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2012 MET BALL: Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys & More Get GLAMOUROUS For VOGUE'S Event Of The Year

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Tonight (Monday) in New York City, the A-list put on their most glamourous looks and strutted alongside their designer dates at the 2012 MET Ball.  See pics of Beyonce, Solange, Paula Patton, Rashida Jones and more inside....

Held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Anna Wintour & VOGUE's event of the year was a night full of glamour and beauty.  New mom Beyonce pretty much killed the carpet in this curve hugging floral embroidered sheer black gown which shifted into a bright purple feathered train.  Delicious.

The non stop workouts are paying off.  The stunning diva's gown was designed and that purple train is it.

Gorge.  Rapper Azealia Banks was so star struck she tweeted, "I just met Beyonce and immediately burst into tears. ... I'm so embarrassed"

Bey looked phenomenal!

She even revealed on the carpet that she's pretty set on having more babies...at some point.

And Rihanna didn't look so bad herself. Well fashion wise.  This hair is...

Rihanna wore a floor length crocodile Tom Ford gown with a back slit and deep back V which showed off her slim and toned frame.

When you walk into a room rocking head to toe croc....you shut it down.  Just wish the hair was up to par too.

Paula Patton arrived in a pale pink strapless organza style Vera Wang gown that didn't wow us.  Feels very bridal as Vera always does. But she looked pretty nonetheless.

Those earrings, on the other hand, just made us gasp.  Gorge!


Posing with his lovely wife LaLa Anthony, Carmelo looked dapper in a custom Rag And Bone tux.  And LaLa rocked electric blue floor length gown by Zac Posen.  Fits her perfectly so we're loving it.


Meanwhile, Rashida Jones looked innocent in a floral Tory Burch dress.  Very cute for summer.

Solange arrived as the date of good friend Rachel Roy, and is wearing the designer of course.  Canary yellow has always worked for little sis Knowles.  An eye-popping stunning look completed with curls and a dazzling box clutch.

And was spotted leaving with her big sis.


Before the event.....

Fashion forward couple Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys tweeted this pic saying, “On way to MET BALL with the Queen oh yes we're Busy body's :)”

Gorgeous looks.

Bruno Mars looked pretty spiffy in head to toe Prada.

And Kanye West wore a nice pair of pants that didn't fall down for a change and his typical scowl for the cameras.

Janelle Monae wore her signature black with a jeweled waistline and looked amazing.  Who knew she had this tiny cute waist!


Rick Ross tweeted a pic from the gala alongside celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson...but sipped wine instead of Ciroc! 

Rosario Dawson wore a fitted leather gown by Calvin Klein.

Umm...did M.I.A. even try?  Her lackluster outfit was Stella McCartney.

Model Liya Kebede, Tory Burch, Rashida Jones and Brooklyn Decker all posed for a fab pic as they rocked Ms. Burch's designs.

Chanel Iman arrived with Tom Ford and wore one of his fab gowns.  Loving the chicness of the sheer neck.

Giants baller Victor Cruz also got suited up for the party with his long time girlfriend in all white.

And despite having an injured hand, Amar'e Stoudemire attended as well with his girlfriend & baby's mother.


Rapper Azealia Banks arrived with Alexander Wang and rocked a custom design from him.

And Joan Smalls, wearing Balmain, clung to her boo Olivier Rousteing.  Loving everything about this hot mini dress.

Model Jourdan Dunn rocked a strapless white lace Burberry gown and kicked it with Azealia Banks and her model friend Cara Delevingne.

And Defensive Player of The Year, Knicks baller Tyson Chandler, popped up on the carpet with his wife Kimberly.  He rocked a custom Waraire Boswell suit. While Kimberly rocked a red strapless Valentino jumpsuit, handpicked by Anna Wintour!


Stay tuned for more pics...........


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Im not really in love with

Im not really in love with the met ball fashions this year...
Peaches's picture

Beyonce Looked a mess she

Beyonce Looked a mess she wore nude instead of black why? the purple feathers looked like a crenshaw smoke shop rug that tried to have a lil class why? Last she she couldnt even get up the stairs in that tacky ass tight mermaid dress like girl fashion isnt your Area leave it to the Pros!!!! Rihanna Looked amazing The best Look for me was solange and Paula Patton they looked simple yet amazing nothing to over the top or to dramatic.. And Rosario Girl Calvin Klien bitch looked like a matrix extra
My Time Now's picture

