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Rihanna Rocks May 2012 ELLE, Dishes On Hardships Of Finding A Man, Chris Brown & The Backlash

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Rihanna is all about Versace for the May 2012 cover of ELLE magazine.  The "Cake" singer is exposing all (back when she was blonde) in a rock & roll inspired yellow jacket, bandeau top and skirt.  And by all, we mean she's holding nothing back about the Chris Brown reunion, why her critics don't phase her in the least bit, and why kids could be in her very near future.


Check out the spread and highlights inside...

[In Emporio Armani]

It's as simple as black and white--the theme for Rihanna's new ELLE magazine photoshoot.  Rihanna revealed that she could care less what people think about her life choices because she's going to do what she wants to do anyway.  Including reuniting with Chris Brown on wax. She says finding a man is hard for everyone (famous or not famous), but having a boyfriend isn't what makes her happy anyway.  The 24-year old also went into detail about finding happiness with herself and her career...and simply doing her.

She shot the romantic themed shoot back in February with photographer Tom Munro, and chose to go the blonde route specifically for the shoot.  And her hairstylist Ursula Stephens and makeup artist Mylah Morales handled the beauty's looks.  Here are the interview highlights:

On her breakup with Chris Brown: “It gave me guns. I was like, well, fuck. They know more about me than I want them to know. It’s embarrassing. But that was my opening. That was my liberation, my moment of bring it. […] Now you know that, so you can say what you want about it. I don’t have anything to hide.”

On the backlash over their reconciliation: “The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently. It’s very hard for me to accept, but I get it. People end up wasting their time on the blogs or whatever, ranting away, and that’s all right. Because tomorrow I’m still going to be the same person. I’m still going to do what I want to do.”

On having kids: “It could be tomorrow. It could be 20 years from now. I just feel like when the time is right, God will send me a little angel. But first, of course, I have to find a man. I mean, there’s a very important missing piece to the puzzle here!”

On finding that man: “I feel like it’s hard for everybody! I don’t think it has anything to do with being famous. There’s just a major drought out there. […] But I just need to find the person who balances me out, because then things like my schedule won’t matter. I’ve done it before, so I know I can do it again.”

More pics:

[Only Hearts by Helena Stuart bra, Fleur of England boy shorts, Maison Close mesh skirt]

[In Balmain wool coat]

[In Dior wool skirt, Jean Paul Gaultier bra, Gucci python heels]

And a few behind the scenes shots:

The issue hits stands April 17th.

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It must be hard for a famous

It must be hard for a famous celebrity like Rihanna to get a steady and decent boyfriend. It is ironic that with her fame, money and looks, she still thinks that getting a boyfriend is one of the hardest things in life.
Carmen's picture

Nice pics!!!!!!!

Nice pics!!!!!!!
Lucypearl!#@'s picture

Ri's pics are absolutely

Ri's pics are absolutely gorgeous! So effortless for Ri!
Big Nose Big Lips Tar Baby's picture

Tired of hearing about her

Tired of hearing about her and CB, just say no comment every time and people will stop asking eventually.
Beautiful's picture

She's on top because she sold

She's on top because she sold her soul. But the devil will come to collect. That's when her fans will be wondering what happened to her.
Anonymous's picture

Nothing Special.

Nothing Special.
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Aandsgswzymhdfous's picture

When are we going to stop

When are we going to stop allowing others to distort the truth and turn our situation into posters for every issue in this society. Rihanna and Chris had fight that she started just like Heather Lockelear and Jack Wagner. No one made much of him admitting to punching or slapping her in her face but women want to still take Chris to task over Rihanna. Nice way to solve DV in this country. Rihanna continue to do you.
tellaboutit's picture

My baby look fierce! Rihanna

My baby look fierce! Rihanna marry me???
Shatara's picture

Its hilarious how these

Its hilarious how these hypocrites call Ms. Riri an attention ho and irrelevant but they cant get enough of her. Any post of Rihanna will no doubt garner at least 100 comments. You basic Bitches are the same ones with her name in your mouths every day all day and keep her relevant, y'all are so so so dumb. Hilarious, only in America would your enemy stalk your every move and read every Little gossip about you. Actually in Europe we would call such person a FAN.
Anonymous's picture

Very nice photos, my fav was

Very nice photos, my fav was the 2nd one. Its hillarious how folks up in here arguing going back and forth when Rih already said "she's gonna do what she wants to do" LLH
Realist's picture

She should have just been a

She should have just been a MODEL cos she obviously cant sing, like Cassie
Anonymous's picture

