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The Dream SNAPS BACK At Christina Milian Over Bad Parent Claims, Calls Her A Gold Digging Has Been!

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Last weekend during ESSENCE Music Festival radio promo days, Christina Milian gave a not-so-subtle interview with Houston's 97.9 The Box about The Dream's lack of parenting skills.  Even though she said she needed to remain 200% mum for their daughter, Violet, it was 100% clear just how she felt about Mr. Terius Nash. 


Now, he's responded.  And he ain't holding back about his ex wife he calls a gold digging has been....

In an interview with The Box last weekend, Christina explained that her child's father, The Dream, does nothing to see his little girl Violet.  And basically called him a deadbeat dad, sans the finances.  A few of her quotes:

"I’m not happy at the moment, but I have come to the realization that I have to be 200% mum for her and it’s not about finances, it’s about spending time."

"We live in different cities, he’s in Atlanta and I’m in LA. There are planes and plenty of money for airplanes so... I’m not one of those who withhold their children from their baby daddy. I don’t do that."

"As far as skyping: I’m just gonna leave it at that my daughter is a great kid and someday their will be a healthy man in my life that will love her the way I do."

"I hope someday there will be a healthy man in my life that will love [Violet] the way I do."


The Dream went in on Twitter last night after finding out.  His snappy words:

Love You too. Those 15 minutes are almost up though boo!

She had a plan to come up before she met me I called her on it. Go digging for gold u might find it.. But its hard to carry that much weight

Publicity Stunt. Are people really this Stupid. If I had a serious issue concerning care for a loved one. I'd call the source...

Has Been....


Well damn!  Christina responded with the above "make-up free" pic of her in the studio and saying a simple:

Get Some Class...

Well both of them are airing out their dirty parenting laundry on a public platform.  So maybe both should take Christina's advice if there is a real problem at hand.  There's a new invention called cell phones.  And while we are all about snappy public neck rolling fights on most occasions, I really wish certain folks would get up on that new ish....

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These celebrities need

These celebrities need publicists. #SMH What was the point of tweeting her face?! All seems elementary. Whatever.

Christina Milian needs to

Christina Milian needs to grow up! What makes her think that she can black Dream publicly and he not clap back? I'm glad he got back at her! She deserved it! Eveyone knows that she was a "has been" well before she hooked up with Dream. And yes, she is little gold digger with a lottery baby. She has a history (and a bad, childish habit) of blasting her ex-men publicly. She did it to Nick Cannon and now she's doing it to Dream. Many people are quick to say that Dream cheated and blah blah blah. Okay. We know this. They are now divorced and Dream pays ALL of Christina's bills. Nevermid the fact that throughout their marriage, Christina NEVER GOT OFF HER MAMAS BOOB. That chic's family were all up in her and Dream's marriage mettling by way of Christina. C-Milli, GO SIT YOUR LIL NON-SINGING BEHIND DOWN SOMEWHERE. And YOU get some CLASS and learn how to handle your problems on your own and in private!
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Mi Mi's picture

What did she see in him? She

What did she see in him? She is so pretty and can have whomever she desires. What does anyone woman see in him and his annoying "shorty U a 10" voice? I don't get it

That Nightmare has always

That Nightmare has always looked like a b*tch so he's just completing the sperm donor act by acting a twit on twitter. Christina has been f*cking for tracks for a minute, so she has no one else to blame but herself for her GD rep. If they both had any sense they would resolve thier differences in private for the sake of their beautiful daughter.
Realist's picture

@ Crazy Sexy Cool "Hold

@ Crazy Sexy Cool "Hold on"! So beacuse Nivea fucked Wayne christina milian has a right to complain about the Dream !(lmao) BITCH PLEASE KILL YA SELF .... Last time i checked it takes 2 to make a baby , There is "Fault" on both sides christina aint no better then the next person! ITS ALWAYS 3 SIDES TO EVERY STORY! HERS,HIS, AND THE TRUTH
REd™'s picture

I'm sick of people saying

I'm sick of people saying Christina Milian is a gold digger just b/c she's pretty, married a record producer, had a baby and is now a single mother. Whether she is or not (NOT) that is besides the point; it's IRRELEVANT. The point is Terius "Teletubby" Nash is not a great father! Nivea has her own problems like messing with idiots like lil wayne so she can't really say anything about the NIGHTMARE and that's her prerogative . But Christina has every right to be outraged and disappointed. Yea she could have been the bigger person BLAH BLAH BLAH! But I honestly don't think she should've taken the high road. Asses like the NIGHTMARE need to be embarrassed and shamed of themselves. YOU CAN'T DO BETTER UNTIL YOU KNOW BETTER! Clearly Terius doesn't know better but he will eventually (ASK T.O) if he keeps having babies, THAT MONEY WILL BE GONE IN NO TIME!! Oh and last I checked Christina Milian did an interview, The Dream was the one who took to his twitter like the BABY BITCH HE IS!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Dream fool what are you

Dream fool what are you talking about? Why would Christina need to be with you to boost her career. Boy I didn't know who YOU were until she married your dumb ass!!!! LOL

He has other children besides

He has other children besides Violet and their momma isn't shit talkin! She shoulda chose better. STFU and keep it movin Christina.

