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Lil' Kim REVEALS Origin Of Nicki Minaj Beef, Says Nicki Is OVERRATED, CATTY And They'll NEVER Be Friends

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Lil' Kim stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning where she dished on the how the Nicki Minaj beef got kicked off and the venom with which she spoke showed she's STILL very angry.  She said Nicki is overrated, catty, did a lot of dirt behind the scenes and they'll NEVER make amends.  Deets inside....


Lil' Kim stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning where she dished on the career and the MANY trials and tribulations she's experienced as an artist.  She revealed that she is still upset that Junior Mafia left her hanging during her trial with the feds and they are not cool.  She also talked about her legal warfare with Trackmasters which kept her out of the recording studio for years and her beef with Nicki Minaj.

She revealed that she was VERY close to Baby and Slim of Cash Money and they were forming a few businesses together.  She feels that they introduced her to Nicki Minaj just so the hip hop community would think she had endorsed Nicki and given her approval.  She says things went left after a track they recorded together got shelved along with all the promises of a video and a big marketing push.  After that, she said Nicki got VERY catty when they were around each other and then that's when she started dissing her in records.  On a side note, Lil' Kim was a good sport even as Charlamagne joked that he once said she looked like Jeremy Lin.  Here are the highlights:


On plastic surgery:

When asked why she had any plastic surgery done, Kim circled around and said, "Why would you ask me that?  So many woman have had work done.  Where is that coming from?"

On making up with Junior Mafia:

"Why would I become cool with somebody who has no loyalty, no love and no consistency."

On Scott Storch:

He has so many bad people around him.  But he's a nice person.

On beefing with Nicki:

"Every single record she's made was coming at me. She was coming at me in the Puffy record and in the Jay and Kayne record.

On why she & Nicki can't work together:

"She wanted to be the only female out there. So when Baby said we not f*ckin' with this chick cause you can't stand next to her, she loved it! She didn't want to stand next to me." Lil' Kim added that in the music industry men pit women against each other and Kim said, "You have to be smart enough to say yo, I don't know what they talking about but you my b*tch.

On what she thinks Nicki should have done differently:

"Don't come at me indirectly in records.....don't do that.  At the end of the day, she should have just said 'I don't care, you my b*tch, I want to do other stuff with you'."

On Nicki as an artist:

"I'm not saying she's a horrible artist, but she's overrated."

On homage:

Kim said she NEVER felt like Nicki paid homage to her. "When somebody says I love you BUT I hate you.....that's not homage." 

On if she and Nicki will ever make amends:

"It will never happen."

On where the Nicki beef goes from here:

"You will see....everything done in the dark comes to the light."

On Azealia Banks dissing her on Twitter:

"Listen, I think its in chicks' contracts that when you come out you gotta go at Lil' Kim." She added she doesn't know who she is and they have never spoken.



Listen to the interviews below:

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Kim & MMG???

Kim & MMG???

LOOK DAMN! I hate this

LOOK DAMN! I hate this shit... it gotta stop! Kim you badd but nikki is..... claiming to be baddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer. Bring yo a$$ back and out do dat bitch. Dats what biggy would want. I make music and my lyrics smash her's so i know yours can ma. lylas Its MILLI BITCH!!!
$EmiliaNDOLLA$$'s picture

I hate that in hip hop

I hate that in hip hop eveything has to be a competitive war why cant you like both? but anyway lil kim always have beef with somebody and bashing people in interviews I think that's lame....I think she is a talented "back-in-the-day" rapper who is trying to remain relevant by doing bashing interviews....yeah I think thats weak. Why does nicki need to "pay homage" who tf does kim think she is...washed up she was hott back in the day but this aint the 90's no more.....someone tell me who kim dont have beef with?
Anonymous's picture

Who cares if Lil Kim is

Who cares if Lil Kim is friends with Nicky Minaj. Nicky Minaj is not in the same catergory as Lil Kim or any of the past female rappers. Minaj material is repetitive and weak. Lil Kim needs to come back and blow Nicky out of the water if you ask me. Minaj is in no way representative of past female rappers because she can't rap. She is a pop sensation and that is about it. So, if Lil Kim don't want to be her friend, that's her business.
Anonymous's picture

As for me i love both Nicki

As for me i love both Nicki minaj and Lil kim, Nicki goes a little too far but i still love em both cause they inspire me!
fatima's picture

Charlamange is so ugly and he

Charlamange is so ugly and he looks like he stinks. He looks like his breath smells.
I_love_laughing's picture

Kim has HITS!

