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FASHION FAB: Solange Knowles & Julez GET FAB For Stella McCartney's 2012 Spring Carnival Party + NeNe Leakes LANDS New Clothing Line!!??

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Solange Knowles and her son Daniel Julez Smith were spotted at the Stella McCartney's Spring 2012 collection presentation in NYC yesterday.  See their cute mommy-and-me pics inside and find out about NeNe Leakes new clothing line.....

Solange Knowles brought her son out for Stella McCartney's 2012 Spring Fashion Presentation Carnival Party yesterday.  She rocked one of Stella's Spring/Summer 2012 print mini dresses.  And she and her son (who has an effortless fashion swag of his own) mingled amongst other celebs and models who showed off Stella McCartney's new spring collection.

And in case you didn't hear, comments about Solange's "natural" recently sparked an outburst from the singer.  She posted a stream of tweets directed at people commenting on her various hairstyles.  

 "I’m only going to say a few things. I cut my hair ALL off 4 times in my life all for very different reasons....I only reiterate this because this is nothing new for me. This 4th time did not define me, just as it had not the previous 3 times. I've never painted myself as a team natural vice president. I don't know the lingo and I don't sleep with a satin cap...However, I did notice when I picked out my hair, I kept seeing feedback about needing a "twist out". Connnnfesssioonnn: I HATE twist outs. Correction, I hate the way they look on me. SO I end up always picking them/steaming them out," Solange continues.


"Look, all I’m saying is. My hair is not very important to me....so I don't encourage it to be important to you. I’m very emotional today (involving something else), so I’m letting the momentum of that help me to express the fact that...I don’t want to talk about no damn hair.....no mo. (AND maybe I’m biased, but I agree 100% with the article I posted…)"

We feel her on the unnecessary constant judgment.  But interesting words about not wanting to speak about hair ever again--coming from a Carol's Daughter hair care spokesmodel.


While there, she and Julez also played with the carnival games.  


After the party, Solange also dropped by the Michael Kalish's Belle Epoque Sculpture celebration and posed with actress Kelly Rutherford.  Whew....busy evening!


And in other fashion news.....


NeNe Leakes may be the first castmember from "RHOA" to have an actual clothing line hit the market.  She's in talks with global brand licensing agency Beanstalk to put her name and brand on their clothing to make for her "own" clothing.  

Beanstalk said that it intends to “leverage NeNe’s position in pop culture to offer consumers fashion-forward, affordable apparel and accessories, designed to empower women to walk into a room and ‘own it’ -- like NeNe herself.”

Michael Stone, Beanstalk’s president and CEO, added "While the fame of reality television characters is often short-lived and fleeting.  NeNeLeakes has displayed versatility that has enabled her to transition from being a Real Housewives personality to a featured television star on Glee. NeNe's multi-faceted personality and aspirational style will translate well into products that will emotionally connect with her fans."

And the praise continued as Allison Ames, president of North America at Beanstalk, said  “NeNe’s rise to fame has eclipsed that of any other reality television star today, providing a real opportunity to extend her brand.”

Sheree Whitfield is somewhere thinking "Why not me and "She By Sheree?"  One day Sheree....


Photos via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America/Everdeen/Splash News

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I love Solange's look, it

I love Solange's look, it defines her. I am happy that young lady finally came into her own. From the looks of things, she is a great mom, and I have tremendous respect for her! That is rite Solo, the only time you need to talk about hair IS AT WORK! folks need to get off her back! Smdh....
Shemmi's picture

Solange be givin natural

Solange be givin natural beauty & be look'n hot when she want to. her lil man look just like Ms Tina...
Anonymous's picture

Yall females need to fall

Yall females need to fall back off Solo...she does her thing..she's a cute chic&her son is handsome! One thing i do know, you can't STOP ppl from hating..ppl that color green envy does look good.
Nicole*tha*boss*Really's picture

Leave Solange alone!!!! so

Leave Solange alone!!!! so what!! she wears her hair natural, and speaking as a black woman who can't wear her own hair due to Sarcoidosis, and even when I had all of my hair, I would wear my hair natrual. We look so beautiful, especally when we keep our hair groomed. As far as Julez he is a fine young boy who looks like his dad and his Carter family, and yes that is his real dad her husband. This site is so damn ugly with your stupid ass comments about stars who don't give a shit what you say negative about them. They will go on to make money, and other things positive happen for them, and you still will be talking smack!!! how sad.. just be a damn fan. Learn to just be you!!!
cynthia's picture


Eby's picture

Solange seems to be a great

Solange seems to be a great mommy...Daniel is so handsome.
Anonymous's picture

Juelz got Tina Knowles DNA.