Good Lord!!!! Why do women

Good Lord!!!! Why do women whine about a man not being a parent. You cannot MAKE a person be a good Father or Mother. They have to want to do it. If "The Dream" doesn't want to spend time with his kid, then so be it. He'll have to face that in the future from his daughter. As long as he's taking care of it, then Christina should just shut her mouth and raise her daughter. Sometimes you can't have everything in life. Many women would LOVE to get the money, but they can't even get that. So STF up Christina and do you boo.
stinee's picture

Its just like an inept

Its just like an inept immature boy to talk negative about the mother of his child. Dream reminds me of the typical low-life "N" that has no respect for himself or anyone else. I don't see what she saw in this ugly muther trucker from the get go. I guess $ can make anything look half a$$ decent.
lewis3k's picture

He has no class whatsoever.

He has no class whatsoever. I don't think that she was saying anything untrue. He is a cheater... and a sorry excuse for a father. He seems like he is bitter because he couldn't weasel his way out of this one, you married her, you got her pregnant and you gotta pay. Point blank. He can still see his daughter. He is pathetic.
shida206's picture

Excellent point. I believe

Excellent point. I believe everything she is saying.
lewis3k's picture

Okay not too "hate on her "

Okay not too "hate on her " But she is some what of a Gold Digger ,she wanted a platinum album and the dream is a Hit songwriter slash producer lol she had "Motives" plus he looks like hamburgler.. On the other hand Rappers, CEO's,R&B singers and Athletes know damn well these Video holes ,models,strippers,and exotic women only want their money .If they didnt have "It" they wouldn't even look twice at some of them ! I mean come on "Dream" you know whats up Christina Milian is not the first opportunist or the last. So dont get bitter when there is blame on both sides......
REd™'s picture

The Dream sounds like a real

The Dream sounds like a real fag........ #Side-Eye to " your 15 minutes are up boo" what real man says things like that OMG! lol
TSUPER's picture

Idk why ppl still talk about

Idk why ppl still talk about these two they're so not relevant ...smh....NEXT.......

Well if he KNEW she was

Well if he KNEW she was golddigger, why marry her, give her a baby, and then give up half of your shit? Who's the dumb one in this?
MsKizzy's picture

How come White Guys know when

How come White Guys know when to Pull-Out ????? but Hispanics & Black Guys just leave it in like real dumb ass morons (pull out on time and the world has 75% less problems.....thank you).......
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

He should have thought about

He should have thought about all that when he ran up in her RAW.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Harsh to call your daughters

Harsh to call your daughters mom a has been...agree Christina needs to shut up and collect that child support.
Lola's picture

Omg, that bastard The Dream

Omg, that bastard The Dream knew what kind of chick Christina was. He knew that it was't his looks or whiny whispering falsetto voice that caught her eye, it was his FAT wallet. She on the other hand need to shut up and raise her daughter and keep her 2 cents to herself. Somethings should not be put on front street, especially when it has to do with your child. Closed legs don't get fed, but a closed mouth does, Christina keep your opinions to yourself and collect your child support.
tori's picture

dont start none wont be none.

dont start none wont be none.
shuga's picture

LOL!!!!!! Now, that was

LOL!!!!!! Now, that was funny.
MrsCPA's picture

This is why the negros should

This is why the negros should stop running after looks. There is nothing wrong with wanting an attractive person but when you seek out a certain look or type then you get whatever comes with that. A godly woman that is going to be a good wife is NOT guarantee out of these "certain looks".
Keys's picture

Welcome to the world of the

Welcome to the world of the Internet where adults handle their business in front of millions of strangers. Gone are the days when adults acted like adults. NOOOOO! Both of these PARENTS need to handle their conflict privately. This is not a good look for people when they have kids (not just Violet), but Terius's older kids who I'm sure are Internet savvy.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Is this teletubby for real?

