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UH OH! Tamar Braxton THREATENS TO SUE K. Michelle OVER "Muppet" Comment & "Jumping Gates" Threat!

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Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle are quickly becoming enemies as legal threats are a-flying.  Tamar, who apparently doesn't take kindly to being called a muppet, just filed a "Cease And Desist" order over K. Michelle trashing her...on Twitter.  Deets inside...


"Braxton Family Values" star Tamar Braxton issued a "Cease And Desist" order from her New York lawyers yesterday over comment and threats she alleges "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star K. Michelle has made.  

When "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" premiered last week, Memphis native K. Michelle made several allegations that her ex-manager and ex-boyfriend abused her mentally and physically.  And also stole from her.  Without saying record exec Memphitz's name, folks knew exactly who she was speaking of since he played both roles in her life, and she also made similar allegations over a year ago on Twitter.

Tamar, at the same time the show aired, tweeted to fans that people need to just let the "girl" live her fairytale. While Tamar is indeed good friends with Memphitz's wife, Toya (and also appeared on her show "Tiny & Toya"), many assumed she was taking up for her girl's husband and accusing K. Michelle of lying. 

K. Michelle then went on TT Torrez's radio show and said she "jumps gates" and Tamar looks like a muppet and needs to fall back.  Shots fired?

According to the cease & desist letter, Tamar was actually speaking about Toya.  Tamar claims she was defending her friend against people attacking her about her husband and their Paris vacation they were on at the time.


The bulk of the document reads:

So basically, Tamar is pissy that K. Michelle threatened to fight her and called her a "muppet!"  Now Tamar is demanding a public apology and money to hire a "reputation management firm" to clear up her good name.  


For now, K. Michelle has not responded....but Tweets is Watching!

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Dead<-----, *Talking From My

Dead<-----, *Talking From My Grave*I Heard Of Suing Peepo For Making Fradulent Claims...But Homegirl Is dead On It. Tamar,Yo ass Is A Dead Ringer For A Muppet.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture

I want to say I was watching

I want to say I was watching the first episode of Tamar and Vince and this and she couldn't even MULTIPLY 9x6 she said 80 something OMG AND SHE DID IT ON HER FINGERS IM APPALLED! Now you need to go to math .COM LOL LMAO!! Dd anyone else notice this? Im just saying...I guess you don't need to know math if you marry MONEY!! Lol
Flawless-2014's picture

Both of these females need a

Both of these females need a reality show called Hood Rat Central
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tamar really?? Are you that

tamar really?? Are you that bored.
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I couldnt put my finger on it

I couldnt put my finger on it before, but..Tamar does look just like a muppet! Her voice is annoyinhg like one too. And for the record, we all know Tamar started this lil feud for attention. TAMAR U BETTA GET YO LYFE!
NeNeNeverland's picture

Please when making a legal

Please when making a legal complaint against someone, have the charges sound like something presented before a legal authority. Those charges sounded like something presented before MRS. SMITH 6-8 years old VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL TEACHER!
James-Braque's picture

she looks more and more like

she looks more and more like ms piggy (dude) lol!
Anonymous's picture

im thinkn tamars attorneys

im thinkn tamars attorneys are passifying her for xtra $. This is nothing more than a frivilous lawsuit. Kmichelle has her right to her opinion. Freespeech.com
sweety's picture

Tamar is a busted wannabee.

Tamar is a busted wannabee. She is not even remotely pretty. She loves overdone, like a awful looking drag queen and plain silly. Calling her a muppet should be a compliment to her. She runs her mouth entirely too much and I agree has an overinflated ego for absolutely no reason. I would not buy a beanpie from her let alone music. People with funky personalities, messy and childish with barely passable talent is not what I support.
VS1908's picture

Dear Tamonster- Get all of

Dear Tamonster- Get all of your life because 1. you damn well you wasn't telling Toya to sell her fairytale. 2. Money to repair your reputation??? because of Keyshia Cole Michelle??? Girl let me pull out some seats for that ass. Sweetness your reputation was ruined by your big ass mouth and the ignorance that flows from it. K. Michelle can hop fences in africa and it still won't put a dent in your reputation. This article, this suit, and your front lace wigs are all a travesty. Please find your way to-----> __/
Queen Still give no Phucks's picture

