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Transgender Model & Former "ANTM" Contestant Isis King LANDS American Apparel Campaign

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Isis King, a transgender model and former "ANTM" contestant is one of the faces of American Apparel's latest ad campaign.  And is the first transgender model to rock out for the company's print ads. Get the deets and pics inside.....

US based American Apparel has teamed up with GLAAD for a new line of quality tees for LGBT Pride Month. For the campaign, the company has hired former "ANTM" contestant and transgender model Isis King.

And making a purchase of the tees doubles as a good cause since 15% of all proceeds from the shirts benefits GLAAD's work to share stories that build support for equality. American Apparel employees will also join GLAAD staff in LGBT Pride marches across the country in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.  

It’s time for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to accept each other and thrive in harmony. We hope everyone comes out and joins us," said Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

"American Apparel is showing bold leadership by being among just a few companies to include transgender people in its national ads,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “

Isis is featured in a series of shots featuring slogans that will hopefully foster more acceptance of the LGBT community.

Looking good Isis!  And congrats on opening doors.



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Hold up.... wt is tha world,

Hold up.... wt is tha world, coming to??? Basically, there still going to ignore the fact that two men or women "Don't Belong Together" know matter what the government do... That shit still wrong an nasty!!!! Half, tha damn world getting confuse because people are allowing this Gay fag as shit to go on!!! Uggh.... # That's Not Right...

Congratulations Isis!!!!!!!

Congratulations Isis!!!!!!! She was in my class and always into fashion. Always sweet and down to earth...I guess dreams really do come true
Anonymous's picture

People make me sick with

People make me sick with wanting you to accept their sh*t!! The point is the world wants to go to hell on a scholarship! Men shouldn't be with men and women shouldn't be with women. It won't be long before people will be marrying their cats and dogs and want you to accept that in advertisements too!
That One's picture

Wow she look betta than otha

Wow she look betta than otha dude on love an hip hop claiming not to be a man..
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I’ve never commented on this

I’ve never commented on this site before but im sorry I gotta say this because this is super important. I hate when people write essays on blogs. I KNOW THE LENGTH IS SUPER ANNOYING BUT PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE THING ******* I BELIEVE THIS IS LITERALLY LIFE AND DEATH. AND IT WILL ONLY TAKE A SEC ******* The whole purpose of The Laws of Moses (WHICH ARE NOT ONLY the 10 Commandments but a total of 613 – THEY ARE IN THE FIRST 5 BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT) is to make us aware of our sinful nature. That EVERYONE maybe found guilty before GOD – Romans 3:19 Because as we know, no man is without sin – Ecclesiastes 7:20 (ALL MEN HAVE SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD) we have all broken, at least, one of these 613 laws of Moses. Whether you are homosexual or a liar or even if you don’t keep the Sabbath. LIKE Farrakhan said if you break one of the laws you’ve broken them all – James 2:10 So in the eyes of these laws. I am ASKING YOU ……. ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN?????? If you are honest with yourself the answer is NO. No one is eligible NOT EVEN ME. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS …… ****************** THAT’S WHAT JESUS IS HERE FOR ******************* That’s why GOD sent his son to DIE FOR US!!!!! Because he loved us soooooo much and he didn’t want us to go to hell that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him shall not perish but have everlasting life…… – JOHN 3:16 If we could get to heaven on our own through the Laws of Moses we wouldn’t need Jesus. BUT WE CAN’T!!!! ITS IMPOSSIBLE!!!! ITS OUR NATURE TO BREAK AT LEAST ONE OF THESE LAWS!!!!! Does that mean the laws of Moses are flawed???? NO!!!! The laws are are actually perfect. Not because they are the perfect guideline to live by. It is impossible to live by them and GOD KNOWS THAT. They are perfect because they do exactly what they are supposed to do which is to make us aware that we are a sinners. Its like a diagnosis for a sickness that makes you see the importance of the medication. 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Romans 2:1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things. 2Now we know that God’s judgment against those who do such things is based on truth. 3So when you, a mere man, pass judgment on them and yet do the same things, do you think you will escape God’s judgment? He’s talking to the same people who like to throw the Laws of Moses into people’s faces when they to break the same laws. And for those who are not into God at all ….. its like why would you want to make someone life so miserable anyway. ******** ITS IMPORTANT *********
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Thank you! You've said it

Thank you! You've said it all.. I registered just so I could agree with your post, because it is a 100% accurate and true. Thank you so much for this! We have all fallen short of the glory of God, Jesus is the ONLY way indeed... Thank you!
D_truth's picture

so now they got ISIS a

so now they got ISIS a transgender to model their clothes but they can't make clothes in XL? tjats cray cray!!
Trixee's picture

