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FLYING HIGH: Gabby Douglas & John Orozco LAND Spots On The 2012 US Olympic Gymnastics Team!

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YBF athletes Gabby Douglas and John Orozco secured spots on the 2012 U.S. Olympic gymnastics team over the weekend! And this is BIG.  It doesn't happen often.  See pics of Gabby, John and the rest of TEAM USA inside.....

Carrying on the legacies of Dominique Dawes (didn't we all want to be her back in the day?) and Chainey Umphrey, both Gabby Douglas and John Orozco will compete for US gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Gabby stepped from the shadows of Olympic favorite, Jordyn Wieber, to win the Olympic trials and the only guaranteed spot for the London Games. She said,

"Everyone was telling me you have this great potential and you can be on top. I didn't believe that, but everyone was just telling me to believe in myself. I did and I'm kind of up on top and it's amazing."

Gabby's been dubbed the "Flying Squirrel." 

Also, YBF chick Elizabeth Price finished fourth overall for the Women's team and was picked as an alternate.

Love that little black girls (and the world) have YBF chicks to watch this Olympic season!

And on the men's side, John Orozco finished second overall and also secured a spot on the men's team.  

Congrats to the new gymnastics TEAM USA!

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Perfection at it's best, my

Perfection at it's best, my day we had Dominque Dawns. Now this youth has Gabby Douglas. Congrats to her. I will watch and root.
kimaras31's picture

A good thing Elisabeth was

A good thing Elisabeth was chosen as a reserve, she will see some action during the Olympics. Some of the girls Ms. karoli chose do not have the intestinal fortitude for the challenge.
There Was a Time...'s picture

Aim high kids! I'll be

Aim high kids! I'll be watching for them :)
SweetDivaT's picture

Please don'r forget that

Please don'r forget that there was a brother that won first place in the 50m in swimming also. He was not expected to win.
deeva's picture

Yes! Congratulations to all

Yes! Congratulations to all of this year's Olympic athletes traveling to London for the Games!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

I'm so proud of them. I will

I'm so proud of them. I will be routing for a win.
Unplugged99's picture

Way to go to all the

Way to go to all the Olympians!
Denise2007's picture

Awesome and Congrats. by the

Awesome and Congrats. by the way, John is Rican.....and Danell Leyva (mens) a Cuban also secured a spot.!!! And damn Elizabeth shouldve made the team Way to rep people.
theblueprint's picture

HYFR so proud of these two!!!

HYFR so proud of these two!!!
Inez's picture

Congrats! That's awesome!

Congrats! That's awesome!

Congrats to Gabby, John and

Congrats to Gabby, John and all the other gymnasts that made the team.
Realist's picture

Glad you're acknowledging

Glad you're acknowledging these amazing gymnasts. Gabby is amazing. If she cleans up her balance beam routine, she has a shot at the gold. Her other evens were spectacular! She is the best that we have to offer. And Elizabeth Price is really good too. I was hoping she made the team as a starter but at least she's an alternate on the team. Before last week, I'd never heard of these two young ladies. There hasn't been any notable African-American female gymnasts represented on the U.S team since Dominique Dawes. Gabby has changed that. She's special to watch. Check her out in London. And I only watched a little bit of John's performance but was extremely impressed and the announcers couldn't stop raving about him. I will be watching their meets in London!
Tagirl27's picture

I was sooo happy to see that

I was sooo happy to see that 2 Black girls were on the team and a Black man as well. However, I was comedically embarrassed by Gabby doing her rendition of the Dougie after she made the team (I guess she only has rhythm during the floor exercise lol). I've always loved the sport and always wanted to be a gymnast. I'll definitely be tuning in. Being that she is so young, I know she has a lot more World Titles and Olympic Titles to win. Go Gabby, Liz and John!!!

I'd also never heard of these

I'd also never heard of these three but I don't really follow the sport. I did have the pleasure to watch Gabby and John's performances and they have ice water in their veins. Can't wait to see them shine on the worlds stage. As far as Elizabeth, she will be one to watch for in the future.
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shuga's picture

Okay, Ms. Gabby! My little

Okay, Ms. Gabby! My little girl was like "She can walk on that small space?!" So proud of our young ladies!
inmyskin318's picture

Awesome & Congrats!

Awesome & Congrats!

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