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VIDEO: Wendy Williams BREAKS DOWN During Show While Discussing Connection To Whitney Houston

During perhaps the most emotional moment in her show's history, Wendy Williams broke down in tears while discussing Whitney Houston and one of the connections they share....substance abuse. Watch it inside.....

Earlier today, Wendy Williams gave an emotional call to arms for substance abusers and the people who love them.  She talked about her own struggles and how her years of cocaine abuse (she felt) connected her to Whitney Houston (who also had her struggles.  During the moment, she broke down sobbing while saying,

“I’m not proud of the girl I was,” Williams continued. “But without being that girl, I wouldn’t be the woman that i am today. So if it makes any sense to you, I have no regrets. There’s one thing throughout it all. My connection with Whitney…that I wished for us both to be really sober and really aware and I knew I would meet her one day…I always pictured that time to be in our late 50s, 60s with her being the number-one spokesperson for “Say no.” I just for some reason thought that that’s what she would do. It’s what I want to do. I just thought we would meet, and we would hug and we would be sober and older and…"

Here's the full segment below:

Despite that now infamous interview between Wendy & Whitney, Wendy said the two would see each other in passing a couple of times in different locations and Whitney still would say Hello.

Wendy also said she will not be following the story of Whitney's death from this point on via her show, and this day is the last time she will address it.  Definitely an emotional time.





burito9245's picture

Until u people realise that

Until u people realise that drug addiction (nice name substance abuse) is not what makes a person stronger more will continue to suffer. Americans act as if drug addiction is a recreation and everyone is happy to say i was an addict, as if its the best thing that could happen to someone. Addiction is addiction, BAD period now Wendy go do something about it. Now kids you dont have to be an addict to know that this is BAD & WILL KILL YOU definitely not recreation or COOL. I'm so tired of the CRAP, prescription and otherwise.
Missy Me's picture

Delete this Wendy Willams

Delete this Wendy Willams post. She hated Whitney Houston and used her substance abuse struggles for ratings and to make others laugh. She is a mess which is why I dont watch her.
Andrea's picture

Abt time she has shut her

Abt time she has shut her mouf abt somethings
ShreveportShawty's picture

It took alot of courage for

It took alot of courage for Wendy to tell her story. People will change their lives or the lives of a loved one through Whitney's story.
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divastar's picture

I thought the same thing....

I thought the same thing....
it's me's picture

Wendy is FULL OF IT! Wendy

Wendy is FULL OF IT! Wendy USED Whitney's substance abuse for ratings. Wendy's "TEARS" are FALSE. Wendy never even MET Whitney before but that did not stop her from talking so much smack about Whitney and she knew she had a family and a very young daughter. I just get so sick of FAKES. Wendy will pay for what she does one day and it will not be cute. Whitney is in a better place but her daughter is going through such a hard time. I fee so sorry for Bobbi Kristina.....the struggle for her will not be easy and people who have kids need to be more mindful of how their behavior effects others. Poor Bobbi Kris...I can only imagine what she is going through. She is just a year younger than me! I really feel for her. I REALLY do.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Damn TOO many Kids on this

Damn TOO many Kids on this site!
Sho is's picture

STFU! FuriouSSTyles you

STFU! FuriouSSTyles you haven't been 18 in over 20 years you old broken down beyoitch!!Wendy rules so what if she is a phoney most people on TV are phoney.
Twinke's picture

AGREE....Watched it live and

AGREE....Watched it live and the way she forced herself to make those crocodile tears with that little talk which she really had to stretch. None of it was genuine. But Everything she does is Only for Ratings and Money.
Yep's picture

I so agree with you with

I so agree with you with regard to Wendy. When I saw the header, my first thoughts were Wendy needs to stop riding Whitney's coat tails. Leave Whitney in peace & let her family grieve for her. If Wendy wants to discuss her own drug abuse so be it, but she must leave other people's names out of it. All sorts of worms & critters are crawling out of the wood-work to lay a claim to, or sell stories about, Whitney who isn't around to defend herself. This is one of the reasons it was often said not to speak ill of the dead, they can't defend themselves; also to show them respect.
Anonymous's picture

rip whitney

rip whitney
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