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BET Renews Hit Series "THE GAME" For SIXTH Season!

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Fans of BET's hit scripted series "The Game" will be pleased to know the cast is suiting up and hitting the field for a 6th season.  Get the deets inside on Girl Melanie & co. and find out how the rest of BET's tv lineup is looking.....

Although BET won't offically announce its fall lineup until their upfront presentation on Thursday, we got a sneak peek at what's to come and both "The Game" and "Let's Stay Together" will be returning.

At its upfront presentation on Thursday, according to Deadline Hollywood, BET will announce that "The Game" has been renewed for a sixth season.  Hopefully Brandy returns for the Chardonnay/Jason Pitts story line.  And possibly Brittany Daniel could reprise her rolse as Jason's ex-wife Kelly.

Also, one of the network's other original sitcoms, "Let's Stay Together," has been picked up for a third season.  With their renewals, each sitcom will likely produce an order of 22 episodes.

In addition, BET is expected to reveal deets about the hour-long pilot "Being Mary Jane" starring Gabrielle Union (previously called "Single Black Female" & produced by Mara Brock Akil) and the sitcom "Young Man On Campus" starring Jacob Latimore (produced by Jacque Edmonds).   

One show that's still in limbo is the Tracy Ellis Ross/Malcolm-Jamal Warner family sitcom "Reed Between The Lines."  

Outside of the tv realm, "The Game" star Tia Mowry Hardrict is prepping for season 2 of her Style channel reality show with twin Tamera Mowry Housley called "Tia & Tamera."  And Tia's also written a book called Oh, Baby! Pregnancy Tales and Advice from One Hot Mama to Another that hits stands on May 15.  Grab a copy!

BONUS: Check out Tia explaining her book below:

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I am so loving everything and

I am so loving everything and everyone associated with the game. The actors are phenomenal. It is so refreshing to see our black men and women practicing their craft so phenomenally. I look forward to this show. I DVR it every week. I love to see a different aspect of black life. I love all the fine brothers!! EYE CANDY FOR DAYS!!! I HAVE NOT BEEN DISAPPOINTED BY ANY OF THE STORYLINES. I smile a big smile whenever I see the show and I am genuinely proud of it. For those anonymous haters, I won't waste text space on you.

I love, love, love The Game.

I love, love, love The Game. Started watching b/c some people at work were always talking about it and now I'm hooked. Watched the marathon a few weeks ago to catch up on some of the old storylines and I love it. Each of the characters remind me of someone in my own life, which makes me anxious to see what the next season will bring. I'm not black, but I can definitely appreciate the show as much as anyone. Can't wait for next season.
Anonymous's picture

I know this site is about

I know this site is about opinions, but some of the comments are just rude. If a person do not care for the show then turn to another channel no one forces a person to watch. I like the game and yes so plots are feel are so-so but to bash it and the characters is not what I feel this site was set up for. This show is for entertainment and if a person dont find it entertaining then change the channel that is what is so great about our country...ur free to do so. Congrats Game for another season on the air!
katina's picture

The Game was my favorite, the

The Game was my favorite, the story line is weak. The Game lost something when they moved to BET. Reed Between The Line is my favorite BET show I hope Bet do not cancel the show. What BET should do is have all three shows back to back 1st Reed Between, 2nd The Game, 3rd Let's Stay Together. Instead of repeating the shows before the new show. Give Reed Between The Lines like you gave Let's Stay Together a chance.
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Monique's picture

since the game got on EBT the

since the game got on EBT the show turned into FILTH i dont know why this show got picked up for another season BEFORE the shows MAIN characters Tia & Pooch will no longer be on the show. They must of did that on purpose. This show should be axed after the current season because tasha mack and malik cant hold the show on their own
Anonymous's picture

Now Pookie ISN'T Malik's

Now Pookie ISN'T Malik's dad??
Anonymous's picture

Reed Between the Lines is a

Reed Between the Lines is a great show! Hope they don't cancel it...*crosses fingers*
Anonymous's picture


LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®'s picture

season 6?? ugh they need to

season 6?? ugh they need to just stop. i can't with this show anymore. so sad how terrible it's gotten. and this has nothing to do with them being on BET. it's just terrible. and it's the same writers and producers right?
Anonymous's picture

I asked myself the same

I asked myself the same thing. You would think with the same producers and writers that the show would continue to get better, it has done the opposite
Anonymous's picture

Ok people I am the biggest

Ok people I am the biggest fan of the game. Ever since season 1 I have been hooked. It makes me so happy that they are gonna keep it on. I love the BOOM BOOM CLAP!!!!! Tuesdays are my nights. I love the cast, every single one of them. Tasha my girl (hilarious). Mel and Derwin is my couple!!!! I love seeing how everyone has grown, it's a part of my life.
Anonymous's picture

If they don't bring Brandy

If they don't bring Brandy back it will surely die.
JaRach's picture

me too

me too
Anonymous's picture

the game always has, always

the game always has, always will, be a Corny show....with Corny characters...it's so corny and inspires douche chills
The game is Corny's picture

WHY??????? It was horrible

WHY??????? It was horrible this season
Anonymous's picture

I'm happy that it's been

I'm happy that it's been picked up for another season, just because that's one more black show that's on the air. but not b/c i think it's deserving of it. i try to record every episode, but it's been staying on my dvr so long until it's been deleting itself. I just can't get intoit this season, too many hit and misses. the first two episodes sucked, then the third got me interested again, then the next episode sucked again. I don't know how much longer i can support you guys, i'm trying, but they r just not delivering.
Anonymous's picture

You guys must not be looking

You guys must not be looking at the same show, I'll admit The Game started off rough this season, but is now getting REALLY GOOD, It's really about the same as seasons 1-3, I believe people are negative towards it because it's on BET.
Anonymous's picture

The Game is doing Too Much

The Game is doing Too Much this season,it's Less Comedy and More Drama,it needs to get it's Funny back,I Stopped watching...Lets Stay Together would be OK if BET got Rid of that Chick Married with those twins,Whatever her name is,Her and her Voice is ANNOYING!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Yeah this is my show. I love

Yeah this is my show. I love it. Does it seem like every year it has to go through a reveiew each year to see if there will another season? Stop playing you know America love's the GAME!

This season of The Game got

This season of The Game got off to a slow start but its starting to come around. I will admit I was a bit disappointed by the lack of comedy and style of the show but I wouldn't want them to cancel the show. Its still have potential to get better...the writers just needed to get their feet wet. I expect better in Season 6. However, I must say I went from absolutley hating "Let's Stay Together" to absolutely loving it. Big turnaround for the show. Good work. Its simple and funny. It dont try to reach so it most definitely grew on me. To all those talking about how they should cancel "The Game" lets remember that right before The GAme was picked up by BET, we had absolutely no shows of color on TV. Absolutely none. So instead of being quick to dismiss it offer constructive criticism....And if you are flat out no longer feeling the show, then just simply move around. No need to take it away from those may really enjoy it.
Anonymously Speaking's picture


Anonymous's picture

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly. Why?!!!!!!!
CheyPie's picture

Don't know why...The Game

Don't know why...The Game sucks...I just can't watch it anymore....Let's Stay Together is only funny when Kyla is on there..They can cancel both shows for all I care!!!!!
SaRee's picture

I have to disagree!! the Game

I have to disagree!! the Game is the izzle. I do admit it took some getting used to after the 1st season with all the growth that happened inbetween but it is just as good as all the all white shows such as friends, etc....support our shows people. I do agree that Let's Stay Together is not all that and im the opposite that i think Kyla makes the show even more odd - why is she on it? just cuz she needed a job doesn't mean she fits the show....either way i watch it to support our shows or we won't have none....lets saccrifice for the greater good and not trash our shows.
tanyamichellelle's picture


miss positivity's picture

I've watched two episodes

I've watched two episodes this season and refused to watch anymore. I seriously thought it was a joke. BET will f up a wet dream!
Anonymous's picture