Is this teletubby for real? It's funny how he didn't defend his parenting skills but instead attacked the mother of his child WHO HE CHOSE TO HAVE A BABY WITH BTW! If he knew she was a gold digger then why did he agree to marry her before she got pregnant or even mess with her at all? HE'S A JOKE AND IS THE TRUE HAS BEEN B/C HE CAN'T SELL RECORDS OR GIVE ANYONE A DECENT HIT THESE DAYS (SEE: MARIAH, CIARA, OR EVEN BEYONCE). All he does is travel across the world with ppl like beyonce and rihanna who he claims are his friends, meanwhile neglects his own children from Nivea and Christina and who ever else he donated his sperm to. And let's be REAL ain't nobody messing with a dude like The NIGHTMARE I mean the Dream unless homeboy is PAID! When will these UGLY ASS DUDES WAKE UP??!!! Females like Christina Milian, Beyonce, Pilar Sanders, Janet Jackson, and numerous other BEAUTIFUL WOMEN aren't messing with an ugly dude unless he has skills in the bedroom or is paid! Mostly just PAID! I mean seriously these women need something else to motivate them to want to stay b/c it ain't their FACE! He needs to stop crying and just take responsibility for his OWN actions.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I agree that he was wrong to

I agree that he was wrong to go in on her, but she called it first. She should've kept her mouth closed and had not given the interview. All she had to say is, "No comment," or "I choose not to discuss issues between The Dream and myself as we are both parents." Both of them are grown and should stop the juvenile antics.
Sunflower Jones's picture

How do you remain 200% mum,

How do you remain 200% mum, yet keep talking? And why do you get mad if what she's saying is true? That being said, how about BOTH of y'all get your azzes off of Twitter, have a _/, and get some class...for your daughter.
MrsCPA's picture

Please stop going in on other

Please stop going in on other people's children. Violet is a baby and should be off limits. Let's be nice:)
JBlue's picture

I really think she should

I really think she should have just kept her mouth shut. Nick Cannon dated her and had already pretty much called her a Gold Digger back then. I just don't see how her liitle girl looks nothing like her. You know how babies look all soft and cuddlely. Violet looks like a tough hen and she's too big! If little Violet came out looking like she did w/ a mom like Christina M and the Dream as her dad. I can only imagine how little Blu Carter looks. I just saw Jay Z pics when he was a lil boy on celebrity schoolpictures.com and he was one hurt busted little boy! The Dream is unattractive but compared to Jay Z he may as well be Michael Ealy or someone. Violet is not an ugly kid but she a beautiful child either. This is the only reason they won't show any more pic's of baby girl Blu. If she looks mostly like her dad. They will continue to hide her from public for life! At least C M loves her baby and is not ashamed of her. Hint Hint!
Shay's picture

What did any of your

What did any of your ill-conceived rant have to do with the topic at hand? Whether or not the child is attractive (for the record, Violet is very cute), has no bearing on what either Christina or the dad said. And what does Blue have to do with anything? Lisa Cray Cray, is that you?
inmyskin318's picture

Why are you convinced Bey is

Why are you convinced Bey is 'hiding' her baby? Because she doesn't want paparazzi cameras in her face at every turn? There are plenty of other celeb babies that we don't see either, so are those parents ashamed as well? I think it's a choice have every right to make.
MrsCPA's picture

To read this is very sad. I

To read this is very sad. I saw the interview that Christina gave on another blog and that was a no go.. No matter what never let the public know your business about the father of your child. You know he was going to come back and be angry.. She should just move on and deal with situation the best she knows how for her child.And in future they both should keep quiet.
JBlue's picture


Sunflower Jones's picture

Talk to each other for

Talk to each other for Violet's sake. Social media is not the proper format people.
Denise2007's picture

Didnt he cheat on her too? Or

Didnt he cheat on her too? Or there were pix out of him on the beach with some chick while he was still married to Christina?

This is really stupid...

This is really stupid...

He didn't lie about Christina

He didn't lie about Christina but damn that was cold.. but hey.. she kicked that hornets nest.. Financially he's taking care of the child check.. anything else... check him.. you have his number.. his skype.. talk to him privately.. but damn... don't go at someone and then have the shocked face when they come back at you.. He didn't say anything anyone else didn't already know.... it's been her pattern with men.. she's just not slick enough.. .she should take some hints from Kim K..
Janelle McIver's picture

Christina who? Never knew

Christina who? Never knew she was relevant. I've never seen anything she has been in.
Child Please's picture

Now she is pretty... Theodore

Now she is pretty... Theodore will always be an asshole so just do u girl!!!
Like Really's picture

Well, I do believe that she

Well, I do believe that she was on the come up when she messed with him. But wait a minute...his hands aint clean either. He liked how she looked and so her got with her. It seems as though they used each other. And the other thing....it seems that a few months ago, The Dream (I hate calling him that) was just saying that he doesn't really do much for the daughter (other than financial) because he doesn't want expectations placed on him. So i do believe her when she says that he doesn't visit the child that much. It seems sad.
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