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Was "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" Star Joseline Hernandez ATTACKED At The Club!!??

The streets of Atlanta are buzzing that reality star Joseline Hernandez was allegedly attacked by a fan at a "L&HH" viewing party last night. Get the deets inside.....

Last night, at a viewing party for episode 3 of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," sources from Atlanta report that a fan approached Joseline Hernandez and asked her about her alleged abortion.

Freddy O copped some pics and video of the aftermath.  Folks say Joseline brushed the chick and her questions off...and this didn't go over too well. Though the club was dark, folks say an altercation went down between the two ladies and Joseline was seen leaving the venue with a scratched and bloodied face.

I guess we won't know how true this is until someone files a police report....or takes the matter to Twitter.



Here's video of a woman from that night (who may OR may not be the attacker) who claims a "dude" hit her in the face during the altercation.  

BONUS: Yesterday Joseline retweeted this pic of her grabbing Mimi's man Stevie J's hammer and said "My Daddy":


You know what....




First of all Joseline is not

First of all Joseline is not black, and the race irrelevant. Second of all the lady, child, little girl had no right to put her hands on Joseline. Yes she put her life on TV, if you have questions for her it’s her choice on what she wants to answer. Just because she brushed her off does not give her the right or reason to attempt to bring harm to her. Personally I can’t stand what Joseline for or anything about her demeanor. My god I can’t even stand her accent. BUT it’s TV people. There is a villain on every show rather it be reality, semi- scripted or fully scripted. Respect people or don’t engage in the TV shows, Movies, or plays they appear in.
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Why everything got to be a

Why everything got to be a black women thing. Every black woman is not ignorant, hoes, or whatever negative sterotype they got out there for us. The women on these shows give the audience what they want and thats drama. what about different races. Mob wives do not have one single black woman up there and they fight and sleep with each other man. Flavor of Love, Ray J show on Vh1 had white women and other races acting a fool. Some fighting and alot was freaks, but the moment a black woman comes on the show and do something they got something to say. Every race has bad seed. White, Asians, Latinos, and African American. Theres hoes, gold diggers, fighter, cheater and chicks the love drama in each race. Get over yourself.
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Ummmm, I think the issue was

Ummmm, I think the issue was more about Joseline pulling a Fantasia. That tale was going to get got sooner or later. Watch it Joseph!! Sorry that happened to you, but you have to watch the image you put out their for others to see. That altercation would have happen even if you werent behind the camera and was in somebodies neighborhood. People have a low tolerence of disrepectful wh*res.
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was the videotaping of this

was the videotaping of this during an earthquake? Geez...keep the camera steady man!
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But the REAL ISSUE here is

But the REAL ISSUE here is OVERHYPED so-called "FANS"..... UMMMMMM Why are you trying to attack someone you don't know just because you have a cable subscription? SMFH reminds me of Low Down Dirty Shame when Jada went off on the Soap Opera actor lmao for cheating on his play-wife smfh
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I hope these Hotlanta hot

I hope these Hotlanta hot messy broads aren't as dumb as they appear to be. First of all, who goes to a viewing party for episode 3 of tv show, don't you have cable?? Did people not have to go to work the next morning?? I am a fan of the show, I like Rasheeda and her husband and what they bring to the show. The rest of the girls are wannabees or hasbeens. I don't see the fascination with Stevie J, he has hasn't produced a hit in over a decade and the studio he works out of looks like an abandoned gas station. He screwing fat chicks and trannies raw, DIS-GUS-TING!! I thought it was funny that K. Michelle brought up Karlie Redd deflated butt implants lol. The plot of the show is a bit messy, but its like a train wreck, difficult to watch but impossible to look away. And what hole did Buckey crawl out of on next weeks episode?? Vh1 bringing back veterans lol.
tori's picture

Beyoch was never preggo

Beyoch was never preggo lol...I mean all reality shows are scripted but DAMN! I thought they were reading off Q cards how obviously fake the scenes were...I made it to ep 2 and could not continue, from I saw the pregnancy thing I thought they would do one of 3 things 1) say the test was old so it was an error... 2) say she had a miscarriage ...or 3) say she got an abortion..this ain't real so people should NOT catch feelings -_- I knew something was wrong from they said stevie was in a 15yr relationship lmao really?? when did he find time in-between his multiple engagements and public relationships???