I SO feel u on this comment

I SO feel u on this comment
cee jay's picture

It really bothers me when

It really bothers me when people try to pick and choose parts of the Bible to quote! We might change, but the word stays the same. To each its own!!!
Lucypearl!@#'s picture

Everyone who thinks so

Everyone who thinks so negatively Isis or anyone else born as one gender and chooses to live another is seriously misinformed. The same things goes for you...."UNTIL YOU WALK IN THEIR SHOES". It doesn't just apply to them. Until you walk in their shoes keep your mouth closed, observe the world for a moment. Take a look at all the diversity the universe has blessed us with instead of hording all the accolades for yourself. A closed mouth and open eyes is an opportunity for you to learn something. Something very valuable. ~Kimberli Lagree-Simmons (Baltimore, MD)
Kimberli Lagree-Simmons's picture

Fucks Yeah!!!! I loves

Fucks Yeah!!!! I loves him/her, on the show him/her was awesome and I'm happy that him/her is signed somewhere. I like gay people too, I'm accepting applications for a new gay friend. Mine moved to mississippi :(
SLPNSYD's picture

my issue is not with the LGBT

my issue is not with the LGBT community. I believe everyone should be able to love who they not only want to love but who they can't control loving. I think everyone has the right to look how they want to look and to act how they want to act and if Bob wants to call himself Janet and wear heels and lipstick, or Janet wants to call herself Bob and wear a mustache and a buzz cut thats fine too. But what my issue really is, especially as a woman who struggles everyday with real women issues is that just because you have a surgery doesn't make you a real woman, or vice versa. I was born a woman and that's the only way you can be a woman. A woman is someone who has a monthly cycle so that she can birth a child, no amount of surgery will ever make someone who was not born a woman be able to do that. I'm multiracial if I woke up one day and said I want to be full white or full black or full asian, and changed all my physical to look like that one ethnicity I still would never be because essentially I am mixed and no amount of manufactured physical changes could ever change that, and if I went about doing that and said "i feel black inside or white inside etc... " everyone would look at me like I'm insane, but it's like because the transgender issue is so closely entangled with the issue of homosexuality it's almost taboo to say, it's a serious chemical malfunction in ones brain, because one would be accused of being homophobic. Be who you are I say, but don't claim to be something you truly are not.
mila's picture

I also agree, having a penis

I also agree, having a penis makes you male, not a man. And, vice versa.
Anonymous's picture

I agree!! until you have

I agree!! until you have period pains you are not a women (i understand that in rare cases some women never come on their period). However, being a women is far more than make up and high heels. This dude is just playing dress up. Sorry!!! You go through too much as a women for it to be given away for free. #fail
Anonymous's picture

Ok dear, the #fail is that as

Ok dear, the #fail is that as a "WOMAN" you can't distinguish between "WOMAN" and "WOMEN." FYI, the only way you can be a WOMEN is if there is more than one of you. Secondly, I don't think Isis is trying to take anything away from women who were biologically born as such. She's just trying to live her life in the skin that she is most comfortable in. Everyone has a right to do that.
DesignDiva's picture

I'm okay with the guy

I'm okay with the guy modeling, but could you pick someone that has a unique look, and not a different story about their sexuality! This guy looks like thousands of Brazilian women and that look is getting a little boring!
2227's picture

I know her mom. They are very

I know her mom. They are very nice people.. Very nice. Her mom is a sweetheart. I met her at my aunt funeral last year.
Anonymous's picture

so sad to see the ignorance

so sad to see the ignorance in the comments... God bless you as a people. real Christians know not to judge
Peggy's picture

Transgender is not normal and

Transgender is not normal and should not be allowed in modeling campaigns, on Americas Next Top Model, in the Miss America Pageant or anything else. If transgenders want media coverage they should go on RuPaul's drag tv show. Transgender is the devil. Men want to change their bodies to be women. Women want to change their bodies to become men. DEVIL!!!!!


RIGHT 's picture

i agree it is the devil, tho

i agree it is the devil, tho we shouldn't judge we should love one another, it is still a sin to live as such, i really don't think ppl really understand there is a huge HIV/AIDS epidemic bcuz of this it if everyone suddenly becomes homosexual it slows reproduction...i know cuz im a nurse ive seen many die from this regularly....as a christian we don't want to condem but spread and teach God's love before its too late..we have to wake up
Anonymous's picture