This mess is crazy! For one

This mess is crazy! For one Tamar DOES look like a muppet! And how can you sue someone over stating their opinion. She is just trying to be a star so bad that she will do it at ANY cost. Toni should have done a reality show by herself. Tamar's ego has grown since being on the show that now she thinks she is better than Toni. Why is she in K Michelle's business? She doesn't know the truth. The only people who do are Mickey and K Michelle. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I see this getting REAL nasty!
Anala's picture

tamara is wrong for this

tamara is wrong for this lawsuit. if u say sumn to someone else of course they gone say sumn back. its cause and effect. if Tamara had just shut her mouth kmichelle wont have had to open hers. and yes WE DO JUMP GATES lol #memphistn
kmmiles's picture

how ridiculous is that...hey

how ridiculous is that...hey you better be careful she may sue you
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Anonymous's picture

Lol Tamar it's true honey you

Lol Tamar it's true honey you look like a muppet baby. Get over it
Anonymous's picture

Talk about someone using the

Talk about someone using the hell out of a last name who didn't even make it famous and having the biggest mouth and ego. Toni, please get your sister and tell here to go back into your shadow where she belongs. She commented on Stevie J too on twitter. If he responds, is she going to sue him too.
Trica's picture

Tamar is one of the most

Tamar is one of the most delusional Z-list people in entertainment. 1) Defamation of character - you do not have a brand - at all - so someone calling you does not take you down from this imaginary status you think you have 2) She thinks she is Beyonce 2.0 but looks like a talent show reject every time she performs on the Braxton show 3) She thinks she has the talent to stand on her own without Toni and Vincent, obviously not and 4) sorry but the botox overload, wacky makeup, pulled back face and crazy lion king wigs directly links to a puppet. It is what it is.
Latoya's picture

THEEEEE funniest post i've

THEEEEE funniest post i've read all day. Especially point #4.
Capricorn's picture

K-michelle looks like a horse

K-michelle looks like a horse fresh out the stable.... Mr. Ed with those BIG ASS TEETH and fake dunky ass...
Anonymous's picture

Tamar is busted. K. Michelle

Tamar is busted. K. Michelle was spot on to liken that tranny to a Muppet. Tamar looks more like a ventriloquist puppet from back in the day called Madame. K. Michelle never tweeted Tamar. Tamar went in on K. after the first episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta aired. K. responded to LAMEar by referring to it as a Muppet and saying K. prefers Toni. I have been laughing about those 2 tweets ever since, because Muppet is the perfect description for LAMEar. I cannot stand LAMEar. B*tch is all hot air and loud talk. No substance to her words and nothing to back up what was once the hype about her. LAMEar butchered Gladys Knight "Love Overboard" on tv. That awful performance cemented the fact that LAMEar has NO business in the record industry. She needs to stick to "doo wop pop pop" or move Vince's belly to the left so she can attempt to collect child support from him once he leaves her, because he will leave her. Toni is the only person in the Braxton family who experienced any success, and notice, she separates herself from her sisters any chance she gets. K. Michelle's voice didn't do it for me, but I have NO doubts she'd sing LAMEar under the table on K.'s worst day. I have no doubt that is the REAL reason why Tamartian is mad. Tamartian needs to sue whomever cakes on that Little Richard Collection foundation and the person who fashions those $1.33 wigs she wears, because a penny with a hole in it is hotter than Tamartian.
Anonymous's picture

Im sorry but YES K.michelle

Im sorry but YES K.michelle can blow but would NOT go as far as 2 say she can blow Tamar out...and 4 the record love overboard was the WRONG song 2 showcase her voice kuzz she doesnt normally sing alto or tenor
sunshineonyamyn's picture

Dead @Little Richard

Dead @Little Richard Collection foundation!
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Oh she must really feel

Oh she must really feel humiliated to try to sue somebody for calling her a Muppet. Really? I guess the truth hurts. Doesn't it? Next time close your mouth or be prepared to suffer the consequences! In this case Humiliation! It's a shame w/ all Vince money your hair and make-up you still look worse than most of the women on Love & Hip Hop ATL and that's a damn shame. Grow Up you funny looking Claymation Muppet Clown!
Anonymous's picture

Tamar looks mixed to me.