I'm sorry but Ms. Hernandez

I'm sorry but Ms. Hernandez is a man.
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Black women /niggas/and flies

Black women /niggas/and flies , I do despise!!!! It's getting to a point , where i feel that Americans especially black Americans are not ready for what's to come in the future!!! R.I.P to the brotha Gill Scott Heron, he said it best. “The first change that takes place is in your mind,” " Revolution is not going to be something you can capture on film". We need a change of mind quick, fast and in a hurry. Not the change that you think that soft ass obama was talking about, BUT A REAL CHANGE THAT MOST PEOPLE AREN'T READY FOR. You can say shit like this don't happen in the black community, but it does ...that love and hiphop shit all these reality shows is just a mirror image. Vh1 have that shit coming on BACK 2 BACK everyday and nations all over the world can look at it shake their head or be entertained by it.
LetsGetIt's picture

I'm just tired of you using a

I'm just tired of you using a platform that a Black Woman created to say you despise black women...I've had my share of bad relationships with black men and have been in environments where the ignorance was so great and seemed so manufactured by society (drugs, poverty, uneducated jail birds who dont work) that I could not stand to be a product of it but to say I despise black men would be me despising who I am...I was created by a black man. I am black, what I am not is complacent or ignorant, although these are your feelings, I would invite you to really understand what that means...It might mean nothing if you are not black, but it means everything if you were actually created by a black woman...it seems to me that you are a true representation of who you hate, therefore you really only hate yourself...that to me sounds like a personal problem, don't deflect that on us, we already have enough burdens to bear...and you wanna talk about the Real Change but you speak from hate. Smdh...the Real change of Ascension starts with LOVE! Peace!

Not all black women, just

Not all black women, just most black women!!!Alrite.... And me saying that i despise them does not mean i despise who i am BECAUSE I AM TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN , WHAT I STAND FOR AND WHAT I BELIEVE IN, IS TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT MAJORITY OF YOU BLACK WOMEN BELIEVE IN !! WE ARE NOT THE SAME !!!! I mean i feel the same way about most black men because they grew in that single parent home "including myself" BUT I DIDN'T COME OUT a thug ass negro or some comedian fool ass negro like most black men did. Black women shape and molded a nation into being low life's ,fools, and deadbeat, who depend on women to SUPPORT THEM when they older, AND NOW THEY HAVE FUTURE GENERATION GETTING READY TO BE THE SAME WAY butttt 10 times worseeee. But hey it's a good 5 % of black people who are not that way but the 95% of black people are deaf dumb and blind , and still sleeping. Nice Serapis Christus shirt tho sista ............
LetsGetIt's picture

I am happy I don't have any

I am happy I don't have any desire to watch this ignorance after seeing the first episode ...I do love Mama D though.
Inez's picture

too much bafoonery, coonery,

too much bafoonery, coonery, and f*ckery going on with that show. This show is 10times worse than the original show. I can't believe Mona would air this type of garbage. That's why i watch Tia & Tamera show at that time.
monash's picture

If MiMi want smack that tamp

If MiMi want smack that tamp i will for her....

and who is holding the camera

and who is holding the camera taking that picture of Jose and Stephanie? whooooooo????
shuga's picture

This is so sad. I cant and

This is so sad. I cant and wont watch this show. The recaps alone are embarrassing enough.
shuga's picture

I actually felt somewhat

I actually felt somewhat sorry for her after viewing last night's episode. However, she deserves whatever she gets from him. A man tells you to "handle that" after you tell him you're pregnant, and months after getting an abortion, you're taking pics like this????? Have a seat, Joseline. You have no musical talent anyway.
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