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Rihanna has joined a growing list of celebrities who have thrown support to The Invisible Children organization in their effort to expose the war crimes of Joseph Kony, a Ugandan warlord with a team of child soldiers and sex slaves. Find out more inside....


Rihanna has reached out to The Invisible Children charity in an effort to help spread awareness about "the most hated man in the world,"  Joseph Kony (shown above), a leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  

Kony has been accused of abducting Ugandan children, forcing young girls into human trafficking and forcing young boys into a life of violence and murder.  The kids are even FORCED to murder their own families!  And he's been doing this for  nearly thirty years!

Rihanna posted on Twitter,

Oprah and Chris Brown have also voiced support,

Oprah: “Thanks tweeps for sending me info about ending #LRAviolence . I am aware. Have supported with $’s and voice and will not stop.#KONY2012.”

Chris Brown:  #KONY2012.”

Kylie Jenner: “Everyone needs to watch this. RT this please.”

Watch the Invisible Children DOC here:


The Randomness:

1.  Game says he was provoked to spit at fans.  Story.

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Wow, everyone please just

Wow, everyone please just tell one other person (not preaching or anything but just "Kony NO")
Anya Michelle's picture

watching this was too sad! i

watching this was too sad! i know i'm late but daam! #KONY2012!!!
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i've chcked the site it's

i've chcked the site it's kind of touchng coz doez kinds r being abused and thy r dstroying their future and plz guyz let's help coz i'm doing evrythng in my power 2 help' when we united evrythng is posble
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Although the IC maybe using

Although the IC maybe using most of its money for filming and travel they were brave and smart enough to get ur attention so I don't mind helping people have a better cause I spend money all day on bs so y not? I'm gunna do everything in my power to help because to all of you who have done all of this research, what are you doing to make a change?
KingKay's picture

I've been following the

I've been following the conflict in Africa since I had a pen pal there in around 15 years ago, and you need to do your research first before jumping on the bandwagon. For those who are unfamiliar with what KONY 2012 actually is, listen up. What is the LRA? The Lord's Resistance Army is (originally) an Acholi nationalist, (very loosely-based) Christian militia; led by Joseph Kony. The movement's original purpose was to overthrow the Ugandan government and reestablish it as a system based on the Ten Commandments; though on their conquest, they have broken all ten. The LRA frequently raids towns, murders and mutilates innocent civilians, rapes women, loots homes and businesses, and abducts children to forcefully fight as soldiers. Let's continue. You must first address Invisible Children, who is responsible for starting the KONY 2012 movement. With each new cause, IC continues to be condemned time and time again for manipulating facts for strategic purposes. Last year, they sent only 37% of their total $8,894,630 expenses to impact their causes. What was sent to Uganda, went to regional governments who support the military; who are also consistently accused of raping, looting, and attacking their own villages. The bulk of IC's spending, however, goes to awareness and filmmaking. The newest campaign, KONY 2012, downplays the conflict itself to "make Joseph Kony famous," but the issues are much deeper than the LRA. Currently, the Chinese Communist Party implements a policy of genocide in African countries to reduce the population and steal minerals to export back to its slave labor factories. Products like diamonds are produced and shipped to countries like the U.S. where they are sold. Countries like Sudan then transfer Chinese funds to the LRA to conduct terror operations in order to wipe out areas where natural resources are then free to take. And the cycle repeats. To counteract this, the U.S. established AFRICOM, a counter insurgency initiative to stop the CCP's International Imperialist Initiative (the CCP's name for the cycle I just explained). Invisible Children's KONY 2012 is insistent on military intervention but fails to inform the public of the dangers this leads to. AFRICOM has deployed multiple missions to capture or kill Kony; but each has failed, and each has provoked further militant response and increased retaliative killing. With Kony's military being largely made up of child soldiers, any effort to eliminate LRA forces will result in the death of many children. Yet IC is focusing on raising funds (your money) aimed at military intervention this time around. U.S. involvement should also be addressed further as a whole. The Ugandan government and military report that Kony and the LRA has not been seen in the country since 2006, yet the U.S. gave Uganda $45 million and 100 troops last summer to "eradicate the LRA." In short, African countries oppose U.S. involvement because of its track record in setting up military bases and hunting for natural resources once conflict is resolved. Military support may very well be the right decision, but most people supporting KONY 2012 probably don't realize they're supporting the Ugandan military and the Sudan People's Liberation Army, who again, are also consistently charged with raping and looting. Spreading awareness is a very good thing, but "good causes" can often be supported in the wrong way. I highly support the need to track down Joseph Kony and bring him to justice, but Invisible Children will not receiving a dime of my money. You can choose to take or leave everything I've said, but I challenge you to dig deep into your research before you go changing your profile picture and re-posting IC videos. That's all folks.
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Thanks for the enlightenment.

