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YBF INTERVIEW: Tamar Braxton DISHES On That BIG FIGHT With Mama Evelyn & Says Towanda's Husband Is LAZY & PIMPING Her!

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On the heels of our exclusive interview with the Braxton sisters about season two of "Braxton Family Values," TheYBF.com had an exclusive chat about the premiere episode with Miss Tellitlikeitis.com herself, Tamar Braxton.

Check out Tamar reaction to the premiere night's drama, why she says Towanda's lazy husband is pimping her, and Tamar's blunt relationship advice for ALL her fam...

Last Thursday night's premiere kicked off with all kinds of drama.  Tamar got into it with EVERYBODY...especially her mama.  Here's her reaction to "everybody hating Tamar":

Thursday night, we witnessed Mama Evelyn Braxton in rare form as she looked at you and threatened to "slap the piss" out of you for disrespecting her. And then she ended with a good old-fashioned, "You think I'm playing? Try me."  How did you feel about reliving that?  Have you all come to a mutual understanding yet?

"I understand why my mother got upset at first, but after I explained why I left, I thought she would have understood a lil better. She's my mom and if she felt like I was disrespectful, then she had EVERY RIGHT! It's not worth it to me to keep bringing it up so it can be blown out of proportion. I'm going to chill for now and see how it plays out later."

Also on Thursday night's episode, Towanda, her kids, and her estranged husband were living in Trina's house...for months. Is he working now? How do you feel about Towanda and her husband's situation?

"My issue with Andre is that he lets Towanda carry ALL the load. He has a college degree and is totally capable of finding SOMETHING! I feel his job now is to "pimp" my sister and the situation to make his laziness make sense. I see that it's because she lets him.  But we were taught the complete opposite. I can't help but to think: Really? You want him THAT bad? Is it THAT good? I get that he watches his kids. But......Whoopdy doo!

There are plenty of working mothers who watch the kids while working their asses off to make ends meet. I don't see why she allows him to have that "pass" on his responsibly as a man, father and example to her kids!"

On how life has changed since Season 1

People are so judgmental.  So I gotta keep my hair right, makeup right or folks will get on Twitter and roast me. Also, it’s opened up a lot of business opportunities for me....that I can’t tell you anything about!

On the reality tv business

I just think we need to get back to the basics.  A lot of people have started to look at it as a business opportunity, so now reality tv is like an hourlong commercial.  But that is not hot.  It should also be about entertainment, and viewers should be able to take something away and apply it to their life. 

On making relationships work

Vince & I have been together 8 years and married for three. In fact, our 3-year anniversary is in two weeks.  My advice is that you should concentrate on yourself first.  If there are dreams and goals that you have, you should focus on them.

Relationships are a lot of work and they completely change after you get married.  I can’t pinpoint how or why, but they do.  All my friends are like, 'My man was this way while we were dating and after we got married it just changed.'  No one told me but marriage does change everything.

On her relationship advice to her family

The reason I comment on my sisters' relationships is because I know they deserve better. 

For Mom – I feel like she is on the right track.  She is dating, she is doing her.  I hope she doesn’t get to the point where she feels she has to settle.  I feel every girl has a Mr. Right out there.

For Toni – I found out she is seeing her baby daddy [estranged husband Keri Lewis].  She is keeping it a secret and she won't tell me anything.  But I think when you say you gonna get a divorce…you need to figure that out.   You can't go back and forth.  

For Traci – She puts her happiness last.  She wants people to be comfortable and that’s sad.  You sitting over here with crumbs and dirt on your face.  You should know when you deserve better and she does. 

For Trina - First of all, her man needs to be in rehab or an institution.  I think he has mental issues.  He put a tracking device in her car!  And he always acting paranoid!  I know she has a college degree and all but she cannot make him take his meds!  She has too much going for herself.  She is fly, she is pretty and she can do better.  


Lastly, Tamar revealed to us that while Vince did have blood clots in his lung, he is doing much better now. "Braxton Family Values" airs Thursdays on WeTV.


