew was a bit shady to anyone other than beyonce.
holla06's picture

Since this year it came out

Since this year it came out he may have stolen money from her, he's just shady all around!
Twilightey's picture

I agree with the people who

I agree with the people who say she should write a book!!! Get your money girl!!!
p1tey1's picture

Ungrateful wrinch, go back up

Ungrateful wrinch, go back up under the rock you crawled out of - ain't nobody miss you. And for everybody hating on Matthew, he was the only father them girls had.....good or bad. He kept them out of trouble by keeping them busy and motivated. Notice this rat started drinking heavily when she left the group, became idle, never heard from her again until now. And please stop acting like Bey wasn't the star in the group. All of those ladies have had ample time to prove otherwise and none of them are f*cking w/Bey. Admit it, you were young and dumb for leaving the group. Without Bey, the group may have been aight at best. Why didn't you come out with something of your own to show you weren't getting a free ride in the group. That's probably why he said "you better be glad you're getting $", he probably wanted to tell you "YOU NEED TO BE GLAD YO NO TALENT UNGRATEFUL NASTY ATTITUDE HAVING ASS IS IN THE GROUP". You did him a favor by leaving, he (WE) wanted yo no talent having ass gone anyway. You and Kelly were just fillers for real. Bey and LaToya are who caught people's eye, and once you got a good look at LaToya and seen she wasn't really all that (ya'll and them grinch noses....she looking like a Vivica Fox knockoff, and you looked like a Fantasia knockoff), it was all Bey. I know you were glad as hell when you convinced LaToya to leave with yo dumb ass. Both of ya'll still coming up short. LaToya had the tall long hair light skin tone working for her, despite the nose, so she was able to make a few moves and catch a couple of eyes. But back to what I was saying about you and Kelly - I see why you chose to put her business out there and throw her under the bus with Matthew with the "he made her cry" bs. You were jealous, admit it. "We all got the same $, but they had cars".......smdh. They had a lot more than cars on you, Hun. They had sense. Are you telling me you left the group because of Matthew, but you stop speaking to "yo sisters" overnight? Yeah, that's what you call good riddens. They were too busy working and trying to make the most of their opportunity to be sitting around at yo poor me pity parties anyway. You were the fly in the jar, I can tell. The complaining spirit in the group. The main one complaining in the group and the main one the group did not need to survive. Everyone was glad when you left, I can tell. Just tacky, and fake. Prolly was drinking before you left the group.
Just Saying's picture

Wow! You are really

Wow! You are really disturbed. Why be so mean and hateful? Seems like the only "bitter" person is you. You make Beyonce stans all over the world look terrible with those ugly remarks.
Anonymous's picture

Ungrateful? She was a part of

Ungrateful? She was a part of that vehicle that Matthew rode to success. He didn't sing or write one song or dance on one stage.
Tagirl27's picture

Can someone tell me what she

Can someone tell me what she said that sounds so bitter? O_o Btw, everyone saying this is old news, but you all clicked on the story and read it. You stans didn't shit when the group split and b was getting other people to write songs for her putting them down, or how she never endorsed Kelly (even though that's her "sister"). No one was evening feeling her and her whack ass until Jay came into her life. Proof; life before Jay, Austin poweres move, songs and outfits that were more ridiculous than the shit she makes now.
AnyWoo's picture


Suchalady's picture

Come on Latavia write the

Come on Latavia write the tell all girl, you will make millions not only will the haters buy it, but so will the stans...I would not care how Beyonce felt, I would tell everything.
Anonymous's picture

To the people that responded

To the people that responded to Choco's question about what Creole people look like are, stop giving out wrong info n then have the nerve to do it with an attitude! Although many African Americans either deny or omit the fact, Creole people are descendants of Haitan, french, and spanish settlers in Louisiana. And some Creoles do have Native American Ancestry. Please read a book or start using google before you give out dumb facts
Anonymous's picture

Yes you are right...My

Yes you are right...My grandmother is a Native American Indian Creole from Louisiana as a matter of fact because I am the daughter of her son I was able to receive my Native American Indian ID and Social Security Card. I am now waiting on for them to figure out how they are going to disburse my funds to me. I may have to invest in the casino's but that I fine with me because I get money from the investment.
Truth be Told's picture

Hmmmm she looks sick in the

Hmmmm she looks sick in the face..and her titties are soggy , she should have propped them things up with a bra...but the story is sad...im sure she was really depressed like effie on dreamgirls..but girl you stronger than that...now get here and make some money and stop crying...:-)
Anonymous's picture

Matthew did these little

Matthew did these little girls wrong. They had every right to ask for another Manager. I am happy for both Kelly and Beyonce's success because they have worked hard and Matthew is responsible for it but the other girls deserved a chance at success.
Anonymous's picture

I will always love this FIRST

I will always love this FIRST original Destiny's Child! They were the best. LaTavia looks good as well!
TruStarr's picture

who cares now? move on.

who cares now? move on. Matthew treated Kelly and Beyonce better. So what? What has she done with her life in the 10 plus years since all this happened? She sounds like a bitter ex still gripping when the man/woman has moved on.
Gigi's picture