I like Shondra and I think I

I like Shondra and I think I like Shondra and I think she is very talented and creates great content. But she is making shows for crossover appeal, shows that have a mixed cast and appeals to everyone. The Game isn't written like that. It's written FOR US, BY US. And we have to STOP seeing that as a bad thing. For years Networks have created content that didn't include us, wasn't about us and we watched. (Cheers, Seinfeld, Friends etc) When we did get some shows they were Homogenized "versions" of who we were (Family Matters, *gasp* Cosby Show) GREAT SHOWS, but basically safe black People that white folks weren't afraid to watch. The Game is unapologetic in its presentation, and not in a patronizing way, like Tyler's stuff. Everybody has an Aunt, a sister, a cousin like Tasha Mack, loud, abrasive, a touch hood etc. I LOVE the fact that the Akil's know that and aren't afraid to have a character like her on T.V. I mean they are only are looking for OUR approval, why can't we give it to them...with support. I mean I know y'all watch BBW, RHOA and Love & Hip Hop. What's the problem?
THEO's picture

The "GAME" really needs some

The "GAME" really needs some new storylines. The actors can't be satisfied with playing empty characters just for the pay check. It is no longer entertaining.
LIFE's picture

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Anonymous's picture

Awww I was able to catch Reed

Awww I was able to catch Reed Between The Lines on demand and the show was starting to hit its stride. BET did the show a disservice airing a family sitcom that late at night. Shoot I HAD to catch on demand because my pregnant behind couldn't stay up that late!
SweetDivaT's picture

i didn't really watch the

i didn't really watch the first season of Let's Stay Together, but the second season is pretty good, so i'm looking forward to seeing the 3rd season.
Anonymous's picture

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Anoadnyaaessesf's picture

i couldn't stay up to watch

i couldn't stay up to watch it. idk if i was just tired or thought it was a waste of my 30mins that i could've been sleep lol something is just lacking, i saw it last season and def this season. everyone on the show has a pityful/depressed storyline. and its getting to be a show about nothing. they need some fresh new writers and storylines
Anonymous's picture

I didnt really care for this

I didnt really care for this season, hope the writting gets better. I love this show and hope it stays on.
Rita Ora... New Queen of Roc Nation's picture

Ever since The Game has come

Ever since The Game has come to BET it SUCKS!!!! I was soooooo happy when it got picked back up, but the direction that the show has gone is just insane. It has lost what made us fall in love with it in the first place. And the show Let's Stay Together is terrible acting and an even bigger waste of time. It seems like everything that BET touches, turns into crap!
MCSS's picture

I still love the game! I

I still love the game! I dont know what everyone else is expecting because it give me the sames laughs. Characters has to go somewhere so a story line is made out of nothing. I enjoyed all seasons and will continue to do so. Alot of shows get lack luster after a while but you guys need to remember it was off the air for 2 years so its hard to jump back into the same writing habits. The writers progressed football has progress, support the show. It also seems like alot of people dont like it but I guess more folks like it more since they keep renewing seasons lol
Anonymous's picture

I don't think Kelly coming

I don't think Kelly coming back will help! The last of her character was stupid and boring! The show just isn't having a plot period and it has made it boring. Tasha and Melanie fighting, Melanie can't have kids, Derwin and his stupidity, and Malik issues, the show is boring now. I use to be excited when the show would come on now its blah!!
Lamar Odom is gone from the MAVS!!! YES!!'s picture

sad that real story lines

sad that real story lines that mimic real life bore you....i guess more pimps, hoes and shooting would make the GAME just right to represent black ppl....tsk tsk...the way our minds have gone down as far as how we should be represented in the media, movies and television shows. not being able to have a baby, rehab, etc. are all real life issues and these segments are meant to help those of us that may be or have been in that situation to see it's not just them and how to deal with it....can we be non-fiction some of the time?!
tanyamichellelle's picture

season 1-3 was better is what

season 1-3 was better is what I think she was saying sweetie....and there was no hoes, pimps, and shooting calm down....side note season 1-3 was real life.....divorces,cheating,marriage etc
Sitting Pretty's picture

