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Kim & Kanye's Hand Holding & Canoodling Date With LaLa & Carmelo--And The Entire Kardashian Clan--In NYC

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Kim K. made a beeline back to NYC to be with her boo Kanye West yesterday--after flying back home to L.A. for just a day.  So last night, the twosome went public again, double date style, with LaLa & Carmelo Anthony at an Audemars Piguet dinner.  Swizz Beatz, Dice & Amar'e Stoudemire were there too.  I'm sure Kimmy was in heaven being around this camera loving group.  And it's the first time we've spotted her with her supposed bestie LaLa in several months.  The Kardashian reality cameras were rolling later on at Scott's restuarant opening.  Oh the convenience of it all....

Audamare Piguet watch company, Swizz Beatz & LaLa threw Melo an "appreciation party" last night in NYC at Catch restaurant in the meatpacking district.  There, the watch company gifted him a custom NY Knicks timepiece:


La looked great in a black Cynthia Rowley arm slit dress and suede Louboutin nude pumps.


Afterwards, Kanye joined in with the Kardashian clan as they headed over to Scott Disick's new Japanese cuisine restaurant opening close by at RYU.  And, of course, Kim K.'s entire clan (plus Kim's publicist Jonathan Cheban) was there--front and center--as their cameras rolled:

We see you Lamar.  Figured he would spend his new found free time logging more reality show taping time.  On another note--one of these things just doesn't belong here...one of these things just isn't the same....


Kim & Kanye were canoodling all night and left together from both places with Kim in a black peplum dress and her Un Bout Illusion Louboutins:

Earlier in the day, Kim flaunted her KW initial earrings to keep her man close to her...ear:

Well isn't that...sweet.

Photog: Michael Simon/Splash

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I guess Kris made Bruce take

I guess Kris made Bruce take the family picture.
Anonymous's picture

A white men trash is a black

A white men trash is a black men treasure what a shame
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

Why does everyone assume that

Why does everyone assume that white men wouldn't date her? If anything, she does not seem to be very attracted to white men. Or maybe I'm just missing something.
CheyPie's picture

YES... You have missed the

YES... You have missed the whole point... She is an oppurtunist, and if "they" (Caucasian) men would give her a real oppurtunity she probably would attempt a quasi-relationship... However, that is NOT the case... By virtue of their "perceived" social class they do not have to settle for "pretty whores/ trash"... In essence, they can simply surmise that "Im better than that, I can fuck a tan whore, but she is not of the quality that would comprise a relationship" sorta speak... Too bad our brothers don't seem to feel the same way...
Anonymous's picture

But that's what I'm trying to

But that's what I'm trying to understand. How do we know that (Caucasian) men feel this way? Did someone prominent publicly say this about her? Or are we just assuming they feel this way because she doesn't get in relationships with white men? Because, that goes back to what I said before. SHE seems to be the one that doesn't engage in these relationships since she obviously has a type. I'm not trying to be antagonistic, I'm just really curious. I feel like I'm still missing something.
CheyPie's picture

CheyPie...You know I do

CheyPie...You know I do understand your point in wanting actual facts/ commentaries/ statistics that lend themselves to the truth... As in many cases of race/ social class and status those things aren't spoken freely. So with that said you may see my OPINION (because that it what it is as flawed)... my persepective is both sociological and afrocentric centered. Does she have a type? Hell yes, it's money and men who deem her as "beautiful" and worth validating. I think that "type" just so happens to be black men, because in my OPINION more "brothers" would find her appealing than any Caucasian man... African American society has historically validated to beauty of a woman who possesses the features of a "sister" but is not really a "sister"... Curly to straight hair, not kinky.... Tan to Yellow skin, but not too dark as to be connected with the image of mother Africa... It would behoove us all to read critical social commentary books on Beauty, idolatry, and the African American experience. Books like "The Color Complex: The Politics of Skin Color Among African Americans, or "Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cutural Politics by Bell Hooks, and lastly the most comprehensive non-fiction books discussing Black representation in the media and film "Toms, Coons, Mullatoes, Mamies, and Bucks: An Interpretative History of Blacks in American Film... You see she (Sloredashian) is seen as a trophy, regardless of her reportedly whoring past to many an ignorant/ and intelligent brotha alike... the status quo... but in truth Beauty in the Hideous... But that's my opinion/cultural spill for today... lol... Keep asking great questions... Peace!
Anonymous's picture

Yeah, go tell that to Tito

Yeah, go tell that to Tito Ortiz who married a certified cum dumpster porn star that no white man would touch with even his worst enemies d ick. Yet all the Mexican men drooled over her the same way they drool over Kim if she would have them but she won't.
Kris Jenner's picture

Successful Caucasian men

Successful Caucasian men don't even F%#k with this hoe, and if they did it would be on some real down low shit because she is "pretty/ gutter trash", fuckable but definitely not a "Mrs."... I mean can you imagine Matt Damon or Justin Timberlake taking this broad seriously??? But niggaz... smdh... They parade this skank around like she's the second coming for the world to see... Never mind she's built her whole career (as if she really has one) on being fucked on camera by a "C" list celeb at best... KANYE, get it together immediately!
Anonymous's picture