Thanks for the enlightenment. Africa's issues is always a bigger one than what we hear on the news, in the media here. I will go do more research on it.
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Geat post

Geat post
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People please do some

People please do some research before giving money to Invisible Children. I understand that its nice to feel you care about a cause - so if it makes you feel better share the video, but do not give them your money. Why? (*these points are supported by several informed foreign policy and development experts - Foreign Policy, Time, Yale etc). 1. The information in the movie is mostly old statistics and footage. Some items are blatantly distorted or not mentioned in order to stick to the storyline. For one, the LRA is not what it was and Kony is not thought to be in Uganda - so any assistance to the Ugandan military is unlikely to bring him to justice because the man is most likely not even there! 2. IC gives about one third of what it receives to Uganda - MOST of the money they receive is spent on salaries, travel and movie making. They even have an Entertainment' line in their budget. With all these celebs, you can be sure people who find it difficult to think on their own will be handing over their money, and less than 30 cents of each dollar will even reach Uganda. 3. Kony's arrest is unlikely to stop the LRA (although they are thought to only be around 300 right now). Just like Bin Laden's death doesnt mean Al Qeada ceases to exist, Kony's arrest will not end the LRA - in fact, since he isn't thought to be in Uganda, they haven't be 'led' by him in the traditional sense in years. 4. There are many more pressing issues that deserve attention - many leading scholars in Uganda agree that the LRA is not the country's main problem today. Now don't get be wrong, perhaps these young men mean well, but from my watching of the video and research, they also love themselves and found a way to make their organization relevant and smartly have found a way to get millions in donations from kind-hearted young poeple. If you care about the children of Uganda, donate to a credible NGO, that puts back MOST of what they get back into the development of the children and young adults who have been affected by the LRA's atrocities, but please do not give money to a San Francisco based outfit, who has cunningly convinced people to hand over their dollars simply to keep pressure on President Obama to keep several military advisers in Uganda - when he never expressed any intention to remove those advisers from the country in the first place.
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america and these celebrities

america and these celebrities are FULL OF BULLSHIT
yup's picture

I guess you don't care about

I guess you don't care about the pain and suffering of children? :(
Anonymous's picture

If african americans spent as

If african americans spent as much time supporting their own and ensuring that their children don't suffer then perhaps I would understand your preoccupation with this According to the morehouse male initiative 45% of african american children live in poverty and 69% of children live in single parent homes. As africans we appreciate the interest but hate the ignorance, so you all need to take several steps back and learn that charity begins at home
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So does that mean u gonna do

So does that mean u gonna do somthing to help or just complain about the celebs and their bullshit?
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This man needs to be stopped.

This man needs to be stopped. Soon!!!!
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i saw this video and it was

i saw this video and it was very heart felt and sad but i cant just jump on the bandwagon by putting up STOP KONY posters wearing shirts and bracelets and paying my money every month for STOP KONY PACKETS after watching ONE VIDEO i need to do more research and im not saying KONY is innocent but im liberal about all this because of my lack of knowledge about it i watched a video on WORLDSTARHIPHOP today and there was a video of a british reporter interviewing KONY now i dont know how new the video was but my questions is how come they having been looking for him FOR YEARS but its this easy for this reporter to find him and sit close enough for an interview? and how come its been said that he's been at this for years but we are just now taking action and starting campaigns?? it makes me speculate
Anonymous's picture

There are atrocities going

There are atrocities going over all over the world (which this government is oftentimes involved in.) The U.S. only speaks up when it has something to gain, i.e. oil.
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This reminds me of the book i

