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TV FAB: 50 Cent Talks Being Sober, Charity Work And Never Meeting His Father On "Piers Morgan"

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50 Cent stopped by "Piers Morgan Tonight" last night (these damn braids though...) to discuss his success an a businessman, his charitable endeavors and never knowing his father.  He also dished on his sobriety. Watch the full in-depth interview inside....

Last night, 50 Cent chatted with Piers Morgan is one of his month in-depth interviews ever.  The viewer learned about 50's hard-knock childhood, his role as a father and his committment to giving back to his community.  Here are some highlights:

On his father -

In what could have been a tense moment, 50 revealed that he has never met his father and that the "man" has never reached out to him.  He added that at this point in his life, he has no desire to meet him but wishes he would have been around to guide him through adolescence.

On his own relationship with his son -

From the way his own eyes lit up, it seems that 50 is a very hands on father.  He talked about offering his son advice and teaching him about learning from the mistakes of his own youth.

On how kids are subconsciously conditioned for certain lifestyles -

"We offer a male child cars, trucks, We also offer a male child guns – cap guns, a water gun," he says. "These are toys that are manufactured for children. They manufacture that because I think they're subconsciously trying to teach that male child to be the financial support of the actual relationship, the family, and the protector. But you can misinterpret what those things are there for. With less guidance as a child you could take that gun and have it mean, I want to shoot somebody."

On drug use -

In one of the interviews most shocking revelations, 50 said he had NEVER done drugs and had only been "drunk" a handful of times. 

"I don't actually use drugs.  "I got a chance to watch a lot of my mother's sisters and brothers at different periods experiment with the use of drugs or alcohol and I see them respond so differently that I stay away."

On alcohol consumption -

50 is NOT a big drinker either. 

"I've had an experience that made me paranoid because of it and I stayed away from it following that."

On following the success of "In Da Club"

"It's a gift and a curse," he said. When your first song is that good, is that effective, you're kind of up against that first body of work for the rest of your career."

On President Barack Obama -

“I was an advocate for Hillary because I wasn’t sure America was ready for an African-American president,” but that his election, “shows how far America has come,”

On being hands-on with his businesses -

“You have to pay attention. When I go into negotiations and different deals, I absolutely have to be involved myself. If I don’t understand understand it, I say ‘Explain it to me,’ and if I [still don't understand it], I say ‘Explain it slow.’”



Watch the full interview here:

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Anonymous's picture

i love what 50 did w himself.

i love what 50 did w himself. prevailed through adversity, did his rap thing, yes, but decided to expand outside of that. doing movies and other business/entrepreneurial ventures, etc--a lot of black men can learn from him. not saying they need to be a rapper or anything, but just to set they mind higher than trying to be a drug lord or rapper because it's "fast, easy" money. i just really love what he did with himself. i respect him and his hustle.
BlackBerry's picture

I am glad I took the time to

I am glad I took the time to watch that interview! 50 has alot of character....I gotta follow him and Pierce Morgan on twitter
Anonymous's picture

I hope a lot of these

I hope a lot of these successful people don't read these IGNORANT blogs!
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cumwithmee's picture

Y'all some simple bitches. Do

Y'all some simple bitches. Do you not know that those braids are for a movie. For which he's getting PAID for??? Who gives a fuck if they're out of style? Remember not too long ago he had an s-curl for something he was getting paid for. Which is why he will continue to be successful outside of rap. He accomplished in short rap career what most rappers won't accomplish in a lifetime.
Anonymous's picture

I love him.

I love him.
medschoolmelanie's picture

i have always appreciated

i have always appreciated 50's candor. however, not feeling those bama azz cornrows. it's 50 he can do whatever he wants.
where the do that at's picture

Cornrows? What is this 2005?