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People get a life. Tamar has

People get a life. Tamar has been doing what she does for a while. Shes authentic and real. Follow her lead.org
Rafael Ross's picture

People get a life. Tamar has

People get a life. Tamar has been doing what she does for a while. Shes authentic and real. Follow her lead.org
Rafael Ross's picture

People get a life. Tamar has

People get a life. Tamar has been doing what she does for a while. Shes authentic and real. Follow her lead.org
Rafael Ross's picture

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Anonymous's picture

I like Tamar; she reminds me

I like Tamar; she reminds me of my mother LOL. Much like mom, I don't always agree with her delivery, but nine times out of ten, she is spot on. And that is why they get so pissed with her all of the time. In the case of the first episode, they ambushed her - and then got upset when she got mad at them back. Toni set that ball rolling and got them all upset before she even showed up. I think her mom overreacted too - not to say your mom cannot check you once every blue moon but I don't think this case warranted it. As far as Toni, she does not like the fact that Tamar is getting some shine (peep the dismissive tone she used when she said somebody called her and said Tamar's song is nice) and only wants her sisters around her if they are in secondary roles. Towanda is her assistant and the others sing backup. She is always saying "I want things for myself" and that she does not want to share things with her sisters - no, she does not mind them being around as long as she is out front. Notice she is the only one always saying how hard it is to share the spotlight. As far as I am concerned she has nothing to lose by doing a record with her sisters, as she ain't had a hit in ages. If Michael Jackson could cut albums with his brothers - and damn good ones - between solo projects she can too, LOL. I like them all but I think Tamar gets a raw deal from people because she keeps it real and they don't like to hear it - especially from the baby of the family. People trash her but she is the only one with a decent husband who seems like he wants to do right by her. As somebody who is the baby of the family, you learn what NOT to do in your life by watching those who came before you screw up. That is clearly the case here and I think that is why they stay mad at her.
Anonymous's picture

Tamar reminds me of myself, I

Tamar reminds me of myself, I too is the youngest of 6 girls and I get treated the same way, but I'm also the first one willing to help or do something nice. But all my good is stepped on when I open my mouth, everyone can comment, but because I'm straight to the point, everyone gets mad at the things I say, but I'm onlu try n to be helpful, I thought it was best to hear things from family, if your hairs not right or your clothes. I should be able to tell my sister anything, if her life is messed up, evryone sees it, but I'm the only one willing to speak up, so that makes me the bad guy, but I'm say n it because I care and I don't want others talking about. I know Tamar is coming from a loving place. They always said, truth hates!!!
Anonymous's picture

To the braxtons love the

To the braxtons love the show. To trina hope your band does well
Anonymous's picture

I just hope she dosen't break

I just hope she dosen't break her husband Vince heart. Just don't see any chemistry there.
krazy's picture

She is too much for me,

She is too much for me, .org,.com--very dumb but alot of people copy it. She is too brash, if she was my sister I prob would only see her at funerals, weddings and family reunions. She is always judging her sisters like she is perfect.
2Sweet's picture

I seriously love Tamar.

I seriously love Tamar. Without her the show would be absolutely nothing and everyone knows that..
Angelica's picture

True but there would be no

True but there would be no show without Toni...she made the name famous.
Rachell's picture

Tamar is a bit much to handle

Tamar is a bit much to handle but, I think her assessment of her family is pretty accurate from what I've seen of the show. And it does seem that Toni has a little problem with sharing the spotlight and it looked to me that Traci was pregnant in one of the clips. I wouldn't put it past her husband to knock her up to keep his hold on her. Oh and what was the name of the reality show Tawanda was on before, it came on nbc?
Anonymous's picture

Shows how much you know!!! He

Shows how much you know!!! He would not do that too Traci at this point in there life. The grand is enough,don' t let TV fool you.
Anonymous's picture

I loves me some Tamar. She ia

I loves me some Tamar. She ia the reason I watch the show
Jenny's picture

Tamar is right about her

Tamar is right about her assessment. She knows she's not perfect. There's nothing wrong with her saying her opinion. I like her.
Tia 's picture

Tamar is right about

Tamar is right about everything she said. I hate to say it but in so many families people like to sugarcoat the truth. Tamar tells the truth and we all know people hate when you tell them the truth. I like their mom but she was dead wrong this time when she went in on Tamar. This time she was not even being disrespectful to anyone. Toni B. was the instigator in this ambush on Tamar. Toni had already got their mom all fired and pumped up before Tamar even arrived. I like Toni but I feel she is a little JEALOUS of Tamar because her time is up. Toni loves being the only one in the family w/ a successful singing career. I really think she would have a Heart Attack if Tamar actually came out w/ a album and made it. Toni has made so many bad decisions in life not to mention her health problems and filing bankrupt. I really feel she did not live up to become the big super star she could have been. Sometimes it can be a hard pill to swallow when you have a younger sis who is stealing your shine. In this case Toni needs to get over it and give Tamar her support because it looks like Tamar made the best choice in choosing the right man over all her sisters. To Ms. Eve please let go of the bitterness over her Ex- Husband because he has moved on and it makes you look bad like he is still in your heart. Being bitter is like having a little poison in you. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. To all you people that are calling her at Brat you are just jealous of what she has. Don't hate her for marrying a man that loves and adores her and buys her anything she wants. That's people's problem these days being mad at people like Tamar who have what all you hater's want! I love Tamar because she is like me. We always tell people the truth even if they don't want to hear or accept it. LOVE YOU TAMAR FOR AWAYS TELLING IT THE WAY IT IS! Make your album girl because I would support you all the way! GO TAMAR!
DATRUTH's picture

