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Evelyn Lozada Reveals Her Explicit Sexcapades With Chad & Other Women, MaMa Dee Takes Us Down Her Road Of PIMPING

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On the latest installment of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kandi Burruss' web show Kandi Koated Knights, "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada & "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star Mama Dee came on to talk about their explicit sexcapades and pimping.  In that order.


Deets inside...

For last night's topic--Why Do Women Have to Work So Hard to Keep A Man--both Evelyn Lozada & Lil Scrappy's mother Mama Dee hit the show to offer up their perspectives.

Evelyn--who is on promo rounds for her new book The Inner Circle and her upcoming reality show "Ev & Ocho" with her fiance Chad Ochocinco--gave a play by play of what she does in bed to keep her NFL man Chad happy. 

Summary: Yes, she happily gives that Becky. Yes, she's had an "eat the box" experience with another chick.  Yes, she tosses salad (but not Chad's).  She and Chad almost had a threesome.  And yes, she's partakes in back door sex even though her fave position is on top.  You're welcome in case you were up wondering about that at night.

As for MaMa Dee, she explained how exactly she previously got into the business of pimping women.  She revealed that she is a Registered Nurse by trade.  But after a car collision in 1996, she lost her job and turned to pimping women in the streets.  Of course.  Because going from the very skilled job of being an RN to being a pimp is the natural progression of events. I see she and Kim Zolciak have more than a few things in common.

She also told the story of previously making her working girls take their clothes off when they came off the street from selling their bodies.  All so she could check their lady parts to make sure they were not stealing.

Dee revealed she previously moved kilos of drugs in the street to support her family. 

She also explained why she told her son's girlfriend, Erica Dixon, on Monday's show that she needs to give Scrappy more attention.  And she stands by it.  MaMa Dee's words of wisdom: Women should be self-confident, BUT be "that Becky."  Thanks Mama Dee.

Video streaming by Ustream

Here's the full video of the show (Fast Forward to the 30 minute mark to see Ev & Dee).

More pics from the live show--attended by Derek J of course:

Pics via FreddyO.com

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raju's picture

Kandi is a ghetto hoodrat and

Kandi is a ghetto hoodrat and ratchet. She needs to go get a real man, and be a mature woman. She's just a sugarmama. Evelyn is a ghetto hoodrat who needs to know she will never be a wife, maybe for a year. Mama dee is crazy, she's just extremely embarrasing and sad. I feel bad for men and women who are raised by these type of women.
Anonymous's picture

The comments that you have

The comments that you have made about Kandi are far from the truth. Let me clear something up for you. I came from the hood, I stayed in the hood, I was raised in the hood, and no where in the hood can you find woman of Kandi's stature. Now Ev on the other hand, your are correct. He have to learn how to give it up to our black women that deserve to be boasted.
A.S.ESCOTT's picture

I love *sarcasm* the fact

I love *sarcasm* the fact that Natasha failed to relay the fact that there was a very informative and important discussion on HIV/AIDS the first half of Kandi's show....thanx for choosing BS over substance!
513hotgirl's picture

Omg!!!!!! This is

Omg!!!!!! This is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to much information for me!!!
Anonymous's picture

Omg!!!!!! This is

Omg!!!!!! This is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy to much information for me!!!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

i completely agree. but a few

i completely agree. but a few things need to be fixed so the edges can be smooth because right now i would not watch another episode.
dark&lovely's picture

YBF has become TRASH!!!!! ---

YBF has become TRASH!!!!! --- just like VH1 and Bravo! NecoleBitchie.com has more class !!!!
Anonymous's picture

Wow is all I can say after

Wow is all I can say after reading the post. I mean is this what the world is coming to?!? Women just putting ALL their business out there for a dollar and a camera flash. Hope its all worth it when your puss is shriveled up and dried out. Hope your "racks on racks on racks" can comfort you when you realize you have a hole where our soul used to be...if you ever had one. Lord bless em.
jennifer 's picture

A lot of "White" and "Asian"

A lot of "White" and "Asian" chicks are "Golddiggers-that is the difference! "Women of Color" never turn the sex into a business-that makes us pathetic? Asian and White women are selling their bodies-the media always points to "women of color" to brainwash everyone-welcome to Amerikkka!
Anonymous's picture

Oh man, it makes sense why

Oh man, it makes sense why hoodrats, ghetto black and latina women will forever remain at the bottom. Kim K has a sex tape, but she does her best to stay away from it, if possible she will want to say that wasn't her. What happen to class, and keeping what you do in private to yourself. Some of these white and Asian girls are freaks but they don't come out to say it. It's funny to that Kandi with all her sex expert tips, she's still single. And, chad ain't marrying Eve, only for money. Pathetic.
Anon's picture

A lot of "White" and "Asian"