This is precisely one of the

This is precisely one of the reasons why people go in on Beyonce. She is so calculated, and she always does stuff to get people to praise her, that's why she wore a see through dress. She knows the media is gonna be like, WOW, Beyonce just had a baby, now look at her. Her stomach is nothing we haven't seen before in the celebrity world, and plus you better believe that tacky colored bodysuit was sucking the life out of her. The dress was hideous. It was like Barney mixed with gothic Big Bird and Kristi Yamguchi. That dumb ass pose. She looks so uncomfortable and stupid. SMH
Puzzled's picture

I can't even believe what I'm

I can't even believe what I'm reading! Every female at that costume gala was confident and wanted to still the show..beyonce she stands out no matter what! Even if she would have been underdressed she still would have been the most talk about. She's an ICON.. she's above your rihannas, ciaras, and even alicia keys
Anonymous's picture

Beyonce KILLED it! Does

Beyonce KILLED it! Does rihanna understand that there are more shoes in the fashion world other than CL's?????
mel's picture

Beyonce looks like fashion

Beyonce looks like fashion road kill. Sorry.
Vogue.com's picture

When it comes 2beyonce hate

When it comes 2beyonce hate seems to cloud most ppl's judgements but Beyonce is a Greek Goddess, she is a moving picture. I love her!!!
Stan4Bey's picture

Beyonce has such a

Beyonce has such a wonderfully fresh face...but her ASS is awful! It is not round or shapely or any version of attractive. Her dress is wonderful, but would serve her better if that butt were covered more! The pics of her from the front are stunning.
Anonymous's picture

Bey, Joan Smalls, & Chanel

Bey, Joan Smalls, & Chanel Iman KILLED it! Every1 else looked mediocre Rihanna looked ABSOLUTELY HORRID!!!!!
ShreveportShawty's picture

Beyonce did not kill it.

Beyonce did not kill it.
Vogue.com's picture

Solange's dress is beautiful

Solange's dress is beautiful but it's way too plain for this event. Looks like she's walking down the aisle in a summer wedding. Beyonce's spanx is an epic fail that will go down in history as one of her worse looks. She's too big for that dress and her make up is horrendous. Nobody really wow'd me. Everbody just blends into the background of CHANEL IMAN!
Anonymous's picture

The fact that Beyonce looked

The fact that Beyonce looked in the mirror and thought that body suit showing was ok confirms she's retarded. Rihanna should've worn that dress...omg, it would've been amazing! Chanel Iman is drop dead gorgeous!!!! Alicia Keys...just get a sex change already!
Anonymous's picture

OH please! Not rihanna what

OH please! Not rihanna what her beer belly pooch.. she looks like she's the one who had a baby.
Anonymous's picture

Wait, your comment makes no

Wait, your comment makes no sense! Beyonce wearing that dress makes her retarded but if Rihanna would have worn it, it would be amazing? You're sick and too far stuck up Rihanna's ass. You must've been in that strip club she was in throwing one's at your ass.
Anon Kiss MY @SS's picture

Cosign on Rihanna should have

Cosign on Rihanna should have rocked the Beyonce dress! Rihanna has the body for that type of dress.
Yeah I said it!'s picture

Beyonce is Angel-like! Wether

Beyonce is Angel-like! Wether or not you like her there is no denying that she is THE CHOSEN ONE. The hate that ppl have toward Mother Bey doesn't suprise me. *we did kill Jesus* if Jesus had haters so can Bey. Hate on Bey all you want, it doesn't change the fact that she is Mother Bey. Ps: I got tickets for her SOLD OUT concert on memorial weekends (Friday) I can't wait to praise her ;)
HoneyBee's picture

I am a beyonce fan too, but

I am a beyonce fan too, but you just sound sick! She is the chosen one? You can't wait to praise her? SICK!!!!
Some ppl are sick!'s picture


Anonymous's picture

Solange could be Lala and

Solange could be Lala and vice versa. Both have on boring dresses. Both lack any real appeal
Fashion Critic's picture

Solange was the best dressed

Solange was the best dressed for me followed by RiRi, Beyonce dress looked like a costume, I didn't like it. The others were OK.
Jamacangurl's picture

Beyonce needs a few STYLE

Beyonce needs a few STYLE Lessons. And for anyone saying that Janelle Monae or Solange looks "good" you also don't know FASHION. The Met GALA is always about taking RISKS. What Risk did Solange take in that conventional gown? PLEASE and Janelle Monae looks Terrible and needs to lose weight. The best DRESSED women at this event are RIHANNA and Chanel Iman. Chanel's dress is doing what Beyonce wanted to do but it's MODERN. And Rihanna's Dress is a total RISK but her lines are FLAWLESS and she has a sophisticated silhouette. Beyonce dress is a HOT MESS. IT's too gaudy and the sheer part does not even match her SKIN. She should have gone nude or lost the weight or picked another gown. Less is always MORE. Tom Ford killed it with Rihanna and Chanel Iman.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