You can tell it like it is

You can tell it like it is but you got to do in a respectable way...if you want to be listened to. There's a time and a place for everything including a loud and over the top attitude. I love Toni and Tamar and it sickens me to see fans pinning them against each other. How can you all not see the support those two give each other...Toni and the sisters have said numerous times that Tamar is indeed the SANGER of the family. Having been following Toni’s career I know that she and Tamar are close and respect each other’s talents dearly. Where you saw Toni you saw Tamar right there with her (check out the old Oprah interview, VH1 documentary, etc…). She exposed Tamar to the industry and like Vince told Toni last season, Tamar respects the heck out of her. Some of you all are omitting the fact that this is not Tamar’s first time on the scene; she has had an album out already. Concerning the scene in the kitchen, come on guys you all know there was more to it. Tamar just didn’t walk in and the fireworks started…they did show a clip during commercial of them trying to open wine. Toni was not being jealous she was just upset with the fact that Tamar came at her (still is) about just wanting to be featured on the album (which in a way is letting the sisters shine) and was secretly doing her own thing AND it was Toni who said to wait and let Tamar confess. Tamar said herself in the episode that she lied and was hiding it. AND Toni said, while Tamar was storming out, “you’re making yourself look bad, there’s nothing wrong with you doing your album.” They were pissed she was hiding it…that’s all. This show is indeed reality but it is reality that has been chopped and mashed together a bit. The producers know what will keep the fans watching and talking. And concerning Tamar being the only one who chose a good man…Toni was the one who hooked Tamar up with Vince and we don’t know the full story concerning the other husbands…there’s ALWAYS two sides to a story. And the comment about her finding a husband that spoils her…Toni has her own and in her case it’s more difficult finding a man who makes more AND that doesn’t matter…LOVE matters. You guys are making the one who has obviously suffered and sacrificed the most for her family, you see the less on the show, and says the less the villain…WHY??
Rachell's picture

For the most part she is

For the most part she is RighT! I just dont like how she talks about Traci like she a Bum thats y Traci always BlacKin on her Superficial A$$>>enough talkin TamaR let us watch the show Please..LOL
truTH!!'s picture

I LIKE TAMAR, she has an

I LIKE TAMAR, she has an entertaining character personality, I look-forward to her acting/singing adventure. I also think she's a smart lady, she says a lot of "need to be said" things and her mother and sisters are not peaceful so how dare they attack the way Tamar expresses her self, at least she's expressing herself. Traci is dying in silence and fulfilled dreams, Trina is drinking, Towanda is playing the female fool, Toni is selfish and dismissive. Yeah, Tamar is byfar the more sane sister. Momma Braxton was dirt wrong for screaming at Tamar. Tamar didn't do anything but sit on the counter in a cheerful mood. Toni said she wasn't doing the album, Toni wants her sisters to be her background singers and in addition to singing Toni wants Towanda to be her slave/assistant, even thought Towanda has kids- But no one's yelling at selfish Toni. Tamar is being mistreated.
Anonymous's picture

i dont think tamar is a Gld

i dont think tamar is a Gld digger ... wuts wrong wit loving chubby men most fat dudes i see mess wit skinny bitches, im a bigger gal i used 2 think 2 fats dont go but as of lately ive noticed a lot of larger guys that r clean cut look good dress n smell nice have a great personality --- that all makes 4 sexy 4 me so wut if the outside a lil bigger ...... stop sleepin on these niggas u see tamar didnt ...
at mz_2200's picture

towanda's husband is lazy so

towanda's husband is lazy so after thrusdays episode i was like dang i thought livin outside frm cali and NY is cheap... so i googled rental in atl they can get a 3 bedroom 4 btween 600-900 he can work 4 a shipping company like dhl , fedex, ups n get a 2nd n they would make rent jes fine .... n um isnt ms thang gettin paid 4 this show why cant she get a spot 4 her and the kids .... see everybody was talking about jon n kate but kate secured a check for her and her kids (close 2 65,000 an ep) and made it so that all reality stars get paid ....so i'm over towanda
at mz_2200's picture