A lot of "White" and "Asian" chicks are "Golddiggers-that is the difference! "Women of Color" never turn the sex into a business-that makes us pathetic? Asian and White women are selling their bodies-the media always points to "women of color" to brainwash everyone-welcome to Amerikkka!
Anonymous's picture

It's the way we do it. We go

It's the way we do it. We go too far with it. Seriously, anyone listening or watch Kandi talk about sex is a big turn off. Nothing sexy about it. Don't give out too much. There's a way you can make sell your business without being too raunchy.
Anon's picture

Mama D, is an example of many

Mama D, is an example of many single black mamas out there who raise these little boys, ignorant men. And, you wonder why so many black men and women are messed. I can't take this anymore. Pure foolishness.
Anon's picture


Anonymous's picture


Philly_HU's picture

As a fan and a avid reader I

As a fan and a avid reader I was really upset that the first have of this video wasn't even mentioned in passing. Natasha 1 or 2 things happen, you either didn't look at the video before posing it or you just straight upload whatever article these stars publicist write for you. Get back to the real.
Jennifer Pickett's picture

i hate moms like mama

i hate moms like mama D...talking about she needs to pay more attention to her son...scrappy is the man itch and he needs to pay attention to his girl! uuuuhh...moms like her that got all these dudes playing role reversal right now...soft ace lil boys looking for someone to cater to them.....does she have any girls talking this non sense?! as the far as the pimpin' who gives a shit...a lot of us had to do ish most wouldn't admit to to survive back in the day, leave that ish right there, back in the day! grow up horse face azz.
tanyamichelle's picture

I just don't understand the

I just don't understand the need to share intimate details with the world. What does this do for them exactly? They've got the game all wrong..yes Kim K made a sex tape and leaked it and it made her profitable but she's not raunchy. You never see her discussing intimate details of her relationships. We always take shit too far.
PacificGirl's picture

Kandi's show discusses sexual

Kandi's show discusses sexual topics and can sometimes be very graphic and not for the faint of heart. That's the forum for a discussion like that. They chose to expose those intimate details of their sexual life. I honestly would prefer them to keep conversations on a platform as such where its not readily accesible to young minds and ears. Can't tell you how many times I'm home watching tv and the younger family members are around watching with me, and here comes the commercial for herpes cream, or erectile supplements, etc. Seriously?! Is it necessary to advertise this stuff during a 3 min break from The Payne's or some other family show?!
Moneboo's picture

Can someone please translate?

Can someone please translate? I don't speak Coon. WTF!
Anonymous 's picture

LOL @ "be that Becky" I LOVE

LOL @ "be that Becky" I LOVE IT!!
LOL@U's picture

These women are whores!!

These women are whores!! Pimpin girls? a Madame??? Gross and trifling!! Takin it up the ass and lickin ass holes? NOW thats some ho-ish shit!! Shit mouth and chili dog dick? Tha bitch is triflin and i wouldnt marry her ass if she was rich for real! Chad is a LAME!! Nast asss bitch could get fuck and give me a suck and then I'd throw her ignorant ass in the gutter! Go get another!
Anonymous's picture

Oh Derrick J.... *sigh*

Oh Derrick J.... *sigh*
LOL@U's picture

That girl with the blonde

That girl with the blonde hair looks like Whitney Houston to me
Anonymous's picture

I feel so sorry for Lil

I feel so sorry for Lil Scrappy and other children born to women like Mama Dee...I'm thankful for a praying God fearing mother.
Anonymous's picture

Evelyn is endangering her

Evelyn is endangering her health and welcoming in a hosts of bacteria that will shorten her life.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Disgusting!!..that's why so

Disgusting!!..that's why so many women are successful in their careers and ordering toys from Kandi...licking ass to keep a trifflin man...they smoking!!
Anonymous's picture

yall are some HATING a**

yall are some HATING a** hypocrites. Are you saying you have never given or gotten head. Ya'll don't do nothing a LIL freaky? Just the good ol missionary, in the bed, with 1 member of the opposite sex, no frills... ever? * * Maybe this is why some of ya'll always on here sounding bitter, hateful, and angry for no darn reason. * * * Get YOUR life and stop being mad at what other grown folks do.
Anonymous's picture

Common - not everything needs

Common - not everything needs to be put on the table - give it a fucking rest! Damn - and this makes you a celebrity - all idiots!!
talya's picture

For centuries men went to

For centuries men went to prostitutes to pay for such services and those women put their health at risk for performing them. It is disrespectable to ask your woman to literallt lick your ass hole. She should not feel compelled to do so in order to keep a man interested in her.
Anonymous's picture

She's a disgusting crab! This

She's a disgusting crab! This is who he chooses to marry?? This is what a wife should be?! Smh
Anonymous's picture