If this event is about

If this event is about "taking risks", then everyone failed. Janelle, Solage, and Jourdan kept it simple but classy, which can never go wrong. If taking a risk involves looking like Beyonce, I'll stick with simple and classy.
Anonymous's picture

The MET Ball traditionally is

The MET Ball traditionally is about picking things you would not normally see on the red carpet. Solange to me is just too safe and far to conventional. She does have a nice silhouette but for me the dress is not remarkable. January Jones did it better in the yellow dress she picked. Janelle I just don't see it. Jourdan Dunn is FLAWLESS! So we can agree there. I just LOVED Chanel More it again was much more of a STATEMENT. Beyonce we also agree on went OVERBOARD and that is a RISK that failed. But you seem to have highly conventional tastes which is fine. You liking Jourdan Dunn's look let's me know you have great taste. I just think for the Met Jourdan could have pushed it a LOT more. Rihanna took it there. That Dress is a STATEMENT and her details like Hair and Nails are also risky and I think she pulled it off. People being critical of Rihanna's hair really don't get the point of the BALL. I did like your comments. Just kille the word "classy" LOL But I know what you were going for. :)
 FuriouS StyleS™® 's picture

furious, you really know

furious, you really know fashion. You also have an understanding of proportions. Beyonce got more than she bargained for with the Givenchy gown. The sheer is a misstep because and it looks like she is wearing spanks or some type of shaper. Its very distracting. Tom Ford always makes powerful statements on the red carpet. Rihanna and Chanel are winning. It reminds me of how great Paltrow looked at the past Oscars when she wore his design. Rihanna and Chanel are the best dressed I agree. Beyonce is looking for the most attention but she is not the most stylish. There is a big difference. Carey Mulligan is also one of my picks. Cheers.
Vogue.com's picture

Hell must be freezing over

Hell must be freezing over bcuz I actually agree with Furious Styles for once
I guess...'s picture

furious, now that I am

furious, now that I am seeing more pictures, I do agree. Chanel Iman looked amazing. Rhianna is just beautiful to me, she can wear a trash bag and look good lol.
Iaintgonnalie's picture

BEONCE and solange looked

BEONCE and solange looked absolutely beautiful. Anyone who follows the Met Ball year after year knows that the most dramatic looks that a designer can create to represent their design aesthetic are used by their MUSES. So, BEYONCE really embodies the idea here. She looks gorgeous and fresh despite the sheer gown. Everyone else looked lackluster in comparison.
Anonymous's picture

Why does Beyonce always hold

Why does Beyonce always hold her arms like that its kinda creepy she looks kinda fake with her smile and everything lmao
Anonymous's picture

I totally agree with you she

I totally agree with you she looked like a beautiful light skin Barbie in that stance
Anonymous's picture

Cray Bey has a "stiff walk"

Cray Bey has a "stiff walk" <---- which is a classic symptom of Schizophrenia <------ hense, the multiple personalities like "Sasha Fierce"
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®'s picture

Best dressed: Solange,

Best dressed: Solange, Janelle Monae, and Jourdan Dunn. Alicia Keyes looks like butch, Kanye looks mad because he couldn't wear a dress, and Kimberly (the NBA player's wife) and those rose-boobs are a "no ma'am" ! Beyonce's dress is AWFUL. It looks like Gone-With-The-Wind-Meets-Big-Bird. It's overdone and too gaudy. I agree with the person who said that the body suit underneath it is wack and if she wasn't brave enough to go with out it, she shouldn't have worn it.
Anonymous's picture

Janelle Monae look was so

Janelle Monae look was so Blah! Hated that Jewel on her stomach & the jumpsuit was boring
I guess...'s picture

M.I.A. should have stayed

M.I.A. should have stayed home. That outfit is tragic and her hair and make-up look like "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." Can't believe she crawled out from under that rock where she's been hiding since her SuperBowl fiasco. Surprised she's not flipping off the photog in this shot; she clearly loooks like she wants to.
Yeah I said it!'s picture

I didn't particulary like

I didn't particulary like Beyonce's dress, her body looks good but the dress wasn't made for her. And the off color body suit underneath it makes it worse. She's too short for this kind of dress, for one. To me it looked like the dress was just hanging on her. Either your hate it or love it. Um Rihanna looked nice, her hair was way off. Solange looks pretty, yellow suits her.
Anonymous's picture

What is with Paula Patton and

What is with Paula Patton and that clownish coquettish bat eyelash look she's always giving? She looks stupid doing that. Please stop trying so hard . . . when you're that gorgeous everything should come naturally. I think she's got some serious inferiority issues going.
Yeah I said it!'s picture