Kim has HITS!
anon 's picture

Is that what people have to

Is that what people have to do to comprehend Nicki or any other artist, compare them? Hair, female and raunchy clothing are the only similarities!!
Anonymous's picture

Azealia Banks did not diss

Azealia Banks did not diss Kim - she threw shade at her whack-ass management, the reason why Kim isn't at the level she should be at *sigh*. Kim doesn't really write, so her peeps were looking for the next hot thing that could write for her and those ninja's messed up the deal - Oh well Kim. The last time I remember someone dissing an up and comer it was Christina Aguilera on Lady Gaga - case closed.
LOLOLOL's picture

Who's really buying Nikki

Who's really buying Nikki records? No-one over the age of 25 buys her music. I rest my case. Kim all day bec I do believe what she said - I’ve seen it online when they had all that drama going on. I can't imagine anyone playing Nikk music 10 years from not. I still be playing my old lil kim music and Junior M.
Anonymous's picture

Kim need to sit her old ass

Kim need to sit her old ass down....if you damn near 40 and still calling yourself "Lil", and fighting / arguing with or about a 20 something year old....you need to really re-asses your life...IJS
Shan's picture

She's only like 4'11''....so

She's only like 4'11''....so technically she's still little duh
513hotgirl's picture

What i dont understand is if

What i dont understand is if NICKI IS SUCH A "ILL" RAPPER like some people say then why hasnt NICKI done songs with any female MC's?? WHY because she doesnt have any respect for them and plus im sure none of them want to work with her
Anonymous's picture

ok but y does she have to

ok but y does she have to work with any other female mc's where is the rule that says she has to? where is the rule that said she has to pay homage to kim or anybody else for that matter where is the rule that says she has to go n respect other bytches n kiss they ass so they can b happy exactly there is no rule last time i checked nicki is a grown as woman and can do as she pleases clearly she dont give a fuck if any other female MC's like her kim just need to quit lookin for people to kiss her ass and for and apology and approval and fix her own flop ass career nicki came in the game wit her own lyrics she got famous on her own wit her own sound kim aint have shyt to do with that so nicki dont need to go sayin shyt to kim when kim ain't the reason that shes on top nicki is the reason that nicki is on top and doin it big regardless of what she wearin and if kim use to do the same shyt i mean if you havent notice nobody really owns the shyt that kim thinks she made up and own katy perry lady gaga madonna nicki and a whole lot of other artist do the same shyt kim doesnt own shyt and needs to worry about herself instead of y nobody is payin her homage and respect n kissin her ass i mean nicki and anybody could very well say after nicki went and got surgery kim tried to go out and copy nicki's body cuz thats the truth and her shyt was a fail i ain't no nicki minaj stan or anything like that but my point is i cant stand people that have to whine to get attention and wanna get mad at other peoples shine because they aint doin shyt cuz when she came back she had somethin to say about everybody for stupid and ignorant reasons anybody that worked with nicki she had something negative to say pdiddy keyshia cole all them people keyshia cole said this is a business and nicki is hot so of course you wanna work with people thats hot she said that herself and kim were never friends they were cool but they were never friends n they did let it go together but that was it so she don't know y she was mad for and that she really doesn't care kim think everybody suppose to care that she mad at them bytch bye take yo old ass somewhere and find a career that wont flop diddy said that he had no idea kim would get mad at him for working with another artist but kim and nicki are 2 different people and have 2 different sounds and he said he doesn't apologize for working with her so there it is
Anonymous's picture