Juelz got Tina Knowles DNA. Solange better cut that hair, cuz he's gonna get teased a lot for looking like a girl.
TRUTHHURTS's picture

I love Solange's hair, I wear

I love Solange's hair, I wear mine natural also and no one understands my look! Women of color have such a complex about hair, they are not even comfortable with another women's hair on her head in her style, that is how insecure they are, but I do me and to bad so sad for all the sisters I bend out of shape! If you look at the Carter's baby, you will see she looks a lot like Julez, so the DNA of that family from grandmother is super strong. The fathers are not having a lot of affect on the family traits, but Mrs. Knowles' family trait is THE factor!
2227's picture

I love that she has come into

I love that she has come into her own, g'head Solo-angel
Anonymous's picture

Geez. Jules looks one hundred

Geez. Jules looks one hundred perce t like Tina. Her pointy nose, mouth/lips, head shape, eyes......it's like she birthed that boy!
Andy's picture

I can really see Beyonce in

I can really see Beyonce in Juelz! Especially as hes got older. Looks like he could more be her son!
Anonymous's picture

Solo looks cute...but that

Solo looks cute...but that hair...she needs to learn the two-stand twist...OAN Im talking about anyone's child but I dont care what anyone says....the guy that she married is not that boys father
Sallyone's picture

that is an awful thing to

that is an awful thing to say.
Anonymous's picture

Solange is a natural hair

Solange is a natural hair paid spokesperson so natural hair community looks to her to be honest and informative about natural hair care. Her rant is as usual way off and unecessary.
hello's picture

I can totally relate to

I can totally relate to Solange and her hair rant. I too am natural, but there is a natural hair mafia out there that lurks on the internet ready to critique and natural hair style that someone chooses to have. I am so sick of folks telling what to use on my hair when I know what works for me. get the fuck out of here with that.
Anonymous's picture

Why cut your hair to wear

Why cut your hair to wear natural looking wigs and agro wigs. Her short natural hair looks best not these Ronald McDonald clown do's.
Frankie's picture

She wears too many extensions

She wears too many extensions and tracks in her hair.
LezMiller's picture


Anonymous's picture

Congrats to Nene but I wont

Congrats to Nene but I wont be buying this mess. I dont find Nene to be fashionable and when she is she is styled by someone else and wearing high end brand name designers. So, dont try to sell me junk you wouldnt wear yourself all in the name of "I am rich bitch". Not with my money honey. No ma'am!
Anonymous's picture

But NeNe can't dress though!

But NeNe can't dress though! Im confused.
CookieD's picture

You're confused b/c you're

You're confused b/c you're missing the point.......UGH
SexySlim's picture

And Whats fucking point!!???

And Whats fucking point!!???
Sallyone's picture


yosssssssssssssssssss Nene!!!! U R taking this platform and killN!!!!!!!!!!!! God is GOOD!!!! GetYoLife sis!!!!!! iAM PROUD of YA
JudyMaew/TheT's picture

I think the little boy looks

I think the little boy looks like he could actually be Micheal Jacksons kid
extrabacon's picture

Exactly! I think if MJ grew

Exactly! I think if MJ grew up to look like this lil boy hey would have never changed his looks.
Moody's picture

Solange you are a cute girl,

Solange you are a cute girl, but your hair always look like you just woke up pat that sucka and you out the door... Nene enough said
ReadingRainbow's picture

Nene working with a company

Nene working with a company named BEANSTALK, lol how appropriate.
tori's picture


Anonymous's picture

Solange and her damn attitude

Solange and her damn attitude towards the world...( fix bitch) never had to step one foot in this industry....always had beyonce to back her free Willy ass up.....this chick needs to take her fake inspiration wannabe ass somewhere overseas.....I will never forget how she use to talk smack about black women hating on beyonce and Destiny child's back in the days....when white people was the ones who was posting negative things about them in the media......tired ass self looking like a hot mess in red lipstick!!!!! Btw....who is so worried about this bitch hair in the first place....obviously she's trying to steer up the pot so that these useless hair care products can sell.....because I didn't read or hear anybody say a damn thing about her or her hair....this family gets paid off negativity....(scam and cons)
Anonymous's picture

Thats funny because every

Thats funny because every single article I read on Solange, her hair always becomes the main focus in the comments section. Chick could cure AIDS and people will find a way to make her hair the focus.
NY Seedy's picture

But thats the whole

But thats the whole point...Chick dont do shit..so what else are we to talk abou????
Sallyone's picture

Lmao. You're right.