And you are correct with your

And you are correct with your observations. She is thirsty. Not sure why. She's beautiful (to be mixed), but she's poses like a clown. LOL
Get it together Paula 's picture

I love Beyonce, but do NOT

I love Beyonce, but do NOT like her dress; it's interesting though. I love Solonge's and Iman's look. Rhianna's dress was very nice as well.
Happy Lady's picture

Beyonce's gown is clearly a

Beyonce's gown is clearly a work of art!! I love the concept of it, the execution though . . . . not so much. The beading placement is off - should have covered up some key areas so that the gown looked more haute couture rather than hoe couture. Can't wait to hear what Joan Rivers and crew have to say about it on this week's Fashion Police. Solange on the other hand is doing no wrong in that beautiful yellow peplum number; paired with the hair and make-up = magnifique. Chanel Iman looks gorge as she should given she's a top model. I love Rihanna's look and her edginess - her hair make-up and gown show her fierceness! Unlike Beyonce (who is also gorgeous) Rihanna doesn't feel the need to look like a beauty queen. She projects her own unique beauty esthetic. I feel like Beyonce, on the other hand, is always TRYING to hard to be noticed and to be everyone's BEAUTY IDEAL. Perhaps that's why she was named "most beautiful" by People Magazine.
Yeah I said it!'s picture

OH please. You're obviously a

OH please. You're obviously a Rihanna fan. Rihanna looks like she wrapped herself in old snake skin, hopped right out of bed, then hit the red carpet HIGH and drunk. Her face almost looks sickly.
Anonymous's picture

Cray Bey's Neck looks twice

Cray Bey's Neck looks twice as long (has she been wearing NECK RINGS at nite?) also looks like she got a CHIN IMPLANT (don't tell me she's already started getting plastic surgery like that Nutty DingBat Joker Clown Mother of hers) smh
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®'s picture

she doesn't have plastic

she doesn't have plastic surgery idiot..have you seen people with plastic surgery? you obviously haven't because she has NONE and it is obvious..don't hate because she can wear her make up naturally and still look good..appreciate her beauty and appreciate yours..no need to hate
Anonymous's picture

How do YOU know (are YOU her

How do YOU know (are YOU her Plastic Surgeon)? Why is her Neck 100% Longer?????
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®'s picture

Beyonce looks good!!!!!!!!!

Beyonce looks good!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Wow, Solange upstaged her

Wow, Solange upstaged her sister and the irony is you know Beyonce chose that as some sort of 'come back' dress. Oooh, she looked a hot mess, all her backside hanging out. Would have expected Kimmy K to wear something like that. Guess Beyonce still has those pregnancy hormones swirling through her.
Anonymous's picture

solange did not upstage her

solange did not upstage her sister, beyonce looks GORGEOUS and natural...and her dress was sexy yet classy..seriously you beyonce haters are pathetic..beyonce stays out of all the gossip, she's natural, extemely talented, humble, respectful, a great role model, and very successful..it's sad that some people wish that for themselves so much that when they see other people on top their frustration with their own life causes them to hate on others. Really really THINK..and you will see that you have no reason to hate on beyonce...you sound pathetic
Anonymous's picture

As BAD as Beyonce looks she's

As BAD as Beyonce looks she's a STAR. SOLANGE does nothing in that DRESS. Even with that COLOR you still don't see her. Solo has ZERO star POWER. Sad but TRUE! NEXT!
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture

Beyonce doesn't look bad at

Beyonce doesn't look bad at all..and you saying that shows that you are hating. People that hate on others are pathetic. You are pathetic
Anonymous's picture

@Anonymous 10:00 am Hating?

@Anonymous 10:00 am Hating? No I'm telling the TRUTH. The under garment that is supposed to "match" he skin is OFF. That DRESS looks terrible on her and sorry she looks BAD. That dress looks like something Jennifer Lopez would have worn THREE years ago sorry. Givenchy is the go to TREND of the last two YEARS. You clearly don't know a thing about FASHION.
FuriouS StyleS™®'s picture


shell's picture


. BEYONCE BODY SUIT DIDINT WORK THE DRESS WAS MEANT TO BE NUDE UNDERNEATH AND IF SHE DIDNT HAVE ENOUGH COURAGE TO DO IT THEN SHE SHOULDNT HAVE WORN IT...RIHANNA WOULD HAVE DONE IT JUSTICE THE WAY IT WAS INTENDED TO BE WORN!!! plus she boring on the red carpet with all those manufacture pageant pose i just want her to have fun.(im talking about beyonce)
okaymytruth's picture

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