Tamar looks mixed to me. Mixed with Fraggle Rock and Muppet. That ugly beast need to keep her mouth shut. She is foolery.com
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Dang people are getting sued

Dang people are getting sued now a days for telling the truth. Tamar has such as nasty persona she didn't need any help damaging her own reputation. She does a great job of looking like a muppet on their show and acting like a complete dumb a@@ too. WOW.. Vince must really be ashamed.
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fasedewdaxdesfous's picture

K michelle needs to learn

K michelle needs to learn there are consequences to actions, stop running off at the mouth!..You can't say and do what you want in this world!!! ..You gotta fall in line and wait your turn to run at the mouth like that. K michelle IS NOT FAMOUS!!! She gotta get in te business good first!
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

Whelp, as parents SHOULD tell

Whelp, as parents SHOULD tell their children, if you can't take it you shouldn’t dish it. K. Michelle had ever right to respond back, sure she could have did it in a classier way but Tamar is the type that like to throw rocks and held their hands so to me she just got back what she dished. She always shading somebody on the slick and when they respond all of a sudden it's a problem. Either stay in your lane or mean what you say and stand by it you can't have it both ways...shrugs
binks 's picture

Utter ridiculousness....she

Utter ridiculousness....she does look like a muppet though...
Laila's picture

Love u tamar! Fuck that

Love u tamar! Fuck that horrible bitch k. Bitchelle
Anonymous's picture

Tamar looks like she came

Tamar looks like she came straight out of Nickelodeon's Eureeka's Castle. Her face and head are a mess, she look like something some kid sculpted in art class and then OVER-painted and glued a horrific lacefront on. Yep, Tamar looks just like a letter grade "F" art class creation Don't sue K. Michelle for speaking the truth, sue your family, husband, friends, stylists for NOT speaking at all. Toni quick to tell Traci she's overweight, but she ain't got nothing to say about Tamar's awful face? TAMAR need to produce a reality show called "WHEN FRIENDS AND FAMILY LET YOU DOWN"
Eureeka&#039;s Castle's picture

Eureka's Castle!! haha so

Eureka's Castle!! haha so true...that used to be my show! lmao
Anonymous's picture


ME's picture

Kermit needs to come get his

Kermit needs to come get his woman. She's getting out of hand.
Anon's picture

Girl bye!! How petty is this?

Girl bye!! How petty is this? I can't with some of these so-called grown ass women acting like elementary school children.
Anonymous's picture

I'm so over Tamar, she had no

I'm so over Tamar, she had no business even commenting on that situation she wasn't f#cking em she pops off and then. Want to file suits and sh*t tamar fall back or fall flat. Why would k michelle lie about something like that after listening to memphitz interview you can tell he's a lying
Anonymous's picture

I'm so over Tamar, she had no

I'm so over Tamar, she had no business even commenting on that situation she wasn't f#cking em she pops off and then. Want to file suits and sh*t tamar fall back or fall flat. Why would k michelle lie about something like that after listening to memphitz interview you can tell he's a lying
Anonymous's picture

I see Miss Piggy!

I see Miss Piggy!
2227's picture


OMG WOMAN DA FUCK UP TAMAR!! You talk sooo much shit on your show about you a diva this you a diva dat but when it comes down to it you aint nothing but a crybaby! WTF CARES...why don't u donate that money you are spending on those lawyers to a poor community you are pathetic this makes your name look EVEN WORSE FOH!
ritadamaneata's picture

I've been saying from day one

I've been saying from day one that Tamar looks like the muppet from the "SAW" horror movie series.
Stacy's picture

That statement sounds like

That statement sounds like some novice lawyer doing pro-bono work. The part about hear really meaning that she hopes their vacation was like a fairy tale, is pure bullshit.
That Touch of Pink's picture

K michelle's 5 minutes are

K michelle's 5 minutes are already up!! This dumb bitch talking shit to the wife of one of the biggest producers in entertainment.....Her career has not even taken a jump start and SHE ALREADY BURNING BRIDGES...DUMB ASS BITCH IS ALL I CAN SAY!! Get your feet wet first baby....build your weight up, and get known FIRST!!! then make enemies...bitch you not keisha cole or mary j .........HOES SO SILLY!!! THat fucked up show not gonna last...you gotta sell a couple records first!!! GET Yo PAPER FIRST!!!!
ANONYMOUS's picture

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