I believe Chris has moved on

I believe Chris has moved on from Rihanna, but still cares for her in a way. Now caring about someone, and being with them are two diffrent things. I think the girl Karrueche is pretty. I think Chris is happy with her. As far as Chris and Rihanna sneaking around idk maybe
yasmine26's picture

I'm glad some of you love to

I'm glad some of you love to live in that delusional world of yours. She plays her stans like a fiddle. She's very, very aware of backlash and it's over for her if her "white" fans turn or her. Did she give up anything for Chris Brown before? Do you think she will know? What dumb asses. You may think she's bold and sh*t but no she isn't.... she's measured and devious. This interview was surely before Chris jetted away on Valentines day with Karrueche and been with her ever since. Or before her Kutcher siting. It's all about timing. Take your mind off the that bullsh*t and put it on the other bullsh*t. Brilliant! lmao!
Anonymous's picture

Doesn't she have something to

Doesn't she have something to Promote? Her movie, her cd perhaps. She lives for the Chris Brown questions. She lives for the controversy. She's had how many men in her life since Chris Brown but it's always about Chris Brown? Obviously he's wants to promote his music to the public and he doesn't live for questions about her. His team made a great decision for once concerning interviews! When will this bs be over? What about talking about your talent!? oh...
Anonymous's picture

I love Rhi but I think she

I love Rhi but I think she should go into hiding for a little while. Give us a minute to miss her because she is a over-exposed right now.
Zinga!'s picture

I the fact that she can face

I the fact that she can face the media & the question shows how much she has grown from this, Chris on the other hand cant do one interview without getting mad. He's gonna have to face the questions sooner or later, so hiding from the media is dumb.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Really pretty girl .... she

Really pretty girl .... she has nice butt for a white girl ... just saying (lol)
Anonymous's picture

this chick is so pathetic! 3

this chick is so pathetic! 3 YEARS AND U STILL USING BREEZY FOR PROMO!! Trash
Anonymous's picture

You cunt are u stupid or just

You cunt are u stupid or just dumb......did Rihanna ask herself the question about Chris or did the interviewer...... yall too fucking basic for words... Do yourself a favor and STFU, dumb ho.
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 1:48 pm Can you

@Anonymous 1:48 pm Can you stop being so DESPERATE? Rihanna was asked questions and she answered them with complete candor. Rihanna is FAR more popular than Chris Brown she does not need to use him for? JACK! Name me a COVER Chris Brown has been on in the last 3 YEARS? EXACTLY. Chris does not have even HALF of the NUMBER one hits and this year he won his FIRST GRAMMY...Rihanna has FIVE. So how in the world is she using him? Rihanna is being FRANK and HONEST about her feelings and this is one of her best interviews EVER. I can understand you're JEALOUS and BITTER but please blame yourself for your FAILURES not the QUEEN! Rihanna's TALK that TALK is still in the Billboard top 30. I know you're MAD now! LMAO
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Your obsessive fanning and

Your obsessive fanning and stanning is so damn crazy...You are a true weirdo and you don't care who knows it .....Her people should be VERY concerned about you. You are way to involved.
Anonymous's picture

How is using him? If anything

How is using him? If anything she helping him. Making everybody see she has forgiving him. Which might help him with album sales cause he's gonna need it. Just saying check her numbers then check his.
Anonymous's picture

Help him? He's had a number 1

Help him? He's had a number 1 album and grammy for the WHOLE album...she hasn't. Yes she's using him and will continue as long as her stupid stans go for it.
Anonymous's picture

That's why I like Rihanna cuz

That's why I like Rihanna cuz at the end of the day she TRUE TO HERSELF! How many of you haters can say that? Ppl can talk shit all they want cuz at the end of the day riri is still laughing all the way to the bank while you haters are struggling to pay your rent! And wether you think she has talent or not at least took the courage to go out and chase her dreams and look where it got her.. Like I said HOW MANY CAN SAY U DID THAT?!.... ANYONE?... Thought so......t
Chadz's picture

Rih is looking fierce in this

Rih is looking fierce in this photo shoot! She is absolutely gorgeous and I hope she finds the true love that she desires.
Werk Bish's picture

Great cover... she looks dope

Great cover... she looks dope as.
Yas's picture

CRIHANNA will RISE again.

CRIHANNA will RISE again. Chris and Rihanna are in LOVE and they have never stopped being in LOVE. Ka-RATCHET is not even a factor in this love equation. GET IT RIGHT!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

If she is not a factor why

If she is not a factor why does Rihanna take little jabs at her? For example “sweeter than rice cake” and posting a pic of a rice cake dressed as his girlfriend. If she was happy with being a jumpoff/sidepiece she would know to stay in her place, keep her mouth shut and her legs open when he calls. She obviously wishes she had home girl spot.
Beautiful's picture

Furious- you are truly crazy.