Contact between the mouth and

Contact between the mouth and the anus will result in the transfere of bottom germs. Bowel organisms Salmonella, Shigella and Campylobacter can all be transmitted by oral-anal contact. There is a significant risk od infection with such sexual practices. There is a high rate of Hepatitis A and rectal cancer in the gay community were such sexual performances are common.
Anonymous's picture

NOT if you wear a dental dam,

NOT if you wear a dental dam, it isn't. How very prudish and naive. Get your SEX life, helloooo.
Anonymous's picture

Excuse the typos. Not

Excuse the typos. Not everything being done in the bedroom needs to be so openly talked about in public.
Anonymous's picture

Exactly!! I'm not even

Exactly!! I'm not even concerned with what she does, it's the platform she chose and the decision at all to reveal it.and she's stated it's harder for her to ignore judgment/criticism than Chad. Why do this to yourself then? Did she think people were gonna say she was real for this?
Anonymous's picture

"Hope her ho ass choke on one

"Hope her ho ass choke on one of Chad's turds"......WHOEVER wrote that is HILARIOUS! Happy Friday! P.S. Evelyn is an ignorant WHORE!!
DatsMyWord's picture

No one on that panel is

No one on that panel is legible to give advice on keeping a man. How about interviewing couple who is happily married?
Mrs. Bond's picture

These women are sick..and not

These women are sick..and not in the good way
Zinga!'s picture


MOMMA DEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JudyMaew/TheT's picture

Ev is doing the most in order

Ev is doing the most in order to keep Chad interested. This relationship will fail because its based solely on Lust. Let's be 100% clear, he told her that it would be hard to commit to her because of the temptation...he said this on national television. It takes a very immature mind to come to the delusional conclusion that inviting other people in the bedroom with your man will prevent him from leaving and unfortunately Ev will find out the hard way that there is nothing that will save this "relationship".
Anonymous's picture

Mama Dee wasn't nobody's

Mama Dee wasn't nobody's RN......
pashunfruit's picture

I could care less about Mama

I could care less about Mama Bear and Eve-hoe. Seriously. But aside from that, ladies...if you are in a committed relationship or married, I FEEL, there should be no limits to what is done in the bedroom. My motto is this, I'm a woman, your a man. You chose me and I chose you. If we're going to be together till death do us part, then why not be a freak in the sheets? What you think is nasty or "off limits", may be the key to an exciting healthy sexual relationship with your mate. That sterotype about men being "gay" because they have their "salad tossed" is ridiculous. I encourage all women who are in heterosexual relationships to read up on the male "g-spot". You'll discover a whole new world when you do. And no ladies, its no where near the penis. Men who are afraid to let their lady pleasure them deeply need to reconsider their manhood. And ladies who find the idea repulsive, need to reconsider their ability to enjoy the pleasures of sex. I'm not saying that we have to turn into these savage sexual beasts sticking cucumbers and sweet peas down our cervix...just suggesting that we approach adventurous sexual behavior WITH OUR COMITTED PARTNER with an open mind. I emphasize committed partner because in this world, sex can be a death sentence for some. With all that's going around out there. After the committment is there,the trust is established and the tests have come back negative....go ahead and have fun!!
Moneboo's picture

Normally I try not to post

Normally I try not to post anything negative against anyone...BUT this is just disgusting and for all those that encourage and agree with this post is disgusting. Don't try to justify being in a committed relationship make you better than "whores". You and your partner can easily become un-committed..it happens all the time and then you just have shit on your face and in your mouth. I don't think your lips and/or tongue was ever meant to touch base with anyone's butt. This is a disgusting topic and I can not believe how anyone would participate in such AND go public with it. Furthermore, what man wants his "woman" to publicize that she goes down on women, lick booty, take it up the booty and do anything else to hold onto a man AND still want to marry her...just disgusting. OMG...I am just going to remain celibate...I'm going to heaven!
Cookie's picture

I agree with "Moneboo" 100%,

I agree with "Moneboo" 100%, "if you are in a comitted relationship-please your man in every way possible". Eve is keeping stuff 100%, but maybe she should do like "White" and "Asian" girls and sell every detail to the press so nobody calls her a whore.
Anonymous's picture

YOU ARE FILTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU ARE FILTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is NOT that serious. Eventhough you tried your BEST to refrain from from saying you licked ass too but ya just told on yourself. YUCK!
Ha! Please!'s picture

i agree with it, i don't lick

i agree with it, i don't lick azz but im not in a relationship with someone who wants or likes it and never have....must be cuz i don't attract them cuz i don't do it but for those who do that's their business and if it pleasures them go for it but this is why i don't drink or eat after people either.....your just a boring sexual person, you probably just lay there saying and doing nothing all while...well it's your choice but just like you probably are offended by the "boring" reference you shouldn't offend people for what they like either. maybe you need a little filth in your life.
tanyamichelle's picture

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