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BABY FAB: Yandy Smith And BABY'S DADDY Mandeecees Have A BABY SHOWER....With Juelz Santana & Kimbella!

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Over the weekend, reality star Yandy Smith and her bady's daddy--who she always keeps on the low--Mandeecees had a fab baby shower in NYC. Get the pics and deets on Missy Elliot, Kimbella and Juelz Santana at the celebration inside.....

We finally get to see who Yandy's man is exactly.  The fella's name is Mandeecees--and he and Yandy have already named their baby boy (unless it's his last name).  The party was a blue and green "Welcome Baby Harris" shower at Tian restaurant in NYC recently.

While hosting guests like Missy Elliot, Kimbella, Juelz Santana and Maino, Yandy worked the room in her white Tadashi Shoji dress Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

And by the end of the evening, she'd been gifted an Orbit G2 Stroller System and $3000 worth of post-pregancy fitness services from VelaShape.  I guess she'll be snapping back fast.

She posted pics on her website Everything Girls Love..... 

Her "Love & Hip Hop" co-star Kimbella's baby bump is now much more obvious (seemed to be non existent for a minute) and Yandy's clients Missy and Juelz Santana were there too.

She later tweeted and thanked her 200+ guests saying,

One of the best days of my life. Now I'm sharing it with you my loves.

Ms. Smith is due sometime this month.


Photos via EverythingGirlsLove

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Congrats Yandy dont stop

Congrats Yandy dont stop getting them checks

Shell probably name him when

Shell probably name him when she sees him.
NeNeNeverland's picture

Yandy can dress. Harris is

Yandy can dress. Harris is probably the last name.
NeNeNeverland's picture

Ugh kimbella is a damn fool

Ugh kimbella is a damn fool .....havin two with this guy .... She could have done much better ......but yandy looks cute preggers ..her hips got wider than a mug ...lol

wait, did I miss something?

wait, did I miss something? Is Chrissy really sterile? *wondering if I missed an episode* Otherwise, Congratulations Yandy! She looks beautiful!
ohgoodness's picture

Chrissy told Mama Jones that

Chrissy told Mama Jones that she would not have a baby by Jim Jones without being married first. Some ppl automatically assume that not having kids YET means that she cant have any EVER. you just have to excuse some of the nonsense posted on ybf at times.
shuga's picture

Cute pics. The baby daddy is

Cute pics. The baby daddy is handsome. I think it's kind of foul to laugh at a woman not being able to have kids ( Chrissy). No matter how you feel about her, it's some things you just don't say. You must be a kid or young college student because a grown woman would know better.
Keys's picture

No idea who this chick is.

No idea who this chick is.
Realist's picture

Missy wouldn't come to

Missy wouldn't come to Chrissy shower. Oh wait Chrissy is baren and will never give Jimmie an offspring. He probably has babies all over. Plus Kimbella snap out of it. Look at Mimi from Love and Hip Hop ATlanta. That's you girl A Fool.
lola69's picture


Cynthia Cole's picture

I absolutely LOOOVVVVEEE

I absolutely LOOOVVVVEEE Yandy. She's like that cool cousin that everybody has. I hope that they have a happy healthy baby. Her baby daddy is not hard om the eyes either.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

She's still pregnant?

She's still pregnant?
Lola's picture

Yandy looks gorgeous,her hair

Yandy looks gorgeous,her hair looks pretty,and that dress is bomb.. .

I'm hoping that it I read it

I'm hoping that it I read it wrong; she hosted her own shower??? TACKY! Wish her well though; seems like she been pregnant FOREVER.
MissPammyJ's picture

Awww she looks beautiful!

Awww she looks beautiful! Best wishes <3

Beautiful Yandy!!! So happy

Beautiful Yandy!!! So happy for her!
Denise2007's picture

Chick is still pregnant..

Chick is still pregnant.. Goodness.. Thats going to be a cute baby. God Bless
JaneDoe's picture

Congrats? so is the baby's

Congrats? so is the baby's first name going to be Harris or is Harris Mandisi's last name?
shuga's picture

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