Ok Tamar, Ur giving all this

Ok Tamar, Ur giving all this advice to ur sisters ur are not perfect, we dont see where u work or what u do to build & support urself. if u see ur sister/anyone n a bad sitution nstead of poppin off about what they do offer some help or good advicenot just trash talk them
Anonymous's picture

Tamar stop with your big

Tamar stop with your big mouth. The pic of her is not cute, somehting is off with her face and that weave has to go.
Anonymous's picture

Tamar in my opinion is messy

Tamar in my opinion is messy and craves attention, and she lucked up and married a rich man--who she's most likely only with for money. Their mother clearly should have "slapped the piss out of her." And people have to live their own lives, Tamar needs to sit down!
Tee's picture

Im sorry but you sound

Im sorry but you sound shallow and a bit ignorant. Vince is a big guy but he is quite handsome and really seems like a great person. I know many of big guys that ain't paid that pull many chicks and I know plenty of big girls with husbands and guess what those girls ain't paid either
Anonymous's picture

So because Vince is plus

So because Vince is plus size, she married him for his money? So if Vince was 100 lbs lighter, but broke and cheating on her, would that mean she married him for the right reasons? Judging by the other husbands on the show, Tamar is in the best situation. Traci's husband is a controller, Trina's husband is a cheater, Towanda's husband is lazy, and Toni is seperated.
confused?'s picture

I'm really confused on why

I'm really confused on why Toni was offended that Tamar didn't want to be a background singer, yet Toni decided that she was "too good" to sing on the entire Braxtons cd. How is this Tamar's fault? Has anyone noticed that almost everytime the siblings sing Toni is either hesitant or doesn't participate? Tamar is like 33ish, it's now or never with this singing career. I don't understand why Mommy E was so upset, but I agree whatever Mom says, goes. I'm a big Toni fan actually, but #teamTamar.
Popeater's picture

I totally agree with you...

I totally agree with you... Personally, I think Toni stirred the pot to make the other sisters upset about Tamar making personal moves, so she can distract them from what she is doing... After all, she did say she intended on making a solo album. In my opinion, Toni may be feeling a little threatened by Tamar's new found success-- and fears if she goes solo, her album will be a smash hit. But maybe a little healthy competition is what Toni needs... Her music has been pretty lame these past few years.
What did u say?'s picture

I get why 'Everybody Hates

I get why 'Everybody Hates Tamar' she just put ALL their business out there!!!!! ALLL OF IT!
VANITYCASE's picture

Ummm....they're on a reality

Ummm....they're on a reality show they all putting their business out there.. and Tamar thinks the world of her sisters and wants the best for them.....i totally agree with her... think before you comment.. some of the comments just make no sense and this is one of them!
Anonymous's picture

Tamar just got lucky that she

Tamar just got lucky that she has a nice husband and believe me the only reason she does is because of her sister Toni hook them up and Tamar ran away with it because of the business he is in, to many men would not put up with her nasty ass attitude, and she since she likes to spend money all the time, why don't she buy some make-up to fit her skin because it is way off and speaking of make, Tamar is ugly without it believe me.
Anonymous's picture

That Towanda and her Husband

That Towanda and her Husband is all type of STUPID,he is a BUM,when people Break Up they go their Separated Ways. He should have Never been Allowed to live at Trina's house with her and the kids Towanda is an Enabler ,she can find a Babysitter she Don't need him,Towanda needs to Stop thinking with her HEART,and use her Brain! SMH everytime I see that Man with his Bald Headed Ass on my TV ,I get Pissed off he is using Towanda,A person is only going to Treat You the way you ALLOW them TOO! Towanda needs to Wake the Fuck UP!
Anonymous's picture

Tamar is ever so slightly

Tamar is ever so slightly delusional (which I must confess I luv in a reality star!). She was arguing with her mom about her inability to LISTEN. Yes, it started out about something else, but it wound up about her lack of respect for other people including her mom. When Tamar went to seek her hubby's counsel about the situation, how many times did Vince have to ask her to LISTEN! He was looking at his wife like this dizzy broad is talking so much she can't even see that I'm on her side. As soon as someone says something that Tamar doesn't like she reacts without hearing the whole story. That's childish.
SweetDivaT's picture

Rather you believe it or not

Rather you believe it or not there is a Tamar in every family !!!
Anonymous89 aka Sitting Pretty 's picture

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Anonymous's picture

She does have a point about

She does have a point about Towanda's husband. He irks the hell out of me! I've never seen such a lazy man in my life! He should be concerned about how this looks to his children. By the same token though, Towanda allows this to take place. So, can you really put all of the blame on him? Their both wrong if you ask me. Him, for being so lazy and not wanting to be a stand up husband and father and do what he's supposed to do. And, her for allowing his behavior. We teach people how we want to be treated. So, if she puts up with his behavior, he will see no problem in doing what he's doing.
Dungeons & Dragons's picture

YES! Towanda is an Enabler!