This reminds me of the book i read called Murderville. Omg that book was soooooo good. By Ashley & JaQuavis Colemen. It really helped me open my eyes about the sex trade from the begining
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They have been trying to

They have been trying to spread the word about this for a few years now. The Invisible Children org was on Oprah when she did an episode of her personal heros and gave them $$ support. The webisode they had back then was very graphic in detail, I have not seen thecurrent one but I am sure it would upset me more. It is the sole duty of man to help each other. Best phrase (and I am summing it up) I have ever heard is; if you don't want to help, then at least don't assist in the pain.
2319's picture

why don't we focus on our own

why don't we focus on our own war, recession, crime?? MEDIAFREEFALL_COM
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This is nothing but

This is nothing but PROPAGANDA to convince the American people to go into Uganda... This man has been around over 20 years, why all of a sudden are they trying to find him now? Where is the proof he did these things? They use footage from 10, 15 years ago.. This is nothing but a ploy to re-colonize Africa and take all of Uganda's oil and resources.. Please stop drinking the koolaid people and do your research.. They are using celebrities to shape your minds, because you know nothing.. Stop the propaganda and start with the truth.. Stop the campaign to STEAL resources.. America wants to kill rebel groups so that when they go to set up multinational organizations in Uganda their will be no resistance... SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!
Anonymous's picture

I’m reading a lot of comments

I’m reading a lot of comments making reference this to being some sort of an attempt at a cover up and people need to become more aware and this and that. First of all, this is a grassroots effort. It is, from my understanding, about the people, that would be you and iii, forcing the hand of the government to get involved in things we care about. Bitching and complaining can be an effective tool in bringing about change if you bitch and complain to the people who are in the position to make the change. For all of you enlightened folks who know so much about the travesties that are taking place throughout the world, you might wanna trek on over to a stationery store and pick up a note pad, jot down some notes, and follow suit. The gentleman from this video has been preaching this same message for ten years like Noah did about the rain. The way we connect has changed so let’s not waste our time bellyaching and vomiting venom on the next man for not doing his part. Let’s make him aware of what part he can play. People think they have it hard until they hear that someone has it worse and that glimpse often provides a sense of power to be more and do more not only for self, but for others. This is a great way for all of us little guys who feel powerless to the big bad governmental infrastructures of the world to unite and run some poop. It’s apparent atrocities like this are occurring elsewhere in the world, but let’s make sure this mess is cleaned up and then divert our attention to the next issue. iiiSupport the message more because it’s coming from a citizen and NOT a political figure. NARF!!!!!
Triston for Dummiess's picture

Name one continent right now

Name one continent right now that is phucked! I'm glad we're focusing on Africa again, I understand the Middle East is in ruins but let's not forget about the rest of the world. I hate what's happening in Syria, the people of Afghanistan think the world has forgotten about them, Somalia is the exact same. Perhaps if we could designate 1 celeb per world cause we'd be in a better position. But this bandwagon shit has to stop.
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that's a shame that the lil

that's a shame that the lil boy would rather die cuz he doesn't have a future....soooo freakin sad....
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STOP SANDUSKY STOP THE VATICAN STOP HOLLYWOOD STOP THIS BS Basically, STOP MASONIC GOVERNMENT CHILD ABUSE! Somebody was about to rat on his major clients but had the wrath of the devil cast upon him for daring to defy him. This folks calling themselves the illuminati have been HARVESTING THE SEXUAL ENERGIES OF CHILDREN by raping them for centuries in their OCCULT DEALINGS. They start CHARITIES for children where the children become used for Sex. They hold records of all these evil acts and use them to blackmail members who might turn against them or not comply to their demands. Not only children are their victims but prostitutes (females abducted from East Europe, Africa, South America and even missing teens in USA) are used and sacrificed as well. They have these women literally eating their faeces, fukkin dogs and all kinds of animals while they and their partners/wives watch and record these acts for their future amusements. This beings are sick! dabbling with homosexuality and pedophilia, practicing in animal sacrifice and ritual murders. They controls the world traffic in drugs, guns, child abuse, pornography and prostitution. These are the low lives that are quick to call child services on people so that they can "acquire" children for their "consumption"….sick! Dig all the mass graves of murdered children around their back yard. Bohemian Grove, are you listening? Stopping one low time child trafficker is unacceptable! They need to go in on the BIG DAWGS! This is a scapegoat! My people can do better than this. Don't be told who to rally up against by media propaganda. I will respect the one celebrity that goes against the grain and instead addresses the bigger problem and it is not this man. He is a very small part of it. Without the elite demanding these children, his business would not be booming for all those 3 decades. So what if they STOP KONY? Just one child trafficker off the streets! How many small time drug dealers spend time in jail while the Eric Holders of this world traffic drugs through Mexico for the government and get pats on their shoulders for jobs well done? STOP THIS BS by STOPPING MASONIC GOVERNMENT CHILD ABUSE! Cut the demand and the supply will sure stop!
Koko's picture