This is the realest post on

This is the realest post on here
Onyx's picture

And I do believe that because

And I do believe that because I have never seen a white men drool over something another one of his race considered trash, I don’t care if this is a white person or black person supporting what I am saying, the truth is the truth, black people don’t like hearing that, that’s why we are backwards in everything in life, let’s be real here
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

If you didn't hit the damn

If you didn't hit the damn nail on the head!!!! I COULD NOT have said it better... That is EXACTLY what I've been thinking... lol...
Anonymous's picture

Okay so first Kim's face

Okay so first Kim's face looks disgusting with all of that caked on make-up, second, perhaps this fake ass relationship is good for Kanye, he obviously look super uncomfortable in these pictures, he may realize that all the attention whoring is not worth it in the end. Kanye will get sick of Kim's egotistical ways, her fake ass attitude, and publicity whoring. Bet...he's better than this and in no way would Queen Bey get caught up in all this mess esp. since Jay and Kanye are best friends he probably tells him to keep that bitch away from his house. LOL
Rita's picture

I wish u had married KANYE

I wish u had married KANYE instead of nobody broke goofy humpheries
Anonymous's picture

Sweetheart, nobody getting a

Sweetheart, nobody getting a steady paycheck in the NBA is broke.
CheyPie's picture

I like u guys together haters

I like u guys together haters r gone to hate . Live ur life hey hey hey.
Anonymous's picture

Black people are disgrace in

Black people are disgrace in the community; black men will drool over what a white man considered as trash. That’s why blacks are always and will be last in everything in life, and if they happened to be on top guess what, they will make the white females richer …..Lmfao, black people amaze me. Black people need to get a GRIP of them self. And the only thing that will probably help is prayers and fasting.
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

STFU! You PuertoRican trash

STFU! You PuertoRican trash you just mad that you Puertos are nothing in America and at the bottom of everything in life. Ghetto, Low expectations, nobody likes you and you got nothing but JLO who couldn't keep a white man unless she paid him. Puertos always last and always hating.
CASHIN'IN's picture

Yo, Yo, Yo why she gotta be

Yo, Yo, Yo why she gotta be Puerto Rican?! I am not Puerto Rican but they grew up right next to me and can be found in any ghetto right next to black people. We all have our differences but here in NY. Puerto Ricans and blacks have babies and get together all the time. Only people that are mad in that situation is the black women, because they love to high five if one of them gets a white man, but how dare a black man get anyone other than a black woman
Rita Ora...New Queen of Roc Nation's picture

“Ghetto, Low expectations,

“Ghetto, Low expectations, nobody likes you and you got nothing but JLO who couldn't keep a white man unless she paid him. Puertos always last and always hating”… SAY WHAT you need to check you self before calling other people Ghetto, as much as I like my black people sometimes I don’t. Ok black people need to hear the truth sometimes, and that’s what I am doing. Honesty and communication is the greatest gift in life you ASS HOE
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

First of all I am black and

First of all I am black and very …very …very proud of being black, I won’t want any other color but black ok, am not whatever you say I am. SO YOU STFU. See one thing about black people they get pissed off when people tell them the truth, THE TRUTH HURT RIGHT? LMAO. Go have several seats you niggro, and you can kiss my black ass, ANYTHING A WHITE MEN DON’T WANT BLACK PEOPLE DROOL OVER IT,,YEAH I SAID IT SHOOT ME BECAUSE IT’S THE TRUTH…FUCK U..ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT BRINGS DOWN OUR COMMUNITY
CASHIN' OUT 's picture


"FUCK U..ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT BRINGS DOWN OUR COMMUNITY " Thank you!!! Wasnt anything FABOULOUS about what he had to say. The truth hurts.
Rita Ora...New Queen of Roc Nation's picture


Anonymous's picture

And oh I am black and

And oh I am black and beautiful and have a good and health family, pretty sisters and handsome brothers so yes…go have several seats. You are probably one of those black female or male that nobody wants your ass, bitter black Negro desperate for attention EVEN WHITE PEOPLE DON’T WANT YOUR BLACK ASS. GO SEAT YOUR ASS DOWN nigger
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

Well sorry I am black and

Well sorry I am black and proud…seat your ass down niggro
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

You ain't neva lied! Not

You ain't neva lied! Not only do white men think that Kim is trash so do Armenian men. They are completely disgusted her and call her family a disgrace. My Armenian friends says there is no way a true Armenian family would act like they do, cursing at their parents etc. It is not tolerated in their culture.
Anonymous's picture

Lala & Melo look so

Lala & Melo look so refreshing in all the pics. I hardly paid any attention to the others.
Realist 's picture

I love it! Kim, please don't

I love it! Kim, please don't have no more surgery. You are way, way, too gorgeous. Please don’t mess up your beauty!!!
Anonymous's picture

Stylish? They ain'g got ish

Stylish? They ain'g got ish on The Beckhams!!!
Anonymous's picture

It's really sad when we as

It's really sad when we as people look up to Kanye and Whoredashian more than Barack and Michelle..SAD!
Anonymous's picture

At list all hope is not lost,

At list all hope is not lost, somebody still have some sense.
CASHIN' OUT 's picture

SAY THAT... Now that is a

SAY THAT... Now that is a real POWER couple, with a SOLID foundation, HUMILITY, and a heaping amount of LOVE to boot!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I'm more upset with people

I'm more upset with people commenting how SMART this bish is..that's to me is more disturbing than her being with Kanye. Let's not forget Kris Jenner is pimping her family. Kim did not come up with all of this people. GET SERIOUS! The girl is fking dense.
Anonymous's picture

Thank You!!!!!

