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Melanie Fiona Gets GIRLY For VIBE VIXEN March 2012 Cover, Reveals Traumatic Emotional Breakdown

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Gorgeous R&B chick Melanie Fiona, whose sophomore MF Life album drops nationwide today, is gracing the March 2012 cover of VIBE VIXEN magazine.  We've got the first look for you inside.  And the surprising emotional breakdown & severe heartbreak the Canadian beauty reveals she suffered through....

In a coral strapless RACHEL Rachel Roy Farrah jumpsuit and bold red lip topped off with a spring-ready yellow, pink & purple plaid tie from LAUREN by Ralph Lauren and RJ Graziano "Sleek Chic" bracelet, Melanie graces Vixen's second March cover (Estelle on the first) in a girlish tomboy look.  But she still screams girly nonetheless.

The 28-year-old "4AM" singer revealed in the issue that after her tour with Alicia Keys, she had an emotional breakdown due to the insane schedule of traveling the world.  She also dished on her hardest breakup, which was with her first love she met at 16.  And Mel also reveals why she feels newer artists are so entitled to stardom and don't work half as hard as she does.  Here's the highlights:

On hitting a low in her career
It got pretty low for me. I started to have a lot of emotional turmoil with my mental state of mind and my body 'cause I was exhausted. People don’t really understand what an artist really has to go through. It’s such an intense schedule; one day I’m in L.A., the next day I’m in Switzerland, the next day I’m in Italy and the next day I’m back in L.A. Mind you, I’m performing in that time in between, I’m meeting people, I’m talking and, you know, I’m on a different schedule. I came back off of the Alicia Keys tour, and I just hit the wall. Like, straight-up, I hit the wall. I crashed; I said to my team, 'I’m no good to anyone right now. I need to recover,' and it really affected my confidence level in my approach to my job, my mind when it came to everything around me. I started to victimize myself in a way and it's because when your body is not healthy, it really does produce negative emotions and energy and so.

On her very first heartbreak
The first cut is the deepest. I had a boyfriend when I was 16 and he was a jerk, but I loved him. It was before I put out my first album, when I was recording the first album, and it was right after I got off the Kanye West [Glow In The Dark] tour in 2008, and I was devastated. I was absolutely devastated because that was like the first crazy-stupid love I’ve ever been in my quote-unquote adult life. I actually made the decision to end it because I decided that I had gone back and forth enough.

On her career vs. newer artists' career
My team and I worked so, so much harder than artists now. [They are] like, 'Hey, I’m a superstar. I’m gonna make a YouTube video, and it’s gonna get eight gazillion views, and I’m gonna be famous, and I’m gonna end up on every TV show!' Meanwhile, I’m busting my ass just to get spoken about on radio and television. I appreciate the process I went through to be honest, and I actually feel bad for the people who don’t have to go through that process because they get hit with a harder blow when it doesn’t work. I think that they create the one-hit wonder phenomenon rather than the career artist.

Can't agree more with those last statements.  Check out VIBE VIXEN for the full cover story at noon ET today.

Photog: Briana Heard/Stylists: Tiffany Hasbourne & Sheenen Zee

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sevmvbous's picture

Love Ms Fiona, 1 of the most

Love Ms Fiona, 1 of the most underrated in the game today.
Realist's picture

I love Melanie. She has real

I love Melanie. She has real talent. However, I am starting to see this everlasting dark cloud over her head in her music and interviews. I don't know if it's because of the questions they ask or because she's a cancer or because she's really been through it, but I'm kind of depressed now. Haha!
gogirl's picture

For Melanie to have been on

For Melanie to have been on tours w/ Alicia Keys and Kanye West she still is not that well known. I don't hear any type of buzz around her like it was when Tamia first came out or even Debra Cox. I don't know if it's her mangement team or just her but she clearly still is not where she should be in the music industry. My sis asked me to listen to her sing at a live performance on Youtube that sounded good. Neither of us know what it is we just can't get into her and her music. I feel sort of bad because less than deserving artist make it much bigger than she has. I think she may need a new marketing stragedy or better mangement team to help her make it better and let people know who Melanie Fiona really is before she falls off .
LovelyGirl's picture

she talks bad about american

she talks bad about american black artist like no other music is good but hers,which is just her opinion.
Anonymous's picture

that why she,s not gonna be

that why she,s not gonna be that big she talks really bad about everyone here ,like we own her something.oh ah?
Anonymous's picture

i love this chick...her

i love this chick...her voice, style & energy
ThatStylistChick's picture

She is so depressing! Every

She is so depressing! Every song and every thing she says and the way she carfries herself is so sad! I wish she would seek pisitivity and get some strength and light in her life. She sounds like one long complaint. Such a beautiful girl though. Love her with the styled hair instead of the cousin It down-to-her-feet look.
anon 's picture

Zzzzzzzz.... she's so boring

Zzzzzzzz.... she's so boring
Bibi's picture

She looks like a light

She looks like a light skinned version of Maia Campbell on that pic
Ava London's picture

nice cover. pretty girl but

nice cover. pretty girl but I don't like her voice.
Ethel's picture

An intelligent artist for a

An intelligent artist for a change is refreshing. Loves her.
M&M's picture

She's gorgeous!

She's gorgeous!
Anonymous's picture

Loves her!

Loves her!
steevydc's picture

Everyone should see her

Everyone should see her live!!!!!!! I enjoyed hearing a real artist sing.
Anonymous's picture

My sentiments exactly! Saw

My sentiments exactly! Saw her in Philly last summer, she was great....so underated!
LuvlyLocs's picture

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