If you are not apart of the

If you are not apart of the solution then you are apart of the problem! If there is a disagreement with how things are being handled... then please come forward with a better suggestion.
Anonymous's picture

I am part of the solution.

I am part of the solution. We've been putting in work for 5 years straight! Come tell me trash.....move!
Koko's picture

Thank you!

Thank you!
Anonymous's picture

This is what I love about

This is what I love about Rihanna. She is so GLOBAL. Rihanna uses her celebrity to address SERIOUS issues. Rihanna's music has dealt with suicide, rape, and domestic violence. Now she is dealing with the inhumanity of man against man. But I do want to caution Rihanna and others who are jumping on Rihanna's bandwagon. Many in the international community don't feel enough of the organization's budget is going to on-the-ground aid. Others don't feel it should be aligning itself so closely with Uganda's military, who -- although cleaner than Kony -- doesn't have the best human-rights reputation of its own. But awareness is GREAT and Rihanna is leading the way because she is aware of the world at LARGE. Well done Rihanna! Well DONE!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Okay, let's not get carried

Okay, let's not get carried away. She has had a IDGAF attitude for the longest. If she really cared about raising awareness towards domestic violence why go and work with the man that beat her? Please. She could have been on Capital Hill with Gabby talking to congress. Nope she was getting her icing licked off.
Demeter's picture

This is so true iiiThought

This is so true iiiThought iiiSaid it. And let us not forget the fact that her visage is clearly depicted in the film, so she’d kinda be a total douche canoe to ignore the call to get involved, especially in the wake of the mild backlash she’s received for the whole dueting with Chris Brown fiasco. While iiiDo applaud her TWEET, let’s not overstate her global consciousness. As a matter of fact, iiiCan’t recall ever seeing her listed as the writer of a song or video script tackling suicide, rape, and domestic violence. She just showed up and performed. Anyway, good for you Rihanna. Let’s hope this serve as a springboard for more activism in your life. Oh wait, you said you don’t wanna be a role model. iiiKid. iiiKid. NARF!!
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Video: Jay-Z – P.S.A. (Live @

Video: Jay-Z – P.S.A. (Live @ Carnegie Hall In NYC) http://freshandsavvy.com/
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As an African (Kenyan East