Thank You!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

I Thought I Would Never Say

I Thought I Would Never Say This But I Love These Two Together. They Make A Cute Couple. Watch Out Bey And Jay. Kimye Is Whats Happenin.
Anonymous's picture

This doesn't seem authitic at

This doesn't seem authitic at all. I could careless about who dates who but for some reason this Kanye and Kim bull sh*t irks my nerves. I mean seriously, I hope this ends fast. I lost respect for YEZZY " Looks like he will do anything for the lime light." Nergo must of forgot he got Ray J's left overs.
Anonymous's picture

I'm 100% TEAM KIMYE! The only

I'm 100% TEAM KIMYE! The only thing I don't agree with is that they are both "STYLISH" they both love leather and fur but they are not STYLISH! These two will be the new Jay-Z and Beyonce that is for SURE. OR the new TRUMPS LOL I love the thought of these two FLASHY people being together. Everything will be GARISH and TACKY but in a good way LOL These two are visually FUN! Kim I'm not mad at you. You're pretty and smart and they can STAY MAD! Kanye and Kim will get married. I can see that being the BIGGEST wedding of the YEAR! I see lots' of GOLD LOL
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Definitely visually fun! I

Definitely visually fun! I think they both have style, their own style, even though I may not always agree with it.
Anonymous's picture

CoonYe... smdh @ you boi!!!!

CoonYe... smdh @ you boi!!!!
Anonymous's picture

i honestly like kim and kanye

i honestly like kim and kanye together. Kanye has an ego and a half and kim is just a hopeless romantic. Im sure she will compromise with mr west and make it last. Team KIMYE!!!!
mel's picture

Lala no matter what shse does

Lala no matter what shse does she just isn't Star material. She just regular to me. Kim is doing way to much for someone still married. Kanye is funny he still looking for a chick that has Amber Rose swag. Kim is not it boo boo. The earrings with theh initials what is this High School
Leana G's picture

If these stay together,

If these stay together, they'll be the most stylish couple we've seen in a long time, hands down!!!
Anonymous's picture

I am suprisingly happy for

I am suprisingly happy for Kim , I think they are a GREAT couple and all you haters .. calm down and SAT down somewhere....smh
Anonymous's picture

Kimye is HOT. I love them

Kimye is HOT. I love them together. People calling Kim names are NUTS. The girl is smart and attractive. And I think she makes Kayne more likable. If Kanye wants to be down with her family what is the problem? Stop hating!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Stfu There is nothing Smart

Stfu There is nothing Smart about this fool!!! Maybe her MoMager but that BiSH there has an IQ of a goldfish!!!!
Sit Down!!'s picture

You're correct. CLEARLY,

You're correct. CLEARLY, there are donkeys that are more articulate and thought prvoking than sleezy K... She is a pretty dumb girl at best... Nothing more, nothing less.
Anonymous's picture

I'm so confused as to why so

I'm so confused as to why so many people are confused/upset about these two dating. Let's not get it twisted although Kanye has real talent and made an official name for himself off of hard work he is a self proclaimed weirdo I mean the guy is missing a few screws so I don't know why some people think dating Kim is beyond him. What has he done to prove he is so above this? Yeah I'll wait...and for the record I don't see what's so bad about Kim she is well put together yes she has a sex tape but it's with Ray J who is also a celebrity yes he might be "C" list but he's a celebrity none the least it's not like she did it with Pookie from around the corner. And I have always respected her hustle she made a brand out of a bad situation I honestly think most people don't like her because she seems to not work and has no talent BUT she is still relevant and still here so......................................let them do them there are much more important things going on in the world than who someone wants to date/screw whatever and also they may share a bond because they both lost a parent like Khloe and Lamar. Let them be people sheesh!!
claudette's picture

I agree with you on one thing

I agree with you on one thing mainly... Kanye is in fact missing some screws... The nig is practically INSANE...
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

This is crazyy!!! But hey

This is crazyy!!! But hey just when you thought you knew someone . . . I would never have guessed Kanye and Kim years ago but I think Kanye now is all for it. . . As long as hes happy and shes happy thats all that matters. Yall piss me off when yall put Beyonce on this godly pedestal. RELAX.
Anonymous's picture

personally....I think Coonye

personally....I think Coonye West and Kimi make a pretty decent couple... Too bad it may not be a real relationship...they could actually work
GROWN MAN ISH... 's picture

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