I got MAD RESPECT for KIM after this interview! Cause she was hitting Sharlamagne nem's asses with TRUTH And FACT and they couldn't hear her cause they didn't WANT to damn hear her, as she stated. BOTTOM LINE: Cash Money bit her style and swag and gave that sh*t to NIKI MINAJ and wanted KIM to keep silent by it! They damn near stole her whole IDENTITY and gave it to NIKI. They played her. Niki paid homage to Kim ONCE. One time. And ever since then she's been talking sh*t about KIM even though she hi-jacked her swag. I think Kim was telling the trut in this interview. The radio crew just wasn't tryna to hear it. Even though she's fallen off- I have Mad respect for KIM.
SouthernBelle's picture

I like them both... wish

I like them both... wish women were smarter dealing w/ each other!!! Anyway Kim Go!!!
Anonymous's picture

kim doesn't have anything to

kim doesn't have anything to worry about, nicki minaj is a coke head and you will soon be in rehab, the hole youngmoney is overrated
Lil kim's picture

Why are we still on this???

Why are we still on this???
IamCarmenS's picture

I think Nikki will be ok not

I think Nikki will be ok not being friends with kim! I really don't think it matters that much to her
Anonymous's picture

So Lil' Kim's main problem is

So Lil' Kim's main problem is that Nicki Minaj didn't throw her a lifeline to come back into the spotlight after Baby & Slim decided to not do business with Kim!! What female rapper has Kim helped out? Why should a new artist who should be focused on herself tell a team ready to work and market her "Hell nah we gotta get Kim"!! Kims issue is with the wrong people!! She's saying all the vocals and sounds you hear Nicki making came from Lil Kim's new sound? When did you EVER hear Kim talking like a cartoon character? The only similarities they have are weaves and skanky clothing!! Men come at each other allllllll the time. Why is it a problem when females do it? Why can't Nicki just be talking shit with no one in mind. How many females walking around saying I'm a bad bitch, fuck any haters. How many of you saying it have haters? People like drama and confusion. In order to process shit they have to compare it and view it as oh she must be talking about someone in the industry!! NOW ALL LIL KIM FANS KNOW SHE PLANNED ON TALKING LIKE TINKERBELL!! P.s how does she reinvent herself every time she comes out? Same shit every time Kim
Anonymous's picture

What in name of god are you

What in name of god are you talking about? Did you even read the article? Or listen to the interview? Nicki copied kims look, music video sets, wigs, poses, direct outfits, <---like head to toe, mannerisms, tried to work with two of kim's old managers, stole the use of the term "barbie' and ever redid 3 of kims songs and YES she swiped a bunch of kim's lyrics in her underground days. Now if a rapper did that to another rapper ( say how jarule emulated tupac) and told the world how much he or she loved them, that is homage. But if you do all that "emulation" then barely mention them in interviews. Or only say positive things 2 or 3 times while you are lightweight dissing them. then diss them on underground wax. Then you become famous and you are STILL dissing them, and bragging about how you took their title. Then lie on them....That isn't homage - that's crazy. Nicki Minaj is crazy. And not just cute she does a few voices crazy. But like she self-medicates and (let us pray) has a therapist on speed dial crazy. As for the female rappers lil kim has reached out to done work with and helped: Angie martinez, missy elliott, rah digga, lady luck, princess guyana, da brat, trina, queen latifah, left eye, she and lauryn hill tried to do a track together that fell thru.....I'm sure there are more. And those are just female rappers. The similarities go way beyond "weaves and skanky clothing'
Hells Bells's picture

nicki minaj is that you

nicki minaj is that you bitch! you are the only bitch that talk and don't make sense at the same time kill yourself hoe!
Anonymous's picture

I feel so bad for her look

I feel so bad for her look how Charlamange being so standoffish with her , keep your head up kim ....... Charlamange you really need to be careful how you treat people karma is a bitch
ShawnBre's picture