Furious- you are truly crazy. Not but a few months ago you hated CB, any and everything he did you hated it. Now that rihanna has reconciled with him you are on board. Their is something seriously wrong with you.
@aggie_princess's picture

If Karratchet is not factor,

If Karratchet is not factor, why did Chris buy her a Porshe? I know her unemployed tail could not buy it. Why did Chris take on her vacation with him? Why is she posting pics of Chris cooking for her and laying up in his bed? Why is Chris walking the red carpet with her? Why are they adjoined by the hip? Chris used Rihanna for publicity, and now that the song is out, he doesn't want anything more to do with her. FACE IT!
KingBeyonce's picture

Have you ever thought maybe

Have you ever thought maybe its Rihanna, who won't go public with CB, so CB won't break it off with Karrueche, until she agree to be seen publicily with him. Rihanna has more to lose than CB and I think its all up to Rihanna. She may act like she doesn't care about what people say, but she really does care about her career she built. I think if Rihanna would agreed to be seen with CB, I think he would drop Karchiooe so quick. I think you uses Karrue to make Rihanna jealous. b
Anonymous's picture

I think you made a good

I think you made a good point, that’s the same way in was thinking but didn’t just know how to put it because what has riri really got to loss if she is not dating Chris brown, i mean she a famous and she got her own money..So I think u make a lot of sense...unlike that jump off (Karrueche)… anyways….its is what it is….RIRI IS FAR MORE SEXXY THAN HER

@ KING IF you think that Car

@ KING IF you think that Car "belongs" to Miss Rice Cakes you're more delusional that I originally felt. So what if she goes on vacation with Chris? Ka-RATCHET is not anything Rihanna is thinking about or "Worried" about because when Rihanna and Chris make the decision to reunite it's OVER for Miss Needle and Thread. Ka-RATCHET will be headed back to the nearest sweat shop to make new gowns for the QUEEN Rihanna. When Ka-RATCHET is on the cover of any MAGAZINE or better yet when she becomes relevant please let me know. CHRIHANNA is all that matters. While Rihanna is working Chris has needs and Ka-Ratchet can fill those needs until the QUEEN Reclaims her MAN! And Chris did not use Rihanna for anything. They both recorded songs to test the waters but Rihanna and Chris are going to do exactly what they want to do. You just clutch your Beyonce Barbie Doll and do her hair. Don't worry about what Rihanna and Chris are up to.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Girl BYE! You sound crazy as

Girl BYE! You sound crazy as hell. BTW, if I had a Rihanna barbie doll, she wouldn't have any HAIR for me to do. POW!
KingBeyonce's picture


FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

You are a straight up fool

You are a straight up fool that should be committed. #today
Anonymous's picture



I like Rihanna, I think she

I like Rihanna, I think she is authentic and honest.
Angelba's picture

This girl's style is unlike

This girl's style is unlike any other's & so refreshing. I don't think that she's dating Chris again. I think like most of us she was fed up with how the American media was treating him & she decided to make a statement by doing that duet with him. I really like Rihanna...minus the raunchy antics.
Danica's picture

I'm glad she finally realized

I'm glad she finally realized Chris Brown does not want her. Maybe now she will stop her twitter stalking and rants.
KingBeyonce's picture

You can not convince me that

You can not convince me that she is f*cking him, even if they are not in a relationship. She can get PR without involving him. She can get it using Drake, who just did an interview saying he hope that him and Rih is an item one day.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture


FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

I love me some Rhi these

I love me some Rhi these days... it's not even the image mess she's putting out.. if anything it just show's she's insecure and young.. and at her age.. what woman wasn't, isn't like that.. Her music is just good damn music.. PERIOD.. .LOVES it.. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Birthday Cake.. my hubby and I loved that song all night.. He want that.. CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE CAKE...
TruthBeTold's picture

She's feeling herself to be

She's feeling herself to be as untalented as she is and they're killing her on other sites for this comment. She needs to take a backseat to real talent and stop talking shyt like she can blow. If she stopped getting naked for attention she'd fade to black.
Just Sayin''s picture

@ Just Saying Commnets on

@ Just Saying Commnets on BLOGS are not "killing" Rihanna. Rihanna is more than fine and if she were not talented she would not be killing on Billboard or getting COVERS everytime you turn around. So please get your facts straight.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Rihanna is NOT talented. She

Rihanna is NOT talented. She just has a special presence about her. She is very eye-catching. But she sounds like a goat when she sings. I think she should take up yodeling.
KingBeyonce's picture

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