As an African (Kenyan East African to be precise), I sit squarely on the fence of where to lie with this noble but flawed and potentially dangerous movement. Stop Kony 2012 has the best of intentions (at least we all hope so) - to end crimes against humanity, especially those that are most vulnerable. I can't express enough how admirable I think this campaign is. However, it is the very PORTRAYAL of their message that leaves an uncomfortable taste in my mouth. To avoid writing an essay, I'll just keep it short. The reality and hard stone fact is that the MOST people who support this movement are probably not of African descent (this is by no means a problem!), are unfamiliar with world politics and histories of the conflicts in that region, and/or are not the type of people who will actively seek to educate themselves further or in enough detail about the kind of atrocities Kony & his henchmen have committed over these past two decades and UNDERSTAND THE REAL PROBLEMS. Why is this an issue? Because people will only have a very superficial understanding of what the core issues that KONY 2012 is advocating for, and that can become very dangerous. Joseph Kony is not the only perpetrator to Ugandan population - politics is an intricate web of patrimonialism and do not doubt for a second that he has disguised help and support from local and foreign politicians and groups, perhaps even from our very soil. Who is supplying and funding his efforts? Knowledge is power but I don't feel like the message in the video has empowered people with comprehensive knowledge. It's kind of like - hey look, Joseph Kony is a really bad man (true). He kidnaps kids, kills peoples families, and is a pedophile - BAD (true). What we should do is spread the message as far as we can so he can be stopped (true). How it will happen is that if enough pressure is put on the US government and other powerful political forces/politicians, they will be forced by the power of public opinion to send troops in to capture him (not necessarily true or right!). This basically paints countries like the US, Canada (where I live as a proud citizen-sometimes) and other powerful Western allies as the Big Brother Police who we can all count on to scoop in and save these poor African people from self-destruction. Foreign intervention in political affairs is messy, complicated and contrary to popular belief, not something I support in the manner in which it has been executed in recent events - Gaddaffi, Sadam Hussein and in only a mater of time, Kony. These were bad men who needed to have been arrested yes, but how is the question. Why does another country have the right to invade anther country just because somebody is being bad/naughty? What people don't realise is that people like you and me SUFFER and get KILLED in the process. Uganda recently discovered oil, and if it hadn't - even with the explosive force that Kony 2012 is spreading - I can almost guarantee that it would not be a priority or in the best interest of our foreign governments to pursue it as a matter of high importance I lived in Africa almost all my life, and I am in full support of the removal of Joseph Kony from the lives of people whom he terrorrizes on a daily basis. We just have to be careful not to be wreckless with how it's done, our emotions, and the words we use. Educate yourself, read, ask questions - deep and profound questions - and understand first and make a sound, knowledgeable decision.
Anonymous's picture

Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this comment the most sensible thing I have yet read regarding this article to many people r jumping on the KONY bandwagon without enough facts lyk another poster said removing Kony will not solve any of the deep routed problems Iraq, Libya etc still face many problems today! Why hasnt the US gotten invovled in the case of Zimbabwe oh thts ryt no oil!!!
Leah's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but

Correct me if I'm wrong, but does the video not clearly state that the involvement of the U.S. is purely on an advisory level. iiiWholeheartedly understand your criticism, however, you have not provided a BETTER solution to the problem other than to "Educate yourself, read, ask questions - deep and profound questions - and understand first and make a sound, knowledgeable decision." A decision to do what exactly? Support o not support the cause? You say people stand to be hurt in the process, but people are already being hurt and without swift action things like this tend to fizzle out. iiiDon’t support of the notion of America or any other country donning the cape of the Great White Hope, swooping in like the savior of the poor African people who have turned on one another and can’t survive without a guiding hand. It’s sends a deplorable message. As such, were it not for this campaign, this issue would have continued to go unnoticed as it has for the past 20+ years. As iiiUnderstand it, the Ugandan army is being trained further so as to be able to apprehend someone who is widely recognized as a kidnapper, pedophile, and dictator of violence. If you’re going to question this approach, please have a better one on hand to replace it. iiiWon’t wait because too much is at stake, but I’ll listen when you are ready to present your improvements.
Triston for Dummiess's picture

My aim in my argument was not

My aim in my argument was not to provide a 'better' solution to the problem. It was purely to state that there is an oversimplification of the cause, effect and solution triangle portrayed in the video that did not appeal to ME (key word). I was essentially saying to "educate yourself, read, ask questions - deep and profound questions - and understand first and make a sound, knowledgeable decision" by forming your opinion based not only on the content in the video, and perhaps I was not clear enough for you on that. Yes people are already being hurt, yes people are still suffering, and I did say that I support the movements main message. I'm saying that I don't necessarily support the methods that are proposed to do so. Its all well and great to say let's send 'advisors' on the preliminary level, and that the Ugandan army is being trained to be the driving force behind his capture. This is where why I stress that educating yourself on the histories of different people and places plays a role - the Ugandan army have had a long standing reputation of committing heinous crimes against the people they are designated by law to protect; illegal arrests and unauthorized murders and torture that are political motivated. Not always the case, but it still occurs. If you know anything about African politics it is that it is dirty, volatile and the potential for this to develop into civil war are a real threat. What you have to understand is that this shouldn't just be about Kony. A quote in an article summarizes what I was trying to convey perfectly: "It focuses on Kony as an embodiment of evil and boils down complex Ugandan and African politics into one message “Catch Kony”. Not only has this been tried before with US support (which is what Invisible Children is wanting) during Operation Lightning Thunder, which failed and created a war of attrition wherein the communities who had already lost so much lost more – but it focuses the problems on in the individual of Kony. The reality is, Kony is supported by political allies both in Africa and in the Diaspora. They fund him and they support him. The network of power is much bigger than Kony. It also ignores the complex politics within Uganda. Critical understanding of the problems bring a historical and political context. Awareness is not inherently bad but the type of simplistic awareness that they advocate certainly can be. If you really want awareness, that is not what Invisible Children offers. If you’re interested in donating, find more sustainable, community driven organizations who have a better handle of the issues in the communities – there are lots of these organizations out there. But most of all, think. The LRA is real and the children and communities affected by them are equally so but that does not mean they are unable to deal with the crisis, that they have not already been coming up with solutions, or that they have been passive victims. With that said, I am also saying that I cannot put myself in a position of authority to suggest and what the best way to do so for the people of UGANDAN would be either. I was not trying to present an argument that had one solution because for me personally, this is not a black or white, A or B issue. Whether you like my opinions or not and you are entitled to, I don't feel that I have to make 'improvements' to it for you just because you disagree with it.
Anonymous's picture