I really felt bad for her and

I really felt bad for her and Latoya when oldmatty knowles fired them and replaced them like in 5 seconds..but May GOD bless her to live a blessed clean life and be friends with her sisters!
Anonymous's picture

say what you all want about

say what you all want about latavia and latoya but in my opinion gag order or not those ladies handled that situation very well when it came to the public...yeah latavia started drinking...at least she admits to have had a problem...hell beyonce ass drink too...there are plenty of pics of her ass toasted....As far as you all making excuses for Matty's behavior.... all that came back to him, because now even his own daughter dont want his representation Nobody questioned why it took Beyonce all this time to thank them in one of her God awful speeches but you wanna question why now all of a sudden Latavia wants to talk about it YOU ALL ARE SOOO FAR UP BEYONCES ASS ITS RIDICULOUS...ITS ALRIGHT TO BE A FAN BUT TO PUT SOMEONE ON A GOD LIKE PEDESTAL IS DOWN RIGHT CRAZY AND WEIRD JUST LIKE MATTY, BEYONCE TIME OF KARMA WILL COME TO HER AS WELL BECAUSE DESPITE HER GOOD GIRL DEMEANOR YOU CAN BEST BELIEVE THE APPLE DIDNT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE AND EVERYBODY SHE STEPPED OVER WILL GET HER ASS BACK BECAUSE ONE DAY SHE IS GOING TO PICK THE WRONG PERSON TO STEAL A SONG FROM OR THE WRONG YOU TUBE VIDEO TO COPY AND NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS GOING TO CONVINCE THAT PERSON OR PEOPLE TO BACK DOWN...MARK MY WORDS...WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN AND IT HAS HAPPENED TO THE BEST OF THEM....LOOK AT MATTY LOL Im a huge fan of destiny's child and when latavia and latoya left they were never the same...michelle was cool but she just didnt do it for me I KNOW SOME OF YOU STANS IS GOING TO GET MAD AT MY COMMENT BUT SO WHAT!!!!
IM RICH BITCH!!!'s picture

that was some real ish you

that was some real ish you stated...I like Bey but I am so sick and tired of hearing about her. She is human just like the rest of us. Who died and said she is the best for one she can not act and hope to power above HOLLYWOOD DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN AND GIVE HER A ROLE PLEASE SHE MESSES UP GOOD MOVIES...
Anonymous's picture

Sounds like youre a hater.

Sounds like youre a hater. What gets me is after all this girl has confessed, YOU still want to try to blame Beyonce'. Beyonce' has step over who???? Maybe you havent read the memo, Did you know Beyonce Label told her that her first album wouldnt have one hit, that her second was weak, that her third was mediocre...Everyone has been putting Beyonce down and she has shown them every time that she can make things happen. All because she acknowleges GOD. So what karma is going to come to Beyonce'? Youre just mad because she hasnt been whoring around, getting dui's, strung out and etc and she is making the most of her life. GET A LIFE idiot.
Anonymous's picture

Not Whoring? My Man...whoring

Not Whoring? My Man...whoring is Bey's profession. She dances on tv in her panties. Making seriously ''fuck'' moves. Reality check...thats what she sells. All of them...but Bey is the Queen!
Anonymous's picture

you act like you know

you act like you know beyonce' personally and was there when shit went down.
Anonymous's picture



i really did'nt follow

i really did'nt follow destineys child, but out of that group, bey has the talent and star power. michelle and kelly both have careers since the group broke up but neither have achieved the spotlight as bey has. even when they were in the group bey always had the spotlight. just like when diana ross was with the supremes, she was the one who had the spotlight, and when patti was with labelle. if this woman was meant to be a star she would of been one by now, or she can keep trying.
Anonymous's picture

Did you even watch Dream

Did you even watch Dream Girls? Just because you are front in center doesn't mean you have the most talent. If they all start out on the same with the same talent, but one girl gets all the solos, more voice lessons, more time in front of the crowd, more money spent on her solo album...that girl will eventually become better. its life though. if matthew knowles was my dad...i'd be famous too
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, because Florrence

Yeah, because Florrence Ballard was a beast. Motown screwed her over big time. The comparisons between the Supremes and DC aren't that far off. Don't get me wrong, Diana was amazing too but you can't rightly say that she was better than Florence. The machine got behind her just as the machine got behind Beyonce.
Tagirl27's picture

Thank you!! No doubt, Bey had

Thank you!! No doubt, Bey had the best voice, but there was no reason for her to sing on every track and sing over the other girls' background vocals. On several tracks, you hear Bey and only Bey in both lead and background vocals. Kelly and Letoya are also good singers (not sure about LaTavia's voice). Bey is talented, but there is no doubt that she is more famous than the other girls because Matthew invested the most time in her. I'm not mad at him. Bey is his daughter, so any father would do so. Granted, the other girls were treated unfairly in the process. With that said, LaTavia. No more interviews. The DC fans from the 97-2005 have been moved on. LeToya has made a name for herself, Kelly is doing well. Find something to do.
ThankYou!!!'s picture

Beyawnce does not have the

Beyawnce does not have the better voice. Try again. Kelly and Toya are by far the better of the group, but I never listened to their music b/c the lead singer couldn't and can not sing. two thumbs down.
AnyWoo's picture

LOL, your kidding right,

LOL, your kidding right, Beyonce made this group, and if Kelly or any of the other girls in this group could out sing her! It would have been proven by now! Beyonce is the only one in the group that has a grammy by herself with out the group. So there's your answer to this crazy ass post you wrote!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

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