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Rihanna Loses Her Grandmother, Performs At Sweden's Peace & Love Fest

Rihanna has been very open about her Grandmother Clara/Dolly's health to her fans.  And yesterday, Rihanna announced her "GranGranDolly" passed away from cancer.  Understandably it hit Rihanna hard, and she barely made it through her Swedish performance Saturday night as she was reportedly completely intoxicated.  And unaware fans popped off on Twitter(and walked out) .


Details inside...


Ri spent much of last night and this morning posting pics of her Grandmother and memories.  She told her fans after she landed in Sweden yesterday (though it's not clear exactly when her grandmother died):

Goodbye #grangranDOLLY get your beauty rest until I see you

The mother of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, sent her condolences with Ri saying Thank You:

And Chris himself tweeted his condolences saying, "Praying for family and the lost loved one. She was like my grandmother. Love you GRAN GRAN! RIP."


And Saturday night, during her headlining performance at Sweden's Peace & Love festival (pictured below), Rihanna reportedly couldn't keep it together.  Her Swedish fans possibly were unaware of her grandmother's passing, and they didn't appreciate her being 45 minutes late (she was supposed to go on at midnight and everyone had to wait).  And definitely didn't appreciate her being clearly high and intoxicated.  Many walked out and flooded Twitter with comments that she shouldn't perform intoxicated, they couldn't understand a thing, and the show was a shamble:

It's a sad and hard time for her.  So our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Pics: Fame/Twitter



When Kanye West's mother

When Kanye West's mother passed, he was still expected to perform in front of a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people. It was an extremely tough time for him, so much so that he had a brief emotional breakdown on stage while performing her tribute. The loss of a loved one is always tragic, no matter how 'expected' it may be. The music industry, however, can be ruthless and cold, instructing its subjects to perform like court jests at the drop of a hat. Nothing short of physical illness would've probably sufficed for music executives AND fans, alike. I am sure Rihanna's world is upside down at this moment, and I wish her family nothing but peace in the midst of this storm!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

R.I.P to her grandmother, my

R.I.P to her grandmother, my prayers and condolences goes out to the sista Rhianna family
LetsGetIt's picture

Even after everything they've

Even after everything they've been through and are still going through Chris Brown and his mom still took time out to send their condolences. Now that's true love when you can set aside your differences and comfort someone in their time of need. RIP to Rihanna's grandma and my prayers are with her and her family.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Also, people really panned

Also, people really panned her performance. The reviews were terrible , i don' t think she could've reschedule as this is an annual event.
Ashley's picture

She's working sooooo much.

She's working sooooo much. The reviews of these concerts suck.
Ashley's picture

Its hard when a loved one

Its hard when a loved one passes. I hope she takes some time off now.
ihaveadream12's picture

She should have cancelled the

She should have cancelled the performance or rescheduled it. A loss of a loved on is understood and better to take the time to give a good performance later than something half assed that ppl paid for.

May her grandmother R.I.P

May her grandmother R.I.P
Saphistocation's picture

People making this chick do

People making this chick do concerts 24/7 when she clearly needs a damn break. The people in her life should not have let her perform that night especially. No disrespect to them because I'm sure Rih has the final say so on things. RIP to her gran, and I pray that Rihanna finds herself again. Grandparents are a blessing.
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Damn....my condolences go out

Damn....my condolences go out to you Rhi at this hurtful time in your life...keep ya head up and keeping shining! One love!

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