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PICS & DETAILS: Inside Fantasia & Antwaun's Baby Shower! Couple's Baby Boy's Name REVEALED?

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Fantasia Barrino celebrated her bouncing-baby-on-the-way over the weekend with a baby shower in North Carolina.  The baby's daddy Antwaun Cook was on hand to celebrate as well.  And despite reports the shower was held on the same date of Antwaun's wedding anniversary with his wife, Paula, he has yet to divorce, the twosome seem pretty unfazed.


Pics and deets from the shower inside.  Plus, we may have uncovered the baby's name!

Fantasia and Cook had their friends and fam in full force--100 guests to be exact--at Villa Antonio in Charlotte, North Carolina over the weekend.  Fantasia arrived in a limo with her boyfriend and child's father Antwaun.  And they had their celeb friends like Anthony & Tarsha Hamilton (above) there to celebrate as well.

The shower was a Mickey Mouse theme and lunch was fully catered Italian cuisine.  Fantasia's brother, Rico, did an impromptu performance for his sister with Fanny's band.  And we hear the baby boy on the way has already been named "Dallas."

Fanny rocked a head ful of curls and a colorful strapless maxi dress to show off her bump.  And posed it up with her good friend Jamie Foster Brown of Sister2Sister magazine and her manager Brian.

The "Collard Greens & Cornbread" singer's mom Diane and grandma were there.

And the couple had plenty of guests to entertain and gifts for the new baby.

We're told the baby is due in December, and people were overheard talking to Fantasia about "Baby Dallas."  Sounds like Zion will have a little brother named after the Texas city.

Photog: Curt – U.N.I. Photography

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MONEY does NOT buy CLASS!!! A

MONEY does NOT buy CLASS!!! A wedding on the day of her "boyfriends" wedding annviersary?! And he's still married?! Something isn't adding up. She can make more money than me but she is dumb as a door knob.
Your Turn's picture

I think you mean baby shower

I think you mean baby shower on the same day as the wedding anniversary, but yes it is extremely trifling all the same.
Anonymous's picture

Fanny actually looks cute

Fanny actually looks cute preggo! I do feel bad for the wife, b/c this is ALL over the blogs & i know ppl are calling her, being messy. I wish her much PEACE!
ShreveportShawty's picture

Well, shut the front door!

Well, shut the front door!
~Jayda~'s picture

when will Fantasia take off

when will Fantasia take off her braces!
kntmusiclover 's picture

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing. How many years has it been?!!
Anonymous's picture

This woman is disgusting!!!

This woman is disgusting!!! Morally and physically disgusting!
ImThinking's picture

"Sloppy-seconds ain't my

"Sloppy-seconds ain't my style." -- Danny Zucco in Grease.
Anonymous's picture

Fantasia's mother looks

Fantasia's mother looks younger than her. Hopefully she takes her career serious after the birth of her healty baby boy, 2 mouths to feed now.
Tee's picture

I'm happy she's happy!

I'm happy she's happy!
Anonymous's picture

I hope she gets what she

I hope she gets what she gave. I wish her success on her pregnancy.
Anonymous's picture

lookin cute fanny

lookin cute fanny
brittney's picture

Babies are blessing....u

Babies are blessing....u can't choose ya parents. Yes and sighhhhhh at all those tatts
Anonymous's picture

WOW SHE BLEW UP !!!!!!!But

WOW SHE BLEW UP !!!!!!!But she did with zion too and lost all the weight and I am not to the one to judge about the relationship with antwaun I will leave that up to furious #i'mjustsaying s/n having the baby shower on the day of autwaun and his wife wedding anniversary though? #lowblow
Anonymous89's picture

Lord, no.

Lord, no.
Anonymous's picture

Dallas...well it ain't my

Dallas...well it ain't my child.
karlee's picture

If she's happy I'm happy

If she's happy I'm happy
Poetic's picture

Why does she have braces

Why does she have braces AGAIN?
Uhh's picture

On his anniversary,

On his anniversary, really...that's just tacky!
Anonymous's picture

wow!!! i get to make the

wow!!! i get to make the first comment...naaa naaa ney naa naaa..ok, seriously, I pray this ends well for everyone involved...not much to say on this one...feel bad for his wife.....
Anonymous's picture

happy for her...those tats

happy for her...those tats tho...
Anonymous's picture

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