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WORKING GIRLS: Evelyn Lozada FLASHES Wedding Ring At BOOK SIGNING + Erykah Badu PERFORMS In Nice + Kelly Rowland HITS THE STAGE In Berlin

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Fab chicks Evelyn Lozada, Erykah Badu and Kelly Rowland were all seen working hard over the weekend.  Get the deets on what they did inside.....


Newlywed reality star Evelyn Lozada showed off her wedding ring while signing copies of her new book 'Inner Circle' at the Music Festival In New Orleans this weekend.


Fans will soon get to see the "BBW" star marry Chad Ochocinco on their VH1 reality show, "Ev and Ocho."   

And in Berlin.......

Kelly Rowland performed live at the Bacardi Record Release Party for 'Summer Feeling 2012' at Spindler & Klatt club. 

She danced with fans as she helped Bacardi celebrate 150 years.

And she cooled off with an icy treat.

Looking fabulous Kells.

And in Nice, France........

The very dramatic Erykah Badu hit the stage at the Festival de Nice 2012. 


Her performance seemed to get a little "scientific."  Are those magnets?


Photos via Nathanael Jones/Thibault Monnier/PacificCoastNews.com/Marta Szczesniak/WENN.com

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Those aren't magnets Eryka

Those aren't magnets Eryka has. They're tuning forks. Evelyn looks fab. I AM a fan. I recently bought her new book for my Nook and I'll be reading it as soon as I'm done with "Fifty Shades Freed." Can't wait to read it. Kelly looks beautiful, as always. I'm a fan of hers, as well.
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Evelyn looks unhappy.

Evelyn looks unhappy.
ohgoodness's picture

Evelyn looks greats and I see

Evelyn looks greats and I see she is still hanging out with Niko and he is not on the corner lol.
tori's picture

Evelyn and Kelly are both two

Evelyn and Kelly are both two drop dead gorgeous beauties! Love them both sooo much; and Kelly works that curly hair! ❥❥❥❥ love-quotes-lovequotes.blogspot.com
Lovely Quotes's picture

Erykah is half looney...

Erykah is half looney... guess that's what makes her a musical genious
Kara's picture

So when did Evelyn become

So when did Evelyn become fab?? Before or after the butt hole licking??? And PS.. those are tuning forks.
Another Nobody's picture

Kelly is beyond pretty.

Kelly is beyond pretty. She's flawless. That dress Evelyn has on might as well be black and white because it looks like skeleton bones and it's so tight you can see her heart beating. Class it up Evelyn dang!
Denise2007's picture

Im amazed at how much Ive

Im amazed at how much Ive grown to dislike erykah badu. I used to love her when she first came out with On and On but we've sure grown apart. Speaking of nostalgia, I sure do miss Kelly's short haircuts.
shuga's picture

Those are tuning forks. They

Those are tuning forks. They are used to tune musical instruments and test people's hearing...

Kellly looks beautiful and

Kellly looks beautiful and Erykah Badu is so talented.
Taj's picture

Badu is playing the Mouth

Badu is playing the Mouth Harp I believe (that's what the Hill Billies play on the front porch way out in the woods). Is Evelyn half Filipino? She looks like a Asian. Kelly's skin is flawless DAMN !!!!!!!!
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