Lmao. You're right.
Anonymous's picture

Little Juelz or Julez is too

Little Juelz or Julez is too cute. He is definetly a Knowles. Solange seems so lost. I'm guessing her parents treated Kelly Rowland more like their child than they did her growing up. Her sons hair looks more maintained than hers does, but I guess thats because she doesn't wear satin caps or get twist outs, oh Solange you make a better spokesperson if you didn't speak.
tori's picture

that boy look just like Mama

that boy look just like Mama Tina
Anonymous's picture

Sometimes Solange wants to

Sometimes Solange wants to rock her natural hair, and sometimes she doesn't. It's as simple as that and I don't understand the constant nitpicking at her about it. Why do sistahs feel there are 2 camps - Natural Hair or Processed, Weaved and Sculpted Heads. We ought to be happy that we have so many choices at our disposal. Also, I love Solange's naturally kinky puffy hair and it's shameful that so many black women seem to think the only way to rock a natural afro is some twist out madness. Note to all my fellow sistahs - THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH YOUR NAPPY HAIR EXACTLY AS IT GROWS OUT OF YOUR SCALP. End of story.
The Real Thing's picture

I wouldnt buy a pair of NeNe

I wouldnt buy a pair of NeNe Leakes CRAP...if it was marked 98% off and a buy 2 get 5 free coupon! I wouldnt gift a reformed prostitute a years supply of drawz with her label on it! Her line should be called "MOOSE"! LOL
DatsMyWord's picture

they look like brother sister

they look like brother sister more than mother and son. Still cute
miss infamous's picture

Solange is a star. The woman

Solange is a star. The woman is a bonafide STAR!!!
YeahISaidIT's picture

Solange is a spokewoman for

Solange is a spokewoman for natural hair products. She needs to lose the attitude and own the criticisms. I'm not mad a NeNe. She knows how to hustle and lock up a deal. I was not a fan of hers in the past but I like how she's been able to transform herself from the reality show format to Hollywood. Git it Nene.
MissCrop's picture

WOW! Juelz is getting really

WOW! Juelz is getting really big. HATE IT OR LOVE IT THE UNDERDOG IS ON TOP!!!! I'm so happy for NeNe, not only has she calmed down her HYPENESS she has climbed up the ladder. She is a true definition of a HUSTLA! So I guess she was 100% correct when she told Sheree she was PLAYING FOR THE WRONG TEAM! UGH!! .........THE WORD HAS LAUNCHED.......CLICK THE LOGO.....YAY!!
TheWord's picture

I don't know why.....but

I don't know why.....but Solange's son reminds me of Michael Jackson :-/
Mina's picture

Solange's BASTARD BABY <-----

Solange's BASTARD BABY <----- looks like he has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (he doesn't know his Mom. That Bitch is NEVER HOME)
Becky&#039;s Mom ™®©'s picture

wow... that is so

wow... that is so inappropriate. Do you know her personally?
Anonymous's picture

Natasha...Becky need to be

Natasha...Becky need to be banned from this site!
Anonymous's picture

like she said she was having

like she said she was having an emotional day at the time....we all are entitled to have a few days when we just dont feel like it....congrats to nene...i love her...she is doing great things...
traci's picture

I agree with the comments

I agree with the comments about Solange. Maybe she should withhold her "true feelings" until she's less emotionally compromised. If you're the brand ambassador for a hair care line, that if I understand it correctly, caters to and promotes natural hair, then people are going to call you to task. I'm personally always confused by the giant natural afro wigs and then her shorter natural afro, but that doesn't really matter.
The Queen of Hearts's picture

Juelz is such a cutie and

Juelz is such a cutie and Solo looks great ... as always. Love her style!
Elle's picture

Solange looks so pretty and

Solange looks so pretty and her son is the cutest thing ; )
ImThinking's picture

SOLO said she DOESNT wear

SOLO said she DOESNT wear SATIN SCARVES to bed tho O_o How is that even possible with natural hair!!?? That like our save and grace and ULTIMATE MUST HAVE!! lmao She missed me with that one
Anonymous's picture

Curious.....I have been

Curious.....I have been natural all of my life except for the period of oct - dec 2010; and a few times attempted to sleep with a satin scarf, but it always comes out in the middle of the night. What's the real benfit. I wear my hair to this day natural and don't see any issue.
koko chanel's picture

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