Its okay to believe what you

Its okay to believe what you want to believe. People are going to live the way they choose to live. They are not taking anything from anyone, they are not harming you or your loved ones, and they have to answer for every choice that they make in this life, we ALL do, so do you. So before you allow your personal feelings to send you on an evil rampage, maybe you should go grab that broom out of your closet full of skeletons and sweep your front porch clean before you go condemning a group of people that you don't even know. Time out for ignorance. Jesus did not condemn people, he told them the truth and he showed them LOVE. He didn't go among those who already knew God, He went among the throw-away's of society. He didn't beat them across the head and call them devils, He embraced them with love. If you really want to make a change, try to love someone instead of hurt them. The bible does say in John 15:17 "This is my command, Love each other." He commands this of us. Lets give love a try and see how we can touch more people that way, than with hate.
Anonymous's picture


D_truth's picture

yes they are taking away from

yes they are taking away from something...our youth...this is not normal and should not be portrayed as such
freddie's picture

And all this time I thought

And all this time I thought the bible was teaching tolerance and respect. Hmm.. must've missed the book on extreme hatred. :/
Philia's picture

You “Covenant Christians”

You “Covenant Christians” need to reread or actually read the bible because you know you’re only going on what you “Heard” the bible says..I’m sure the people around you tolerate your ignorance, so why not tolerate someone’s life choices. THEY ultimately are the only ones who will be judged and held accountable for THEIR choices in the end not you. LIVE AND LET LIVE
Anonymous's picture

I can tell you never read the

I can tell you never read the bible and just going by what5 someone told you. tolerance and respect is not the only thing the bible teaches
freddie's picture

Ovaries? NO! Womb? NO!

Ovaries? NO! Womb? NO! Estrogen? (from from a needle?!) NO! YOU--CANNOT--HAVE--CHILDREN, YOU--ARE--NOT--A--WOMAN!! YOU--ARE--A--CONFUSED--STINKY--HAIRY--MAN!! Homosexuality is a sin! YOU are sin! God hates you! God DESPISES homosexuals! *puts a razor in the Old Testament and hands it to stinky, hairy, confused man* Do what is right. Why belabor your time here on earth - do the one and only noble thing.. X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT...!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Usually people who say

Usually people who say ignorant mess like this have some gay skeletons in their closet and I'm sure if you opened up and spoke honestly, you would have a little gay story to tell. This is the same type of thinking that take so many innocent lives whenever some radical, moron decides to spread his hateful rhetoric to the masses i.e The Holocaust, Blacks fighting for Civil Rights in America, Muslims who want peace versus the Taliban, I could go on and on. Stop with this insanity. Yes God says that the ACT of homosexuality is an abomination. God hates the SIN, not the person. Pray for people that you feel need to be saved. But first pray for yourself. Pray that God can remove the hate from your heart. Pray that God will allow you to see past this persons sin, so that you can see their heart. Show love, show love, show love. It will get you results. Not this mess that you're saying here. It only sparks disgust and disinterest.
Anonymous's picture

Lmao.. Exactly! X you're

Lmao.. Exactly! X you're funny. Lol
Anonymous's picture

Put your stones down, lest

Put your stones down, lest you have no sins my friend.
Philia's picture

I hope you do call yourself a

I hope you do call yourself a christian!!!! Wow your so damn mean for no reason. Homophobic asshole!
Melissa!'s picture

Anyone who has something

Anyone who has something negative to say should just stay off of the post!!!! Isis is the perfect person for the campaign because she is one of very few well known faces in the LGBT community. I for one am not gay, but I have nothing against the gay community. Love is love no matter what race, gender, religion, and so forth. Yes the word says that we should only wed those who are also christian, yes the word says that sex before marraige is a sin.....now Im not saying that we shouldnt listen to that, but what I AM saying is nobody here on this post, better yet on this PLANET has a right to judge anyone based on who they are with, what they look like, what their race is, or what they believe in. Last I heard, God made this world and the people living in it, and God will be the only one there on judgement day....so anyone wanting that job can take a number, because it's not gonna happen!!!! And to the woman who condones gays but not interracial relationships........get you head out of ur tail end!!!!!!!! Do you not realize what age you are living in!?! I bet you nobody living today is 100% of ANY race! Everyone is mixed with SOMETHING, even if it's from far into their ancestry!!! Reading the comments in this post really rattles my brain! It's sad to see how the majority of our generation has not progressed.....I fear for what my children will have to through in their lives....makes me wonder if I should even bring any into this world!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

So I am a black man, if I

So I am a black man, if I were to tell everyone that I'm white inside or that I was born white and GOD didn't know what he was doing by making me black or a person of color. So I go through the process of removing all traces of melanin inside of me, bleach my hair blonde and or wear blonde wigs, and get some blue colored contacts. Do you people mean to to tell me that I am mentally stable, and that my "TRANSformation" into a white male is completely healthy and sane? STOP THE BS.
Anomaly  's picture