And all of the things that

And all of the things that they are touching on this season and last season are things that people deal with AFTER MARRIAGE (Infertility), CHEATING(abortions), BEING FAMOUS(Addiction/Rehab,Money changing you for the worse, Turning on your friends) Ya'll need to stop complaining all the damn time!
Anonymous's picture

Actually I heard Wendy Raquel

Actually I heard Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tasha Mack) say Kelly will be back next season, hope she brings the original Brit-brat with her.I haven't really enjoyed it since it came back to BET-it just seems like everyone has gotten so nasty. From Malik teasing Jason about actually LIKING Black women to Tasha & Mel being horrible to each other to Janay turning into one of those greedy baby's mommas, they've given you no one to root for.
Anonymous's picture

I am so sad about "The Game"

I am so sad about "The Game" suddenly taking a turn for the worse. It used to be a fun and egy show that showed the lives of the players and what happens behind the scenes, now it is like a whole lot of mess and trying to teach a message on each show. It doesn't even have a consistant storyline anymore it actually is all over the place. I hope they get it together and bring back the magic that kept the show together (Kelly had alot to do with that) and make it exciting again!!!
Anonymous's picture

Personally, the first three

Personally, the first three seasons on the game were THE BEST! Probably because it was on mainstream tv and appealed to a more ethnic fan base. However, with them moving it to BET it kind of limited it's power. In a sense, it seems as though the show is taking a turn from being an over all appealing show to trying to appeal to what society considers "black"...being loud, ghetto, arrogant, cocky, and ignorant....however, not all of US are like that, and they need to revert back to the mainstream attitude. And this whole "Tasha" storyline is a mess...and if she says "Cuz I BAWLS" one more time, I might cry...just a little. I think Mara and Salim (I think that's her husband's name) have lost their way just a little, by trying to stay fresh and "in" because they were doing JUST FINE when they had a broader audience. SN: Not saying other ethnic groups don't watch BET, but considering that BET is generalized for Black folk, it's just too targeted. In MY opinion... Have a GREAT day ALL ♥!
CAPTION THIS's picture

You hit the nail on the head!

You hit the nail on the head!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats to The Game cast!

Congrats to The Game cast!
BlackVesper's picture

I think everybody misses

I think everybody misses Kelly from the game! I think that Kelly helped hold the show together. After watching this season so far it has been okay however it was nothing like the previous seasons. I wish that the writers would diversify their writing material. This show has the potential to being a franchise that could be around within the next 5-8 years. I know that other t.v. producers are thinking of a creative way to revamp “The Game” to acquire new demographics. Since “The Game has come to Bet you can tell that the show is on a very firm budget. (Please increase the budget this show still has great potential). I think everyone is tired of Melanie and Derwin same situation. I think that they need to create a new couple like Melanie and Derwin however with a major twist. “The Game” is missing a lot of A-list actors and other ethic groups participating in the show. The show needs some more reoccurring actor as well. Melanie needs to work at a doctor office and establish relations with other characters. I support this show have however it not elusive like the previous seasons. I will continue to support this show but I wish the rudimentary writing would improve. Hopefully previous producers and writers will be able to bring back some better writing next season. Also the actors of the show are becoming extremely boring. Keep the previous seasons concepts however a major refurbishment is needed to make this show better. This show again needs more characters because Tasha Mack, Melanie, Derwin, Malik, and TT are boring at times. Also I noticed that Kelsey Grammar name does not appear on the end credits. I wonder if he had any involvement this season because this season and the last season does not reflect his creativity with these characters. Maybe Bet could not afford him.
Anonymous's picture

Well damn! lol two snaps and

Well damn! lol two snaps and a kiss! *bites bagel, sips tea, hits "post comment"*
CAPTION THIS's picture

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