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Sanna Lathan Kicks It With New "Boss" Co-Star T.I.+Drake Freestyles About Taking Weezy's Female Sloppy Seconds

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T.I. & Sanaa Lathan have a new gig!  The hit Starz series "Boss" will see Sanaa Lathan & T.I. joining the cast for season 2 kicking off soon.  We've got pics from their cast dinner, plus Drizzy's newest freestyle making the rounds where he's open about the women he & Weezy share...

Sanaa Lathan tweeted pics from the cast dinner in Chicago last night with her "Boss" co-stars T.I. & Rotimi (above left).  Rotimi has been on the show since its 2011 premiere.  And it seems T.I. will be making a special guest appearance in Season 2.  Sanaa will play the new obsession of Mayor Kane (played by Kelsey Grammar).

And Rotimi also recently posted a pic of he and T.I. on the set.  He said, "On set, just finished up our scene together. Me, my big brother @Tip & our acting manager Brian Sher. S/o @akooclothing #Boss." 

I tried to watch this show last season and just couldn't get into it.  But maybe it needs another chance with these cast additions.  Will you be watching?


And now that Drake has accomplished covering the STYLE BIBLE issue of GQ magazine, he spit a freestyle for the mag to celebrate as well.  But it's the few lines about the women & "b*tches" and not letting them mess up your life that are raising folks eyebrows.  And, unsurprisingly, he raps about being ok with taking Wayne's leftovers and them sharing women.  You know...it's what besties do.

A few of the lines:

"No love for these bitches I said this year it’s all business

It is a shame that a couple of ‘em are off limits

No offense to my n*gga, it’s just the industry is small

We all lust for the same women You know the ones we saw before we came in it

I know he aint trippin’ I know I got a couple things that Lil’ Wayne dipped in

Aint ashamed to admit it, I be the same with it."

Oh.  Bet I can guess a few of those women he's speaking of....

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Ask Steve Rifkind's wife if

Ask Steve Rifkind's wife if the "rumors" are true. Ask Pauletta Washington, Denzel's wife, if it's true. It isn't about repeating rumors or spreading gossip and innuendo. You don't know me nor do you know who or what I know or have witnessed. Just because you hold a person in high regard, it doesn't mean they possess the same opinion of themselves. Omar Epps is another name to add to the list. He ex'd Sanaa out and married Keisha and has seemingly been happy with her for many years. Sanaa was a wedge in between their relationship. You have to be careful how you manuever in life, because at some point, your actions will catch up to you. All that glitters...
Anonymous's picture

i think the off limit one

i think the off limit one is......*drumroll please*...BEYONCE!!!
Ivory Chi's picture

drake is truly gifted, boss

drake is truly gifted, boss is a GREAT show...real life magnified...it ain't all peaches and cream folks! and for the record TIP is saluting YOU! try a little appreciation.
lovey's picture

Congrats Sanaa & TI!!!

Congrats Sanaa & TI!!!
Anonymous's picture

Where's The Drizzy

Where's The Drizzy freestyle?? RUNDATBAKK_COM
Anonymous's picture

Boss is an excellent show.

Boss is an excellent show. It's a cerebral show though; characters and plot points are developed and played out over time. So if you're not a thinker, then this isn't the show for you. But if youi are . . . tune in for season 2! Sanaa (SPELL THE WOMAN'S NAME RIGHT NATASHA - DAMN!!!) and T.I. are both excellent cast additions. And that Rotimi is a sexy m@therf*ck#!
Anonymousity's picture

I like TI.....but please STOP

I like TI.....but please STOP the saluting man!!!! Really, stop it....lol:))
Kelly's picture

this isn't the same drake

this isn't the same drake that i remember and liked from his mixtape days. i'm not sure i'll be able to continue supporting him in the future.
Anonymous's picture

Agreed. Theres something

Agreed. Theres something about Drakes voice.
Krisbrightred's picture

I must admit...I heart Drake

I must admit...I heart Drake #teamdrake He voice just does something to me!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to TI and

Congrats to TI and Sanaa. Drake please sit down and write about something different. All u talk about is hoes, biches and lil wayne. Ughh
Tanyal's picture

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