Cornrows? What is this 2005?
Slim's picture

Real talk... 50 Cent has said

Real talk... 50 Cent has said a lot of ignorant things but this interview right here has changed the way I see this man. I hope he continues on this path. He really has the potential to do great things.
Bibs & Baubles's picture


50 COULD STILL GET IT! But I'm not liking the cornrows......
Lucypearl!#@'s picture

you all are such hater but

you all are such hater but let lil gay wayne with those nasty ass dreads and what u say he get a pass get the hell outer here hater get a job and get off this site useless people you really think this guy cares what u all think really people get off the stamps and welfare and then try an talk people.
Anonymous's picture

...but I am not ready for

...but I am not ready for those cornrows
Errors galore....'s picture


Ayrter's picture

his career is over......its a

his career is over......its a rap just like the corn rolls in ur head......and the miami vice curl b4 that go find ja rule...do a wanksta tour
Anonymous's picture

He is so disciplined. Sexy

He is so disciplined. Sexy
Errors galore....'s picture

Why can't he make a rap song

Why can't he make a rap song about NOT DOING DRUGS?
Keep it Real's picture

because stay at home moms

because stay at home moms don't buy rap music or go to concerts. besides it's the parents responsibility you want the T.V. the movies, the teachers, the video games, the government, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING to be responsible for the decisions your kids EXCEPT THE PARENTS. if you don't have the time to raise a child then DON"T HAVE ONE. or FOUR
Anonymous's picture

So many haters on this

So many haters on this site...Broke haters.why hate on somebody that is rich & doing something positive instead of putting the blame on society!!!.
sasja's picture

OMG! Your hair is scary to

OMG! Your hair is scary to me. Really 50, tell how you really feel. You sound off dissin the first black president ever! I would have appreciated a comment about you were scared to vote for a black president because you dont thinkl America is ready. Tell me 50, do you think we are ready for those damn corn rows???LMAO PS. In my opinion, you are only as successful as your legacy, and so far, your career has fizzled for shizzled my nizzled. LMAO@myself.com ha
ha's picture

Your comment just made me LOL

Your comment just made me LOL so loud!! You SO made my day!! "Do you think we are ready for those cornrows?"....i was thinking the EXACT same thing!! "Your career has fizzled for shizzled my nizzled."_____________DEAD_______________
BOMBSHELL's picture

50 is so blah now. Still

50 is so blah now. Still dance to his music FROM YEARS AGO. Nobody wears his clothes anymore and he cant act worth a damn. Quanity of straight to DVD movies does not equall quality
NYbabe's picture

i wouldnt even give 50 the

i wouldnt even give 50 the time to read anything he says.....but braids, LMAO. i think you are about 11 yrs too late with that one....thats just as funny as when he was rocking the s-curl. thanks 50, you made me laught for today
Anonymous's picture

50 cent is mentally ill. He

50 cent is mentally ill. He has so many alters and personalities it is amazing plus he goes from one extreme to the next too quick. He is a super queen bottom b*tch. Real immature and he has the childish cornrows that lil boys wear to match his childish nature. Grown men should NEVER rock cornrows especially on a televised interview/corporate interview where you are trying to portray yourself as intelligent, mature and professional. 50 you ain't been hot since Go Shawty and that was a wack childish song. Your 15 min is up......please jump off a cliff you queen!
Anonymous's picture

In addittion, it's pretty

In addittion, it's pretty believeable that 50 is gay. It's been highly rumored for some time now and in all honesty he just appears to be gay to me. When was the last time anyone EVER heard of 50 being with a woman??? Please don't give me that Ciara shyt either. That was just some made for tv mess and truthfully, she's kind of manly looking so he probably imagined flucking a dude while with her. The whole Vivica Fox thing was just something to do too. She even admitted he was whack in bed. It's probably because women do nothing for him...he'd have rather been with a man.
jazzyiest's picture

You are right! He is gay

You are right! He is gay thats why he acts like a pre teen girl and diva acting like a b*tch all the time. He needs Jesus and boned The Game, Lloyd Banks, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Tony Yayo and all of the rest of GUnit. The G in stood for Gay bc they are all a bunch of bottom queens. I believe he even boned Rick Ross but Rick Ross didn't let him cuddle thats why he beefed with him and Ja Rule never paid him mind and turned him down thats why he made his life a living hell.
Anonymous's picture

And what's your problem on

And what's your problem on him being gay? how is that affecting YOUR life?
Anonymous's picture

Well damn! You summed up just

Well damn! You summed up just about everything I wanted to say. Except you left out the fact that not only should a grown ass man not wear cornrows that are about 10 years too late to be worn anyway, a grown man shouldn't have a line up/edge up with said cornrows either. As much money as dude has why does he always just look broke?!?!? Last month this ni**a was rocking a GREASY blow out kit that looked like he sprayed it and let the activator juice drip down his forehead. Now, dude is rocking cornrows. This is the main ni**a calling other dudes "wanksters". Really 50??? Who's the wankster now??? GTFOHWTS
jazzyiest's picture