I can't with her. How she has

I can't with her. How she has morphed and dehumanized herself with all the surgery is very unbecoming and truly a sickness. Her nose looks like an ad for Play-Doh. I'm not too crazy about Nicki, either, but as for whatever Kim has to say - who cares when you've done such foolery to yourself. Anyone who'd do that to themselves is a clown and a joke. If she's the queen of rap/best female rapper of all time, then woe is the game.
Anonymous's picture

at this point , Nicki Minaj

at this point , Nicki Minaj is not hip hop anymore . And I do think it is real immature of Nicki to still be throwing shots at Kim . Like girl, let it go . At the end of the day, Nicki did steal Kims swag but she just did it better. Regardless of what is going on, Kim should know that her records still bang, and she never sold out hip hop . I really do like Nicki Minaj but to call this women hip hop as of now is blasphemy . I have listening to her latest album and I like it, but you can tell that she trying to play the pop / hip hop fence . If she was smart she would just market to the area that made her who she is and not be such a sell out .
ebonybrownbronze's picture

idk what you're talking about

idk what you're talking about because nicki clearly stated that she's more pop with a little rap incorporated into it and that she felt she had to do a lot of hip hop to come in the game and put herself out there if you haven't noticed she kind of commits to all audiences or at least trys to she said shes always been like that but didnt think people would take her serious if she were to just come straight out as she is now and when you think about it a lot of artist have done that even when kim first came out she was more hood and then kinda took a different path with her own style lady gaga did katy perry did it michael jackson did it everybody does that and take they own path when they know they can manage it so that shyt you're saying is so far out the window nicki said if she WANTED TO she could right a dope ass hip hop album and put it out no problem but thats not really her so get your facts straight and she actually said they on the breakfast club
Anonymous's picture

to the person that have a

to the person that have a comment under mine callin kim bitter kill yourself!
Anonymo65's picture


NEEDYASSHOE 's picture

Kill yourself

Kill yourself
Anonymo65's picture

Lil Kim sounds bitter...and

Lil Kim sounds bitter...and delusional. When Biggie was alive Kim was the hot, her lyrics were fire and on point. Biggie died and she became lame, she has been riding on that whole Kim and Biggie connection. Kim has always been overrated to me and now she just seems crazy how do you know someone is taking shots at you if they are not directly addressing you (saying your name). Also she needs to look up the definition of fact and opinion (she is confused about the two). Every rapper feels like they better than other rappers. Nicki is not what it is but Lil Kim is not either and if you ask me she never was. I personally feel like she never wrote he rhymes, Biggie did, that is the only reason I can think why her album sucked after his death.
Stopit Kim's picture

Charlamange is really getting

Charlamange is really getting on my f****** nerves why he asking her all these f***** up questions? what the f*** do birdman got him on the payroll , I didn't see him askin nicki all whole bunch f***** up questions like is it true that you fucked wayen and mack maine to get in youngmoney shit! I find it very interesting that the music industry ceo and executive are payin off shows like 106 and park this raggedy as radio station and many others to shove shit down your throat and to show favoritism. nicki minaj will never be shit! this little bullshit ass fame she got now aint all that the album still floped bottom line.Charlamange I hope birdman cleaned his ass good before you started lickin it you raccoon face bitch!!!!!
REd's picture

im a hip hop head so i know

im a hip hop head so i know garbage when i hear it. nicki minaj is not hip hop....shes garbage. her kiddie lines are dreadful. any of u chicks on here can rap the same punch line bull shit..."its going down....basement".....that shit is terrible. also the message she sends out is very questionable. me being a black man cannot understand how any black woman can listen to ANOTHER black woman call others nappy headed hoes and how they need a perm and support that crap. or a woman that bleaches her skin and has a big ol fake ass i mean come on man this is the shit that we have been reduced to? shes a coon at best however this generation loves shitty music. and nicki minaj is a very successful "artist." performing half time at the superbowl along side madonna is a huge deal....in her straight blonde wig and all. now i dont know what ritual she had to perform to get all this success (lol) but she most certainly is a lot bigger than kim ever was or will be (still got love for kim she was a dope female emcee)
rick's picture

I love Kim's swag. All that

I love Kim's swag. All that damn 90's Versace. I can dig it.
MSJ's picture

LMFAO at 90s Versace.

LMFAO at 90s Versace.
Anonymous's picture

I'm wit Kim when I

I'm wit Kim when I ask......Who the fvck is Azealia Banks?
Anonymous? Oh Yeah Me TOO!'s picture

This interview made me

This interview made me respect Kim way more than I already did and honestly I believe her because of the fact that Nikki seems to be that girl that Kim is saying. We don't know what happened behind the scenes and never will but I did think she was bitter and hating but it must be more to the story and Kim not gone sell out on her fans like Nikki did. Kim I love you boo do your thang!!!1
Anonymous's picture

Why does Lil Kim bother?

