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ENGAGED IN PARIS! Amar'e Stoudemire Pops The Question To Alexis Welch...With A MILLION DOLLAR RING!

And another baller drops a ring!  NY Knicks captain Amar'e Stoudemire spent his weekend in Paris taking in the Watch The Throne concert....and getting ENGAGED!  He popped the question to the mother of his three kids, Alexis Welch, with a million dollar ring.


Pics and deets inside...

He may be out of the running for an NBA championship ring this season, but Amare's finally made it official with another type of ring.  The 29-year-old Knicks baller proposed to his girlfriend of 10 years (minus those several months he was doing God knows what with Ciara) with a FAT rock and uber romantic proposal.

People.com reports Amar'e whipped out the 8.5-carat radiant-cut diamond ring, worth $1 million, in their penthouse suite at Le Meurice Hotel.  Overlooking the Eiffel Towel of course.  The setting has 3.50 carats of flawless diamonds set in 18-carat white gold.  And he surprised her with the proposal after spending the day taking in a private tour of the city and a romantic dinner.

"I have been planning my proposal for a while and overlooking the entire Paris skyline seemed like a perfect place. I am so happy she said 'yes,' and now we can continue to build our life together as husband and wife," Stoudemire told PEOPLE from Paris.

Amar'e gushed about his romantic night tweeting:

Paris, the food, & lights were very romantic. When she said yes, it was surreal. I’m still floating. #engaged #blessed


The twosome, who are pictured above in France, are planning a 2013 wedding.  Congrats!

Pics via Twitter





Anonymous's picture

@ TheTruth - But do you have

@ TheTruth - But do you have three children with your boyfriend of 5 years at 26? Yes, it is a good thing for them to have waited because he is only 29, they were probably still working on their career moves; however, If a man is not ready to be married, he should NOT have children and the same applies to a woman. What if he hadn't made good on his promises to her by proposing to her now? What if he had ran the other way, then she would have thrown away 10 years of her life AND been saddled with three children. This story has a happy ending and we thank the Lord for it BUT there are many others that end very sadly. There are no guarantees in life, of course.
Marek's Wifey's picture

"...to adorn your love for

"...to adorn your love for one another by taking it to the next level (Marriage) is so wonderful!" Congratulations!
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sdfws's picture

A very nice pic at the end.

A very nice pic at the end.
Creed's picture

I've been married to my

I've been married to my husband 28 years and wouldn't suggest any woman wait for a man 10 years maybe 2 not 10 hell in ten years i could have dated around and got back with you but wait for you to fuck around and we get back together hell naw!
Anonymous's picture

Why should eggs be on Ciara

Why should eggs be on Ciara face? she didn't do anthing to hurt this woman, they wasn't together when Ciara got with him.
Anonymous's picture

29???? i thought he was a

29???? i thought he was a veteran player in his mid 30's! damn he's old looking!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Regardless of how long she

Regardless of how long she waited and how many kids, congrats to the couple.
Realist 's picture

ciara is winning...he's the

ciara is winning...he's the best thing she never had lol
Anonymous's picture

...I didn't even know she

...I didn't even know she existed...wait wait...I think I remember a post about her a loooooooong time ago, but I don't remember the 10 yrs and 3 kids part...he's been photographed hugged up with a couple of different women, and NOW he wants to marry her. She's better than me, I don't think I could have waited 10 yrs and I don't see how LaLa waited 7. Guess I'm just not that patient? Or is it the norm these days to wait sooo long, regardless of whether you have kids or not it just seems like a long time. I see some people saying he's only 29 but back in the day folks got married way younger than people of today and they're still married! But then again people's mind sets are not the same, etc. And overall things have changed A LOT...oh well.
Anonymous's picture

I don't understand what all

I don't understand what all the fuss about them waiting 10 years and 3 kids later to get married. I think they did it the right way. I mean damn he is only 29. They waited until they were ready to get married. Most people marry for wrong the reasons including just because they have kids together and wonder why the marriage fails shortly after. I will be with my boyfriend for 5 years in August. I am only 26 and do not plan on marrying until after another 5 or possibly later, when I have accomplished all I want to and am ready.
TheTruth's picture

This is beautiful I am so

This is beautiful I am so happy for them.
Anon's picture

marriage is a beautifull

marriage is a beautifull thing... congrats!
sitting pretty's picture

To all of you blasting her

To all of you blasting her for having three kids and waiting on HIM for 10yrs. please STFU. You don't know them, there situation or if it was the other way around. Nobody's perfect, and plenty of people have children before marriage. While it's ideal not to, doesn't make it so. She had em she loves him, maybe she didn't wanna marry him because she knew he was whorish and stayed because they have children and that's the one she wants to be with. Yes, she should have told him get ya shyt together or I'm leaving yo punk ass but she decided to stay. Women do it all the time regardless if the man is rich or broke as hell. Love is blind as the saying goes. I wish them happiness, success and longevity. Congrad's couple.
notyoplacetasay's picture

If a man is not ready for

If a man is not ready for marriage you can not rush him into it. People are saying they had three kids and oh now he is marrying her. They should have gotten married before they had the three kids. Marriage does not mean a man will be faithful are stay married. Look at Kobe and MJ. 98% of these men cheat married or not. And back to my point...if you try a force a man who is not ready for marriage to marry you...that is the quickest way to lose him. Men know when they are ready and who they want...sometime they just have to get all the shit out of their systems before they do settle down. And for the people are who are mad...she is going to have her fairy tale wedding to the man she wants to married...are you. People spend far too much time telling other people what to do when their own lives and relationships are going to hell in a handbasket. It works for them so be happy for them and move on and do something that works for you.
Anonymous's picture

um when is it ok to marry a

um when is it ok to marry a cheater who strung you along for ten years??? obviously the kids were not enough to put a ring on it before. She should have said no lmao
saucy&sweet's picture


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Anonymous's picture

she is ugly. plus these guys

she is ugly. plus these guys are just buying time
Buffy's picture

what happened to him and

what happened to him and ciara?? lol
LeeLee's picture

Regardless of the

Regardless of the circumstances...Congrats!!
Anonymous's picture

10 years and 3 kids????