50 is is a non mutha factor

50 is is a non mutha factor these days and is he really trying to bring back cornrows.....#hairfail
black_blogger's picture

I like the fact that he

I like the fact that he doesn't do drugs...thats a big deal coming from someone in the hip hop community.
Tee's picture

Regarding those who have a

Regarding those who have a problem with 50's advocating for Hillary Clinton... I, myself, voted for Barack Obama. Looking back though, he may have had more success had he run in 2012 AFTER Hillary. I'm proud of what the President has tried to do and how he carries himself, but politics is a dirty business; and Hillary had been around Washington politics longer. I don't think the Rethuglicans (and many Democrats) would've fought her so viciously if she were President. With that said, just because 50 advocated for her doesn't mean he didn't vote for Barack Obama once he secured the Democratic nomination.
Anonymous's picture

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britney's picture

why he got neck braids? kay

why he got neck braids? kay sorry, that was rude. >_<
peace&amp;love's picture

America' not ready for an

America' not ready for an African American president? Keep ur ass home and stay in the dark! no wonder no one buys ur albums anymore
jay's picture

you racist white bastard. All

you racist white bastard. All white people are going to hell
G MAn's picture


Anonymous's picture

I love that he is so

I love that he is so multi-dimensional and not at all what people think. If more of our black men would use the gifts that God gave them for good, the world would be a much better place. If you have the mind to be a good drug dealer, then you probably have a mind to be a good businessperson or something else that's positive. Fifty is living the American dream.
Anonymous's picture

Well as a man and artist in

Well as a man and artist in general I wouldn't give 50a thought...but he seems to be able to articulate his point pretty well, he's clearly taken his street business to the boardroom so kudos to him for turning his life around and continue to be a positive force and influence on your son...however; say what you want CURTIS....I know you burnt down your baby momma's house and I can't eeeeeeeven be mad at cha!
lockstress's picture


Your Name Here's picture

"Have a baby by me baby be a

"Have a baby by me baby be a millionaire"
NYbabe's picture

As I read, I was thinking

As I read, I was thinking that 50 really came a long way until he said he supported Hillary Clinton back in '08. Really? If that's how he thinks sober than maybe he should do some drugs. Simple-a$$.
Godiva-Diva...Obama 2012!!!'s picture

he doesn't need to be

he doesn't need to be attractive, he's a dude. didn't James Brown sing "It's a Man's World" ?
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness's picture

The comment about riding with

The comment about riding with Hilary! So he thought the country was ready for a women president over a half black dude?!?! I respect his opinion but OI disagree. Anyways, 50cents may be teaching his son certain things but that ghetto hoodrat baby mama is corrupting that child's mind. When she wanted 50 to buy that child all of those damn shoes so he could compete with another kid was beyond hoodrat to me! Ummm, I am not shocked that he doesn't really drink and has never done drugs! That is a very good trait!
U laid it Low and Spread it wide...Mama Braxton!! lol's picture

And this is why reading

And this is why reading snippets of an interview on a blogsite instead going straight to the interview itself is ignorant...in the interview, he clarifies, he said he didn't think America was ready for a black Pres and perhaps didn't think he'd win..so what..there are millions of black who felt the same way and voted different in the DEMOCRAT election. As a 100% Barack supporter, it didn't matter to ME whether he had a chance of winning or not, I was voting for him regardless. But reading Natasha's butchered up snippets of this interview, she leads you to believe what SHE wants you to think about this interview!! Shameful..
Anonymous's picture

I thought there was a video

I thought there was a video of him doing coke somewhere? Thats sad about his father and I guess thats the reason he is so hands on with his son. Good for him.
Anonymous's picture

He is so damn UGLY & this pic

He is so damn UGLY & this pic right here just confirms it even more. & i don't care how much money he has, He looks like mighty Joe young UGH!!!!! I do like his personality (sometimes)
truthhurts's picture

I like 50 a lot. Im not

I like 50 a lot. Im not feeling the cornrows but I do like his music and i feel like he has a lot of knowledge and a lot of intelligent opinions AND he's charming and handsome.

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