Why does Lil Kim bother? She's so played. She's just mad she didn't expand on her celebrity when she had it..NEXT!!!!!
Anonymous's picture

One thing i won't do is

One thing i won't do is entertain these loose booty hoes on here with nothing but hate on lil kim, so with that being said Kim looks like the old Kim that i first fell in love with... Loving the Versace belt and sunglasses!!! Kim will always be the best female rap bitch point blank period!
cocochanel's picture

Why is kim still taking about

Why is kim still taking about nicki? She just needs to say no comment and move on
Anonymous's picture

I think Kim is misunderstood.

I think Kim is misunderstood. It doesn't seem like people understand where she's coming from & why she's mad. Is Nicki successful? Absolutely! But we all know she's manufactured, as most artist are. If what Kim says about her dealings w/ Slim & Baby are true, then I'd be pissed to! But its the nature of the beast. This shit has been happening forever, Kimmy shoulda been a lil smarter when dealing w/ them. And while people are tired of hearing about it, they always ask so it will be a topic to be discussed. It'll never really die down, the topic will always be brought up making those feelings that Kim have very real. I do wish her the best though.
soon2Bmrs's picture

If you want to be technical

If you want to be technical Nicki is in her 30's too with her retarded facial expressions. I agree with Kim she is overrated as a rapper but shes doing her thing as a business woman cant hate that. Im really starting to dislike Charlamange hes becoming too catty with females and not enough with the males hes trying to kiss the right asses to be on top
Anonymous's picture

for all those people saying

for all those people saying she using her with nicki minaj to be relivent shut up because every interview Lil Kim go to people are always asking her about the beef and you can tell she sick of talking about it . i do believe everything kim say because i this feeling that something not right about nicki.
Anonymous's picture

Charlamagne didnt ask Nicki

Charlamagne didnt ask Nicki Minaj about her plastic surgery but he came at kim hard about it. Nicki has a tummy tuck,fake nose,fake boobs and butt shots so next time charlamagne needs to be fair and ask both women the same rude question or dont ask either one. charlamagne was on nickis album so he is bias big time in her favor in this beef.
Anonymous's picture

I believe Kim and knowing how

I believe Kim and knowing how shit go down in the industry I can't see her lying... also knowing how Nicki can steal people's swag.. I BELIEVE IT CHAR IS SUCH A FEMALE... Kim came at him straight up and he was such a B*TCH
Trini2DeBone 's picture

Really all these posts about

Really all these posts about these 2? It's not rocket science people... Everyone will have their choice of whom they like better but to sum it all: Lil Kim was one of the best female rappers of her time. She flowed with the Biggie, Puffy and they group like no other... Nicki, well my 9 years old daughter likes her.. (enough said)... I elaborate.... Her style, yes is very much copied from Lil Kim... Come on Lil Wayne and Baby (back in the days), they knew Lil Kim was hot as a firecracker... So, why not copy and updated version and get the name out there. They know how to make money; it generates rivalry amongst artists and keep all of us on the bandwagon waiting for more. Nicki, to be quite honest, is better lyrically when she flows free style. she was hungry when she was on BET and you truly heard the real lyrics (seemingly very much like Lil Kim). But, Nicki gone have to come up with something better and real soon cause "the voice" and the "facial expressions" will and I repeat WILL RUN SHORT! Peace and Love to our RealHipHop Nation!
Anonymous's picture


Trini2DeBone 's picture

LOVE KIM!! Brooklyn ALL DAY!

LOVE KIM!! Brooklyn ALL DAY!
Truth Juice's picture

MAY 17, 2012... NEW PICTURES


She handled the interview

She handled the interview well....except for the question about plastic surgery. Seems like that's a sensitive subject for her.
tieshatalk's picture

Well handled we love you

Well handled we love you Kim........ returnofthequeen2012.com to order Lil Kim tour merchandise! STOP HATING ON LIL KIM!
Anonymous's picture

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