Now iiiHave better grasp of

Now iiiHave better grasp of what your were saying and respect your stance all the more. Surely the capture of this one man will not end ALL existing problems, but iiiSee more pros than cons. Perhaps his capture will ignite a greater conversation pertaining to the structure of corruption you presented. Perhaps it will simply be a band-aid on an open head wound. Who knows? What we do know is that there is a problem and it is more beneficial to align oneself with someone who is doing SOMETHING than to align oneself with someone who is TALKING about doing something. This movement is in motion and appears to be gaining steam. It is drawing people’s attention to the issue and just as you have imparted so much valuable information regarding what is occurring, continued conversations relating to the issue at hand will undoubtedly spark continued investigation into what’s really going on. Forgive me if me initial exchange came across as attacking. It just seemed as though were telling people that this entire campaign was both well-intended and worthless. As far as the simplification of the issues, well we live in a world filled with edits and sound bites and people have to be attracted to the abbreviated version before they’ll sink their teeth into the heart of the matter. Thanks for sharing so much.
Triston for Dummies's picture

Lol! That's what they said in

Lol! That's what they said in Iraq, Afghan Libya, and now Syria. After the training, they will be stationed for a "short while" to help transition folks to their new "democracy" BS! Seen it before, smells like it, walks like it too. Wake up!
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Okay, so what do YOU propose

Okay, so what do YOU propose should be done? This is about one man’s actions. It’s not about bringing America’s system of democracy to Africa. Africa is not the target of this mission. And the presence of the military is due to the behest of the citizenry America not Africa, so iiiAm struggling to understand how this relates to Iraq, Afghan, Libya, and Syria. In those countries our national security or some other poop was being attacked or compromised. In this case our foreign policy really prohibits us from getting involved because our national security is not being threatened, so please connect the dots for me. iiiAm all about being enlightened in instances where iiiCannot see.
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I see some of what you are

I see some of what you are saying, however, you must not have done enough research. It clearly stated in the video what exactly the US involvement is...to advise the army in Uganda on how to capture Kony himself. That is far different than 'invading' a country. The soldiers the US has over there, are not there to fight or capture Kony himself. They are there because their help was asked for. As far as other countries go, I think the US should stay out and not try to step into other country's conflicts. However, because the US and the other European allies are so powerful and have great resources, I can see how they (we) feel obligated to to help. Not only that, but it would be messed up for us to do business in their country/use their resources and then look the other way when they are in trouble and being mistreated. Again, I agree with most of what you're saying, but I just think you are off base about the US's involvement in this. Why do you think the deadline is Dec 2012? It's because if KONY is not captured, Uganda won't have the support of the world because people will forget. If the US had financial/political interests in Uganda, trust that our soldiers would be there actively seeking KONY and wouldn't stop until he was captured.
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Thank you for this comment,

Thank you for this comment, it is definitely something that needed to be heard. I appreciate your voice!
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Great job Rihanna.

Great job Rihanna.
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Good for her!!!!

Good for her!!!!
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