YES! Towanda is an Enabler! SMH I can't stand her Towanda's HUSBAND!
Anonymous's picture

She's not lying. It's amazing

She's not lying. It's amazing how Tawanda has a 50 year old lazy bum for a husband. He don't wanna do nothing.
Tagirl27's picture

What Tamar is saying seems a

What Tamar is saying seems a little cold for this to be her family. I enjoy their show, but does she have to throw her entire family under the bus just to get ratings? Some of my family members are in relationships that don't make sense, but if I did have a problem with it, I would tell them in a loving way, so they wouldn't feel attacked and I would not broadcast it to the world.
Anonymous's picture

I love this family and mostly

I love this family and mostly enjoy the show, but who is STARTING a singing career at their age? Be honest. In America, you're already too old to be starting out at 25 and they're all older than that. I'm just saying, the odds are stacked against them in this country at least. The music business is for the young. Even an established and talented singer like Toni is having a hard time at her age. It sucks, but sadly it's the truth.
Anonymous's picture

Tamar is EXTRA but she is

Tamar is EXTRA but she is right! Sorry folks everything she said it absolutely correct. Why do black women settle so dammmmmmmmnnnn much! It's like black women collectively only want each other to date and marry black, broke, lazy men. Anytime a sista dates a man with money she's a ho, gold digger and manipulating. Well, ladies this is what life looks like on the other side. Trina's man is a paranoid crazy mess. He's been cheating five years out of seven years of his marriage. Yet, he's tracking Trina's whereabouts? Am I missing something?!!! Trina RUN! You look like Ashanti. You are soo pretty. That guy is weird, sounds strange, creepy looking and he has the NERVE to cheat on you! Why are you pressed over that guy?! You can get much better! Towanda is pretty as well. She looks like a black Pochantus (sp). Unfortunately, like soooo many black women she's taking care of a lazy azz man who has no job, wants no job, tries to get no job and lives off her. Towanda looks like a fool with this lazy man. I like Traci. Sorry, I know she's the uncooth, trailerpark acting like Braxton but she's my favorite. She's down to earth and she's also pretty. She just needs to lose some weight and fix her teeth. I know she's unhappy in her marriage but I really want her to get her singing career together. She's a good person and I feel like she's someone anyone can talk too. Lastlyy, Mama Braxton. Beautiful but too bitter. Let it go Mrs. Braxton. Showing anger towards your ex means you still care. And let's face it, he's not worth it.
Anonymous's picture

I think she was referrign to

I think she was referrign to her family's particular issues not the state of relationships for an entire RACE of people .lofl
Anonymous's picture

you dont have to

you dont have to apologize....she is right about what she said about her family...I know some comments say she a little harsh... Umm well I dont think so, some families need tough love!
Anonymous89 aka Sitting Pretty 's picture

Talking about feelings, you

Talking about feelings, you crushed your sister when you said she could not sign because she was with child! You going around talking like you had Traci back and that's 100% wrong,she had too go thur a major ajustment with life after something like that. You need to love you sister and have her back like you say you do. Do you understand she has a husband and son who had a life outside of YOUR world,you should give your sister big ups for taking care of her life and family like she did with all of the strong holds she had before her, keep in mind she is strong; how strong are you? and think about what you say. Went to a great church service yesterday and the sermon was on bending and not breaking(your sister is standing)
Anonymous's picture

I really want to watch this

I really want to watch this show I FORGOT wHAT CHANNEL they come on.
Anonymous's picture

google dot com

google dot com
anonda's picture

Instead of being mean you

Instead of being mean you could have just told them. it doesnt pay to be a jerk. it comes on WeTV.
Anonymous's picture

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Anonymous's picture

There is one outspoken

There is one outspoken sister, brother, auntie, uncle or cousin in every family. I guess she's the one. http://trueconfessions5.blogspot.com/2011/11/true-confession-story-being...
TC5's picture

I LOVE TAMAR... She is sooooo

I LOVE TAMAR... She is sooooo funny, honest and genuine. When she was dancing and popping in front of Vince that was so dang funny I was crying. She makes the show and the reason why I-watch-it.com....
Bianca's picture

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