10 years and 3 kids???? really??? 10 year? I guess some women are willing to wait that long. 10 years tho? I guess a good paycheck and good d*** goes a long way.
Chilly's picture

She's an example of why women

She's an example of why women think if they stay long enough he'll marry them. Or if they pop out heaps of kids, the men will marry them.
Sigh's picture


shuga's picture

Damn, this man is 29, but

Damn, this man is 29, but appears to be 59.
Anonymous's picture

lmao, i thought the same

lmao, i thought the same thing!
Anonymous's picture

Congrats! Egg on your face

Congrats! Egg on your face Ciara.
Anonymous's picture

OMG. I am SO TIRED every time

OMG. I am SO TIRED every time one of these ballers gets engaged to their kids mother its considered the "right thing" ... nobody told these broads to keep popping out kids with a dude that wont commit to marriage. Marriage is not always the right thing just because you have kids. shut the fuck up already. both people in the "relationship" are responsible for the route it goes...and if these lame, pathetic needy broads feel the need to WAIT simply because these dude are ballin out of control, then they are stupid as fuck with or without a ring.
Anonymous's picture

awww congrats! Ladies check

awww congrats! Ladies check out www.KarensClosetNY.com for fierce blazers, hot tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry, plus sizes and of course DRESSES!
Anonymous's picture

Good stuff!

Good stuff!
Shauniesayz's picture

This is wonderful. Glad

This is wonderful. Glad Amare stepped up and did the right thing. Best wishes.
The Real Thing's picture

Congrats on the engagement. I

Congrats on the engagement. I wish u too all the love in the future
Eb's picture

I'll say it again and again.

I'll say it again and again. If that pic would have show Amar'e with a non-black woman, there would have been 150-300 comments on this post. Here we have a post of "black love" and it gets just 55 comments. I guess the posts that get the most comments are the ones that depict BW in a negative light or the ones that don't depict them at all. Very sad!
BlackVesper's picture

I'll be praying for her...

I'll be praying for her...
Trini2DeBone's picture

Not gonna give props for WHAT

Not gonna give props for WHAT you were supposed to do after 3 kids............. LOL kidding CONGRATULATIONS!
Becki's picture

Black on black love. None

Black on black love. None other like it, can't be duplicated, why so many try to eridicated it.
Peggy Holmes's picture

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sawjffacvcVbbssxbm's picture

In the first picture, he

In the first picture, he looks like Mister off to see Shug Avery at the juke joint. In the second, he looks like Samuel L. Jackson as Gator, about to steal the pretty lady's purse & sell it for some crack. I kid, I kid...... Although, seriously tall person & cropped pants = NO!
Anonymous's picture

correction" on "here".

correction" on "here". Actually that was prob just a Freudian slip.
whatev's picture

"He popped the question to

"He popped the question to the mother of his three kids" and folks on her cheering about "black love". The bar is SO very low.
whatev's picture

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that is a beautiful pic...

that is a beautiful pic...
Anonymous's picture


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Blackwhitemeet.com's picture

Nooooooooooo, I love him! :(

Nooooooooooo, I love him! :( Welp, at least shes a beautiful black woman, *sigh* I GUESS she gets a pass. lol
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sajgfagsbcvccVbssxbm's picture

Ciara never had good taste in

Ciara never had good taste in men she stay losing. See Bow Wow: (short and womanizer) shit didn't look right, 50 cent (ugly, womanizer, and nasty attitude) shit didn't look right, Amare Stoudemire (nasty attitude and womanizer) shit didn't look right. Plus Amare Stoudemire's baby mama is stupid b/c I wouldn't marry his triflin ass. Didn't he just post a pic not too long ago on twitter or instagram of him surrounded by multiple trashy women in his house? He already did his baby mama dirty before, but that's what's sad about the world, women deal with this type of bullshit from men just for some money. But that's another story. Anywho I don't feel bad for dumb ass women like her who degrade themselves for a paycheck, might as well be a prostitute.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Trust me, God has a purpose

Trust me, God has a purpose for everyone. I'm sure it's Alexis' destiny to be married to the father of her children; and Ciara's destiny to be with an unattached man with whom she can create a life together. Everyone wins. Ladies: not ending up with him is almost always a blessing in disguise!
Anonymous's picture

Amen. What an intelligent

Amen. What an intelligent comment.
Anonymous's picture

Why are some of the folks on

Why are some of the folks on here calling Ciara is a fool, hoe, whathaveyou because he went back to his baby momma?? Heck, it might be a blessing for her that he went back to his baby momma because if it is true what some posters say about him being a hoe then it's Alexis problem now and not Ciara.
Anonymous's picture

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