There are people who feel

There are people who feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Who are we to say that they are mentally stable or not? Your opinion is that transgender people are mentally unstable and that is all it is, is your opinion. Whether its transgender, someone who has plastic surgeries, people who can't live without fake hair, nails, eyelashes, whatever, people who only wear the color red everyday, people who only drive Chevy's, I could go on and on. Some may think those people might be a little strange or mentally unstable. That is their opinion. You cannot put a stamp on someone that you don't even know. Open up your heart and your mind and begin to look at others as human beings, with feelings, families who love them too, friends, jobs. Everything that most NORMAL people have going for them, these people have the same.
Anonymous's picture

Exactly! It's not normal and

Exactly! It's not normal and in their heart-of-hearts they know it. We are living in dangerous times. Calling what is wrong right... We should be very careful.
Anonymous's picture

Transgendered are the most

Transgendered are the most self-hating insecure people on earth. Love who you are, own it and embrace it.
NewDay's picture

You can nip tuck, cut, all

You can nip tuck, cut, all you want but YOUR DNA SAYS YOU ARE A MAN. You will always be a MAN it is what GOD created you to be. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE CREATORS DESIGN EVER!
NewDay's picture

Something is mentally wrong

Something is mentally wrong with this dude
Anonymous's picture

Something is mentally wrong

Something is mentally wrong with this dude
Anonymous's picture

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Blackwhitemeet。℃'ó'ϻ that's all serious dating. Millions of members with good economic condition and high quality. Someone suitable is here waiting for u. with other single black, white girls and men in your city.. It is my favorite club for mixed love....
Blackwhitemeet.com's picture

!!Homosexuals will put Mitt

!!Homosexuals will put Mitt Romney in the White House..!!!! Bloomberg just polled Fla. voters, and because, and ONLY because of Barack's "same-sex" endorsement, they're now turning to Mitt Romney. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-23/romney-widens-lead-over-obama-a.... And so, homosexuals "won" and everyone else loses: Consumer Protection Laws: Repealed! Health Care Reform: Repealed! A noisy, minority within a minority, who shares absolutely ZERO values with the minority that immediately supersedes has now managed to derail and reverse: Homosexuals: 1 Everyone Else: 0 X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,"and Z"'s picture

Come on people, do you really

Come on people, do you really have to believe in God to know that transgender is dysfunction. When a black person tries to appear and speak white, we call them sick. What exactly is different from their dissatisfaction with self and a gay person's? the fact that your gender/skin is so important to you that you live life desiring and actively trying to get out of it is slavery to the flesh/carnal mind, and shameful to the gospel. Any real Christians knows this . Where is the love for self and obedience to God? WHere is the repentance of Lust Of Eye, Lust Of Flesh, Pride Of Life? You know there is disconnect from God and dysfunction with self, and that you need to be BORN AGAIN, just like everybody else. Jesus didn't free (save) you to be bound by your carnal nature, that is death..........but to spiritually minded is life and peace. keep playing! WOULD you haven WANTED TO LIVE IN sODOM OR gOMORRAH. They wanted and tried to fscrew angels! ....and were destroyed thereof for their dysfunctional mind. keep playing!
Preach's picture

Ugggghhhhhhh!!!!!! Although I

Ugggghhhhhhh!!!!!! Although I do agree with some of what you are saying, please go study and pray, then come back and re post. This is the reason why so many people are turning away from the church, because Christians have no idea of how to embrace people with love. We are ALL sinners. If not for Gods' grace and mercy, we would all be going to hell. Step back and check yourself. Stop going off on people with the words of the bible. Although you may not agree with another persons life choices, as a Christian, it is your charge to bring them to Jesus. You can't bring them to Jesus by talking down to them. Everyone wants to be respected, everyone wants to be loved. The reason why so many people are searching in other areas of life for acceptance is because they can't stand the judgement and how Christians are so quick to snub them for whatever reason. Jesus did not go among people standing on a high horse. He was born in a manger, not in a nice clean hospital room. He was a carpenter, not a CEO. He didn't hang out with kings, he went among the lepers, prostitutes, killers,
Anonymous's picture

Amen! And the thing is,

Amen! And the thing is, people know this but their so caught up in this worlds system that they violate & ignore their own conscience. And to the poster below who asked "What does speaking white mean?" You damn well know what that means! I have a cousin who was BORN & RAISED in Jamaica that speaks like a valley girl!!! She bleaches her skin & married a white guy! Lol. Just yesterday, after not seeing me for a year, chastised me for cutting my hair & going natural! So that's what that means!!!
Anonymous's picture

What is speaking white? You

What is speaking white? You just lost your argument in the second sentence.
Anonymous's picture

Church. Very well said,

Church. Very well said, Preach.
Jen's picture

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